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Main Street Cybersecurity: 10 Cost Effective Strategies for confronting Ransomware


As we usher in the new year of 2018, we are confronted with an ever-expanding network-borne threat landscape especially from ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is used by malicious actors to encrypt systems or data. When the ransom is paid the key is in some cases provided to unlock the data. […].

NRF 2018: Back To Basics…And That’s A Good Thing!

Forrester IT

This year’s NRF Show was a surprise, in that it lacked a lot of the hyped-up tech in year’s past (VR in 2017, Beacons in 2016, etc., etc.). That left plenty of room for themes and solutions to shine that let retailers improve in the areas of customer experience, operational efficiency, and incremental, bottom-line profitability. […

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"We are more successful onboarding new technology versus maturing it" - And five things CIO must do to drive digital platforms

Social, Agile and Transformation

I was speaking with a few CIOs at the SINC USA West conference in Scottsdale late last year on the state of managing digital technology in their organizations. One CIO told me, "We are more successful onboarding new technology versus maturing it." Here's the logic behind his thinking and why this is a real issue for organizations investing in digital platforms When a new technology is. cio cmo digital transformation innovation organizational change

The actual upshot of the recent NPS debate

Forrester IT

Many clients have asked me about my thoughts on the recent blog post by Jared Spool who says Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a harmful metric. I then usually mention that he is making excellent points but that there is another post by Aga Szóstek who says the believe in a silver bullet is the true […]. customer experience Uncategorized culture cx measurement CX metrics Net promoter score NPS voc

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Dedrone: Leading provider in airspace security


Dedrone is the leading provider in airspace security. They created the first automated software platform that detects drones and mitigates all known drone threats. They are attracting lots of attention in the security community, as well as from investors.

UBS uses predictive analytics to manage its travel spend

Computer Weekly

Swiss bank is getting a better insight into its business travel costs through an automated software platform

Why you should not worry about cross-tenant cloud attacks

David Linthicum

We’ve all heard the concerns: While public clouds do a good job protecting our cloud-based systems from outside attackers, what about attacks that may come from other public cloud users? These are known as cross-tenant attacks (sometimes called side-channel attacks ), where other tenants on the same public cloud somehow access your data. Should you pay more attention to this fear? No, you should not pay more attention to cross-tenant attack fears. Here’s why. What is cloud computing?

Getting Access to the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery in Windows 7

Mick's IT Blog

Over the past three years, I have not had a need to use the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery on the Windows 7 machines. While working on the Spectre/Meltdown issue, it finally hit me that I needed to use it on the Windows 7 machines. It was kind of hard to find clear and concise instructions on installing it on those machines. Windows 10 is a breeze, but there were extra steps. Luckily, all of the Windows 7 machines already met the required criteria.


Cybersecurity Context From Four Top Experts: Rich Baich, Bill Crowell, Anthony J. Ferrante, Jeremy King


CSO Online has just published an interview conducted by Jeremy King where Jeremy pulled together thoughts and inputs from Rich Baich, Bill Crowell and Anthony J. Ferrante. I've tracked these three leaders for years, and have served on boards with Crowell and have witnessed his leadership style and insightful approach to creating workable cyber risk solutions […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Modern CRM Drives Relationship And Revenue

Forrester IT

CRM is more than two decades old. Companies initially used it to provide “inside-out” efficiencies – operational efficiencies for sales, marketing, and customer service organizations. Companies would easily argue its’ business benefits by measuring operational metrics that were important to them – like reducing marketing costs, better forecasting or pipeline reporting, or decreasing service resolution […]. CRM applications customer experience

Nordic IT executive interview: Daniel Kjellén, CEO, Tink

Computer Weekly

Sweden could have a head start in the race to open up banking through the European Union’s PSD2 regulation

No, edge computing will not replace cloud computing

David Linthicum

The press is still having a field day with this relatively new tech term edge computing , and how it will soon displace cloud computing. I’ve seen more a half dozen articles in just the last two months that advancing the perception that edge computing will displace, not complement, cloud computing.


Announcing the Sovrin Whitepaper

Phil Windley

Summary: The Sovrin whitepaper is now available. Identity in real life is much richer than online identity, flexibly and conveniently solving all kinds of thorny problems. Now with Sovrin, we can bring those rich identity transactions online.

The Ascent of Object Storage

Cloud Musings

Over the past few years, the data storage market has changed radically. The traditional hierarchy of directories, sub-directories, and files referred to as file storage has given way to object storage , individual storage objects.

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Agency Layoffs Or Agency Calibration?

Forrester IT

Layoffs Are A Reality Of The Agency Business Each January the industry weathers account losses, budget cuts or contract changes that result in layoffs. Last week four agencies announced post-Holiday staff reductions: Grey Group reduced 2.2% of staff. Ogilvy reduced 2.8% of staff.

Business needs to reduce cyber threat to payment card data

Computer Weekly

Cardholder data is a prime target for cyber criminals, and that is only likely to increase in the coming year, according to a cloud-based secure payments firm

How to Protect your Personal and Financial Information


It’s evident that the essential aspect in your network or personal computer is the data that you have created. The main reason why most people are in a network or possess a personal computer is to store their data in a way that can easily be accessible. Whenever you want to input protective strategies such […]. Cyber Security data protection data security protecting data

To Fix 13 Issues Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710


SCCM Product group released most awaited rollup hotfix KB4057517 for SCCM CB 1710. No need to “separately” download the hotfix KB 40575517. Instead, it will be available within your SCCM CB 1710 console. This fix won’t be visible on the servers if you are not upgraded to 1710 version of SCCM. From my perspective, this […]. The post To Fix 13 Issues Install Hotfix KB4057517 of SCCM CB 1710 appeared first on Anoops.

Confused about IT? Try these 4 strategies to explain complicated topics to anyone & boost comprehension

IT Manager Daily

Public speaking can be a drag, especially when it comes to IT topics people might not understand. It can be hard to get audiences engaged when they don’t fully comprehend the content, and that can mean a lot more time and energy expended on your part. 4 keys to success.

The NRF Big Show Was A Mix Of Old And New Discussions

Forrester IT

Last week’s NRF Big Show at the Javits Center in New York City is the industry’s largest confab and its timing (as most retail fiscal years close) makes it a good prognosticator of which retail technologies companies will be investing in (or at least investigating) in the coming year. After talking to retailers, exhibitors and […]. ecommerce omnichannel customer experience online retail retail

Beware fake Meltdown and Spectre patches

Computer Weekly

Security experts have warned that cyber attackers will be quick to use the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, but the first attempt to capitalise on them has come in the form of fake updates

Cisco Systems’ John Chambers Announces New VC Fund


John Chambers is widely known as one of the great visionaries of IT, helping us all better understand the power and potential of what can be. He led Cisco Systems through exciting periods as they helped the world smartly transform to take advantage of wave after wave of technology revolution and did so with style. He […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO News

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Use Intune to Restrict NON Patched Windows Devices from Accessing eMail


Security patching is vital to every organization. Now with Intune, you can restrict Windows 10 devices which are not patched with latest patches. Non patched devices are risky to the organization. Use Intune to restrict non patched Windows devices from accessing mail.


The New Book “12 CIO Personas” Quote Collection I

Future of CIO

This book “12 CIO Personas: The Digital CIO’s Situational Leadership Practices” is the extensive brainstorming and logical content expansion of my book “CIO Master: Unleash the Digital Potential of IT,” to reimagine and reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

What ZTX means for vendors and users

Forrester IT

I am a huge fan of Zero Trust—the simplicity of the concept resonates with clients that read the research authored previously by John Kindervag and more recently myself.


Cisco collaborates with startup for AI health and safety trial

Computer Weekly

Cisco is to work with artificial intelligence startup Cortexica in an Innovate UK-funded project to improve physical safety in the workplace

Mac Vs. PC: Which is Better for Your Business?


The debate about Mac vs. PC has been around for quite some time and may not end anytime soon. Some users prefer the Mac because of its elegant and sleek design, intuitive interface, and reliable security. On the other hand, PCs attract a large fan base because they are versatile, readily available, and affordable. Typically, […].

How to Identify Machines Connected via SCCM Cloud Management Gateway


SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) is an Internet client management feature introduced by Microsoft as a pre-release feature in ConfigMgr CB 1610.