Researcher reveals Mac privacy bug, blasts Apple for ‘security theater’

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A major security exploit in current versions of macOS allows malicious actors to clone Safari and use it to share private files, breaking Apple's security. Business Security Apple bypass category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Exploit Jeff Johnson MacOS privacy privacy protections Safari

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Apple offers security researchers modified iPhones to find iOS flaws

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Apple invited security researchers to apply to receive modified iPhones designed to help them hunt for flaws in the company’s mobile operating system.

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How to secure your Apple ID


The Apple ID is a verification system that was designed by Apple Inc. An account can be opened freely on the My Apple ID web page. Apple then sends an email containing a URL to the provided email address which is then used to activate the account. How To Apple ID

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6 uncertainties that will shape the future of mobile operating systems

Trends in the Living Networks

I began by looking at the mobile operating system landscape, showing the forecasts recently made by Gartner, as below. I would not make the same forecasts for a number of reasons, however Gartner’s figures are a reasonable stab at what mobile operating system shares might be. Impact of security issues. UNCERTAINTIES: APPLE. Whether Apple releases low-end iPhone. The impact of constraints from a closed system on developers and users. *

WonderCube: Phone Storage and Charger all in One


First Apple and Android dual-charger smashes fundraising goal ( The Greatest Threat to Smartphone Security: Your 6-Year-Old? Gadgets News Android (operating system) Apple Inc. By Katie Kennedy. WonderCube is a 1-inch keyring with multiple functions for your iOS or Android smartphone. This product is currently part of a crowdfunding campaign and promises to function as an emergency charger, a storage solution, an LED light, a stand and more.

Developments and Device Divergence at Apple’s WWDC


On June 2 nd , Mac nerds swarmed the keynote “ special event ” at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco – the annual trade show for Apple developers. While the event did not disappoint most Apple fans, the keynote demonstrated a new desktop operating system, OSX (nicknamed Yosemite), and an updated mobile operating system, iOS 8, without dropping any bombshells. By ShannonPerry.

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Mozilla is joining the Mobile OS game


Mozilla is pitching their Firefox OS to their nearly 450 million desktop users, in hopes of securing a solid base for the mobile OS users. Only time will tell if Firefox OS will take off the ground and become a mobile OS powerhouse like Android and Apple. CTO Mobile Firefox OS Mozilla operating system By Kimberly Kelly. Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS is up and running!

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Apple has finally met its Fortnite match

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Apple’s walled garden gets an epic test Epic Games executed its most ambitious Fortnite live event yesterday, leading both Apple and Google to remove one of the world’s most popular games from their app stores. Apple’s App Store is now a massive $519 billion developer ecosystem.

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Apple’s Fortnite ban, explained


Apple is facing increasing pressure to change its App Store practices. Apple’s App Store war against developers and its ongoing antitrust issues appear to be coming to a head. The App Store can be mutually beneficial to Apple and app developers.

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Apple's new macOS Sierra fixes over 60 security flaws

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Apple launched its newest operating system, macOS Sierra 10.12, on Tuesday and aside from new and interesting features , it has a large number of important security fixes. The new OS patches 65 vulnerabilities in various core and third-party components. Some of these vulnerabilities are critical and can result in arbitrary code execution with kernel privileges.

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Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business


They have a great portfolio of technologies needed by enterprises today and are helping make mobile workforces more secure, agile and productive. I believe this acquisition by Good Technologies will result in a very significant enhancement in the ability of enterprises to secure their mobile users. Good Technology Acquires Fixmo Security Business. Good Technology ™, the leader in secure mobility, today announced it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Fixmo Inc.,

Apple releases iOS 13.7 with support for new automatic COVID-19 notification system

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Apple on Tuesday released iOS 13.7, adding support for a new exposure notification system for powering COVID-19 tracking. The system is an extension of the existing coronavirus contact tracing efforts, but it removes the burden on states of having to build a dedicated app.

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The new Apple-Google contact tracing tool finally seems useful


Apple/Google. Public health authorities won’t need to make their own apps in order to use Apple and Google’s exposure notification tool. The Apple-Google exposure notification tool is getting a major upgrade. For Apple users, that’s all it takes to turn the tool on.

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Many OS vendors left systems open to attack

IT Manager Daily

Most major OS vendors are releasing security patches after a misunderstanding left their systems open to attack. Apple, Microsoft and SUSE Linux were just some of the systems open to attack, but all of the affected vendors have released security patches to fix the bug. The post Many OS vendors left systems open to attack appeared first on IT Manager Daily. In this week's e-newsletter Operating Systems IT Security

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New jailbreak tool works on Apple?s just-released iOS 13.5

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the just-released version of Apple’s mobile operating system, Wired reported. The group says the jailbreak, which works on iOS 11 and higher, is built on a zero-day vulnerability, doesn’t drain a device’s battery life, and doesn’t affect the use of Apple services or undermine the iOS sandbox security, according to Wired. It also can be used by would-be attackers to compromise a device’s security. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Apple quashes 3 zero-days with emergency Mac update

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Apple yesterday issued an emergency security update for the Mac, patching the same trio of vulnerabilities the company fixed last week on the iPhone. According to one of the groups that first revealed the flaws, the vulnerabilities could have been "weaponized" for use against OS X, the Mac's operating system. The out-of-band update was aimed at OS X El Capitan (aka 10.11) and Yosemite (10.10), the 2015 and 2014 editions, respectively.

Apple announces digital car keys for wirelessly unlocking your car with an iPhone

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Image: Apple. Apple announced at WWDC this week that you’ll be able to add a digital car key to your iPhone or Apple Watch to wirelessly unlock and start your car. The feature is part of the newly revealed iOS 14 , and it will work over NFC, Apple says. You won’t be asked to confirm your identity with Face ID or a passcode by default, but you can turn off the so-called “Express Mode” for additional security.

SafeWatch Mobile Security Solution by @Fixmo Now in General Availability for Android and iOS


Fixmo SafeWatch is now available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes store. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fixmo, a leader in mobile security and data protection solutions, today announced the general availability of Fixmo SafeWatch, an innovative mobile privacy and security solution for consumers and business professionals using Android and iOS smartphones. Fixmo SafeWatch provides an all-in one privacy and security solution.”.

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Apple opens up its network of iPhones to help you find Tile-like lost gadget trackers

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Apple plans to extend its Find My network for locating real-world devices to third-party companies, the iPhone maker announced this afternoon during its State of the Union developer address following today’s WWDC keynote. Soon, Apple says compatible devices — including those without internet connectivity — will be able to sync to the network and become locatable when you open the Find My app. Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge.

The Big Tech antitrust report has one big conclusion: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are anti-competitive


A long-awaited report from top Democratic Congressional lawmakers about the dominance of the four biggest tech giants had a clear message on Tuesday: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google engage in a range of anti-competitive behavior, and US antitrust laws need an overhaul to allow for more competition in the US internet economy. “To Apple. Epic wanted to avoid the 30 percent fee Apple charges for such in-app purchases.

Apple and Google look like problematic heroes in the pandemic


Apple and Google’s contact-tracing tool has better privacy, but it isn’t perfect. Apple and Google are a month away from launching a series of updates to their smartphone operating systems that will use Bluetooth signals to track potential coronavirus cases. Will Apple and Google’s joint effort to fight the virus have unintended consequences? How will Apple and Google prevent their tool from being abused by governments with access to it?

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Employee Spotlight – Bob Salmans, Security Training Architect

Linux Academy

Hear from one of our Security Training Architects, Bob Salmans, below and see why he loves working at Linux Academy. Security Training Architect. I create training courses related to information security. Prior to coming to Linux Academy, I was a security engineer at an MSP/MSSP. There, I worked with clients to perform penetration testing, risk assessments, incident response, and to increase the security of their infrastructures.

Facebook 'prepares' app developers for iOS 14 advertising catastrophe


In June, Apple showcased iOS 14 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. One of the new security features coming to the mobile operating system is better personal information transparency.

Apple and Google want to turn your phone into a Covid-tracking machine


Just when you were wondering why the world’s biggest tech companies weren’t doing more to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Apple and Google made a big announcement: They are joining forces to build an opt-in contact-tracing tool using Bluetooth technology that could help public health officials track the spread of Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Those are the broad strokes of what’s sure to be a very complex public-health-focused surveillance system.

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LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws, Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? and more


IE zero-day vulnerability exploited more widely than previously thought - “A recently announced and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability that affects all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has been exploited in targeted attacks against organizations in Taiwan since the beginning of July, according to security researchers.” Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? Secure wireless networks can make local critical business applications possible.

Greater Smartphone Protections are Forthcoming


While Apple has made many headlines this month for the release of its new generation of the iPhone, this week the company has caused quite a stir with its latest announcement regarding its desire to enhance the encryption that protects its smartphones. In its press release , Apple asserts that it has never collaborated with a government agency from any country to create a backdoor in its products to behoove governmental surveillance.

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Hackers Find New Life from ‘End of Life‘ Technologies

SecureWorld News

When technology companies close the support door on their old systems and software, it opens the gates for cybercriminals. Microsoft and other industry professionals strongly recommend upgrading computer systems to an actively supported operating system.".

Apple has already fixed most of the iOS exploits the CIA used

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But Apple said many of those bugs have already been patched with the latest version of iOS. The WikiLeaks documents didn’t include details of the bugs or whether the CIA has actually used them, so it’s unclear if or how Apple knows the exploits have been patched. But the company released a statement to multiple media outlets following the WikiLeaks dump on Tuesday: “Apple is deeply committed to safeguarding our customers’ privacy and security.

TCL targets Apple, Samsung with new BlackBerry handset

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The China-based electronics company recently acquired rights to design, manufacture and sell smartphones under the BlackBerry name with BlackBerry's security and service software installed. While still in the final stages of development, the new handset sports the physical keyboard that propelled BlackBerry to the top of the smartphone market in the 2000s and is the first to combine that keyboard with the Android operating system.

Data Security and its Importance on the Internet


Information Technology Blog - - Data Security and its Importance on the Internet - Information Technology Blog. Users are partly responsible for their own safety, and often the lack of security updates and knowledge of security protocol has made them vulnerable to malicious attacks. While the majority of people may be lucky to date, there are numerous reports issues over the past few years reporting the large financial cost of security breaches. Keep Systems Updated.

A lot of older Macs won’t be able to watch 4K Netflix this fall because of a missing chip

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macOS Big Sur, Apple’s upcoming release of its Mac operating system, will finally let you watch 4K HDR Netflix content, but it turns out it’ll only work on 2018 or later Macs with Apple’s T2 security chip, according to a new Netflix support document ( via Apple Terminal ).

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How Can Publishers Benefit From PDF to ePUB Conversion


In 1993, Adobe Systems launched the Portable Document Format (PDF) for easy document transfer and exchange. It offers a two-dimensional layout that maintains interface consistency irrespective of the operating system. It is a widely used document format that offers a uniform user experience, regardless of the hardware or operating system of the device. eBook retail stores and distributors, such as Amazon, Kobo, Apple, etc., Secure.

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News on @Fixmo and Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. Department of Defense


Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced the awarding of a landmark contract for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Store (MDM/MAS) capabilities to support the use of hundreds of thousands of Apple iOS and Android devices across the U.S. Fixmo EMP Enterprise Server for secure remote access to private DoD networks with end-to-end FIPS certified AES 256-bit data encryption.

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Best parental control apps for monitoring your kid's activity on Android devices

Mashable VR

The security battle between iOS and Android tightens each time an operating system update comes out. More about Parenting , Apps And Software , Internet Security , Mashable Shopping , and Tech. Parenting Apps And Software Internet Security Mashable Shopping Tech

An early version of iOS 14 has been floating around the internet for months

The Verge

Security researchers, hackers, and bloggers have had access to an early version of iOS 14 since “at least February,” according to Vice. There have already been many iOS 14 leaks over the past few months, and it seems possible the information came from this early version of the operating system. It’s common for small tidbits about Apple software updates to leak in the months and weeks before Apple officially unveils them.

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Singapore Contact Tracing Wearables Spark Pushback, Petition

SecureWorld News

But it's also a source of controversy, particularly in the privacy and digital security space. Here's what Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative and Minister for Foreign Affairs, had to say about the problem: "Unfortunately, the app does not appear to work as well on iOS or Apple devices as the iOS operating system suspends Bluetooth scanning when the app is running in the background.

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Americans are one step closer to a national contact tracing app for Covid-19


New York and New Jersey are the latest states to use the Apple-Google exposure notification tool. This gives us the potential for a nationwide digital contact tracing system. New Yorkers now have a contact tracing app as part of a regional effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

PDF or ePUB- Which is the Better Format for ePublishing?


Developed by Adobe Systems, the two-dimensional layout of a PDF file allows it to work independently on some operating systems and software. Convenience – PDF offers the convenience of working efficiently on many operating systems with an easy to view and share format. Security feature – PDF offers greater security from hackers and unauthorized access as they can be password protected. Better security as compared to PDF.

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Technology Short Take #68

Scott Lowe

Security. Sysdig Falco , a behavioral security tool with support for containers (can run in a container and can monitor containers) looks like it could be a useful addition to your security toolset. I was also recently introduced to a company called HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL), which provides a database security product supporting both on-premises deployments as well as cloud-based deployments, and supports public cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings.

Apple and Google roll out their new exposure notification tool. Interest seems limited.


The Apple-Google exposure notification tool, announced on April 10 , is one step closer to being launched. Apple, specifically, rolled out a software update to iOS devices that some users could download immediately. They also raise another, more essential question: How will the new Apple-Google tool help the world fight the pandemic ? But now, Apple and Google admit the tool is not meant to be a silver bullet. [tech]: Apple iPad vs the Blackberry Playbook

Sean Daniel

Apple iPad vs the Blackberry Playbook. When I saw the Playbook for the first time, I thought “Now here is a tablet that can take Apple off it’s high horse” I still think it’s the closest tablet to the iPad (I have not tried a Kindle Fire, but believe it’s in the same ranks). Operating System Software An app-launching platform that has tacked-on task switching gestures, which I ultimately turn off as they just irritate me and I always do them by mistake.

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Mac malware is found targeting biomedical research

Network World

The malware, which Apple calls Fruitfly, is designed to take screen captures, access the Mac’s webcam, and simulate mouse clicks and key presses, allowing for remote control by a hacker, Malwarebytes said in a blog post on Wednesday. The security firm said that neither it nor Apple have identified how the malware has been spreading. A Mac malware that’s been spying on biomedical research centers may have been circulating undetected for years, according to new research.

iPhone Vs Android — A Comparative Study 2018


In contrast, choosing iPhone is an easy choice in terms of product line; the models launched to the market by the Apple are few, numbered and classified in with a higher price tag. Many iPhone users and Apple fanboys alike stand by their product no matter how limited Apple makes their storage capacities, while Android geeks have long time been able to freely add storage/memory cards to their devices and take advantage of more powerful hardware. Security.

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