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2018 Mobile And New Technology Priorities For Marketers

Forrester IT

Forrester just released a new report on mobile and new technology priorities for marketers, based on our latest global mobile executive survey. We found out that marketers: Fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.

Experience “The Big Pivot”

Cloud Musings

Graeme Thompson, SVP/CIO Informatica The Big Pivot Podcast explores Digital transformation and its effect on every business in every industry.

Ways To Boost Productivity Among Your Staff


Getting the most out of your employees can be a challenge, if when you feel you've hired the right people. There are many aspects that contribute toward efficiency and productivity. It may take some thought and some new initiatives to get the best from each person on your staff. Here are some suggestions for working […]. Big Data CTO News Company Efficiency Company Performance Workplace Culture

Data science as a career choice

Doctor Chaos

“Do you know what data science is?” In the world of careers, interviews and questionnaires, this particular question has started making regular rounds now. Getting the required knowledge about data science is an integral part of many common job interview questions and answers. So what exactly is data science and is there a career possibility […]. InfoSec big data

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These Medical Breakthroughs Are About To Change Our Lives Forever


From technological advances to new discoveries in scientific research, the field of healthcare is continuously changing. Advances are improving the quality and longevity of life for millions of people everyday. These latest advances are no different and they may even affect us all today or in the very near future. Bad Cholesterol May Be a […]. Tech Humor

What the ‘versatilist’ trend means for IT staffing

David Linthicum

According to Gartner , by 2021, 40 percent of IT staff will be “versatilists,” holding multiple roles. Moreover, most of these roles will be business-related, rather than technology-related, it predicts. Furthermore, by 2019, IT technical specialist hires will fall by more than 5 percent. Gartner predicts that 50 percent of enterprises will formalize IT versatilist profiles and job descriptions, and that 20 percent of IT organizations will hire versatilists to scale their digital business.

Uninstall MSI by Application Name

Mick's IT Blog

Here is a function that will uninstall an MSI installed application by the name of the app. You do not need to input the entire name either. For instance, say you are uninstalling all previous versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is always labeled Adobe Reader X, Adobe Reader XI, and so forth.

The Data Digest: Consumers Want Devices To Talk Back

Forrester IT

My parents were recently gifted their first Amazon Echo — and as you might guess, I’ve been thrilled to observe first-hand how a household of relative tech Luddites responds to the device.

The New Book “Problems-Solving” Master Introduction: Chapter V Problem-Solving Pitfalls

Future of CIO

Problem-solving is both art and science. Even though you have a good intention to solve problems, perhaps just fix the symptom and cause more serious problems later on.

Know The Global Risk Environment And Connect With The Community At The Cipher Brief Threat Conference 8-10 April 2018


The 2018 Cipher Brief Threat Conference will be held 8-10 April in Sea Island Georgia. With out a doubt, this was the greatest conference I attended in 2017. It was a great time to connect with others in the security and risk mitigation community and offered a fantastic opportunity to learn from thought leaders who […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

Latest SCCM CB Intune Microsoft Certification Exam 70-703


Microsoft certifications help grow your career. I received loads of queries related to SCCM CB and Intune Microsoft Certification. You can schedule SCCM Certification exam from Microsoft learning portal. As per my understanding, there is no point in taking Exam 70-696.

Mozilla Firefox Installer and Uninstaller

Mick's IT Blog

As we all know, Mozilla Firefox is not the easiest application to deal with when it comes to deploying it in an enterprise environment. I have finally taken the time to write a PowerShell script that will install it using the executable provided by Mozilla. This installer will kill all instances of firefox, execute the uninstaller helper file, and then delete the programdata folder. Next, it will run the Firefox installer, create the autoconfig file and the Mozilla config file. The autoconfig.js

Facebook: The industry wants transparency, not new labels

Forrester IT

Facebook made an announcement yesterday titled “Making Ad Metrics Clearer” that says, in part: We’ve heard that businesses want more insight into our measurement tools and metrics. So today, we’re introducing new labels on some of our metrics to clearly show how they are calculated. The centerpiece of its announcement is new […].

The Monthly “12 CIO Personas” Book Tuning: CIOs as “Chief Influence Officer” Feb. 2018

Future of CIO

Compare to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and reenergized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles.

CTOvision Pro Tech News 20 Feb 2018


News and reports captured below point to a continued very high level of investment in technologies and companies around the blockchain. So much action is underway it is clear this new concept will be changing our world. The question is, when and how? Most of the reports below are about investments, which take time to […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing Cryptocurrency CTO Internet of Things News

Risks Emerge as Smart Contracts Show Cracks


Bitcoin may be monopolizing headlines, but one of the real stars of the blockchain revolution is the smart contract. Originally pioneered by Ethereum, the smart contract was intended to eliminate many of the barriers and processes that raise the costs of doing business.


5 more lessons that CIOs learned in 2017 (Part 2)

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: As we start a new year, it helps to reflect on (and learn from) the past year. In this two-part article, we take a look at the past year from an IT leader perspective. What are the most important lessons that IT leaders and CIOs learned (or should have learned) in 2017?

The Data Digest: Which Ads Resonate In The Weeks After Super Bowl LII

Forrester IT

In a blog post immediately following this year’s Super Bowl, my colleague Joanna O’Connell said that ads in this year’s big game could be summed up as “trying too hard with mostly nonsensical and underwhelming results.” Of all the ads that played during the game, the winner of this year’s Try-Hard award was certainly Ram […]. advertising B2C marketing brand building customer insights social listening & listening platforms social media Super Bowl

B2C 2

How to Develop a Comprehensve Innovation Framework

Future of CIO

Innovation is not serendipity. Working in an innovation garden not only takes passion but also needs the process and hard work. A systematic innovation approach is to depict innovation as a system, rather than a traditional process.

CERIAS Security Symposium April 3-4 2018: The 20th Anniversary of Purdue University CERIAS


CERIAS is one of the forces of good in cyberspace. For 20 years they have been pulling together thought leaders, researchers, business leaders, academics and other stakeholders to further the art and science of security research. Their continuous action is known by a wide swath of professionals. They gather the community yearly at an annual […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Machine Learning for Connecting Organizations: A Conversation with Roger Gorman


In the 1990s, anthropologist Robin Dunbar hypothesized that the maximum number of people an individual can personally know and remember is 150 — Dunbar’s number. The specific figure is debated, but it is common sense that the human cognitive capacity to understand relationships at scale has a limit.


U.S. considering new nationalized 5G network

IT Manager Daily

President Trump’s national security team is mulling over the potential of a government-run 5G wireless network in an attempt to combat Chinese spying, according to a report from Reuters. The plan is in very early stages of consideration, but if adopted it would have huge impacts on the U.S.

Does Your Company Have A Formalized Remote Work Program? Let Us Interview You!

Forrester IT

Mobile. Cloud. Workplace flexibility. Each of these are driving companies to offer remote work options more consistently. However, remote working has challenges related to technology, policies, compliance, and collaboration. The number one question I get from clients regarding this issue is: “How can my organization embrace flexible work and remain productive and secure?” ” Our upcoming report tackles […

The Timing, Tempo, and Harmony of Digitalization

Future of CIO

We live in an information abundant and technology empowered world and every day more and more technology affects the way we think, live, and work.

As We May Think: Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Essay still provides great motivational concepts for advancing science


Many of us today are seeking ideas on how to deal with the massive, overwhelming deluge of data and information, both at work and at home. If that describes you, one recommendation I have is this: If you want a new idea, turn to history. One great icon of this info age, Vannevar Bush (1890-1974), […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security News

A Roadmap to Legacy Application Modernization

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Legacy systems are a challenge to a digital business model. The digital economy is accelerating and the businesses who are leading the way are the ones that deliver distinct business value using the most current data available in the most consumable means possible.

Webinar Replay: How to simplify self-service reporting

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: In many organizations, end user reporting runs through a single department or individual. They must build and customize the reports for end users—many of which want their reports customized in different ways. The problem: These customizations waste time.

Participate In Our 2018 Enterprise Mobility Survey

Forrester IT

BYOD Or Corporate-Owned: What’s Best For Your Business? My colleague Adam Schlegel and I are researching the overall costs of BYOD vs. Corporate-owned mobile strategies, and we need your help. Traditional cost analyses focus on upfront costs like EMM licensing, but that’s not enough. Using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) model, we also look at: […]. Uncategorized byod enterprise mobility