Guidance Software Federal Summit 6 March 2014


By Bob Gourley 2014 Guidance Software Federal Summit: Cybersecurity | E-Discovery | Enterprise Forensics.

2014 Analyst Forum: Data Analytics and


— Trajectory Magazine (@TrajectoryMag) July 30, 2014. "Making — EM Simpson (@charlie_simpson) July 30, 2014. "Also, — EM Simpson (@charlie_simpson) July 30, 2014. By Shannon Perry.

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Technologists From Intel, Cloudera and CTOvision Delve Into Big Data Designs 11 Dec 2014


On 11 Dec 2014 we will be providing a briefing on lessons extracted from our research into the new Cloudera and Intel partnership. On Thursday 11 December 2014, join noted enterprise CTO and publisher of CTOvision Bob Gourley, Cloudera’s Sr. Previously, Webster held positions in sales and services at companies like Microsoft and FAST Search and Transfer and in software development at firms like Time Inc. By Bob Gourley.

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2014 Stevens Honor Award – Grandfather of the Internet, Dr. David J. Farber


In 1971, at University of California at Irvine that Farber and several colleagues hit on the idea of distributed computer systems or DCS, multiple microcomputers running and sharing data and software with one another remotely using token ring technology, an early forerunner of cloud computing.

Join 11 Dec 2014 Webinar For Latest In Big Data Design Patterns From Intel and Cloudera


On 11 Dec 2014 we will be providing a briefing on lessons extracted from our research into the new Cloudera and Intel partnership. On Thursday 11 December 2014, join noted enterprise CTO and publisher of CTOvision Bob Gourley and Cloudera’s Sr. Previously, Webster held positions in sales and services at companies like Microsoft and FAST Search and Transfer and in software development at firms like Time Inc. By Bob Gourley.

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Private Data Center Trends for 2014 and Beyond


Highlighting the data center trends for 2014 and beyond will help you begin to formulate strategies and appropriately plan for the future computational and storage needs of your organization. Hyper scalable software defined data centers are expected to further increase data center efficiency. Today’s data centers are being built at the forefront of industry standards. Within the past five years, the way we construct data centers has changed dramatically.

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Tech Trends in 2014: Actionable Insights For Your Career


What follows is an interview in which Lenzner comments on trends in the year that was, elaborates on trends for the year that is, and provides tips on how professionals and businesses can take full advantage of the trends that will unfold in 2014. Q: In your opinion what are the Top 5 anticipated tech trends for 2014? According to Gartner’s recent IT Spending Forecast in 2014 , IT spending will see a modest rebound to $3.8

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Software Defined Perimeter, Cloud Security Alliance: Coca-Cola Case Study


One of the many topics coved at the event was software defined perimeter and cloud security alliance. On September 30 th Sierra Ventures hosted their 9th CIO summit in Palo Alto, CA. Coca-Cola was used as a case study. Alan Boehme , the acting CISO at Coca-Cola.

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute CERT Insider Threat Program Manager Certification


The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute is a national treasure. One of the great bastions of the discipline of enterprise grade software engineering.This By Bob Gourley.

Our Freemium Future: Development teams take advantage of free, entry-level versions of software 


CTOs should consider having their development teams take advantage of free, entry-level versions of software – known as freemium software – to test out the functions of commercial products. From the perspective of Michael Williams, BIRT Product Evangelist & Forums Manager at reporting and analytics leader Actuate, freemium software is a resource that can really help the enterprise. Remember back when software was simple?

Motivated Team Of Mission Focused Technologists From Software AG Wins Rapid Integration Challenge of Plugfest


Hands down, one of the coolest things I have seen in months was PLUGFEST 2014, held in conjunction with AFCEA West in San Diego 10-13 Feb 2014. That’s what the smart folks at PLUGFEST 2014 addressed in their unique competition.

Software AG Ranked as a Leader in the Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms


Jul 18, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Software AG was among the select companies that Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent research firm, invited to participate in its report, “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014 1 ”. By Bob Gourley.

Stand By For Reporting From the Intelligence and National Security Summit 18-19 Sep 2014 #Intelligence2014


Software Engineering Institute. Software Engineering Institute. By Bob Gourley. For the next two days in DC over 1000 key leaders from the national security community will be converging in a dynamic examination of intelligence and national security issues at the Intelligence and National Security Summit.

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2015 Predictions: Enterprise Software Heats Up and the Office Landscape Changes Dramatically


Enterprise Software Will Get Hotter. It’s still sorcery, but people won’t laugh as hard as they did a few years ago when you tell them you’re doing an enterprise software startup. By Andrei Soroker.

The Cloud in 2014 and Beyond

Data Center Knowledge

APIs, mobility, data security, hybrid cloud, and software defined everything have dominated the cloud conversation this year Read More. Cloud Computing Featured cloud

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Enterprise IT in 2014 – Under-the-Radar Challenges with WAN Bandwidth, BYOD, and XP Security


In a 2014 Next-Generation WAN Survey , 68 percent of respondents said demand for WAN bandwidth will increase over the next year. The end of support for Windows XP, slated for April 8, 2014, is a dangerous security issue. This would expose a large number of companies to serious security threats and software compatibility issues. By Deepak Kumar Editor’s note: This guest post is by Deepak Kumar, Founder and CTO of Adaptiva. – bg.

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Mach37 Spring 2014 Cohort Companies: Watch these hot new disruptors as they accelerate


With this post we would like to give you a high level overview of their Spring 2014 Cohort. Mark Hardy, CEO, Largo, FL – CardKill™ software preemptively identifies, locates, and terminates stolen credit and debit cards before they are used in fraud. By Bob Gourley. We have previously written about Mach37, the Virginia Cyber Accelerator we hold in such high regard for their quality programs.

X15 Software Launches X15 Enterprise: A Hadoop-based machine data management solution


X15 Software Launches X15 Enterprise. August 5, 2014 — X15 Software, Inc., By Bob Gourley. Editor’s note: X15 is new and exciting. We just finished a call with their leadership team. This firm is possibly very disruptive, in a positive way.

EMC World 2014 — VMware SDS Roadmap Discussions

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  SDS -- software-defined storage -- something VMware is extremely focused on. Related Stories Building A SDS Conceptual Model — Part 2 Building A SDS Conceptual Model — Part 1 Why Software-Defined Storage Matters. EMC World 2014 software defined storage Storage VMware Yes, it''s that time of the year again -- EMC World !

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Why Does Gmail Go Down? January 2014 Edition

Data Center Knowledge

There have been a number of Gmail outages over the years, usually involving software updates or networking issues. So how does a widely-used app like Gmail go down, as it has today?

Catelas: Next-Generation ‘Relationship Forensics’ Software


The software''s unique value is its ability to automatically identify the people that matter in any dataset – a specific case (collected data) or across the entire company (log files or email meta-data). Catelas is a solution on the market today that maps out large communications networks. Catelas is used for Legal (Early Case Intelligence & Identification), Compliance (Supervision in Financial Services and 3rd party Compliance & Risk Oversigh. To read more please log in. . .

Symantec Finally Agrees With Everyone Else In The Security Community: Says Antivirus Software Is Dead


The reality is that antivirus software that uses old fashioned methods of signature analysi. As a technologist I have long respected Symantec and their many capabilities (they do far more than antivirus, see the list here). But the hottest firms in cyber security, those growing because they make real, measurable, virtuous differences in enterprise security, are growing because they realized that Symantec''s core antivirus features just are not sufficient.

The cloud rains on Big Software's parade

David Linthicum

Big Software is feeling the cloud heat. SAP has reported first-quarter sales and earnings that missed analysts'' estimates. The reason: Cloud computing alternatives grew in popularity. It''s becoming a familiar story: Even the core enterprise systems that were supposed to be immune from cloudification -- those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP -- will die the death of a thousand cloud cuts. read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard SAP Cloud Computing Technology Business

Software-Defined Storage: What Does It Really Mean?

Data Center Knowledge

Find out how software-defined storage can help. Storage software defined storage software-defined technologies Looking to control your storage infrastructure? Want to expand your cloud and data center platform?

Links for June 1 2014

Eric D. Brown

Quote : So what’s a CIO to do in a counterintuitive world increasingly driven by software? Quote : The future of software development is bound up with distributed systems, and all the complexity and indeterminacy that entails. If you’re part of a software development or operations team, you need to know about them. On Being Present And Engaged. Quote : Catching peoples’ time, capturing their attention is a huge challenge for all of us.

The DCK Guide to Software-Defined Technologies

Data Center Knowledge

Confused by the software-defined buzz? Our guide to SDx technologies provides explanations and examples of the many ways in which software is redefining the ways data center and cloud infrastructure is managed. Featured cloud software-defined technologies

MegaTrend Update: Dramatic and broad shifts in models due to software ("software eats the world")


By Bob Gourley We have been tracking this since Marc Andreessen called the trend out in 2011 (see “ Why Software is Eating the World “) and are especially interested in how the trend will impact the world of the enterprise. Then perhaps the government contracting world (we have previously written about software eating the government contracting world and DoD command and Control ). Business Software.

Links for June 15 2014

Eric D. Brown

For other organizations, perhaps embracing the strategies of vendors they currently work with – such as VMware’s software defined strategy, or Microsoft’s hybrid cloud software strategy – is the best way to roll out increased automation of workloads across devops or broader data center resources management. Fulltime IT hiring is in; CIOs who can’t manage change are on the way out. Quote : What does this mean for CIOs?

Watch A New World Of Innovation Launch At O’Reilly Solid Conference 21-22 May 2014 in San Francisco


By Bob Gourley It is time we all began to focus more on the coming age of a totally networked, software-enhanced, continually enhancing, device enabled world. Sebastopol, CA, February 26, 2014 —The “punctuated equilibrium” theory asserts that rapid bursts of change upend the leisurely pace of species stasis, creating events that result in new species and leave few fossils behind.

The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation


Friends at O’Reilly Media have just alerted me to a call for participation in the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, which will be held 17-19 March in Boston MA (see: [link] ). More info is below: The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation. It is one of the few events focusing on leadership and what it takes to be a software architect. By Bob Gourley.

Where to Learn Deep Learning – Courses, Tutorials, Software


In May 2014, Baidu, the Chinese search giant, has hired Andrew Ng , a leading Machine Learning and Deep Learning expert (and co-founder of Coursera) to head their new AI Lab in Silicon Valley, setting up an AI & Deep Learning race with Google (which hired Geoff Hinton) and Facebook (which hired Yann LeCun to head Facebook AI Lab). Watch: Deep Learning Tutorial by John Kaufhold at Washington, DC Data Science Meetup, 2014. By Gregory Piatetsky.

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Greetings From VMworld 2014

Chuck's Blog - EMC

No surprise, I’m out in gorgeous SF for the annual gathering of the vFaithful — VMworld 2014.    Server partners build specific hardware for EVO:RAIL, add EVO software, and take the resulting product to market.

Dog Food Conference 2014 Infrastructure & DevOps sessions feature Virtualization, Cloud, Automation & MORE!

IT Pros Rock!

Cloud, Infrastructure and DevOps Sessions at DogFoodCon 2014. Here’s a snapshot of some of the Cloud, Infrastructure and DevOps talks that you can expect at Dog Food Conference 2014: 40 Weeks and Counting: Migrating from Windows Server 2003 before End-of-Support by Bruce Adamczak.

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Adaptiva: OneSite – Advanced IT Systems Management Software


Adaptiva’s award-winning OneSite is a paradigm-shifting SCCM add-on, helping some of the world’s most valuable brands optimize the performance of widely distributed IT networks. It provides system administrators with the ability to run SCCM from a single site with no DPs for distribution, and no impact to business WAN traffic. OneSite solves the complexities of large-scale systems management by extending the functionality of Microsoft System Center Con. To read more please log in.

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TechTalk 46: VMworld 2014

Virtualized Greek

A hilarious conversation talking with my wife about VMworld 2014. She’s However, if you would like to learn more about SDN, SDDC and Software Defined Storage register for VMworld. She’s focused on Spousetivities opposed to learning more about micro segmentation.

Axway: cloud integration, API and Identity management software


Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software and services company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. For more than a decade, Axway has empowered the world’s top organizations with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, B2B communities, the cloud and mobile devices. Axway p. To read more please log in.

DARPA Open Catalog: A repository of DARPA-sponsored software and publications


Some context from that site: Welcome to the DARPA Open Catalog, which contains a curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and peer-reviewed publications. XDATA is developing an open source software library for big data. DARPA is interested in building communities around government-funded software and research. The DARPA Open Catalog contains two tables: The Software Table lists performers with one row per piece of software.

SoftwareAG Unveils New Internet of Things Solution Accelerator


An Essential Starter Kit for Any CIO Considering the Internet of Things or Software Companies Needing a Jumpstart. The new Software AG IoT Solution Accelerator enables data analysts to quickly and easily visualize and analyse the performance of their devices individually or together.

Software-Defined Storage -- Reading

Chuck's Blog - EMC

For those of you interested in software-defined storage, I wanted to point you to two pieces (written by me) that you might find useful. Understanding The DNA Of Software-Defined Storage". " The VMware Perspective On Software-Defined Storage ". software defined storage VMware

Avon’s US$125M IT Software Project Mistake

The Accidental Successful CIO

Avon made a big mistake when they designed their new software Image Credit. However, there is one task that takes priority over all of these other takes: implementing large software projects. Their order management software system was old and out-of-date.

4 years on, OpenStack still can't get in the door

David Linthicum

Cloud Computing Open Source Software OpenStack With all the attention heaped on OpenStack , there''s a profound issue that can''t be ignored, as read more.

Recorded Future: Web Intelligence Software Platform To Anticipate Threats and Capitalize On Opportunities


We have reported on Recorded Future since their founding and have watched closely as they have evolved to become a full scope web intelligence software platform able to make unique and very positive contributions to enterprise missions. Recorded Future provides a comprehensive source of past, planned and predicted events on the web. Key to their capabilities is the world''s first temporal analytics engine. Missions served by Recorded Future are as varied. To read more please log in.

Let's Talk Software-Defined Storage?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Next Tuesday Dec 10th at 12noon eastern, I''ll be hosting a webinar entitled " Software-Defined Storage: An Enterprise Architect''s Perspective " over on BrightTalk. software defined storage Just a quick note?