5 Key Predictions for Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection


Leaders must improve their approaches to identity proofing, develop stronger vendor management skills and mitigate the risks of an increasingly remote workforce.” Organizations lack the qualified resources and skills to plan, develop, acquire and implement comprehensive IAM solutions.

Launch of the Future of Media Report 2008! We predict the media industry will be worth US$5.7 trillion in 2024

Trends in the Living Networks

This year we've taken a slightly different approach, moving away from providing statistics, and focusing on developing three frameworks to help people think about the future of media and engage in constructive conversations at the Summit. trillion in 2024 (in 2008 dollars) - released in this report - as well as information on current growth trends in advertising. Today almost every business and social activity is a form of media.

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Gartner Top Strategic Predictions for 2020 and Beyond


Employees with disabilities bring a new lens to product development, increasing the potential for a product that appeals to a new client base. . By 2024, the World Health Organization will identify online shopping as an addictive disorder as millions abuse digital commerce and encounter financial stress. By 2024, AI identification of emotions will influence more than half of the online advertisements you see.

Gartner Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2020


By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI, driving a 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures. During the pandemic, AI has been critical in combing through thousands of research papers, news sources, social media posts and clinical trials data to help medical and public health experts predict disease spread, capacity-plan, find new treatments and identify vulnerable populations.

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Top 5 Success Tips for eBook Publishers


billion by 2024. At a time when content can be downloaded and shared across social media, traditional copyright laws have become obsolete. Adding social media features lets publishers get into constant interaction with the readers, seek their feedback, and ascertain their needs.

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Washington state lawmakers target Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires with wealth tax


billion in 2023 and $5 billion in 2024, according to Rep. “As a state that considers ourselves a social and economic leader, I just don’t think it’s acceptable. Bill Gates, left, and Jeff Bezos. GeekWire, Economic Club Photos).

7 Emerging Technologies In 2020


eCommerce sector will generate $600 billion in sales by 2024. It is developing each day to meet the constantly changing consumer needs. Social Commerce. Social media brings eCommerce businesses closer to their customers. Social commerce enables customers to make purchases from social media. The technology blends social media and eCommerce enabling customers to search for their desired products and complete the transaction.

The Hummer is back as a 350-mile range ‘electric supertruck’ that can drive diagonally

The Verge

It was revealed during a virtual event set to air during the World Series, “The Voice,” and across a barrage of social media and streaming platforms. Last will be the Hummer EV2, available spring 2024, with just two motors and a suggested price of $79,995.

Space Perspective reboots vision of flying passengers to stratosphere on a balloon


Some of the plan’s details are still up in the air, so to speak, but Poynter said passenger flights are pegged to begin around 2024. In addition to the bar and the loo, Space Perspective plans to provide a solid wireless internet connection to ensure that passengers will be able to share their experiences on social media in real time. After that joint venture, they got married and went on to found Paragon Space Development Corp.

October Telecom Conference Coverage 2019


The biggest theme that connected each event was ‘ PROGRESS ’ as some major developments, particularly in the world of 5G and A.I., Spearline was happy to do coverage on some of these big developments for our interested readership, keeping the excitement in the air and the energy buzzing with this big news! A lot of discussion about 5G and its development. The cellular IoT market passed the 1 billion mark and is now expected to pass 4 billion by 2024.

Augmented Reality and the Network


There are new demands on network resources which will inevitably change the way the telecoms providers view, manage and develop the network. According to researcher Global Market Insights, the global market for AR products will surge by 80% to $165 billion by 2024. First developed in 1968 at Harvard University, AR surprisingly isn’t that new of a concept but is slowly working its way into being adapted into most, if not all, businesses.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on launching the new Xbox

The Verge

He told me he thinks game developers need to be actively engaged in creating safe and inclusive environments all the time. Or is this just, what I thought was going to happen in 2024 and it’s happening in 2020? I was a developer at the time. How do you pay out developers?

Mark Zuckerberg on why he doesn’t want to “put an Apple Watch on your face”

The Verge

Social networks contain multitudes. Facebook has sometimes faced doubts over why a social network would invest so much time and money into a hardware project with no uncertain payoff. It doesn’t fit the kind of social use cases that we primarily care about.

The massive Twitter hack could be a global security crisis

The Verge

To speculate much further would be irresponsible, but Cox’s reporting suggests that this is not a garden-variety hack in which a bunch of people reused their passwords, or a hacker used social engineering to convince AT&T to swap a SIM card. Now Apple will be adhering to the regulations and developers have until July 31st to comply. Facebook’s goal is to have 50 percent of its workforce be from an underrepresented background by 2024.