Net Threats: Internet Openness in Danger


Reflecting the increasing attention paid to information security by many Americans, Pew Research recently conducted a large study, “ Net Threats ”, to identify important trends among technology experts’ opinions and predictions regarding the future of digital security.

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Reset the Net Campaign


Fight for the Future , a nonprofit that advocates for digital rights and Internet freedom, is spearheading an anti- National Security Agency protest on June 5 th to Reset the Net. How the Reset the Net protest will actually manifest itself remains to be seen. By ShannonPerry.

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Information security needs to cast recruitment net wider, says panel

Computer Weekly

Companies struggling to fill info sec roles should focus on finding people who can do what they need, not on qualifications, according to a security industry panel

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Reddit Co-founder Joins Net Neutrality Debate


Architecture CTO Cyber Security Government Alexis Ohanian FCC Federal Communications Commission Internet service provider los angeles Net neutrality Reddit Tom Wheeler By ShannonPerry.

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Net Threat: Nation-States and Security


Reflecting the increasing attention paid to information security by many Americans, Pew Research recently conducted a large study, “Net Threats”, to identify important trends among technology experts’ opinions and predictions regarding the future of digital security. Big Data CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats DoD and IC Government Research Tech Trends The Future Trends Arab Spring Censorship China data Pew Research Center surveillance Turkey Twitter

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China-based Android Trojan netting $500,000 a day

Computer Weekly

Security researchers say fast-spreading Hummer Android malware could be netting cyber criminals around $500,000 a day for installing porn and other apps on mobile phones

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A Closer Look at Net Neutrality: What do you mean when you say it?


The popularity of the phrase net neutrality exploded at the end of April – thanks to the maelstrom of debates among the FCC, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Netflix, and Google (to name a few). The principle is easy enough to understand; this blog recently defined net neutrality as the idea that no law-abiding company should face discrimination and all Internet users should have the same access to any online, legal content. Net neutrality simply means enabling Americans online.

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Net Threats: Deteriorating Trust in Governments and Corporations


Reflecting the increasing attention paid to information security by many Americans, Pew Research recently conducted a large study, “ Net Threats ”, to identify important trends among technology experts’ opinions and predictions regarding the future of digital security.

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Data Security is Picking Up the Conversation on Net Neutrality


The debate over net neutrality is far from over. The fight surrounding Net Neutrality was definitely a heated one, but anyone thinking that the arguments will now stop is mistaken. These restrictions are something they are fighting against, and the end result could greatly affect data security. Cable and internet providers are asking that the FCC use those same rules under this new net neutrality ruling. Rick Delgado.

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Net Threats: The Glut of Information


Reflecting the increasing attention paid to information security by many Americans, Pew Research recently conducted a large study, “ Net Threats ”, to identify important trends among technology experts’ opinions and predictions regarding the future of digital security.

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MuleSoft Nets Huge $128 Million Investment For API-led Connectivity

Data Center Knowledge

MuleSoft, an API-led connectivity platform software provider announced it has secured an enormous $128 million financing round, led by Salesforce Ventures. Read More. Enterprise mulesoft

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Nation-Blanking DDoS Attacks Launched By Individuals Now Proven Able To Take Entire Nation’s Off The Net


CTO Cyber Security News Denial-of-service attackBob Gourley. We live in times of extreme technological hooliganism, where small groups or even individuals can cause asymmetric damage from a distance. This was proven several times over the last few months, most famously in the 21 October attacks against Dyn that impacted many of Dyn's clients, including Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Airbnb, New York times, Spotfiy, Netflix and many others sites.

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Researchers Say Google Fiber Has Nationwide Potential


Will Net Neutrality advocates raise enough of a fuss to get the commission to back down? If Google has its way, the Net Neutrality issue could soon become, well, less of an issue.

AI development has major security, privacy and ethical blind spots


Read why O’Reilly says that security, privacy and ethics are low-priority issues for developers when modeling their machine learning solutions on Help Net Security : Security is the most serious blind spot. Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of respondents indicated they don’t check for security vulnerabilities during model building.

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Verisign: Security Services


Many in the technology community know Verisign for their domain name registration heritage and their operation of,net,edu top level domains. This feat alone requires world class best technology design, operation, maintenance and security skills.

Elastica Emerges From Stealth, Lays a Safety Net Around Cloud Applications and Services


By Bob Gourley Data Science Powered CloudSOC™ Solution Enables Security for Cloud Applications and Services by Providing Transaction Visibility, Threat Detection, Controls and Forensics Analysis. SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 18, 2014) – Elastica today emerged from stealth mode and released its CloudSOC™ solution for making cloud applications and services secure for use by companies and their employees.

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The October 2013 security updates

IT Pros Rock!

This month we release eight bulletins – four Critical and four Important - which address 25* unique CVEs in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, SharePoint,NET Framework, Office, and Silverlight.

Microsoft's.Net Framework will get its own Patch Tuesday

Network World

Microsoft in October is introducing.Net Framework Monthly Rollup to provide security and quality updates to its programming model for Windows. The rollup installs only security and reliability updates, not a new version of.Net Framework. The move aligns with the Windows Monthly Rollup , which does the same thing for the Windows OS. Both rollups were unveiled on Monday and will be available on Patch Tuesday each month, according to Microsoft.

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Balancing patient security with healthcare innovation | TECH(talk)

Network World

While those organizations must work to secure patients' sensitive data, it can also be helpful to analyze that data to improve patient outcomes. Healthcare organizations are one of the most targeted verticals when it comes to cyberattacks.

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Comedian’s Comments Crash FCC Comment Page


The Net Neutrality debate of the Spring has overflown into the Summer. On June 1 st , John Oliver, former reporter for the Colbert Report, offered his explanation of the Net Neutrality debate on his weekly comedic news show, Last Week Tonight. The Net Neutrality debate is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, but the barrage of public dissension reflects the current negative public opinion surrounding governmental involvement on the web. By ShannonPerry.

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IBM: Tax-related spam up 6,000% since Dec.; Darkweb tactics net billions

Network World

And that’s just one of a number of tax season scams and frauds IBM X-Force security researchers have been tracking in a report “ Cybercrime Riding Tax Season Tides: Trending Spam and Dark Web Findings ” issued today. Tis’ the season for tax villains.

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National Cybersecurity = Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Musings

Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. With this, national cybersecurity will essentially be synonymous with national cloud computing security. This self-paced training exercise provides an introduction to securing your information.

Advance Notification Service for October 2013 Security Bulletin Release

IT Pros Rock!

The Critical updates address vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer,NET Framework and Windows. The Critical update for Internet Explorer will be a cumulative update which will address the publicly disclosed issue described in Security Advisory 2887505. As always, we’ve scheduled the security bulletin release for the second Tuesday of the month, October 8, 2013, at approximately 10:00 a.m. Security Bulletins Bulletins Security ANS Internet Explorer (IE

Security Breech At The SEC Causes A Headache For Their CIO

The Accidental Successful CIO

In order to keep things under control and make sure that everyone behaves themselves, the government created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It turns out that the SEC has recently had a serious security breech. The SEC Wants To Check On Every Trade – Is This Safe To Do?

Dr. Chaos Security Podcast – April 18th, 2016 – Dark Web

Doctor Chaos

Dark Web expert Julien Savoie discusses what is the Dark Web, Dark Net markets, and gives insight into the current threats and technology that make up the Dark Web.

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Bidding Open on DHS’ $6B Security Hub, House report stresses sharing


The fact that more key sensors in ICS systems are found to be vulnerable is evidence of the inherent weaknesses in these systems and the need to secure them. Via Net Security, more here. By Ryan Kamauff Here are the top news and stories of the day.

IBM: Financial services industry bombarded by malware, security threats

Network World

The financial services industry is the target of a whopping 65% more targeted cyber-attacks than the average business, according to security watchers at IBM’s X Force. Darkweb tactics net billions + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click hereThe number of financial services records breached skyrocketed 937% in 2016 to more than 200 million.

Cloudera Strengthens Hadoop Security with Acquisition of Gazzang: Builds on additional community efforts to deliver end-to-end security offering


In the early days of production systems built around Apache Hadoop, security was only possible by limiting access to your cluster. Later, more and more security related capabilities were added, including better access control, authentication, auditing, and data provenance. Cloudera continued to focus on security and find-grain access control with capabilities like Sentry. Cloudera Strengthens Hadoop Security with Acquisition of Gazzang. By Bob Gourley.

Cloud architects need to deal with cloudops

David Linthicum

I get to draw impressive diagrams, meet with cloud providers, pick security approaches and technology, deal with governance, and then turn the whole thing over to other people to actually do the work. I’m a cloud computing architect.

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FedRAMP Releases Updated Security Assessment Plan Templates

Cloud Musings

Personal comments and insight on cloud computing related technologies and their use in the public sector to support net-centric operations. FedRAMP Releases Updated Security Assessment Plan Templates. Last week the GSA FedRAMP Program Office released the latest version of the cloud computing Security Assessment Plan (SAR) template. Providing a plan for security control ensures that the process runs smoothly. Security Assessment Plan ; and.

Miracle on Ice: Business, Technology and National Security Leadership Lessons from the 1980 Olympics USA Hockey Team


The lessons probably apply to many enterprise teams (your Security Operations Center, Incident Response/Hunt Team etc), but seemed most relevant, to me, to teams formed from existing/legacy enterprises that have to now work as one. Jimmy, They just scored 10 goals.right now its anybodies net".

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How to deal with cloud complexity

David Linthicum

Many factors come into play when ranking your cloud complexity: number of workloads, databases, platforms, storage systems, security models, governance models, management platforms—this list goes on. Cloud complexity is the number one reason enterprises experience failures with cloud.

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How hybrid cloud strategy can help protect your business data


Read how having a hybrid cloud strategy can help you protect your business data on ARN Net : For many businesses, the idea of putting your business data entirely on a public cloud is an idea that’s immediately appealing in its simplicity. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

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The best applications for secure your Android connection


For mobile phones, it has added an extra layer of security when browsing the Internet or having to access sensitive files. It is also a method of adding security and privacy to private and public networks. Mobile Security

LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws, Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? and more


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) summer internship program for community college students focusing on cybersecurity was so successful, the department plans to ramp it up.” Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? Via Help Net Security, more here.