Verizon suspends Facebook advertising as boycott grows

Venture Beast

Verizon is pausing advertising on Facebook in support of a campaign that called out the social network for not doing enough to stop hate speech.

Microsoft is reportedly suspending advertising on Facebook and Instagram


Microsoft has paused advertising on Facebook and Instagram worldwide due to concerns about content surfaced alongside ads, according to Axios. The software giant is not participating in a broader Facebook advertising boycott that has enlisted REI, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, and other big companies.


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Recent Changes In The Media Measurement Landscape Raise Advertiser Expectations

Forrester Digital Transformation

The NewFronts and Upfronts are annual events where television networks and tech giants dramatically unveil their new […]. Advertising Age of the Customer B2C Marketing Media Insights

Facebook blocks Russian state media from advertising on the platform

The Verge

Facebook is blocking state-run Russian media outlets from advertising and monetizing content on the platform amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine (via Reuters ). Facebook has since established a Special Operations Center to help the network monitor and respond to the developing conflict.

Microsoft to acquire AT&T’s Xandr advertising tech business, gearing up for a ‘post-cookie world’


Microsoft reached a deal to acquire AT&T’s advertising technology division, Xandr , seeking to strengthen its own advertising business as the industry shifts away from online tracking technologies. Microsoft Advertising AT&T Bing LinkedIn XanderAT&T Image.

TikTok is full of shady secret advertisements


All of them should have, according to truth in advertising rules that are supposed to be enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state attorneys general. It’s unrealistic to expect you to be aware of every single statement made by a member of your network.

Civil rights groups urge companies to suspend Facebook advertising

Venture Beast

civil rights groups called on companies to pause advertising on Facebook, saying the social network is not doing enough to stop hate speech. Read More.

FCC looks to big tech to help fund network infrastructure

TM Forum

shouldering a share of telecom network costs. ” It also points to findings that “the five largest streaming companies account for 75% of total network traffic in rural areas.

Q1 Earnings: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Advertising Decelerates While Usage Accelerates

Forrester's Customer Insights

As far as the advertising triopoly and the social networks are concerned, however, advertising in Q1 surpassed bleak expectations and usage is booming — but not all is how it appears to be. Advertisers: The Pandemic’s True […].

Massive falls in marketing and advertising – how and when will the market come back?

Trends in the Living Networks

The evidence is now in on what was already clear: the advertising and marketing industries are getting slammed by the coronavirus pandemic. However there are ways that the industry, particularly from an advertiser perspective, could reinvent itself.

Microsoft is the latest tech giant to report decelerating advertising revenue


Microsoft announced the slowest growth in its digital advertising business in more than a year, part of a bevy of tech giants to report decelerating ad revenue amid the broader economic downturn. Microsoft acquired the business social network for more than $26 billion in 2016.

Here’s why Amazon’s $30 billion advertising business is so effective


Industry trends, consumer shopping habits, and Amazon’s continued e-commerce dominance have helped turn the tech giant into an advertising behemoth. Wall Street expects advertising revenue to eclipse $10 billion for the holiday quarter when Amazon reports earnings Thursday afternoon.

Roku’s advertising ambitions just got even bigger with new Nielsen deal

The Verge

Roku, one of the most popular streaming platforms in US homes, is acquiring Nielsen’s video advertisement business as it tries to become a central hub for TV advertising. Specifically, Roku is acquiring Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising unit.

BBB blasts Verizon for 5G ads, says coverage claims mislead customers

Venture Beast

cellular carriers for overhyping the scope of its 5G network in national advertisements. marketing misleading misleading ads NAD national advertising division national advertising review board network coverage speed VerizonThe U.S.

Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter?


Information Technology Blog - - Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter? Benefits Of Twitter As An Advertising Tool. The cost of advertising on Twitter depends on how people take action on your ads. The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter.

AT&T might stop using fake 5G logo after advertising board recommendation

The Verge

AT&T’s actual 5G network is rolling out to major parts of the US this year, but the company’s fake 5G network — which it calls “5G Evolution” and shortens to “5G E” when it appears in the corner of smartphones — has remained the subject of controversy for the last two years.

Holiday 2021: Three Holiday Tips For Retail Media Networks

Forrester Digital Transformation

Most advertisers spend a significant portion of their ad dollars in the last quarter of the year. So, retailers with a media network should be ready to compete for ad dollars during the holiday season. Advertising holiday Media Retail Trends

Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


The problem I have with these statements is that every network engineer I know segments their network more than just at the subnet level and their segmentation is not limited to just north-south traffic. Since 2000, secure networks have been built by segmenting traffic at the switch port level from server to server, radically limiting east-west traffic. Zero trust in my mind doesn’t really mean “trust no one” because then you would have no traffic on your network.

How EveryoneSocial helps enterprises drive online engagement

Venture Beast

Enterprise advertising category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software enterprise social networking online ads online advertising Social MediaDid you miss a session at the Data Summit? Watch On-Demand Here.

The State Of Social Advertising: Pretty On The Outside, Ugly On The Inside

Forrester's Customer Insights

On the outside: Social media’s total global advertising spend is expected to balloon to $110 billion by 2022 (with Facebook taking 75% of the global spend market). Social networks are happy. age of the customer social marketing social media facebook Snapchat social advertising twitterInvestors see dollar signs. Marketers feel justified in their spending. On the inside: Social media’s underbelly conveys a picture of turmoil. Consumers can’t quit […].

Australia takes the wrong path on Twitter advertising disclosure

Trends in the Living Networks

As attention shifts from traditional channels such as TV, radio, and newspapers to social media, naturally advertisers want to shift their presence to the emerging channels. If advertisers want to use social media to get their messages across, that’s OK – users have many ways to deal with that. However there are clear regulations and norms on advertising in traditional media, where commercials are clearly delineated.

Apple wants to stop advertisers from following you around the web. Facebook has other ideas.


Apple is trying to single-handedly change the way internet advertising works. At stake is your online privacy — and the advertising system that underwrites an endless supply of free content.

TikTok Slammed in Europe Over 'Hidden Advertising' to Kids

GizModo VR

The complaint also claims TikTok is deploying “hidden advertising” aimed at children, according… Read more.

Did You Hear? Social Networks Want In On Audio

Forrester's Customer Insights

First the social networks conquered text. Advertising B2C Marketing social marketing social mediaThen they dominated video. And now, the new frontier: audio.

Big tech companies will have to open Russian offices if they want to advertise in the country

The Verge

A new Russian law will require large social media companies to open offices in Russia if they don’t want to face advertising bans or other penalties , according to a report by Reuters. Photo by Sergei FadeichevTASS via Getty Images.

Regardless of genre, in-game ads are building revenue and increasing retention (VB Live)

Venture Beast

Business Commerce Games Marketing Mobile category-/Business & Industrial category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Facebook Audience Network in-app ads in-app purchases in-game ads mobile game advertising mobile game mone mobile in-game ads

Q&A with Gismart: Closing the loop between acquisition and monetization

Venture Beast

GamesBeat Mobile PC Gaming VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Business Operations category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services Facebook Audience Network Facebook gaming game marketing Gismart iOS 14 mobile game advertising mobile game marketing mobile game revenue

Amazon goes after alleged fraudulent text message advertising schemes in new lawsuit


An example of a fraudulent advertising scheme that Amazon is trying to eliminate with a new lawsuit. . Amazon doesn’t know exactly who is using its name in an allegedly fraudulent text message advertising scheme, but the company is suing them anyway.

The DeanBeat: How the ad ecosystem will cope with Apple’s IDFA changes

Venture Beast

Apple is ending targeting advertising in the name of privacy. Now the mobile ad ecosystem is figuring out what will happen next. Read More.

Apple 90

How ad-supported game monetization can be a win-win-win for publishers and gamers

Venture Beast

Business Games category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Facebook Audience Network in-app ads in-game ads mobile game advertising mobile game monetization rewarded video

What it takes to launch a mobile game internationally (VB Live)

Venture Beast

For insights into what it takes to build a global audience, join experts from Riot Games, 2CV, and Facebook Audience Network in this VB Live event.

Mobile 100

Monetization strategies for the skyrocketing LatAm mobile game market (VB Live)

Venture Beast

Business Games Facebook Audience Network LATAM mobile games mobile game advertising mobile game UA mobile game user acquisition mobile games mobile games international monetizing mobile games

Ad format success factors for casual and hypercasual games

Venture Beast

Business Games casual mobile games category-/Games/Computer & Video Games Facebook Audience Network hypercasual games in-game ad formats in-game ads in-game advertising Rewarded Video Ads

Watchdog knocks Verizon’s 5G ads, says best results aren’t typical

Venture Beast

carrier is in hot water -- again -- for hyping high-speed 5G network performance it doesn't actually deliver nationwide. Business Mobile 5G 5G networks 5G speeds 5G ultra wideband advertising BBB category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Phones download speeds millimeter wave misleading NAD nationwide 5G speed VerizonThe top U.S.

Cellular networks revolt against Apple privacy moves

Computerworld Vertical IT

Apple counter-argued that it would simply inspire advertisers to think more creatively about how to reach customers — while also providing more privacy to those customers.

Mobile advertiser tracked users' locations, without their consent, FTC alleges

Network World

One major mobile advertiser allegedly did just that. InMobi is headquartered in India and partners with thousands of apps to offer advertising. The privacy settings on your phone don’t mean much if tech companies choose to ignore them. The company InMobi was secretly tracking user locations, regardless of consent, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission alleged on Wednesday. The motive: to serve location-based ads over mobile apps.

Port In The Storm: Takeaways From Amazon’s Q2 2022 Earnings

Forrester Digital Transformation

After years of spending lavishly on growth, Amazon cut costs in Q2 2022, reducing headcount by 6% and, according to CEO Andy Jassy, “improving the productivity of [its] fulfillment network.” Advertising Age of the Customer B2C Marketing Retail

Improving Distributed Analytics and Private Cloud Through Enhanced Networking


This is particularly true with regard to network adapters, where little attention is paid beyond the advertised bandwidth (1/10/25/50/40/100 Gbps) and connection medium (Fiber, Copper, etc.). In contrast, the parallel (multi-core) and distributed (multi-server/multi-location) nature of today’s applications and datacenters puts tremendous importance on a server’s networking components. CTO network adapters performance private cloud ServersMarty Meehan.

What You Need to Know About Google's VPN

GizModo VR

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs can protect the privacy of your browsing, cloaking your online activities and making it much harder for websites, internet providers, advertisers, and a hacker sitting behind you in a coffee shop to see what you’re doing.

7 Software Defined Networking Considerations » Data Center.

Data Center Knowledge

Advertise. 7 Software Defined Networking Considerations. 7 Software Defined Networking Considerations. The move toward software defined networks (SDN) in the data center is no longer a question of “if” or “when,” but “how.” The good news is that data center networks will receive more attention and product development than other technologies (such as WANs and LANs). 2) The size of an organization’s network. Networking. Advertise. About DCK.

Creating the Future of Advertising - looking back to look forward - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Specific symptoms include pricing pressures from a procurement mentality, increasing competition from adjacent industries such as the new digital media companies and strategy consulting firms, and a drive to the commoditization of advertising creative within the array of services offered by the advertising and marketing communities. I recalled that in 2000 I had written an article on the future of advertising for BOSS magazine which discussed all of these issues.

What’s Next For The Booming Retail Media Market

Forrester Digital Transformation

In the past 18 months, dozens of major retailers launched their own retail media networks while established players planned for expansion, self-service marketplaces, and in-house capabilities. Advertising Age of the Customer Emerging Media Media Insights Retail Trends

V&S acquired by Havas: A pivotal moment for crowdsourcing in advertising

Trends in the Living Networks

The purchase by Havas of a majority stake in crowdsourced ad agency Victors & Spoils is a sign of a major shift in the advertising industry. I have written several times before about crowdsourced advertising agency Victors & Spoils. The big news today is that global advertising conglomerate Havas has taken a majority stake in V&S , also naming John Winsor as Chief Innovation Officer for the group.