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How Big Data is Helping Improve Security


Data breaches are happening with alarming regularity as organizations of all types struggle to manage the ever evolving threats that are out there. And that’s just for the breaches that companies know about. According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 85 percent of data breaches go undetected.

Using Big Data to Build Brand Evangelists Within Your Company


Any organization, whether big or small, will always struggle with getting public recognition. McKinsey and Company has defined big data as the $100 billion business. Big data is a term used to describe large volumes of data. The data can be structured or unstructured. Big Data

Hortonworks’ Big Data Scorecard


Often times, the journey to data driven business transformation can not only be challenging, but also confusing. Mapping Big Data (

Commercial Use Cases: 5 Companies Using Big Data to Make Money


Big data is the revolution the business world has been waiting for. The transformation that has taken place among many companies due to the adoption of big data analytics simply can’t be understated. For all the benefits that big data provides companies, the main goal is, of course, to make money.

Big data vendors see the internet of things (IoT) opportunity, pivot tech and message to compete

Forrester IT

Open source big data technologies like Hadoop have done much to begin the transformation of analytics. And the opportunity is big.

Big Data Comes To The Call Center

The Accidental Successful CIO

Call centers are a great place to start to use your big data tools Image Credit: King County, WA. What All Of This Means For You.

Big Data’s Contribution to Public Safety


The change can be directly attributed to increased information from various sources that create big data. Big data can be defined as data that is too large and complex to be analyzed using traditional data processing methods. In healthcare big data collection is deploying gamification.

Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case


The term “Big Data” has become synonymous with this evolution. What is Big Data? What are the Use Cases for Big Data?

Optimizing The Data Warehouse: A Big Data Blueprint from Pentaho


Save data costs and boost analytics performance. An intuitive graphical, no-coding big data integration. By Bob Gourley.

Big Data & Brews from Strata NY 2015: Tony Baer on Spark in the Hadoop Ecosystem


Datameer kicked off their first Big Data & Brews on the East Coast at Strata + Hadoop World New York. That’s what they tell me.

The three roadblocks to big data success

Eric D. Brown

One of the key findings from that study is that here are three main roadblocks to big data success.

Big Data Analytics company Qurius now also offers professional services as Deep 6 Analytics


Big Data Analytics company Qurius now also offers professional services as Deep 6 Analytics. Big Data

Women In Technology Present: The Promise and Peril of Big Data


On 18 Feb 2016, Women In Technology present "The Promise and Peril of Big Data". Big Data has enormous promise for consumers and organizations alike. Big data makes it easier than ever to listen to, interact with, and connect with customers and respond with better products and services. Bob Gourley.

Microsoft Now Offers Datameer’s Big Data Analytics on Azure HDInsight


Datameer, the proven self-service big data insights platform for rapid data discovery, announced at the Strata + Hadoop Conference a go-to-market collaboration with Microsoft. Microsoft What Is The Difference Between Data Governance and Big Data Governance? Is Your Database Ready for Big Data?

Big Data Unlocks Valuable Information Across Organizations—But Only If You Can Protect It


That’s why the most successful businesses today are taking data-driven business intelligence to the next level. They collect vast amounts of information, and use data science to discover new customers needs, develop new products and services, and identify trends and opportunities. But should the company’s marketing partners?

November 12th Big Data Webinar


This webinar will highlight how you can turn raw data into insight - the insight that boosts your top and bottom lines. Speakers include: .

Ascent Index: Big Data

The Investing Edge

While data analytics has been around for many years, recently the term ‘Big Data’ has exploded. This turned out to be a killer.

Why Big Data And The Internet of Things Are A Match Made In Heaven


There’s a closer relationship between big data and the IoT than most people realize – almost as if they were made for one another. Today, we’re going to talk about the Internet of Things and Big Data. How IoT Will Drive Big Data Adoption. Big DataSee for yourself.  . Bear with me here.

Hortonworks Named a Leader in Big Data Hadoop Distributions Report


On January 22, Hortonworks announced that it was one of the select companies that Forrester Research, Inc. invited to participate in its January 2016 report entitled "The Forrester Wave TM : Big Data Hadoop Distributions, Q1 2016." Hortonworks How Hortonworks Unlocks Choices for Enterprise Data and Analytics (

Amazon AWS: Dominating In Cloudcomputing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT


Research Team. Since then the risky bet has paid off for Amazon and has helped transform the business ecosystem in ways few could have predicted.

EMC And Big Data: An Overview - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

EMC And Big Data: An Overview. Like many of you, I set filters on various social platforms to track topics of interest -- like big data

Big Data Means 5 Big Problems For CIOs

The Accidental Successful CIO

With more data comes more problems for CIOs… Image Credit. Well, as with all things in life, it’s never quite that easy. Fight!:

New Approaches for New Big Data Insights

Cloud Musings

Many companies are taking a hybrid cloud approach to data analysis. Many companies are taking a hybrid cloud approach to data analysis.

The 2016 Big Data Prediction: Which of these two types of organization will you be in?


Today, there is countless data collected and analyzed by companies. Just a few years ago, that data was useless, now data is collected and used to provide answers and solve problems. Result: There will soon be two types of companies: those using big data to dominate in the market – and those being dominated by others.

Agile 58

Regarding Big Data, One Manager’s “Resistance” Is Another Manager’s “Caution”


McDonald. M att Turck has some interesting things to say about “big data” in “ Is Big Data Still a Thing? Dennis D.

Secrets to Big Data Success?

Eric D. Brown

Do leverage dark data. Don’t just report on the data. It takes hard work and listening to the data to let it tell its own story.

Datameer Introduces Big Data Governance


Datameer has just announced their introduction of new data governance capabilities in a Hadoop environment. This is a push towards assisting organizations with data quality, security and compliance problems that result from the growth of analytics tools by business users. Read about why Datameer 's Big Data Governance Matters here.

Hortonworks: Making Big Data Pay Off Takes Time

Data Center Knowledge

For the first companies to make big data into a big business, step one for their customers is taking longer than their investors might like Read More. Big Data Featured Investing earnings hortonworks integration Rob Bearden Shaun Connolly

Big Data Is Only Valuable To CIOs If They Know How To Use It

The Accidental Successful CIO

Just having big data is not enough, you need to know what to do with it Image Credit: Ian Alexander Martin. Data, data, data everywhere.

SAP/HANA Does Big Data for National Security

Cloud Musings

That is one reason why I jumped at the opportunity to talk with SAP executives responsible for the company’s work in that clandestine marketplace.

SAP 92

Big Data Means Big Headaches For CIOs

The Accidental Successful CIO

Too much data is enough to make any CIO’s head hurt. The Problem With Big Data. With big data comes big headaches.

Informatica: the Data Integration Company, Provides Innovation Towards a More Data-Centric World


Informatica provides data integration software. Their products help with data integration, replication, virtualization, masking, and quality.

Pentaho 5.3 Continues To Deliver On Big Data Analytics With Scale Including AWS Redshift and Impala


Pentaho has just announced version 5.3 of their open data platform including new features which will be of high interest to any enterprise with data (all enterprises!). From their press release: Pentaho to Deliver On Demand Big Data Analytics at Scale on Amazon Web Services and Cloudera. By Bob Gourley. Pentaho 5.3

Intel Pumps More Cash Into Big Data Startup BlueData

Data Center Knowledge

Leads $20M Series C round for company that makes Hadoop and Spark easy to deploy Read More. Big Data Enterprise Intel

Intel 32

The 7 Stages Of Big Data Analytics That Every CIO Needs To Know About

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs need to learn how to ride the tsunami of big data Image Credit. CIOs have always had to find ways to deal with data.

Discuss Big Data With NASA Experts at 9 Oct Big Data Forum


Editor’s note: This looks like one of the most relevant data analytics events of the season. Discover what big data tools NASA utilizes.

Paxata: Adaptive Data Preparation


Paxata developed the first Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform built for the business analyst. Data prep has needed re-invention for 30+ years.

Metrics and Big Data: How to measure the value of big data for your business


By Bob Gourley With the herald of innovative, personal, smart and targeted marketing, ‘big data’ offers enticing and varied advantages for businesses.

SINET Announces 2015 Top 16 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies


The companies, which were selected from a pool of 122 applicants from around the world, represent a range of Cybersecurity solution providers who are identifying cutting-edge technologies to address Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The following companies were selected as the 2015 SINET 16 Innovators: Bayshore Networks, Inc.

Tamr: Connect and enrich all your data for analytics and decision making


Tamr enables enterprises to make use of 100% of available data by unifying and enriching data holdings. For more see