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4 Obstacles Big Data Analytics Implementation Needs to Overcome

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Few solutions are as pivotal to your future agility quite like big data analytics. Lowered operational expenses, boosted revenue, increased productivity, and even improved market predictions are all attainable through the evolving algorithms powering these tools. In fact, more companies recognize the real potential of their data.

Using Gamification to Engage Employees and Unlock Their Potential

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The science behind motivation is reshaping the way we engage employees. Gamification has crept into the big picture management conversation, suggesting the use of game mechanics as a way of fostering resiliency and drive in the workforce. Yet the process is a lot more than fun and games. Using gamification to engage employees takes clear strategies and an understanding of how game mechanics motivates people to take action.

Fahrenheit IT Acquires Halo Group and Geneva Technical Services (GTS)

Geneva Technical Services

Fahrenheit IT Staffing and Consulting, a division of Global Employment Solutions and one of the nation’s fastest growing IT staffing companies, announced today its acquisition of Halo Group, a major Midwest IT staffing and consulting firm, and its affiliates Sonoma Consulting and Geneva Technical Services. With the acquisition, Fahrenheit IT will further expand into the Midwest as well as strengthen its presence in the major IT staffing markets of Dallas and Atlanta. “We’re

The Best Technology Jobs in Chicago for 2017

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The realities of the tech industry make continuous learning vital. If you want to remain competitive, you need to seek out new ways to make your mark on the industry. Positions with the greatest opportunities shift regularly, but staying current with the latest changes helps IT professionals build a stable career. Here are some of the best technology jobs in Chicago for 2017 and what makes them worth your time and effort. Data Scientist. Data analysis has evolved to a whole new level.

Want to Increase Employee Retention? Learn from the Best in the Business

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There is such a thing as a healthy employee turnover. Some employees leave because their goals are better served elsewhere. Other employees need to leave because of their negativity, improper conduct, or their sluggish work ethic. However, when employee churn peaks above industry averages, the time to reassess your business culture has arrived. Fortunately, plenty of examples exist to help you when increasing employee retention strategies.

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Hiring IT Security Professionals? It’s Time to Set a Bug Bounty

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Did you ever imagine you’d be asking people to hack your website or app? It’s not so uncommon. Google and Uber do it and eliminate vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can hijack their vital products and systems. The practice, known as a bug bounty program, uses the ethical hacking community as an economical squad of mercenary cyber professionals. But what about those companies that still want the loyalty and availability of permanent staff ?

Industry Insights: Why Tech Companies Are Moving from the Suburbs to the City

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Tech companies these days are increasingly city dwellers. Gone is the impulse, typical of the original Dot-Com boom, to find some sprawling acreage in suburbia and recreate their own Silicon Valley. Microsoft built a home in Redmond, WA. AOL inhabited a campus in Dulles, VA. Now, many of those suburbanites are moving their headquarters or opening new offices in major cities nationwide. Why are tech companies moving from the suburbs to the city?

Want to Upgrade Your Career? Try Joining Open Source Projects

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IT professionals are more than the sum of their technical skills. Face-to-face, good interview techniques help employers see that reality. Yet the full scope of candidates’ interpersonal skills often get overlooked in a resume’s formulaic language. That is, unless job seekers provide concrete examples. We find that joining open source projects, for example, does more than pass the time: they make resumes even more persuasive to businesses.

How Data Analysis is Changing Healthcare IT Solutions

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What good is a resource outside of your reach? Healthcare providers and payers everywhere face this dilemma as their data accumulates without the right means of full interpretation. In response, a new generation of analytics platforms and healthcare IT solutions are being rolled out to capitalize on untapped data. What is being done is stunning and promises to alter the healthcare industry immediately. Greater Accuracy with Life-Saving Diagnostic.

Why Businesses Using Machine Learning Are Ahead of the Curve

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Not long ago, machine learning was only a reality in laboratory settings, think tanks, or science fiction. The idea of enterprise programs reviewing existing data to gather future insights without explicit instructions seemed grandiose. Now, it’s increasingly commonplace to see businesses using machine learning to get an analytical advantage.

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Future-Proofing Your Business with Big Data Analytics

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How do you predict the unpredictable? The constant shift of emerging technology, market innovations, and global volatility puts stable businesses in jeopardy. Best practices lose their edge at faster rates. Often, it’s the very tool stimulating all this change that prevents companies from going under: big data analytics. Industry leaders have talked about big data for so long that it’s verged into buzzword territory.

How to Tell If Your Application User Experience Is a Nightmare

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A bad application user experience can be a horror show. Whether customer-facing or strictly internal, an application’s first impression influences all user actions going forward. On the consumer side, 84 percent of end users will abandon a buggy application in two failed attempts to use it or fewer. Though an internal application will not usually be abandoned, it will affect productivity rates company-wide. Either way, a bad UX is bad news. So, what’s the solution?

Good Interview Techniques: Treat Employers Like Potential Clients

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There is a faction among job seekers who are convinced they cannot sell their skills. Reasons vary from person to person (i.e. modesty, inexperience making the sale, etc.), but the end result hurts their job prospects. Employers need to be convinced of a candidate’s merits and good interview techniques that satisfy that criteria help them make the bulwark of their decision.

Not Finding Tech Talent? 4 Hiring Strategies Can Uncover Amazing Candidates

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Want to know the definition of madness? It’s attempting to solve the same challenges over and over again using identical strategies. Hiring is no different. Finding tech talent takes more than scouring job boards and tearing apart LinkedIn in search of outstanding candidates. Often, the most competitive tech professionals come from unexpected sources and are hired by companies intrepid enough to look beyond their normal haunts.

Internet Explorer is Dead: Time for Legacy System Modernization

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Microsoft has pulled the plug on their flagship web browser. As of mid-January, Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 have been permanently retired. No more patches and no more support. Whatever the goal (shedding a persistent stigma, cutting maintenance/support costs, etc.), Microsoft will be dumping their legacy system in favor of an all new browser: Microsoft Edge. And for any business that is reluctant to embrace legacy system modernization, this significant change should be a wakeup call.

Geneva Technical Services Poised for Business Success in Atlanta

Geneva Technical Services

Geneva Technical Services, a leading provider of IT staffing services and solutions, is building a foundation to duplicate its Chicago market success in Atlanta, GA. With firm leadership, a steadily expanding team, and a proven business strategy, GTS Atlanta is poised to reproduce similar results for clients, candidates, and business partners throughout the region. Over the last five years, Geneva Technical Services has grown business in its Chicago office by over 300%.

What You Need to Know When Hiring for the Cloud

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Cloud computing is one of the biggest enterprise innovations in recent years. Gartner contends that businesses looking to remain relevant need to prioritize it as a front-line strategy. To prevent your business from hiring subpar talent, keep the following facts about cloud computing in mind. Cloud Computing Earns Big Bucks. Recent surveys show that cloud computing expertise can elevate a person’s wages.

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How Should CIOs Handle Data From Employee’s Wearables?

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More data is always better, but what if it’s personal data? Image Credit: Timo Newton-Syms Follow. As the person with the CIO job, you are the one who is responsible for managing all of the data that the company collects. We are all pretty used to what this means.

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2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 12-15 August 2018 in Omaha Nebraska


The annual DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is scheduled for 12-15 August 2018 in Omaha Nebraska. Every year this event is a great opportunity to learn about the most critical mission needs of the defense intelligence community, as well as see some of the most interesting technologies relevant to analysis, data and enterprise IT. It is also a [.]. Big Data and Analytics CTO Cyber Security Events News

The commercial impact of IoT insecurity


Introduction A hacker recently shut down Bycyklen, Copenhagen’s public city bikes system, forcing employees to hunt down and manually reboot the Android tablet attached to every bike. The company said that restoring all bikes to working order would "take some time". Naturally, the costs of restoration will be significant. This is just one example of [.]. CTO Internet of Things News

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Fixes Have Started, But Don't Solve Everything

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Meltdown and Spectre Fixes Arrive—But Don't Solve Everything. Security

White House Staffers Can't Use Personal Smartphones Anymore, and More Security News This Week

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Meltdown and Spectre, dossier drama, and more of the week's top security news. Security

The evidence is in: The cloud’s advantages are now clear to business

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One of the likely outcomes of moving to the public cloud is altering how products are designed, a recent Harvard Business Review article shows. With cloud, there is closer collaboration between corporate IT departments and business units—sales, finance, forecasting, and even customer interaction. In fact, the HBR article shows that many IT departments have jointly developed products with their customers.

How to get the most cloud security

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One of the leading causes of data breaches is internal negligence due to poor training, according to the Ponemon Institute. But when the staff is educated and instructed on the proper practices, the risk of cyberattacks or data leaks can be reduced. Infact, you can reduce your risk more this way than with just the use of modern cloud security software and best security practices. What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now.

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CIOs Need To Learn How To Become Futurists

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Futurist keep their eyes fixed on what may be coming our way Image Credit: ADiamondFellFromTheSky. I’ve got a quick question for you: how good is your ability to predict the future?

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Five Best Practices To Scale Data Science Across The Enterprise

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Nearly all firms want to do more with data science. However, executives and data scientists alike are frustrated by the difficulty of turning new initiatives into business impact at scale.

You need an ‘I’ve been hacked’ plan for your cloud

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A study that was conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Resilient and found that 77 percent of respondents admit they do not have a formal cyber security incident response plan. About half of the 2,800 respondents reported that they didn’t even have an informal response plan.

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How the cloud will kill your business

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One of the benefits of cloud computing is that it lets you punch above your weight. A business can quickly enable computing resources at a fraction of the cost it once paid, so cloud computing helps level the field for smaller businesses. This is good news for the smaller businesses. But it’s not such great news for larger companies that now face a smaller business that’s disrupting their market.

Not all Machine Learning (ML) Is Artificial Intelligence (AI): Part II


No two companies define Artificial Intelligence (AI) the same way, but they all insist they are doing it. Or at least some version of it. However, if AI is to mean something and be a useful term to help delineate different technologies and approaches from others, then it has to be meaningful. A term that [.]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News ai artificial intelligence definitions Machine learning ml

Google We Have A Problem With Duplex: Cool tech, but needs bounding


Have you seen the really cool demo of Google Duplex? This is a fantastic demonstration that combines voice recognition, machine learning and very capable voice synthesis to show how AI can interact with people to get things done.

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Lack of cloud skills and training begin to take a toll

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According to a recent report by cloud and datcenter vendor Rackspace, “Nearly three quarters of IT decision-makers (71 percent) believe their organizations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise. On average, this accounts for 5 percent of total global revenue, or $258,188,279 per organization.” That’s a pretty good hunk of cheddar! This is a real issue and it’s starting to get noticed by enterprises leadership, and even by the stockholders. What is cloud computing?

CIOs Start To Become More Important

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Companies are starting to realize the value of their CIOs Image Credit: las – initially. The importance of a CIO can be measured in a number of different ways. One such way is how often the CEO seeks out the CIO for consultation.

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Cloud backup is not the same as standard datacenter backup

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Backup is just good policy. You need the ability to back up data and applications someplace, so they can be restored somehow, to keep the business running in case of some natural or manmade disaster that takes the primary business-critical systems down. We have whole industries that provide backup sites and backup technology. They can be passive, meaning that you can restore the site in a short period of time and get back to operations.

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