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Four Phases of Maturing Enterprise Agile Development

Social, Agile and Transformation

Social, Agile, and Transformation. I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 and business transformation. Four Phases of Maturing Enterprise Agile Development. In this post, Id like to share some concepts on maturing the agile software development lifecycle.

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Using Cynefin Framework for Complicated HC Projects

Perficient - Digital Transformation

So far in this blog series I have discussed using the Cynefin framework for providing guidance in determining the best SDLC methodology to use for a particular type of project defined by the framework as well as delving into the Chaotic type of project. In this category there are multiple right answers, and expert diagnosis is required to figure them out. You know the questions you need to answer. Don’t know how to obtain the answers.