What it was like to fly — and land — in Alaska Airlines’ first commercial 737-MAX 9 flight


Sunrise as viewed from the Alaska Airlines Flight 482 in Seattle on a 737-MAX 9 flight, with Mount Rainier and an Amazon Prime cargo jet in the distance. We believe Boeing has made the required, necessary updates,” the airline says. Tech 737 MAX aerospace Alaska Airlines Boeing

CIOs Struggle To Keep Their Airlines In The Air

The Accidental Successful CIO

Airlines run on their IT systems and CIOs have to keep these running. When we think about the person who has the CIO job, we think of someone who spends their time thinking about the importance of information technology including such things as cloud computing, building new data centers, and the arrival of the internet of things. The Challenge Of Running An Airline. Just in case you were not aware of it, it turns out that running an airline is really hard work.


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What Can A CIO Do About The Problem Of Airline Overbooking?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Times have been tough for United airlines in the past. A bit before that the airline had had to delay 500 of their flights because of a second glitch in two weeks of the computer systems that run the airline. The issue of overbooking on airline flights has become a bigger deal because right now the airline industry is experiencing a surge in passengers. United airlines has been dealing with some bad press as of late.

Essential in the Airline Industry: Vision and Commitment

Perficient Data & Analytics

Not only have the ways in which these companies successfully operate altered customer expectations, they have also forced airlines to think and act differently. Airlines are after personalization, ease of use, and innovation. Digital transformation is also about investing in new technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Download the 2018 State of the Airline Industry guide.

Airlines Save Cash Using GE and Pivotal???s ???Data Lake??? Tech

Data Center Knowledge

Big Data Enterprise Internet of Things Pilot Big Data analytics platform analyzes engine data from 15,000 flights. Read More.

Gogo lays off 14 percent of its workers as airline industry struggles continue

The Verge

The company has been shifting its business to rely more on satellite-based internet for its in-flight Wi-Fi services. Photo by Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images.

Gogo is trying to sell its commercial in-flight internet business

The Verge

In-flight internet provider Gogo is trying to sell its commercial airline business as it continues to lose money during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced on Monday. Gogo says daily in-flight internet sessions dropped 91 percent in April.

Why the Internet of Things is also Industry 4.0

The Investing Edge

This post is the second installment of a three-part series on the Internet of Things. Robert Bosch is a German-based global leader in brake and automotive technology that has established a 500-person subsidiary, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, to develop sensors and actuators for the Internet of Things (“IoT”). Bosch sees this latest major wave of development around the Internet of Things and an era they call Industry 4.0.

Examine The Aviation Industry And Cybersecurity at the Global Connected Aircraft Summit 6-8 June in LA


The mission of this summit is to provide airlines, operators, integrators and technology vendors with a means to continuously enhance the benefits of connected solutions, from ground to air and from nose to tail. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News CognitioBob Gourley. The Global Connected Aircraft Summit will be held 6-8 June 2016 in Hollywood California.

What CIOs Can Learn From An Upgrade Of Inflight Web Services

The Accidental Successful CIO

Airline CIOs are going to have to make some tough in-flight internet decisions Image Credit: Christopher Doyle. Back in the day, airline passengers could be assured that their time in the air meant that they had an excuse to unplug and step away from the constant need to do more and more work. Since they could not be connected to the Internet when they were in flight , they were released from their obligations. What Does It Mean To Access The Internet From A Plane?

Top Technology News Ticker for 6 June 2016


American Airlines signs contract with ViaSat for in-flight Wi-Fi on some of its planes, ending Gogo's exclusivity (Mike Freeman/Los Angeles Times). News Android Big Data cio CTO cyber Cybersecurity Disruptive IT Enterprise Facebook Google social media Tech/Internet technology Technology Leadership The Future Twitter YouTubeCharles Hall.

Want to change the world? ‘Secure’ the Next Killer App in IoT

The Investing Edge

“What’s the next killer app in the Internet of Things?”. to iWatch: The Internet of Things” suggested several groundbreaking ideas that might be in the running. For example, data off airline engines is collected to predict – and prevent – anomalies in the engine throughout the flight. The greatest secret or greatest lie concerning the Internet of Things or the process of closing deals.”.

Stand By For Reporting From the Intelligence and National Security Summit 18-19 Sep 2014 #Intelligence2014


Lewis and Dr. Rhonda Anderson of the ODNI National Intelligence Council will be moderating a panel of Dr Chris Reed (IARPA), Mr. Mark White (Deloitte) and myself on topics of the Internet of Things and its implication for intelligence. United Airlines. Analysis CTO Events AFCEA Director of National Intelligence Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity Intelligence and National Security Alliance Internet of Things By Bob Gourley.

Report 275

Fed Tech Roundup September 23


NASA Developed Technology Aims to Save Commercial Airlines Fuel, Time. Federal Researchers Want to Untangle Internet of Things - Nextgov. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from FedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com ): Fed Tech Ticker. HHS Focuses on Flexibility in New Health IT Plan - Nextgov. Federal Cybersecurity Second Only to Finance Industry, New Report Says - Nextgov.

Tech Moves: AWS names first head of space policy; WeWork Labs leader joins Alexa Fund; Moz co-founder leaves board


And after gaining FCC approval for Project Kuiper — a constellation of 3,236 satellites that would provide broadband internet access across a wide swath of the globe — Amazon said it would invest more than $10 billion in the project. Peter Marquez. Planetary Resources Photo).

Year in Aerospace: The comeback begins for Boeing and for American spaceflight


An American Airlines 737 MAX 8 jet takes off on a test flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Tulsa, Okla., American Airlines Photo). Boeing had to revamp the system and rework pilot training routines in cooperation with airlines.

How CIOs Design for the Everything Customer


HP embraced this future when it created “Instant Ink” — a digital service where internet connected printers automatically order their own ink when supplies run low. Some brands can show the way: Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers five ways for its customers to connect digitally, including smartwatches; United Airlines allows passengers 10 ways to digitally interact, including smart speakers; and a Smart TV is just one of 15 ways Domino’s customers can order pizza. .

Travelers are Finding Ways to Save Money with Big Data


While a single travel agent would rely on their own knowledge, connections, and reach to offer you the best deal, big data has the resources and outreach of hundreds and hundreds of travel agents with more direct connection to the airlines, hotels, and car rentals themselves. 4.They’re Letting Airlines, Rentals, and Hotels Cater to Them. Data analytics has turned the internet into a pool of potential – and now you can use it to open up the world as well. Rick Delgado.

Travel 190

Fed Tech News Roundup


The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem: Senate advances secret plan forcing Internet services to report terror activity Ars Technica (Today) - Legislation modeled on 2008 law requiring Internet companies to report child porn.The legislation, approved 15-0 in a closed-door hearing, remains "classified."

Go read this hilarious story from the person who found Tony Abbott’s passport number

The Verge

Upon realizing they were indeed able to find personal information, most notably Abbott’s passport number, on the airline website, their task quickly devolved into a black hole of emails, phone calls, and frantic Google searches for definitions of cybercrimes. Photo by Don Arnold / WireImage.

Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics

All Things Distributed

Icelandic low-cost airline carrier WOW air is using AWS for its Internet-facing IT infrastructure, including its booking engine, development platforms, and web servers. The airline has also been able to scale quickly to cope with spikes in seasonal traffic, cutting application latency and improving the overall customer experience. flights, allowing the airline to expand twelvefold to cope with the spike in traffic that it experienced at the time.

Building Identity Systems on the Sovrin Network

Phil Windley

Perhaps the most familiar example of a metasystem is the internet. The internet is not so much a communications system as it is a system for building communication systems that all interoperate. Airline or train ticket. billion airline passengers in 2017.

Generative Identity

Phil Windley

This article describes the implementation self-sovereign identity through protocol-mediated credential exchange on the self-sovereign internet, examines its properties, and argues for it generative nature from those properties. The self-sovereign internet is labeled "Layer Two" in this figure.

Bezos and the Bills (a.k.a., the three B’s): A Seattle Business Story


And, nobody thought that the Internet could be leveraged to order anything we can imagine for rapid delivery. The conglomerate that Bill Boeing built included United Airlines (transportation), Pratt and Whitney (aircraft engines) and, of course, the Boeing Co.

Organize your travel plans and intinerary


Booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and restaurants leaves you with lots of separate pieces of paper. We know firsthand that using the Internet to make travel plans and organizing the details is difficult and time consuming. Email travel plans, build a master itinerary, and access it anywhere online. With today’s myriad of travel sites, even the most experienced traveler has their hands full managing all the details of a typical trip.

It Was the High School Junior, with the Botnet, that Knocked School Offline

SecureWorld News

Radware also issued a report about an August 2020 surge in DDoS extortion attacks that are targeting finance, e-commerce, and travel, including a number of airlines. Remember the old days when we heard about high school kids who came up with creative ways to get out of taking a test?

Microsoft and Seahawks help lead new initiative connecting Washington students to remote learning


A recent study estimated that in Washington, 15% of students lack needed digital devices while 22% don’t have adequate high-speed internet connections — though a state expert says roughly half of families here are without reliable broadband.

Fed Tech News Roundup 8 July 2015


A new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) CTOvision (Today) - AIIM’s CEO John Mancini explains why ECM is getting ready for the next generation Enterprises have rushed to embrace the cloud, driven by mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), MSPB suffers IT failure, says hack is not to blame - FCW.com FCW (Today) - FCW.comMSPB suffers IT failure, says hack is not to blameFCW.comEfforts are underway to recover data from backup tapes.

How Can CIOs Pick Tomorrow’s Stars?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Back in the day, airline passengers could be assured that their time in the air meant that they had an excuse to unplug and step away from the constant need to do more and more work. Since they could not be connected to the Internet when they were in flight , they were released from their obligations. However, now because of the importance of information technology airline CIOs may be able to extend the Internet to their airplanes – how will passengers react?

The Laws of Identity

Phil Windley

It's no coincidence that Internet Identity Workshop got started in 2005. Many people were talking about user-centric identity and developing ideas about how we might be able to create an identity layer for the Internet. The Internet was created without any way to identify the people who used it. The Internet was a network of machines and all the identity in Internet protocols is designed to identify machines and services.

‘Developers, developers, developers!’ Ballmer and Sinofsky talk Microsoft, memes, more in Clubhouse


When you work in the software tech business, you essentially have an inexhaustible supply of your product, particularly software of the old days, but to some extent also, internet services today. And if you didn’t sell one it’s like an airline, you never get any revenue.

Fed News Roundup 13 July 2015


And mobile Internet. Probably not ThreatBrief (2 days ago) - Read why Vikram Manasharamani thinks the last weeks cyber debacles at NYSE, United Airlines and Wall Street Journal were not a creepy cyber coincidence on PBS : On Thursday, United.

How the commercialization of bug bounties is creating more vulnerabilities

The Verge

Not rely on third-party randos on the internet to come tell you about this low-hanging fruit. “We’re There’s one airline who has had a bug bounty for a little over four years. That’s United Airlines.

The Sony Hack in Context


Today, policymakers in every branch of the US government as well as the press are vulnerable to such attacks if the devices they use connect to the Internet. Similarly, notwithstanding numerous intelligence warnings of a major pending terrorist attack, nothing was done to strengthen airline or border security, much less go on the offensive against Al Qaeda, until America suffered the loss of over 3000 lives and the destruction of the World Trade Towers on September 11 th , 2001.

Multi-Source Identity

Phil Windley

He connects to an airline and uses these credentials these credentials in concert to provide passenger info so that he can buy a ticket and get a boarding pass (which is issued as a Sovrin credential). The Internet enabled a rich, decentralized ecosystem of message exchange that could never have been supported by the walled gardens of Compuserve and AOL. That's why I call Sovrin the Internet for Identity.

Why Aren’t Our Networks Staying Up?

The Accidental Successful CIO

In the first half of 2015 alone the NYSE halted trading because of a technical glitch and United Airlines had to ground all of their airlines because of problems with a program that scheduled pilots. Now we find ourselves living in an age where a computer failure seems to take down the NYSE every month or so, Internet providers experience massive outages, etc. Things don’t seem to work as well as they used to Image Credit: Bob Mical.

How Tom Alberg bet on Seattle and Amazon, shaping the region’s tech industry and building a legacy of understated influence


Microsoft’s internet browser was just being unveiled. “I didn’t know a lot about the internet in ’95,” Alberg said, “but I knew some because of McCaw, and I did think it was a big deal.”

Why CIOs Should Stop Putting Employees In Boxes

The Accidental Successful CIO

When we think about the person who has the CIO job, we think of someone who spends their time thinking about the importance of information technology including such things as cloud computing, building new data centers, and the arrival of the internet of things. However, when it comes to airlines, their CIOs are spending their time thinking about more practical things like just exactly how to go about keeping their critical IT systems up and running.

What You Need to Know About Investing in Tech Stocks


If you are internet savvy enough to be considering online trading, then you almost certainly know what Facebook’s selling proposition is to its users – it connects people. There is always scope for innovation, too – if you invest in an airline, all they can really do to shake things up is add a new route or come up with a new pricing model. Information Technology Blog - - What You Need to Know About Investing in Tech Stocks - Information Technology Blog.

Luni Libes’ Fledge accelerator takes flight as socially conscious investing keeps growing


Coming from Carnegie Mellon, it was a culture shock to not have a 24/7 internet connection and everyone on email. Trying to do that without LinkedIn is like trying to be an airline pilot without air traffic control or runways. Michael “Luni” Libes, founder of Fledge.

How Australia became the test bed for tech regulation

The Verge

That’s the power of the internet. The way that Jira got marketed and sold was on the internet. And then one day, we got a fax from American Airlines. And I asked Mike, had he been working with American Airlines, and he said no. But American Airlines is an American company.

7 challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2020

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Internet of things? The recent news cycle has been flooded with organizations from airlines to banks and hospitals, even entire local governments, falling victim to ransomware attacks,” says Alan Conboy, office of the CTO at Scale Computing. Summary: As technology evolves at an ever-increasing pace, it brings major challenges to the IT department. Modern CIOs and IT leaders must recognize and prepare for these challenges if they hope to remain competitive in the coming years.

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Trends in the Living Networks

The software and content, including interactive maps, can be downloaded on the Internet or purchased on CD-ROM or preinstalled modules. American Airlines was a very early leader in redefining its participation in the emerging information flows in the economy. Starting in 1959, working with IBM, it established the Sabre airline information and reservations system, which at one stage was the largest private real-time computer network in the world.