Vricon: The world in 3D


a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, launch the joint venture – Vricon Inc. – to produce photo-realistic 3D products and digital elevation models globally for enterprise and government geospatial markets with unmatched coverage and delivery timelines.

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5 New Tech Inventions


This video has five parts, which are overviews of really cool technologies. This includes a space-saving 3D printer, a device that transforms your TV into a touch enabled device, plus a new easy way to browse the internet, completely anonymously. Michael Johnson.

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Google AI researchers use mannequin challenge YouTube videos to improve depth prediction


Google AI researchers today said they used 2,000 “mannequin challenge” YouTube videos as a training data set to create an AI model capable of depth prediction from videos in motion.

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The Future of Design and Manufacturing: Watch Elon Musk leverage Leap Motion, OculusVR and laser 3D printing


By Bob Gourley Elon Musk has just released a video showing what may well be the future of design and manufacturing. The video below starts off cool and just gets better. He then shows several ways to interact with 3d models including the great Oculus Rift.

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America’s First 3D Android Phone


Just picked up "America’s First 3D Android Phone" While, after staring at 3D too long gets me eventually dizzy, this phone has been amazing so far in it’s speed, clarity, and easy of use. A 3D effect that just isn’t very good.”.

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Forrester’s Top Emerging Technologies To Watch 2018

Forrester IT

If you are a client, you can download the report here; if not, here is a quick video blog. 3d printing age of the customer chief information officer (CIO) emerging technology innovationI’m excited to announce that our list of top emerging technologies to watch in 2018 is out. It explains what’s different about this year’s report and how we came up with our list. It further contains […].

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Is 3D TV dangerous?

Trends in the Living Networks

He was on interviewed on the 7pm Project last night about the dangers of 3D TV ( see the video here ) so we chatted about that. Mark has been involved in 3D for close to two decades, most famously in creating Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML), and before that helping Sega to develop a head-mounted display in the 1990s. This is why the 3D of films doesn't feel quite right. So it seems that the 3D TV manufacturers think there's an issue here.

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Amazing 3D video projections bring buildings to life and shape our environment

Trends in the Living Networks

What is proving to be one of the most useful technologies is 3D animations projected onto external spaces. The videos below show some of what they are capable of. The first video shows how the contours of buildings are used to great effect in generating 3D animations.

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Awesome 3D visual mapping on Sydney Opera House

Trends in the Living Networks

A while ago I blogged about how amazing new 3D video projection can bring buildings to life , including some videos of great examples – well worth a look. It’s hard to imagine any video could do justice to the show.

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The latest in 3D printing trends: guns, ears, body parts, and now in your local store

Trends in the Living Networks

It’s been a busy day in the world of 3D printing. 3D printing is one of those trends that has been visible for a long time, is just beginning to have a real impact, and in the long run could transform many aspects of our lives. Australian 3D printers on track to print body parts.

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VideoProc Guide – How to Download and Cut YouTube Videos with Easy Steps


Information Technology Blog - - VideoProc Guide – How to Download and Cut YouTube Videos with Easy Steps - Information Technology Blog. Are you looking for a kind of software that helps you in managing your videos in HD and 4K in an easy and efficient way? Click on Add Video.

Robot Chef Brings Internet of Things Into the Kitchen


Video: Robot chef serves up the future of home cooking (theglobeandmail.com). Assistive Technology Companies CTO Internet of Things Robots 3D printing automated kitchen BBC chef Hannover Messe kitchen London moley robotics Muscle Prosthesis robochef Robot robot chef Robotic arm Robotics shadow hands Who needs to go out for dinner, when you have a tireless master chef waiting at home to prepare a gourmet meal for you, any time, day or night?

[VIDEO] The world’s first full motion-graphics presentation

Trends in the Living Networks

I have long used highly visual presentations to accompany my keynotes, often including numerous videos without sound as well an array of full screen images. Below is a video of the keynote’s visual presentation.

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CTOvision Readers Authorized Free Access to Udemy’s V-Ray Course


Autodesk 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio Max) is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. V-Ray is a 3D rendering engine that provides fast creation and rendering solutions for CGI, 3D animation and virtual reality.

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Insider’s Guide to the New Holographic Computing


I’ve been blogging for years about a variety of research efforts which additively culminated in today’s announcements: HoloLens, HoloStudio for 3D holographic building, and a series of apps (e.g. Note the 3D modeling from HoloStudio and its infinite shelf of parts. By Lewis Shepherd.

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How to Use Digital Textbooks in the Classroom


Interactive digital textbooks have interactive content and images, 3D images and diagrams, sounds and videos to keep students engaged and make learning fun and easy. For example, a 3D diagram of a heart may have links which students can click to view more information about the heart.

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Skydio: The self-flying self-thinking camera has arrived


Their drone/UAV, the Skydio R1, uses computer vision to map the world as it moves (leveraging 13 cameras to build a 3D map of its surroundings that includes trees, people, buildings, and more), and then uses a 4k camera to record the video you want.

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Virtual Reality Operating Simulators: Gamification in Training Surgeons


Young surgeons, who had played video games, had better eye-hand coordination than surgeons who had never played the games. The maps are presented in 3D representation. The areas that the simulations work best at teaching are eye-hand coordination and the ability to translate the 2D representations into 3D virtual operating “worlds.”. The Future Video gameBrigg Patten.

The future of video and man-machine interfaces

Trends in the Living Networks

The Institute for the Future has shared its Future of Video project using the presentation platform Prezi. The presentation wraps up with some nice videos from Microsoft and Sixth Sense showing visions and demonstrations of the role of video in how we interface with the external world and information. Which illustrates how man-machine interfaces - one of the primary mechanisms for the birth of the living networks - are in fact largely driven by video.

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A critical point in the MegaTrend of Creative Enablement: DSLRs are revolutionizing video production

Trends in the Living Networks

From early desktop publishing applications and screen-based sequencers in the 1980s, through to 3D printing of prototypes today, the production of professional quality output in just about every creative endeavor has become vastly easier and cheaper.

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How Can K-12 Schools Improve Learning Outcomes with Technology?


On pointing the app to their digitally-enabled worksheet, they would be able to see online elements such as video, quiz, map, podcast or a virtual representation of a 3D object, which provide more information on the subject under study. Besides, technology helps to break the monotony of classroom teaching, given that most technology-enabled resources are available in rich media formats such as audio/video, images, and graphics, etc.,

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Highlights from 2010: Keynote speech videos, slides, and reviews

Trends in the Living Networks

There is simply no more powerful medium than the best moving image content on large high-quality screens, particularly as 3D and other immersive technologies come into the home. Yet video audiences are fragmenting in every dimension imaginable, creating real challenges for the TV industry.

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How Can K-12 Schools Improve Learning Outcomes with Technology?


On pointing the app to their digitally-enabled worksheet, they would be able to see online elements such as video, quiz, map, podcast or virtual representation of a 3D object, which provide more information on the subject under study. Besides, technology helps to break the monotony of classroom teaching, given that most technology-enabled resources are available in rich media formats such as audio/video, images, and graphics etc.,

5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever


Video conferencing is also possible and this can help to keep the managers of a project in touch with each other whether they are on site or not. All the tech blogs about construction indicate there is a growing technological trend towards using digital 3D design.

How Can eTextbooks Help K-12 Publishers, Institutes & Students


For example , abstract concepts in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry can be concretely demonstrated using 3D diagrams, figures, animations, and VR/AR.

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Field Service Could Fix Wearables’ PR Problem

CIO Dashboard

In forward-thinking enterprises a potent mix of technologies (augmented reality, 3D visualizations, and video conferencing) is piped through smartglasses to give field service workers critical information and facilitate valuable interactions, hands-free.

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The Competitive Dynamics Of Workforce Optimization--A Critical Driver Of Customer Experience--Unpacked

Forrester IT

3D printing threatens manufacturing. So, customer service has become a crucial competitive differentiator and in response companies have started to experiment with emerging technologies like cognitive computing, bots, augmented reality, and video chat.

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- Improving Govt Health with a Fiber Diet

Chief Seattle Greek Blog

Video and Web via TV. Ideally, every television set in a home will eventually be internet-enabled with a built-in video camera and web browser. Video 311 and 911. With the devices above, anyone who calls 911 with an emergency or 311 for non-emergency access to government services could also activate a two-way video function. And even for routine calls or complaints, we could put a “face” on government via a live video chat with a customer service agent.

Google Invites Us To "Daydream" In Virtual Reality

Forrester IT

Importantly, the controller is aware of where it is in 3D space, allowing users to interact more richly with their controller than, say, an unseen controller. They've rebuilt Youtube to be more VR-aware, allowing a variety of new video content to be streamed throught Daydream. At Google I/O today, the company announced a new mobile-centric VR offering called Daydream.

Hot Holiday Tech


The iPhone 6s is latest iPhone on the market with “3D Touch” and 12MP camera. The DJI Inspire shoots 1080p video at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps and can be controlled either by a controller or on the DJI Go app on your smartphone or tablet. 3D Drawing Pen . which is the world’s first 3D drawing pen. This time of year is one for commerce. The shiniest, newest, coolest gadgets are always the first to go from the shelves.

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DoD Issues Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Needs Statement: Wants to pilot innovative tech


Image and video enhancement. 3D below ground surface mapping. By Bob Gourley. We received word on this activity from Dr. Jennifer Buss of the Potomac Institute. She asked that we help spread the word since CTOvision Readers have been so helpful with requests like these in the past. Please look this over and if you can provide technologies that address this request or if you know someone who can please get in touch.

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Tech News Roundup February 29


VIDEO: Kevin Doyle and John Downing on what the next Government will look like - Irish Independent. Why Microsoft is asking people to make 3D scans of their faces in Seattle this weekend. Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the technology ecosystem: Technology Ticker. Precise Biometrics scoops DLA deal - Security Document World (press release).

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Four awesome animations on YouTube

Trends in the Living Networks

I spent a lot of time with her older sister Leda on my knee watching YouTube videos a couple of years ago - it's time for Phoebe to explore the world of online video. A collaborative effort to promote the (awesome) open source 3D platform Blender - outstanding!

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More on OnLive: New Cloud Solution Delivers Secure Cross-Platform Deployment for Graphics Intensive Applications


OnLive’s platform constantly monitors changing network conditions, including throughput, latency and packet loss, and automatically adapts the pixel stream to provide a consistent and stable video and audio stream to end users, instantly. By Bob Gourley.

New framework: 2013 and beyond – What will appear and disappear in our lives

Trends in the Living Networks

3D printing in the home. Video wallpaper. Video rental stores. As a futurist, the end of the year means it is once again time to release a structured look at the future.