Key Strategic Initiatives in the Airline Industry

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Airlines are focused less on market share and more on their overall profitability. — Perficient published a new guide that focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks. Specifically, it discusses some of the initiatives on which airlines are focusing in the hopes of driving growth and value for their businesses, as well as their customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

[Guide] 2018 State of the Airline Industry

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The airline industry is scrutinized by passengers and analysts alike, mostly for two reasons. In 2015, the world’s airlines carried more than three billion passengers, and today aviation and related tourism supports more than 60 million jobs worldwide. manufacturers of commercial jetliners) can be considered part of the aviation sector, our new guide focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks.


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Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry

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Customer satisfaction is always top of mind for airlines. Self-service has been top-of-mind for airlines since the introduction of airport kiosks that enable passengers to check-in, upgrade their seats, and even make flight changes. Became the first airline to give customers access to flight information and other amenities skills for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. Download the 2018 State of the Airline Industry guide.

Operational Performance and Reliability in the Airline Industry

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Operational performance (or operational reliability) is about running an airline like a well-oiled machine. A smoothly run airline enhances customer perception, satisfaction, and loyalty. Tim Porter, a director and airline expert at Perficient, said, “Operational performance is a big deal to airlines. Airlines have invested billions to improve recovery from irregular operations. Delta Airlines believes operational reliability is one of its strategic advantages.

Essential in the Airline Industry: Vision and Commitment

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Not only have the ways in which these companies successfully operate altered customer expectations, they have also forced airlines to think and act differently. Airlines are after personalization, ease of use, and innovation. It could be about implementing a new revenue-management system that helps airlines better forecast and optimize revenue. — Perficient published a new guide that focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks.

Cost-Cutting and Technology Investments in the Airline Industry

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Fuel costs – the number-one non-labor expense for airlines – can only be hedged to the degree the petroleum market allows and that is by and large outside the control of airlines. When speaking about airports, Steve Priest, JetBlue’s CFO, said the airline has “now deployed self-tagging technology in 12 lobbies.” While new investments in technology and cost-cutting programs remain important initiatives for airlines, other factors, like tax reform, can spur growth, too.

United Airlines Grounds Flights Due to IT Issues

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Downtime NetworkingIT infrastructure problems disrupt United travel for second time in about one month Read More.

US senators want airline IT meltdowns to end

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Two high-profile airline technology meltdowns stranding thousands of travelers in the recent weeks have prompted two US senators to push carriers to bolster their technology. this week sent a letter to the most recent offenders -- Delta and Southwest -- as well as 11 other airlines to get a better handle on whether or not their information technology systems are reliable and resilient.

Gogo lays off 14 percent of its workers as airline industry struggles continue

The Verge

because its current network is still heavily dependent on air-to-ground connections that are susceptible to interruptions and bandwidth issues. Photo by Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images.

Cyber Security in Aviation


With traditional terrestrial cyber networks, IT companies are going about structuring their information network in what Gourley calls “ contained ways.” What this means is when hackers attempt to penetrate the network, they are unable to access the company’s most vital information. The aviation industry has attempted to follow the structure of the traditional terrestrial cyber networks, but it has not been successful.

Changing Times Cause CIOs To Change Their Priorities

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Another example of a person with CIO job who did a pivot can be found at United Airlines. The airlines stopped every project it was working on in order to determine which were the most critical. Image Credit: Peter Reed.

Building Identity Systems on the Sovrin Network

Phil Windley

Summary: An identity metasystem like the Sovrin Network provides the foundation for creating tens of millions of interoperable identity systems for every conceivable context and use. I've spoken about the Sovrin Network as an identity metasystem before. Airline or train ticket.

Aircraft Cybersecurity: New Report About the FAA

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All modern airplanes use what is known as avionics systems and networks for the purpose of sharing a wide range of data, including GPS, weather, and communications. Planes are actually flying networks, if you think about it.

Why Aren’t Our Networks Staying Up?

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Clearly, despite the importance of information technology, the networks that we’re designing and building today don’t work anywhere this reliably. Network Outages Seem To Be A Part Of Life. Back in the day, when the phone network was “the network”, an outage was a big deal. First off, as any person with the CIO job can tell you, we have a lot more networks that we are using to run things.

Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks?

Trends in the Living Networks

Air New Zealand ran its first Social Media Breakfast in July last year with Randi Zuckerberg as key speaker , with the exceptional success of the event leading the airline to continue the series with the second breakfast next week. While Air New Zealand is the 36th largest airline in the world, it ranks 6th in its social media presence. I was surprised to find that there is a fair chance that New Zealand has the highest rate of social network usage in the world.

Social 125

A Secure Foundation: Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Internal Network Closer

Doctor Chaos

Organizations like the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), United Airlines and many others have all lost very sensitive data. I don’t think a day goes by without hearing about another company that was a victim of a data breach. These companies are not small either. Despite significant investments in the […]. Cyber

Hey, United! Try moving your IT to the cloud

David Linthicum

Back in 2007, I wrote a blog post that complained about an outage at United Airlines that affected me personally. I suggested several ways for the airline to improve its IT architecture -- it looks like United didn’t listen. It knocked the airline's computer system offline, according to media reports and Twitter posts. Last Wednesday, United's management system once again took a dirt nap.

Correlation between a Gaming Attack and Aircraft Bomb Scare


Attacks made on Sony’s PlayStation Network coincided with a bomb scare on an American Airlines jet carrying John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment. Sony’s PlayStation Network was forced offline for much of Sunday by a cyber-attack in what appears to be a campaign against several online gaming services. Playstation Network and Blizzard hit with massive DDoS attack ( By Katie Kennedy.

What Went Wrong At Delta?

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carrier, Delta airlines, suffered a major melt down when their headquarters experienced a power outage. A critical power control module at the airline’s technology command center malfunctioned, causing a surge to the transformer and a loss of power. However, after the malfunction some critical systems and network equipment didn’t switch over to backups. Because airlines are so tightly scheduled, the delays and cancellations have had a major effect.

Backup 100

Agenda Announced For June 6-8 Global Connected Aircraft Summit


The Global Connected Aircraft Summit , taking place June 6 - 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA, promises to deliver even more airline executives, thought-provoking case studies and valuable networking opportunities in 2016 than ever before. Here’s what you can expect in June this year: Case studies with Nok Air, Lufthansa, air framers, and a joint case study discussion between a vendor and their airline client. Bob Gourley.

IDG Contributor Network: HelpSocial looks to broaden who 'does' an enterprise's social media

ComputerWorld IT Management

In my antipodean neck of the woods, my airline of choice, Air New Zealand, was an early adopter of social service and a strong proponent of engaging customers wherever they may be. There have been many examples over the years of large enterprises doing a great job of customer service and social outreach. Going back three or four years, the blogosphere spent a short period of time obsessed with Comcast's social persona, Comcast Cares.

Gogo is trying to sell its commercial in-flight internet business

The Verge

In-flight internet provider Gogo is trying to sell its commercial airline business as it continues to lose money during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced on Monday. The company is also working on a 5G network that Thorne said is still slated to launch in 2021.

Customer Service Trouble: Changing Flights on Continental - Social.

Social, Agile and Transformation

I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 Folks, thats exactly what I saw last Thursday night when I flied from Newark to Charlotte on Continental Airlines. Business minded, Agile CIO with strong Big Data, Business Intelligence, Search, and Social Networking background.

Social 156

What CIOs Can Learn From An Upgrade Of Inflight Web Services

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Airline CIOs are going to have to make some tough in-flight internet decisions Image Credit: Christopher Doyle. Back in the day, airline passengers could be assured that their time in the air meant that they had an excuse to unplug and step away from the constant need to do more and more work. However, now because of the importance of information technology airline CIOs may be able to extend the Internet to their airplanes – how will passengers react?

Boeing 747s still get critical updates via floppy disks

The Verge

The Register reports that security researchers at Pen Test Partners recently got access to a British Airways 747, after the airline decided to retire its fleet following a plummet in travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images.

Gogo sells commercial in-flight internet business to bankrupt satellite provider

The Verge

Gogo, the in-flight internet provider, has found a buyer for its commercial airline business. The commercial airline business will remain independent and headquartered in Chicago, the companies said. The company is also working on a 5G network that is still slated to launch in 2021

3 Ways To Get Your Company To Take Digital Security Seriously

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As the person with the CIO job, you realize the importance of information technology and just how important it is to keep your company’s network secure from all of the bad people out there in the world who are always trying to get in. However, we all realize that if we want to keep our network secure, we’re going to need each and every employee of the company to lend a helping hand. The good news here is that yes, it is possible to secure the company’s network.

Global Connected Aircraft Conference: 8-10 June in Chantilly VA


More on the event: The Global Connected Aircraft Summit provides airlines, operators, integrators, and technology vendors complete connected solutions – from ground to air and from nose to tail. For the 2015 Global Connected Aircraft Summit, we’ve expanded to a third day of panels and sessions in addition to creating the 2015 Advisory Board to give airline and connectivity industry insight when creating the optimal program.

Tech Moves: AWS names first head of space policy; WeWork Labs leader joins Alexa Fund; Moz co-founder leaves board


Warn previously spent time at Bulletproof, TigerOak Media, Expedia and MTV Networks. Hyde previously spent six years at Alaska Airlines as managing director for community relations. Peter Marquez. Planetary Resources Photo).

Top Technology News Ticker for 6 June 2016


American Airlines signs contract with ViaSat for in-flight Wi-Fi on some of its planes, ending Gogo's exclusivity (Mike Freeman/Los Angeles Times). Hackers claim hijack of Mark Zuckerberg's social-networking accounts - CNET. Charles Hall. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Verizon's 'Can you hear me now?' guy is back. with Sprint - CNET.

The Insider Guide to Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 – Vol. 2


Keep in mind the airline’s baggage limits. So, if nothing else, just network and marvel at the world of books. Every year in October, the German city of Frankfurt witnesses the largest gathering of academics and publishers from around the world. The city would be teeming with business executives, publishers, book agents, and the likes flying in from far and wide to attend the annual trade show for books – Frankfurter Buchmesse.

5 Awesome Tips For Getting More Instagram Followers


For instance, Cathay Airlines collaborated with Jessica Stein, a travel blogger, for a project titled #lifewelltraveled. Marketing Social NetworkingGetting a greater number of Instagram followers places a brand in front of many more people and in turn is a great investment. So, how do you get more eyes on you or your brand – well here are some great tips from the guys at Instamacro to help. Invite Friends. Let people know that you have joined Instagram by getting the word out.

Ten Tips for the The Technology Traveler

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Make sure you have the smartphone app for whatever airline, airport, subway or rail line you are using. Some airline companies do electronic boarding passes and that can be very convenient. Entertainment is generally big, data wise, and that is better off being downloaded over wifi on the home network, not over wireless broadband or (eeeek) airport wireless. One thing that has changed about travel in the last decade is the amount of technology we take with us.

Travel 198

Amazon just bought a bunch of used commercial jets for the first time

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Airlines have been rushing to shrink their fleets as passenger demand plummets amid lockdown orders across the globe. The purchases include seven aircraft from Delta and four aircraft from WestJet, which will join Amazon’s network by 2022, the company says.

Your strategy for dealing with web bots has to take into accout business context

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This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach. Consider the airline industry. A typical airline bookings site might see 50% of its traffic coming from human visitors, with the other 50% coming from bots.

Notes from the PR and New Media Summit - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « Device convergence in our pockets | Main | How to save money running a start-up - tap talent dont squeeze it » Notes from the PR and New Media Summit Ross Dawson, March 3, 2008 8:12 PM US PT Im at the PR and New Media Summit in Sydney, organised by frocomm.

Media 60

Virgin Galactic, start-up Boom tout supersonic passenger jet

Network World

Boom this week showed off its XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator, or Baby Boom, a subscale prototype of what is to be the Boom supersonic passenger airliner which Boom says will be “the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet and the fastest civil aircraft ever made.” More on Network World: TSA: Keep grandma’s gravy at home but the turducken can fly + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics

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As well as AWS Regions, we also have 24 AWS Edge Network Locations in Europe. Icelandic low-cost airline carrier WOW air is using AWS for its Internet-facing IT infrastructure, including its booking engine, development platforms, and web servers. The airline has also been able to scale quickly to cope with spikes in seasonal traffic, cutting application latency and improving the overall customer experience.

The rapid progress of personalized advertising and the changing role of creative - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « The IPTV landscape | Main | Update on Future of Media Summit 2007 » The rapid progress of personalized advertising and the changing role of creative Ross Dawson, July 2, 2007 4:20 AM US PT Yahoo! The ads are being launched with three major airlines and several travel aggregators.

The Web 2.0 Revolution: keynote speech - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « The relevance of knowledge management today | Main | Sydney goes for municipal WiFi » The Web 2.0 Online social networks such as MySpace have soared in popularity over the last years, as their functionality has moved beyond chat forums and has struck a chord with young and old.

Why online etiquette matters -- and why IT leaders should care

ComputerWorld IT Management

It seems that not a week goes by without social media hitting a new high — or, as United Airlines might attest, a new low. Whatever your perspective, there’s no denying that social networks and online connections can shape how we work, think and interact to a dramatic degree.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson joins board of Seattle customer intelligence startup Amperity


Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson , a longtime tech industry leader who previously led Juniper Networks and spent 16 years at Microsoft, is joining the board of Seattle startup Amperity. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson (left) and Amperity CEO Kabir Shahani at Seahawks game in Seattle.

Adobe 89

Strategic positioning in the flow economy: 3 action steps

Trends in the Living Networks

Below is an excerpt from my book Living Networks that describes how to develop effective strategies in what I call the “flow economy&# of information of ideas, where today almost all value resides. Formal processes, such as Verna Allee’s approaches and tools for mapping value networks, can be very useful. American Airlines was a very early leader in redefining its participation in the emerging information flows in the economy.