Benefits of Application Modernization: Get Insights from Data

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When working with clients on cloud engagements, they continue to see significant benefits of application modernization. These include optimizing data, accelerating innovation, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Turn Data into Insights.

Benefits of Application Modernization: Deliver Exceptional CX

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Application modernization enables you to optimize data, accelerate business innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. These experiences and others are possible because of a cloud foundation and application modernization.

5 Approaches to Cloud Applications Integration


Cloud-based applications are proliferating as organizations adopt software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-native development to enable digital business. At the same time, the number of options available for integrating these applications with each other and with on-premises systems is growing. Solution architects must decide on the best way to create integration between cloud-hosted, SaaS and on-premises applications.

Benefits of Application Modernization: Accelerate Innovation

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When businesses modernize applications, it drives new processes and the necessary infrastructure that supports them. Application modernization enables you to optimize data , accelerate business innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Modernizing Applications.

Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

Moving to micro-services, or even working with distributed applications in a traditional environment, brings with it a host of interactions that are often difficult to understand. Trace Data - Visualizing application traces to understand application interactions.

[Guide] Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization

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Application modernization is one aspect of cloud adoption and includes: Cloud-native development. Replacement with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Application integration. Application Modernization: One Path to Cloud Adoption. Turn data into insights.

Testing your Big Data Application

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Part 1: Types of Testing and their Relevance to Big Data

Testing your Big Data Application - Part 3

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Part 3: Executing a Big Data Systems Test

Unconventional Metrics for IT Applications Portfolio Investment


One of the perennial jobs for IT applications teams who develop and maintain in-house software applications is to manage the portfolio of existing apps used by the company. And what separates the good from bad investment decisions in the applications budget is economic insight.

Cloud Migration Best Practice Part 3: Application Portfolio Analysis

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In part three of this series on cloud migration best practice , I will focus on migrating the application itself. All it takes is executing an application portfolio screening process that takes a look at: The most appropriate CSP target deployment environment.

6 Machine Learning Applications Using CRM Data

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Companies store the history of contact events as well as demographic and internet-based data such as social media postings as they relate to a prospect or customer. Not every company is collecting every bit of data possible, but all companies share a need to use what they do store in the CRM database beyond simplyThe average customer relationship management (CRM) database holds a lot of history.

QA for Big Data Applications - Part 1

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Part 1 - The Big Data Environment

Testing your Big Data Application -- Part 2

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Part 2: Specific Big Data Testing Points

IT Applications: 3 Changes Needed to Run Agile at Scale


Most applications teams have brought in coaches and new tools to help them and nearly half are trying to implement enterprise frameworks like SAFe , according to CEB data.

Testing your Big Data Application - Part 4

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Part 4: Tips for a Successful Big Data Test

Re-Tuning Your Big Data Application

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Big data applications are here to stay. Most large IT enterprises have implemented one or more large data stores, hybrid hardware/software solutions and high-speed business analytics packages. The promise of this technology is the ability to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data and derive from that analysis changes to customer-facing systems.

Live Video Streaming Application


Information Technology Blog - - Live Video Streaming Application - Information Technology Blog. At the same time, it has applications in product promotion, advertising, team building, process improvement, etc. A Brief Introduction to Live Video Streaming Application Development.

10 Steps to Develop Applications with Embedded Analytics

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Designing and developing data-driven applications has to go through a modified agile planning, discovery, and user experience design compared to traditional applications. Because the data is an input to the design and development process! They have to review the underlying data, work with customers to. agile data agile planning big data customer experience data management data scientist innovation product management software development software qa

The Enterprise Data Warehouse: Integrating a Big Data Application

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Big Data implementations are more than just lots of data. Of equal importance is the analytics software used to query the data. Analyzing business data using advanced analytics is common, especially in companies that already have an enterprise data warehouse. It is therefore only natural that your big data application must be integrated with the existing warehouse.

Big Data - Load Testing the Application

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The objective is to determine if the application suite and its associated databases can handle large workloads. Load testing involves simulating a full production workload in a non-production environment. Performance analysts gather information related to high transaction volumes, large numbers of users and a full-sized database. Load tests give the database administrator

Everything you need to Know about Apache Hadoop Application in Big Data

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This post looks at Apache Hadoop's application in big data

SignalFX: Monitoring platform for modern applications


SignalFX is a monitoring platform designed for modern enterprise applications. Apply custom analytics pipelines to your data as it comes in, choosing from a comprehensive library of functions like sums, percentiles, moving averages, and standard deviations. By Bob Gourley.

AWS introduces 4 new services for IoT applications


e-commerce leader Amazon‘s Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday introduced four services and capabilities to make it easier to ingest data from edge devices and build the rich Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We recapped many other high priority announcements from re:invent here, but almost missed this one: U.S.

QA for Big Data Applications - Part 3

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Part 3 - Developing Quality Measures for BI Users

QA for Big Data Applications - Part 2

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Part 2 - Detecting and Measuring Quality

Legacy Application Modernization Best Practices

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Summary: Many companies around the globe still run on legacy enterprise applications and systems. In this article, we explore a few best practices to follow that will reduce the risk and expense of application modernization. These applications create a variety of problems.

QA for Big Data Applications - Part 4

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Part 4 - Developing Quality Measures for Sophisticated Users

Protect SaaS Applications with Cloud-Based Security

Information Week

The massive amount of sensitive data being processed by SaaS applications requires new approaches to security, including cloud-based next generation firewalls

IT Applications: How to Hire a ‘Digital-Ready’ Developer


Faced with a line-up of eager applicants, and after a day of repetitive interviews, it’s never been easy for managers to predict which job candidate will actually be the most successful in the job that’s up for grabs. Indeed, one in five new hires are now labeled as “bad” or “regretted decisions” by the managers that hired them, according to CEB data. Two approaches from applications teams in CEB’s network will help.

Open-IX Accepting Applications for Data Center Members

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Open-IX is now accepting applications for North American Data Center and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Certifications. Open-IX continues to have healthy momentum. Peering IXP

Your New Big Data Application - Integration Into the Enterprise

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Big data applications are now fairly commonplace in large organizations. They typically begin as part of an information technology (IT) project that will extract, store and analyze large amounts of existing data in order to reduce costs, predict customer buying patterns, speed product time-to-market, and forecast raw materials and production capacity requirements.

Transform Your Organization From Data-Driven To Insights-Driven

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Over the last five years, most large enterprises have slowly but surely matured from being data-aware to data-driven. They all collect data from operational and transactional applications; process the data into data lakes, data hubs, data warehouses, and data marts; and build business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications to understand what the data is telling […].

6 must-have skills of modern web application developers

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Summary: Web application development is quickly becoming more complex. What skills must modern web application developers now possess? photo credit: geralt via pixabay cc In the past, application development had more of a specialized focus.

The December Cloud Job Update: Big Data, Applications, and Security

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Find out why big data, new application delivery models and security are key for the cloud architect. As cloud evolves, so does the job of the IT professional. Featured cloud computin jobs

NGA and DigitalGlobe Release Powerful Application To Community Under Open Source License


From NGA''s Press Release: NGA, DigitalGlobe application a boon to raster data storage, processing. Releasing MrGeo helps further the agency’s goal of increasing and streamlining co-creation efforts in software and unclassified data, said Rasmussen. By Bob Gourley.