SaaS-ifying your enterprise application? A quick-and-dirty guide

David Linthicum

Whatever you call it, more and more enterprises are looking to turn some enterprise application into a SaaS cloud application. There are several reasons to SaaS-enable an internal application. Enterprises need to expose a software system to their partners and/or customers to better automate the business. Or, they are looking to monetize applications they view as having value to other companies.

Cloud Migration Best Practice Part 3: Application Portfolio Analysis

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In part three of this series on cloud migration best practice , I will focus on migrating the application itself. All it takes is executing an application portfolio screening process that takes a look at: The most appropriate CSP target deployment environment.

Enterprise-wide Visualization and Optimization of Applications and Databases


Every enterprise has users that expect performance of their applications. Users want applications that are responsive to their needs, accurate and loaded with the right data. By Bob Gourley.

What Is Forrester’s Definition Of Enterprise AI?

Forrester IT

Have additional questions about enterprise AI? application development & delivery artificial intelligence (AI There are two types of AI. Watch the video below to learn which one you should forget about and which one you should go full steam ahead with. Schedule an inquiry to dive deeper, or check out my latest research here.

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5 enterprise web application development trends to watch in 2018

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So, where is enterprise application development headed in the coming year? Your organization’s ability to develop software applications for this web-based world plays a major role in your overall success. Where is enterprise web application development heading in 2018?

IT Applications: Three Questions You Should Ask About the Applications Portfolio


For IT applications teams – whose job it is to develop software for a company in-house – this focus on digitization gives them a great opportunity to discuss the applications portfolio roadmap.

Uptime Institute research: 65% of enterprise applications still run in private datacentres

Computer Weekly

According to the Uptime Institute’s seventh annual industry survey, enterprise-owned datacentres and colocation facilities remain primary compute venue for many organisations

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Cognitive Search Is The AI Version Of Enterprise Search

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The problem: Old keyword-based enterprise search engines of the past are obsolete. Cognitive search is the new generation of enterprise search that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user or embedded in an application issuing the search query.

IT Applications: Four Ways Business Analysts are ‘Going Digital’


IT applications teams, who develop software in house for companies, employ business analysts to deal with internal customers and make sure the software is as useful as it can be. Chart 1: Business analysts are adopting new activities to support the digital enterprise Source: CEB analysis.

Key enterprise cloud trends for 2019


Read James Kobielus list the top enterprise cloud trends for 2019 on Infoworld : Cloud computing has become the principal paradigm for enterprise applications. As businesses modernize their computing and networking architectures, cloud-native architectures are the principal target environments. As 2019 approaches, it’s clear that the trend toward all-encompassing cloud computing is not slowing down. What follows […]. CTO News

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Five Best Practices To Scale Data Science Across The Enterprise

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advanced analytics analytics applications artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning predictive analytics data scienceNearly all firms want to do more with data science.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP): An online community with a virtuous goal


One of our CTOvision Pro subscribers requested we provide more context on web based and mobile application security and referenced the good work underway by OWASP. The Open Web Application Security Project is a non-profit online community dedicated to web application security.

ServiceNow Offers A Refreshing Take On Customer-Centricity With Their Customer Service Application

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It’s a well attended conference by 18,000 people who use one or more of their cloud service management, HR, security and customer service products which are all built on an enterprise-grade platform. CRM applications customer relationship management (CRM) customer service solutions CRM customer service CXI attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 conference, held in Las Vegas on May 7-10.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse: Integrating a Big Data Application

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Analyzing business data using advanced analytics is common, especially in companies that already have an enterprise data warehouse. It is therefore only natural that your big data application must be integrated with the existing warehouse. Big Data implementations are more than just lots of data. Of equal importance is the analytics software used to query the data.

Making Enterprise Apps Mindful

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In the past, it’s been difficult to design enterprise apps that can support knowledge workers in this convoluted process. We’ve spent years designing and installing applications to limit human involvement with business processes. iPad’s Killer App for the Enterprise.

Most cloud applications not GDPR-ready, report reveals

Computer Weekly

Just 2% of more than 15,000 enterprise cloud application analysed are GDPR-ready, according to a cloud risk report

Flash Boys, the Capital Markets…and Solving Enterprise Application Performance in the Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

Mirroring the evolution of technology within the global capital markets, many of today’s digital enterprises are migrating to next-generation architectures that integrate network and cloud hubs into enterprise data centers and the WAN.

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SignalFX: Monitoring platform for modern applications


SignalFX is a monitoring platform designed for modern enterprise applications. And they do this at enterprise speed and scale. These five key drivers of change in systems monitoring are clearly factors in today''s enterprise environment and will only grow in importance.

Are Your Enterprise Applications Ready for an OpenStack Neighborhood?

Data Center Knowledge

When running applications in a multi-tenant environment, you need assurance of performance and reliability. Keeping an eye on "noisy neighbors" can be important, according to Billy Cox of Intel. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Artificial Intelligence: Fact, Fiction. How Enterprises Can Crush It

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We expect enterprise interest in, and use of, AI to increase as software vendors roll out AI platforms and build AI capabilities into applications. But the burning question is: how can your enterprise use AI today to crush it? AI Application Development artificial intelligence

Your New Big Data Application - Integration Into the Enterprise

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Big data applications are now fairly commonplace in large organizations. They typically begin as part of an information technology (IT) project that will extract, store and analyze large amounts of existing data in order to reduce costs, predict customer buying patterns, speed product time-to-market, and forecast raw materials and production capacity requirements. It is, however

Troubleshoot Intune Managed Application Deployments Errors


Intune Managed Application troubleshooting options for Windows devices are explained in this post. The post Troubleshoot Intune Managed Application Deployments Errors appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair.

Winners Of The 2019 Forrester And InfoWorld EA Awards Contest Show EA’s Role In Digital Transformation

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In past Forrester and InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards competitions, we had named themes to align entries and winners to the current needs of modern enterprise architecture (EA) programs.

Grown-Up IT For Grown-Up Applications

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More and more enterprise IT groups are becoming disenchanted with “traditional do-it-yourself” infrastructure assembly. If you’re running critical applications — especially those built on Oracle’s database — Oracle's engineered systems deserve your consideration.

Microsoft Launches New Azure VMs for Compute, Storage Intensive Applications

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In order to support applications that are both compute and storage intensive in the public cloud, Microsoft launched a new variant of its G-series VMs, called the GS-series on Wednesday. Cloud Computing Enterprise Microsoft SharedRead More.

Both Sides of Enterprise Mobility

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Photo credit: Shutterstock Enterprise mobility has become table stakes in the world of business. What’s clear, however, is that the convergence of the consumer market and the enterprise market is highlighting the importance of addressing this as an operational requirements.

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Netherlands expertise unravels enterprise blockchain

Computer Weekly

Dutch hackathons, pilots and projects are building new applications based on blockchains

Bebop: Build and support cloud applications


We only know that they are founded and run by some of the greatest creators of true value for enterprise technologists and are on a mission to enable more teams to build and deploy cloud applications. They describe themselves as: We are an early-stage startup that has developed a platform optimized for building powerful and easy-to-use enterprise applications. Research Team. Guess what, we don't have a clue what Bebop is really up to.

Fix your applications before migrating them to the cloud

David Linthicum

These days, enterprises are moving massive numbers of applications to the cloud in a process called "lift and shift." The trouble with this approach is that many -- and I mean many -- enterprise applications need a whole lot of improvements to work well in the cloud. Somehow, enterprise IT often believes that when these applications are moved from an on-premises platform to a public cloud provider, these issues will magically go away.

Cybersecurity through enterprise risk management

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During the conversation, he shared his views and insight about enterprise risk management and how an integrated cybersecurity fabric could be used to better protect a company’s information and reputation. Our application management solutions are also very good.

Security Innovation Network SINET 16 Application Process Now Open


And enterprise technology professionals should track them to learn fo solutions and help articulate intelligent requirements to the community. If you are a technology company or know one, please see this on the nomination process: SINET 16 Application Process is Now Open.

IT Enterprise Architecture: How to Engage Business Partners and Enhance Digital Innovation


The firm’s enterprise architecture (EA) team – whose main task is to describe and document the design of organizations, including processes, systems, reporting structures, and technology – is often well placed to help business partners navigate opportunities for digital innovation.

4 Reasons Why Citizen Developers May Be The Next Big Thing in Application Development

Social, Agile and Transformation

I must be behind the times because last week was the first time I heard the term "Citizen Developer", a term Gartner defines as a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using. agile software development cio citizen development cloud computing enterprise 2.0

Intune Beginners Guide to Deploy MSI Application


I guess is that application deployment is a most used feature in SCCM. In this post, you will see how to deploy MSI application from Intune. The post Intune Beginners Guide to Deploy MSI Application appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. Intune Deploy MSI Application featured Intune Beginners GuideMicrosoft states that MSI is old technology and it can’t have modern world innovations.

Connections Redefining the Enterprise Network

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It also describes the imperative for enterprises to redefine their network in order to operate in the modern data economy. Photo credit: Shutterstock The computer and the network that connects them are both inextricably linked to the success of any business.