Apple offers security researchers modified iPhones to find iOS flaws

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Apple invited security researchers to apply to receive modified iPhones designed to help them hunt for flaws in the company’s mobile operating system.

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ProBeat: Google should have picked Microsoft’s app store principles over Apple’s

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Google should have set a list of app store principles before Microsoft did, instead of embracing Apple's 30% tax on in-app purchases. Business Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Games Media Mobile Security Android Apple Apple App Store category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Apps & Add-Ons EPIC Epic Games Google google play Google Play Store iOS Microsoft Microsoft Store ProBeat Windows Windows 10

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DuckDuckGo ducks Google to launch route-planning powered by Apple Maps

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DuckDuckGo is adding walking and driving directions to its online mapping service, a feature that will be powered by Apple Maps. Business Dev Entrepreneur Mobile Security Apple Apple maps category-/Internet & Telecom category-/Reference/Geographic Reference/Maps DuckDuckGo Google google mapsRead More.

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Antitrust hearing: Amazon, Facebook, and Google were questioned 2x more than Apple

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House barely questioned Apple CEO Tim Cook compared to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The U.S. Read More.

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U.S. Congress calls for antitrust reforms to limit powers of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

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An investigation by Congress of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google found that antitrust law reform is needed to keep digital markets competitive. AI Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Marketing Media Mobile Security Social Transportation Amazon antitrust Apple artificial intelligence big tech category-/Law & Government/Legal category-/News/Politics Cicilline Congress data Facebook Google House Judiciary Committee innovation privacy surveillance capitalism

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Is Ultra-Wideband the next big wireless technology, or just more hype?

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Ahead of Apple's fall iPhone event, Samsung called Ultra-Wideband "the next big thing in wireless tech." Here's why both companies are betting big on UWB. Read More.

Apple’s latest App Store and notarization problems reveal a giant seeking agility

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Are Apple's app approval systems evil or dumb? Business Dev Mobile Security App Store Apple approval category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/News category-/Science/Engineering & Technology malware Notarization Patrick Wardle

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Google’s Epic response: Android 12 will make it easier to install app stores

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Business Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Games Media Mobile Security Android Android 12 Apple category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Apps & Add-Ons Epic Games Google google play Google Play Store

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Apple releases final iOS 13.5 with coronavirus exposure alert support

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Apple's latest iPhone OS release is now available to the general public with COVID-19-inspired features, along with Apple Watch, TV, iPad, and Mac updates. Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Phones contact tracing coronavirus exposure alerts exposure tracking iOS 13.5

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Google-backed digital ad groups criticize Apple’s new user-tracking warning

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A Google-backed group of European digital ad associations criticized Apple’s plans to require apps to seek more permission from users before tracking them. Business Marketing Mobile Security Apple category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services category-/Internet & Telecom GoogleRead More.

Apple announces new HomeKit features including person identification

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During its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced improvements to HomeKit, including a new face classification feature. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Mobile Security ai Apple WWDC 2020 artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/News facial recognition HomeKit HomeKit Secure Video HomePod machine learning smart home WWDC 2020

Apple's Face ID: Cheat sheet

Tech Republic Security

If you're using an Apple mobile device manufactured since 2017, it has likely ditched Touch ID in favor of Face ID. Here's what you need to know about the latest Apple biometric security product

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Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

iOS users beware: A hacker has just published a decryption key for the Apple Secure Enclave, which is responsible for processing Touch ID transactions

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Developments and Device Divergence at Apple’s WWDC


On June 2 nd , Mac nerds swarmed the keynote “ special event ” at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco – the annual trade show for Apple developers. While the event did not disappoint most Apple fans, the keynote demonstrated a new desktop operating system, OSX (nicknamed Yosemite), and an updated mobile operating system, iOS 8, without dropping any bombshells. Cyber Security Gadgets Mobile Apple iCloud iOS IPhone Macintosh OS X San Francisco

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SafeWatch Mobile Security Solution by @Fixmo Now in General Availability for Android and iOS


Fixmo SafeWatch is now available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes store. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fixmo, a leader in mobile security and data protection solutions, today announced the general availability of Fixmo SafeWatch, an innovative mobile privacy and security solution for consumers and business professionals using Android and iOS smartphones. Fixmo SafeWatch provides an all-in one privacy and security solution.”.

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Mobility in DoD – Let’s get this SHOW ON THE ROAD!


Ever since I discovered that I could be productive AWAY from my desk, I have been addicted to mobility! It’s easy to forget how far behind DoD is in providing their workforce with a mobile capability. Every IT provider now has a “mobility” solution in the pipeline, and some of them are pretty cool. This is a pretty detailed look at how a military user could go “mobile”. Their Mobility Package Version 2.2 of DoD Unclassified Mobility Capability (

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Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


Why does security have to be so onerous? Is this password secure enough: Mxyzptlk? Now that’s secure – good luck remembering it! We’ve migrated to a userid-password society; as we’ve added layers of security, we password-protect each layer: PC (and now device), network, enclave, application, database, and storage (encryption). As you try to simplify the user experience and reduce friction, the cost for security goes up. Can we overcome the friction of security?

EvilQuest Mac ransomware impersonates Google, Apple OS processes

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Business Dev Enterprise Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security crashreporter digesh Devadoss evilquest google software update mac MacOS malware Malwarebytes Patrick Wardle ransom ransomware virusA rare piece of Mac ransomware looks like extra CrashReporter or Google Software Update OS processes, but is actually locking up files for a paid ransom. Read More.

The Threat Brief Mobile App: Know the threat to beat the threat


Threat Brief Mobile App is now available for all Apple iOS and Android devices. To find it search for ThreatBrief in your favorite app store, or follow these links: The Threat Brief Mobile App For iOS . The Threat Brief Mobile App for Android. CTO Cyber Security News Trends Cognitio iOS Mobile appBob Gourley. This is a great way to track the cyber threat while on the go.

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Living Life with your Apple Smartwatch


Fi nally, after years of anticipation, the Apple Watch has arrived. It was revealed at today''s Apple''s event. Since Apple''s goal with this watch is for wearers to stay connected to others and the world it has several communication capabilities built it. Owners of this Watch can connect to another Apple Watch and draw a sketch, tap to get a friend''s attention, or even send your heart beat. Apple reveals potential for mobile payments system (

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T-Mobile launches venture capital fund to invest in startups building 5G-related tech


A T-Mobile ad in New York City. T-Mobile unveiled a venture capital fund called T-Mobile Ventures that will invest in companies building 5G-related products and services for the T-Mobile network in areas including edge compute, security, future of work, and industrial IoT.

Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018


The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking: Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News

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How to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch


Apple Pay can be defined as a mobile payment service or digital wallet app created by Apple Inc. Also developed by Apple Inc., the Apple Watch is simply a smartwatch that mostly works in conjunction with the user’s iPhone. Through the iPhone, the Apple Watch can perform tasks like making phone calls, sending text messages, and running applications. This brings us to look at how to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

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New York’s MTA wants safer COVID-19 iPhone unlocking, and so should you

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A prominent public transportation system has asked Apple to improve the iPhone's face-based unlocking system for public use. Here's how that should happen. Read More.

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Announcing The Threat Brief Mobile App: Know the threat to beat the threat


Threat Brief Mobile App is now available for all Apple iOS and Android devices. To find it search for ThreatBrief in your favorite app store, or follow these links: The Threat Brief Mobile App For iOS . The Threat Brief Mobile App for Android. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security NewsBob Gourley. This is a great way to track the cyber threat while on the go.

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Video: Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

The hack exposes firmware code, and could be a major blow to iOS security, a key component of Apple's hardware strategy

Mozilla is joining the Mobile OS game


Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS is up and running! Mozilla is pitching their Firefox OS to their nearly 450 million desktop users, in hopes of securing a solid base for the mobile OS users. Only time will tell if Firefox OS will take off the ground and become a mobile OS powerhouse like Android and Apple. CTO Mobile Firefox OS Mozilla operating system By Kimberly Kelly.

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News on @Fixmo and Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. Department of Defense


Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced the awarding of a landmark contract for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Store (MDM/MAS) capabilities to support the use of hundreds of thousands of Apple iOS and Android devices across the U.S. Fixmo EMP Enterprise Server for secure remote access to private DoD networks with end-to-end FIPS certified AES 256-bit data encryption.

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Apple has finally met its Fortnite match

The Verge

Apple’s walled garden gets an epic test Epic Games executed its most ambitious Fortnite live event yesterday, leading both Apple and Google to remove one of the world’s most popular games from their app stores. Apple’s App Store is now a massive $519 billion developer ecosystem.

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Facebook brings biometric unlocking to Messenger on iPhone and iPad

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Business Entrepreneur Media Mobile Security Social Apple category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Email & Messaging category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless Face ID Facebook iPhone Messenger Touch ID WhatsApp

Fake Security App Climbs to the Top of Google’s Play Store


Even security applications are not always secure. While Google’s app store encourages creativity and freedom, Apple’s closed App Store and its strict review process inhibit programmers from creating fraudulent applications like Virus Scan for iOS users. The struggle between freedom and security is not a new one – fortunately, when it comes to smartphones, we can choose for ourselves. By ShannonPerry.

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Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business


They have a great portfolio of technologies needed by enterprises today and are helping make mobile workforces more secure, agile and productive. I believe this acquisition by Good Technologies will result in a very significant enhancement in the ability of enterprises to secure their mobile users. Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business. Late last year, Fixmo was selected to provide mobile data protection and cyber security solutions for the U.S.

Research: Apple rated highest for security on mobile devices

Tech Republic Security

Mobile devices are almost universal in the enterprise in 2016. Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to see what devices employees are using for work, and how safe these devices are

Apple’s Fortnite ban, explained


Apple is facing increasing pressure to change its App Store practices. Apple’s App Store war against developers and its ongoing antitrust issues appear to be coming to a head. The App Store can be mutually beneficial to Apple and app developers.

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Apple hires mobile encryption pioneer amid encryption debate

Network World

Apple has rehired a mobile encryption pioneer as it continues to face pressure from governments wanting access to user data stored on iPhones. Jon Callas most recently worked as a co-founder of Silent Circle, which produced the security-minded Blackphone and has joined the iPhone and iPad maker in an undisclosed capacity, Apple revealed to Reuters. Callas is a veteran of the security industry who also co-founded PGP Corporation.

Mobile, security tools among education tech favorites

Network World

In the school district of La Crosse, Vicki Lyons depends on mobile device management software from Jamf to manage the Wisconsin district’s fleet of iPads and MacBook Air devices. The Apple device management platform plays a key role in the district’s efforts to provide equitable access to technology to all of its students. “We

Five Amusing Mobile Things You Missed

CIO Musings

Mobile technology is one of my favorite topics. I just recently ran across five interesting mobile technology tidbits you probably missed. The phones are still in short supply, none to be found in Apple stores or wireless retailers. think there is a good chance that Apple introduced the artificial demand by keeping initial stock levels low. T Mobile has a cool new series of ads and social approach to the launch of this:

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How Congress is shaping data privacy laws during the pandemic

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AI Big Data Business Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Media Mobile Security ai and surveillance Apple-Google artificial intelligence big data category-/Law & Government/Government category-/People & Society/Social Issues & Advocacy contact tracing coronavirus Covid-19 data privacy eff Exposure Notification API facial recognition privacy surveillance U.S.

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What’s going on in the Mobile World in September 2013


Right now, the only device out there I can unequivocally sponsor is the new Nexus 7, all of Apple’s offerings are close to a year old, HTC and Samsung’s top devices are four months old, and Sony, Motorola and LG all have new devices out there, but they are not for everyone. The Apple world is even worse right now. Apple’s next big event is coming up next Tuesday (September 10th) and will most likely showcase their iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

Mobile 233

Apple says Epic is ‘putting the entire App Store model at risk’

The Verge

Apple has responded to Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit over its iOS App Store policies. And it accuses Epic of disingenuously creating an “emergency” by accepting direct payments through Fortnite in violation of Apple’s rules. Apple's statement is misleading. Apple refused.

What this expensive ‘secure’ phone tells us about mobile hacking

Network World

Mobile security is a bit of a misnomer. Mobile operators like Verizon and Sprint routinely scan for threats, and both Google Android and the Apple iPhone include multiple security measures on their devices, from fingerprint scanners to full encryption. Yet, there’s a sneaking suspicion that mobile security is a bigger concern. Few of us can say we’ve been attacked by a piece of malware or have quarantined an actual virus.

HP 60

When Ideas Mate: Plotting the Convergence of Social, Cloud and Mobile in the Healthcare Space


” While these three fast-paced technologies (social, cloud and mobile) are themselves children of many years of progress, they are here to stay, evolve and generate much needed changes in our healthcare system. I foresee a near future where we buy our healthcare (at least Level 1 Triage) like we buy iTunes songs on our mobile devices via Apple iCare. There is a famous TED video by author Matt Ridley called “ When Ideas Have Sex.”

Mobile Enterprise – Beyond the Fundamentals

CIO Dashboard

In my last post about going mobile in the enterprise I talked about some fundamentals for going mobile in your business. In brief, I said there were three things you should know about mobile in the enterprise as you move forward: Things are moving so fast that choosing a software platform is more critical than which hardware you should buy. Mobile innovation is no longer being driven by the enterprise; it’s being driven by the customer. Guest post by Dan Eckert.