Future of IPTV


The number of IPTV subscribers has finally overtaken the number of pay satellite TV users and is forecasted to grow by 27% between 2015 and 2021. So by 2021 the IPTV audience will count 32,5 million houses and IPTV revenues will reach $5.77 in 2021. New Gadgets and Hardware

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Gartner Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations for 2019


It’s no longer about hardware or software — it’s about delivering services that accomplish business needs. The critical time frame for this trend is between 2021 and 2023. The critical time frame for this trend is 2019 to 2021.

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Bright Computing Partners with Alineos


Alineos strives to provide the best software and hardware solutions to its clients, which often leads to multiple vendor technologies co-existing in the same infrastructure. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market (2015 - 2021): Report Maps the Qualitative Impact of Various Market Factors on Market Segments and Geographies (newsmaker.com.au). Katie Kennedy. Bright Computing has announced their partnership with France-based high performance computing (HPC) specialist, Alineos.

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South Asia’s Biggest Tech Event - “Digital World 2015”

Cloud Musings

Digital World 2015 will: Showcase achievements of Bangladesh in ICT Provide a platform for free-flow of ICT related ideas where global ICT think tanks share their thoughts resulting in enriching Bangladesh''s Knowledge and guiding toward achieving Vision 2021.

Technology Short Take 117

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Servers/Hardware. spec , expected in to land in 2021. Welcome to Technology Short Take #117! Here’s my latest gathering of links and articles from the around the World Wide Web (an “old school” reference for you right there). I’ve got a little bit of something for most everyone, except for the storage nerds (I’m leaving that to my friend J Metz this time around). Here’s hoping you find something useful! Networking.

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Apple also receives a percentage from iTunes music downloads, and has capitalized on what I would call “hardware BSO” by being first to market with products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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