Vendor-Side DevOps Practices Can Still Deliver Better Value While Client-Side Government Processes Catch Up


With the private sector making the cultural and technological shift to better DevOps practices, it was only a matter of time before private providers to government clients began to probe how DevOps practices can positively impact application delivery for DoD (and other) clients. where I was on an expert panel regarding accelerating application delivery in the government. Additionally, how one would deploy their application into these environments can vary greatly.

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Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends: The Series

IT Pros Rock!

WATCH: Scaling and Auto-scaling Cloud Applications – Up or Out? In this episode, Yung Chou is back with me to discuss the ability for DevOps organizations to easily and quickly scale cloud applications. Tune in as we discuss Azure’s unique flexibility in terms of capacity planning for cloud applications. STEP-BY-STEP: Implementing Internal Load Balancing in Microsoft Azure. STEP-BY-STEP: How to Scale a Cloud Application. UPDATE!

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The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation


Single-page web applications. Devops, operations, deployment, Continuous Delivery. Caching, load balancing, optimization. By Bob Gourley. Friends at O’Reilly Media have just alerted me to a call for participation in the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, which will be held 17-19 March in Boston MA (see: [link] ). More info is below: The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation.

Are you ready for Microservices?

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Over 70% of organizations are investigating microservices adoption, but many are encountering challenges to success in achieving these goals with the additional strain on IT to be more agile, adopt new technology, and embrace DevOps. In contrast to monolithic applications where deployed software and infrastructure are centralized, MSA is highly distributed and requires new approaches to the development lifecycle as well as infrastructure monitoring and management. Load balancing.

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The Business Case Justification for PaaS

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Within the cloud delivery models Platform as a Service (PaaS), the model providing the facilities for full life cycle application development, has a smaller overall market share than IaaS or SaaS. Private PaaS, containerization and data-intensive applications are fueling the PaaS growth rate. Application portability across IaaS providers, private and hybrid cloud. Application scalability and availability – auto-scaling, elastic infrastructure, operational services.

Weekly Update 5-20-2019

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This week, we’re diving into brand new DevOps courses. Application streams. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level has two new labs: Building a Serverless Application. Implementing an Auto Scaling Group and Application Load Balancer in AWS. Ansible Setup, Configure, and Ad Hoc Commands Deep Dive : Modern DevOps culture requires both automation and configuration management.

AIOps and our Robot Kubernetes Kops

Linux Academy

On the heals of the still wet DevOps movement we are introduced to the new era of DevOps that reaches beyond pipeline automation and into the realm of pipeline evolution. A big reason is the proliferation of micro-services based applications in highly redundant and highly available cloud infrastructures. N-Tier architectures and micro-services applications must be tuned for performance.

AWS Lambda Versioning and Aliases

Linux Academy

As I detailed in a previous blog post, I’m continuing to update the Linux Academy AWS DevOps Pro certification course. In AWS, we work a lot with infrastructure: VPCs, EC2 instances, Auto Scaling Groups, Load Balancers (Elastic, Application, or Network). As DevOps Engineers, we are required to wear several different hats. I have been updating my AWS DevOps Professional Certification course and Lambda versioning and aliases is one of the new areas of focus.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

Perficient Data & Analytics

To ensure the goal of cost-effective, quick response to business change and simplified operation, we designed a series of solutions based on micro-service, light-weight Javascript framework (with Wechat), API gateway, security, load balance, and high availability. The applications are deployed entirely on the Cloud. We will also be executing the DevOps program to enable our client to respond more rapidly to their marketing change to achieve even greater success.

Liveblog: DockerCon 2015 Day 2 General Session

Scott Lowe

Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps at Business Insider, took the stage to provide an overview of how Business Insider (BI) started using Docker. The current GSA applications look like stovepipes that often implement replicated services using different technologies and solutions (different RDMS solutions, different load balancers, duplicate identity/access management solutions). This is a liveblog from the day 2 general session at DockerCon 2015.

Technology Short Take #48

Scott Lowe

This time around, the content is a bit heavier on cloud management and applications/operating systems, but still lots of good content all the way around (I hope, anyway). Matt Oswalt recently wrapped up his 3-part “DevOps for Networking” series. The “gotcha” is that these software stacks haven’t been written yet, so the idea of repurposing hardware from switch to firewall to load balancer is still a bit of a unicorn. Operating Systems/Applications.