GE will make taller wind turbines using 3D-printing

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But building bigger turbines makes transporting the pieces needed to put it together a logistical nightmare. GE hopes to 3D print the base of a turbine wherever they want to place it, so that they won’t need to haul around such a gigantic hunk of concrete or steel. GE Energy 1.5

How to Use Digital Textbooks in the Classroom


Interactive digital textbooks have interactive content and images, 3D images and diagrams, sounds and videos to keep students engaged and make learning fun and easy. For example, a 3D diagram of a heart may have links which students can click to view more information about the heart.

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I was startled to learn that up to 50% of any City is paved or tarred over to provide space for transportation – autos, trucks, buses and trains. I certainly know about intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Travelers' Info Map.

Insider’s Guide to the New Holographic Computing


I’ve been blogging for years about a variety of research efforts which additively culminated in today’s announcements: HoloLens, HoloStudio for 3D holographic building, and a series of apps (e.g. Note the 3D modeling from HoloStudio and its infinite shelf of parts. By Lewis Shepherd.

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Technology Predictions: What Will the World be Like in 2020?


Today we see that there is an invasion of IoT in our lives, homes and offices and even in big cities and transportation. 3D Printers. The 3D printer has been strongly adopted in recent years.

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Geek of the Week: Zipwhip?s teen developer Avery Wagar generates buzz with his work on coffee robot


Transporter, Time Machine or Cloak of Invisibility? If everything were open, a transporter, most definitely. Favorite cause: Lately, I’ve been working to 3D print personal protective equipment which we’ve mostly given to family friends working in healthcare.

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Technology News and Hot Topics


The New Mexico Department of Transportation is hoping that could be the case. Puma Energy selects Intergraph’s intelligent 3D plant design and modelling … Puma Energy selected Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional, an intelligent 3D plant design and modelling solution to help deliver a landmark fuel import terminal in Queensland, Australia.

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5G Technology: Maximum Connectivity and Speed


The 5G promises to open the door to new surgical procedures, safer means of transport and instant communication for emergency and relief services. Information Technology Blog - - 5G Technology: Maximum Connectivity and Speed - Information Technology Blog.

Top Tips for Creating Digital Signage


The content can be modified according to the needs of use for multiple activities such as customer service, in transportation systems, in corporate communications, in retail marketing, such as advertising, etc….

Virginia Announces Research Commercialization Awards


Eastern Virginia Eye Institute (Chesapeake), Corneal Endothelial Allograft Transport and Transplant Device , Dr. Sandeep Samudre, $100,000, Life Sciences. SoundPipe LLC (Charlottesville), Patient Tailored 3D Drug Delivery with Intravascular Ultrasound , Dr. Joseph Kilroy, $50,000, Life Sciences. The Commonwealth of Virginia announced research commercialization awards today, including many friends and readers of CTOvision, so we wanted to share this announcement.

How Can eTextbooks Help K-12 Publishers, Institutes & Students


For example , abstract concepts in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry can be concretely demonstrated using 3D diagrams, figures, animations, and VR/AR. Publishers also save in terms of inventory costs, warehousing costs, and transportation costs.

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Guide to Buy the Best Office Printers in 2019


Special-purpose printers include portable printers, specialized and semi-specialized photo printers, label printers and 3D printers. 3D Printer. Just a decade ago, 3D printers were expensive machines, reserved for factories and corporations.

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What IT Leadership Can Learn From Manufacturing

Chuck's Blog - EMC

The advent of better power sources and transportation changed manufacturing from a local industry to a global one where scale mattered.  So many IT leaders realize their world is becoming a different place, and fast. 

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Supernatural for Oculus Quest is like Beat Saber meets Peloton

The Verge

And rather than transporting you to a Tron -like environment with aggressive EDM blasting in your ears, you’re working out to gym-friendly mainstream hits in chill photorealistic natural settings.

Marc Newson at Sydney Design Excellence Forum: the design process is always the same

Trends in the Living Networks

I can take that and extrapolate it out with the help of computers and sophisticated 3D software.&#. During the evening there were a number of allusions by Jenny and the audience to public transport.

Map of the Decade, ExaTrends of the Decade, and the Zeitgeist for 2011

Trends in the Living Networks

Renewable energy sources, electric cars, and strict energy accounting, driven in part by carbon taxes on fossil fuels, will transform transportation and large chunks of the economy, faster than we currently imagine. It is traditional at the turn of the year to look forward at what is to come.

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The Emergence Of Dispersed Clouds - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Over time, we'll certainly demand richer forms of information (3D video, advanced analytics, etc.)   Anything to do with cars and road transport.  Chucks Blog. An IT industry insiders perspective on information, technology and customer challenges. Archives.

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- CES: The Time Machine

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Here are some examples: Vizio demonstrated 3D television sets with Internet and wireless capabilities. We have a Time Machine. It is one way, moving 60 seconds an hour, 24 hours a day, into The Future. The Consumer Electronics Show is a window into The Future.

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CIO’s D&B (Depth & Breadth) of Influence Matrix

Future of CIO

etc, command-control leading style is no longer effective to make business transformation at today’s 3D (physical, virtual, mental) working environment, and conventional IQ & EQ may also not be sufficient enough to deliver high impact leadership influence.