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SCCM and MDT Master Kill Switch

Mick's IT Blog

With the advent of mass deployment errors such Emory University and CommBank , there needs to be a master kill switch. I also read several months ago about a University in one of the Scandinavian countries that did the same thing.

Artificial Intelligence Needs Real Empathy To Succeed In CX

Forrester IT

What’s the future of CX? How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help break through the customer experience ceiling? How must CX professionals like you evolve their skills? We found a surprising – and not so surprising – answer when the Boston CXPA team celebrated CX Day. Forrester hosted the celebration with CX and UX practitioners in […]. artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience


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3 Signs You Have Overloaded Your Digital Transformation Program

Social, Agile and Transformation

Pressure to take on too many initiatives may bottleneck the overall program and burnout participants I am an advocate for speed and doing more. I’ve seen products, businesses, and an entire business models fall off the cliff because executives were too slow to respond, experiment, invest, challenge sacred cows, and scale toward new digital business models. So, when presented with the. cio cmo customer experience digital transformation leadership organizational change

Colliers dumps Flexpods for Nutanix and Cohesity hyper-converged

Computer Weekly

Property firm Colliers replaces NetApp converged stacks with hyper-converged infrastructure. Secondary storage and backup from Cohesity replaces tape and supports Nutanix performance tier

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2018: The Year Of Enterprise DevOps

Forrester IT

Earlier in the year, we declared 2017 to be the year of DevOps and I am pleased to say, “we were right!!” With our data confirming that 50% of organizations are implementing DevOps, DevOps has reached “Escape Velocity”[1].

Executive interview: David Mahon, CSO, CenturyLink

Computer Weekly

David Mahon, chief security officer of CenturyLink, discusses why cyber security is actually the business strategy

5 Steps to a Successful ERP Project

IT Toolbox

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can help your company plan, organize, and regulate the flow of information more productively and efficiently. But, ERP implementations can often be frustrating, leaving many project managers feeling like they’re wasting their time. At the beginning of any ERP project, you must consider many issues and concerns. Prerequisites to an actual ERP

Three Things Data Scientists Can do to help themselves and their organizations


The importance of data science is only going to grow in the coming years. As we see the results of our data-empowered work take form in how we shape our businesses, our products and our own goals, we are beholden to take a reflective gaze at the relationship between our.

Data 23

Devsecops: Add security to complete your devops process

David Linthicum

As seen in a recent DigiCert report, an overwhelming majority of companies believe that an integrated security and devops team makes sense. In fact, 98 percent of survey 300 US respondents (a third from IT or security) are either planning to or have alreafy launched such an effort. This is good, if unsurprising, news. For years, I’ve been saying devops is really devsecops , and so have many others. Most enterprises are now following that lead. What is devops?

Basic Infrastructure Automation is a No-Brainer – Why Aren’t You Doing It?

Forrester IT

Everyone knows they need to automate. That is not a thought-provoking statement. In fact, when we ask infrastructure decision leaders their top priorities, automation shows up at #3, just behind consolidation and implementing operations analytics. However, when we dig deeper with clients, we find hesitation. I would break their concerns into three broad camps: Some […]. infrastructure & operations


Ulster bank first to use full-scale Salesforce Einstein CRM

Computer Weekly

Ulster Bank has completed its roll-out of Salesforce Einstein CRM to arm its staff with insights and recommend actions

Keeping Your Online Privacy Safe in 2018: 3 Useful Tips

IT Toolbox

There are only a couple of really important things you should understand, and you will more easily be able to control your online privacy


Is blockchain the ultimate weapon against cybercrime?


Blockchain’s reach has gone past FinTech and is now finding more applications in cybersecurity. Threats have become more rampant and complex. As such, cybersecurity firms are now looking to leverage these emerging technologies to provide improved solutions to these threats.

IBM - The Power of Cloud Brokerage

Cloud Musings

Hybrid cloud adoption is now mainstream and you are making decisions every day about how to transform application and infrastructure architectures, service delivery, DevOps, production operations and governance.

New Data: How CX Improvements Drive Business Growth For 17 Industries

Forrester IT

If you want to make the case for CX, check out the new data we just published in the report “Drive Business Growth With Great Customer Experience, 2017” (paywall). In our analysis, we modeled the effect of changes in CX on loyalty and business growth for 17 industries. We included four new industries per popular demand: Health […]. customer experience customer experience index (CX Index


Cyber security a business necessity

Computer Weekly

Cyber security is a business necessity, according to the T-Mobile security chief in Poland

Cryptocurrencies will live FOREVER - Get Used to it

IT Toolbox

Has the hype gotten too hyped? Sure. I totally agree. I have been involved with bitcoin and blockchain since 2010 and frankly I?ve ve heard enough about it all and really just wish that people would focus on delivering the value that the technologies can bring rather than continuing the escalation of hype


An elegant solution to text-data processing problems


A breakthrough in the field of natural language processing (NLP) has been achieved with the Retina engine, which elegantly solves numerous text-data processing problems faced by big businesses.

Newbies Intune Bible to Learn Mobile Device Management


Loads of people requested for an Intune starter kit as I have one for SCCM. I think SCCM starter kit page was useful for the community. Mobile device management is new for most of the IT Pros in device management world.Hopefully, this post would also be useful for Intune newbies.

CXEurope 2017: Introducing the Values Based Customer

Forrester IT

More than 5 years ago Forrester introduced the Age of Customer as a new 15 to 20 years era which saw the increasing customer empowerment in front of brands and companies. For companies, the first step in this era turned into improving the customer experience and the customer journey through an omnichannel strategy, identifying the […].

How to protect your Wi-Fi network from a Krack attack

Computer Weekly

The discovery of a vulnerability affecting the WPA2 Wi-Fi security standard has people in a spin. But how serious is it really, and what basic steps can you take to keep your network safe from a Krack attack

5 Essential Guidelines for Secure Online Shopping

IT Toolbox

The internet has become an integral part of our lives today. It has significantly changed our lifestyle by making it easy to it easy to search and find things online from the comfort of our homes

The Automotive Cyber Security Summit: October 25-27 San Francisco


The Automotive Cyber Security Summit is for practitioners in the automobile industry who are working to predict and mitigate both current and future risks due to technology. The event brings together experts from across the auto industry, including manufactures, designers and providers of on-demand services and autonomous vehicles. The focus of the conference is system […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

A “Thriving CIO”: How to Run Digital IT Effortlessly?

Future of CIO

IT organization is making a shift from transactional mode to transformational mode. It goes beyond the stage of IT-business alignment and moves up to the level of integration and engagement.

The US Banking Customer Experience Index, 2017

Forrester IT

In this year’s Customer Experience Index, Forrester ranked and measured CX quality of 28 US direct and traditional retail banks brands. The research is based on Forrester’s CX Index methodology, which measures how well a brand’s CX strengthens the loyalty of its customers.

SMEs more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks, survey shows

Computer Weekly

The biggest cyber threat to UK and US small businesses is employees’ weak passwords, as the frequency, intensity and cost of cyber attacks continue to rise, a study has revealed

Cloud Conversations Azure AWS Service Maps via Microsoft

Storage IO Blog

Microsoft has created an Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Map (corresponding services from both providers). The post Cloud Conversations Azure AWS Service Maps via Microsoft appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Tips on How to Present Your Visual Data Effectively


For any in the business world, presentation, especially visual data presentation, is key. You can have great facts and data to back up your proposals and ideas, but if the presentation goes bad or is not understood, they will have much less of an impact, if any at all. While this may seem a bit […]. Big Data CTO News Training and Education Business data Management presentation