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Five Ways To Plan For B2B Journey Mapping Success

Forrester IT

Journey mapping can be an energizing and eye-opening exercise in customer empathy. As advisors to B2B CX and Marketing Leaders in the Forrester Leadership Boards (FLB), we come along on many journey mapping “journeys”.

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Can CIOs Learn From How Hospitals Are Modernizing?

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs can learn from what hospitals are currently doing Image Credit: KOMUnews Follow. As the person with the CIO job, the rest of the company generally turns to you in order to get direction on how the company should move forward.

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Profile Size Reporting

Mick's IT Blog

While in the middle of the planning phase for the Windows 10 rollout, we wanted a report on the size of the My Documents and Desktops of all users. These will be the folders we have decided to back up. USMT is not possible in our environment due to the cross-architectures.

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The cloud will soon drive your car

David Linthicum

I’m a car guy. I’m also a cloud guy. So, it is natural I would want to connect the two. But it’s not just me. In fact, the car-cloud connection is already happening. Cars have been pretty stupid in the past, even with all of the computerization and automation that has come in recent model cars. They still can’t diagnose and fix themselves. Most cannot drive without a person controlling them.

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Serious About Your Business? Go Online


Information Technology Blog - - Serious About Your Business? Go Online - Information Technology Blog. So, you’ve been running your own business for quite some time, and so far, it’s going well. You have an office set up and decided to get some additional workforce.

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For cloud deployments, ‘it works’ is not good enough

David Linthicum

“It works.” That’s a term used to go right along with “success,” but these days it means that you’ve gotten an instance of a cloud solution up and running. But it’s typically falling short in some way that those that use the term “it works” don’t yet understand. If you have an IT problem to solve using cloud computing technology, there are about 5! five factorial) solutions, and they all “work.” However, only one solution pattern and corresponding technology solution are the most optimal.

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Blockchain and Sex Work: How the Technology is Gaining Traction


Sex sells: and clearly, so does bitcoin. From strippers in Las Vegas to sex workers in Amsterdam, it seems like everyone is eyeing virtual currencies. In this article, we’ll explore some of the good, the bad, and the everything in between ways in which blockchain is entering these X-Rated industries. Porn The porn industry has … Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

Cybersecurity In Singapore: Reflections Of A Visitor (And A New Fan)

Forrester IT

I have just spent the last week in Singapore delivering speeches and meeting a multitude of clients in a series of what turned out to be back to back meetings.

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Process to FIX SCCM Client Health Issues


Computers running the SCCM client are the clients of SCCM server infra. When the SCCM clients are unhealthy or are reporting problems with accessing SCCM server infra, your SCCM infra is not providing much value.

Amplify Your Value - Great Book for CIO and IT Leaders

Social, Agile and Transformation

At some point in your IT career, you might be asked to step up and take a more leadership role in the IT organization. Maybe you were managing a small group of engineers or leading a team of application developers when a spot opened up at the more senior levels and you were asked to fill it. Then, one day you find out that you have to develop AND present an IT strategic plan. The first time. cio cloud computing it management

What is Nmap? Why you need this network mapper

Network World

Network administrators, IT managers and security professionals face a never-ending battle, constantly checking on what exactly is running on their networks and the vulnerabilities that lurk within. While there is a wealth of monitoring utilities available for network mapping and security auditing, nothing beats Nmap's combination of versatility and usability, making it the widely acknowledged de facto standard. What is Nmap?

Do Companies Need a Chief AI Officer (CAIO)?


The short answer to the above question is “no”. But let’s get into the specifics. Clearly for many companies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the range of Cognitive Technologies are strategic to their businesses and organizations. Indeed, for many companies, AI is as fundamentally important to their long-term well being as their IT organizations and finances. … Artificial Intelligence CTO News ai CAIO CIO Google management Microsoft planning

Seeking Good Industrial Use Cases For Virtual Or Augmented Reality

Forrester IT

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become the cool must-haves for industrial technology vendor keynotes. I have lost count of the times we’ve watched someone on stage as they swoosh and swoop through jet engines, nuclear reactors, sunken wrecks, and the like.

Double Your Targeted Traffic with These 6 SEO Marketing Tips!


Information Technology Blog - - Double Your Targeted Traffic with These 6 SEO Marketing Tips! Information Technology Blog. Like most ambitious entrepreneurs, you have probably come across the term ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO).

Requesting Help from IT Community towards Humanity


This post is not related to IT and IT related stuff. If you are not interested to read more about this, please feel free to ignore. My home town is in Kerala. Thousands of people in the southern Indian state of Kerala were still awaiting rescue from the worst flooding in nearly 100 years.

Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize These Five Industries


Analysts forecast that bitcoin will achieve a total value of $1.2 trillion towards the end of 2018.

Infographic: Rise of the Machines


As artificial intelligence (AI) hits the headlines more, it’s getting difficult to separate fact from fiction. You may still be left with questions, such as: What is the purpose of AI? How can it help us? Should we be worried about it? According to new infographic Rise of the Machines, in the simplest terms the … Artificial Intelligence CTO News

Can Creative Entrepreneurialism Save The Agency Business Model?

Forrester IT

Jay Pattisall, Keith Johnston, and I have been probing the reasons behind the financial woes of agency holding companies such as MDC Partners, Publicis Groupe, and WPP. What’s going on?

Head towards the Finest UX Web Design Templates for Your Use


Information Technology Blog - - Head towards the Finest UX Web Design Templates for Your Use - Information Technology Blog. Unless you have a proper website design , your online business will suck.

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Rebooting IT to get Digital Ready

Future of CIO

Organizations are stepping into the deep digital normal with increasing speed of changes. Information is abundant, technology is pervasive.

The missing piece of the Smart Contract Puzzle


While there has been a lot of hype around the efficiency of a smart contract, can it replace the traditional way of working? What are the challenges and what is the role blockchain has to play in this shift? Smart contracts have been touted as an evolutionary leap in legal.


Microsoft fights ransomware, Instagram hacked, Scary biometric database, Cybersecurity culture


The following are some of the cybersecurity topics we are tracking: OneDrive can now automatically backup your PC’s documents, pictures, and desktop folders Windows 10 users can now get additional file protection thanks to Microsoft's new initiative. Microsoft today began rolling out OneDrive's new folder protection feature that automatically backs up your PC's documents, pictures, … News Microsoft

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Through the looking glass: Join us at Forrester’s CX Singapore 2018 Forum

Forrester IT

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” ” The Red Queen, Through The Looking Glass. I was reminded of this quote from Lewis Carroll’s book when analyzing the results […]. age of the customer


Tips To Gaining More Instagram Likes For Your Business Website


Information Technology Blog - - Tips To Gaining More Instagram Likes For Your Business Website - Information Technology Blog. When you see or hear Instagram, you may not immediately think of it as a means to level up your business marketing.

The Book “Digital Hybridity” Quote Collection I

Future of CIO

Linux and L1TF

Network World

Announced just yesterday in security advisories from Intel, Microsoft and Red Hat, a newly discovered vulnerability affecting Intel processors (and, thus, Linux) called L1TF or “L1 Terminal Fault” is grabbing the attention of Linux users and admins. Exactly what is this vulnerability and who should be worrying about it? L1TF, L1 Terminal Fault, and Foreshadow. The processor vulnerability goes by any of these names.

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Are We Heading to Another AI Winter?


Amongst all this hype and bandwagon jumping on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Cognitive Technologies is also a sense of unease. How is it that a technology that has roots going back as far as the beginnings of computing is suddenly now the hot “must have” technology that’s powering ever-more dramatic amounts of … Artificial Intelligence CTO News adoption ai ai winter cognitive technology

Join Us At CX SF 2018 For Insight Into Seamless Experience

Forrester IT

You know that people’s experiences with your company, your products, and your services make all the difference in whether they decide to stay with you or switch to a competitor. It’s why you strive to make those experiences seamless and immersive — but that’s a tall order. Which is why we’re tackling the problem head […]. customer experience customer experience index (CX Index