Future-Proof Your Application Strategy


A leading retail bank in India recently revamped its consumer application. In the end, the bank lost customers to a competitor that provided a more seamless user experience on its mobile application. An investment in application architecture competency can yield powerful returns.”.

Optimizing Operations for Modern Applications

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In our previous blog post in this series, Tackling Security Concerns in Application Modernization , we focused on security. In this post, we’re going to go a st ep further and examine the operations of modern applications as a whole. What does operationalizing modern applications mean?

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5 Approaches to Cloud Applications Integration


Cloud-based applications are proliferating as organizations adopt software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-native development to enable digital business. At the same time, the number of options available for integrating these applications with each other and with on-premises systems is growing. Solution architects must decide on the best way to create integration between cloud-hosted, SaaS and on-premises applications.

3 Ways Digital Business Will Impact Application Leaders


This shift brings significant changes that has implications for the application organization ,” says Dennis Gaughan , VP Analyst, Gartner. Gartner predicts three ways digital business and new technologies will impact application leaders over the next five years. For example, organizations are already deploying VEAs to assist with common IT tasks such as password resets and other service desk issues. Read more: 5 Year Vision for Application Leaders.

Benefits of Application Modernization: Deliver Exceptional CX

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Application modernization enables you to optimize data, accelerate business innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. These experiences and others are possible because of a cloud foundation and application modernization.

IT Applications: How to Create a Culture of Quality


Over the past several years, those in charge of IT applications teams have emphasized the need for their staff to be as quick as possible in getting applications in to day-to-day use. But this mindset can lead to low quality applications development and time-consuming rework.

Tips for Getting Started with Application Modernization

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Our previous post, Tackle Security Concerns for Application Modernization , addressed common security concerns and revealed a shift in this perspective. People are the linchpin to your company’s ability to quickly and easily modernize applications.

IT Applications: 3 Changes Needed to Run Agile at Scale


Most applications teams have brought in coaches and new tools to help them and nearly half are trying to implement enterprise frameworks like SAFe , according to CEB data.

Facebook’s AI to make MRI results faster, China leading US in AI applications, Firefox’s AI driven Advance extension, 10 examples of AI helping us


How Facebook — yes, Facebook — might make MRIs faster Now that Google’s Deepmind AI has proven that it can detect up to 50 eye diseases which are comparable to human doctors, it is time for Facebook to take a leap into the AI in the health sector. Facebook has partnered with NYU’s medical school […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

Artificial Intelligence Applications and Succeeding with IAIDL


Information Technology Blog - - Artificial Intelligence Applications and Succeeding with IAIDL - Information Technology Blog. The following are applications for artificial intelligence. One example of artificial intelligence in marketing is Netflix.

Live Video Streaming Application


Information Technology Blog - - Live Video Streaming Application - Information Technology Blog. At the same time, it has applications in product promotion, advertising, team building, process improvement, etc. A Brief Introduction to Live Video Streaming Application Development.

SignalFX: Monitoring platform for modern applications


SignalFX is a monitoring platform designed for modern enterprise applications. Developers are central to the business — Developers are now playing a much more critical role in the business and need an application intelligence solution the same way marketers need business intelligence.

IT Applications: How to Hire a ‘Digital-Ready’ Developer


Faced with a line-up of eager applicants, and after a day of repetitive interviews, it’s never been easy for managers to predict which job candidate will actually be the most successful in the job that’s up for grabs. For IT applications teams that develop software in-house for large companies, this proportion is likely to rise in the next few years. Two approaches from applications teams in CEB’s network will help.

Threema, the Seriously Secure Messaging Application: Check It Out!


If you’ve ever been worried that the messages you are sending your friends and co-workers via the normal texting applications were not secure enough and you felt unsafe giving out personal information, then Threema might be the application for you to use. By May Gourley.

NGA and DigitalGlobe Release Powerful Application To Community Under Open Source License


From NGA''s Press Release: NGA, DigitalGlobe application a boon to raster data storage, processing. For example, first responders could use it to plan the best ways in and out of dangerous areas taking into account terrain, land use, and changes in weather.”. By Bob Gourley.

Enterprise-wide Visualization and Optimization of Applications and Databases


Every enterprise has users that expect performance of their applications. Users want applications that are responsive to their needs, accurate and loaded with the right data. Our next post in this series will dive into an example of a Corvil approach to optimizing VoIP.

Application Performance Monitoring For Newer Developers


Information Technology Blog - - Application Performance Monitoring For Newer Developers - Information Technology Blog. Often abbreviated “APM”, Application Performance Monitoring is precisely what it sounds like: a means by which you can monitor the performance of a given app.

Hybrid MongoDB / SQL Applications


We’ll make sure to touch on several real world examples. MongoDB is often used alongside a relational database such as Oracle or MySQL. It is often unclear when one should use one or the other, or if a combination is really ideal. During this online presentation, we will discuss the ideal use cases for each, and how they can be used in conjunction. The full recording can be found at 10gen’s site at [link

Mobile Application Security in 2016


Arxan recently did a 5th annual State of Application Security report, which takes an in-depth look into the security of some of the most popular mobile health and mobile finance applications available. How safe is your app? And how do you feel about the security of the apps you install?

Advancing Agriculture with IoT: 4 Real-World Examples

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2 However, the IoT applications present in today’s agriculture are only the beginning. Here are a few examples of how the farming industry is using IoT: Moisture sensors placed in the ground to automate irrigation systems. Learn more about The Why, What, and How of IoT: 50+ Examples Across 11 Industries. With the world’s population on the rise, food production and farming will be more important than ever.

How do Push Notifications Work in Web Applications?


Information Technology Blog - - How do Push Notifications Work in Web Applications? For example, mobile web browsers demand a two-step process enable web push notifications: One : Allow push alerts for browser app from App Setting.

Automation with AWS for WordPress, Drupal & Magento Applications

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Automatic installation and configuration solutions for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento applications using AWS CloudFormation infrastructure orchestration and content management tools like Puppet, Ansible, or Chef. Stack output provides the WP application access points URL. Objective.

Enhancing Energy and Utilities with IoT: 6 Real-World Examples

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2 However, the IoT applications we see today are only the beginning. Learn more about The Why, What, and How of IoT: 50+ Examples Across 11 Industries. In a few short years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from technology hype to reality. IoT is “disrupting businesses, governments, and consumers and transforming how they interact with the world.” Adoption rates for IoT are accelerating – reaching nearly 43% of enterprises worldwide.

A Roadmap to Legacy Application Modernization

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The compelling reasons to modernize legacy IT applications and processes are to facilitate business agility, participate in the digital economy and improve customers’ user experience. Application portfolio rationalization and migration options – e.g. buy versus build.

Legacy Application Modernization Best Practices

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Summary: Many companies around the globe still run on legacy enterprise applications and systems. In this article, we explore a few best practices to follow that will reduce the risk and expense of application modernization. These applications create a variety of problems.

Transforming Transportation with IoT: 4 Real-World Examples

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1 However, the scope of applications for IoT solutions is still in its infancy. Additional examples in the transportation industry include: Connecting shipping vehicles with temperature sensors to ensure goods, especially food, arrive in safe condition 4. We’ll see the examples unfold in the years ahead. Learn more about The Why, What, and How of IoT: 50+ Examples Across 11 Industries.

Redefining application communications with AWS App Mesh

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At re:Invent 2018, AWS announced the AWS App Mesh public preview, a service mesh that allows you to easily monitor and control communications across applications. Many customers are modernizing their existing applications to become more agile and innovate faster.

Using DBaaS to Align Database Management with Your Application Delivery Processes


Today’s application development teams are moving fast, but is your team being held back by slow database management practices and tools? For many organizations, this is a significant problem that deserves as much attention as getting application code changes flowing smoothly into production.

Why web application development projects fail (and what IT can do about it)

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Over the past 37 years in the application development software industry, we’ve seen it all. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the most common problems that derail a web application development project, and give you some tips on how to avoid them.

Case Study: Breaking the application delivery bottleneck

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Summary: Many businesses face an application development bottleneck. Application development efforts can’t keep up with business demands. As a result, business users are often stuck waiting around for the applications they need.

The Holiday Season, 2019: AD&D Leaders Should Deploy Sophisticated Analytics In Their Trading Support Applications To Optimize Holiday Planning

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Follow the example of international brands like Nike or iconic national eCommerce retailers like Germany’s Heine. Holiday season tests to the max the effectiveness of each retailer’s demand, price, and assortment planning, and its allocation of inventory to channels and regions. To ensure success: Use data to drive recommendations. Work with vendors like Dynamic Action to make specific, data-driven recommendations […]. age of the customer

Retail 150

Ensuring Compliance When Deploying a Self-Updating Application

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In my list of recent security projects, I needed to ensure certain applications are present on systems by using SCCM application deployment. One of those applications was Dell Command | Configure. The issue with this application is the Dell Command | Update will update the application which in turn would register it as not installed to SCCM, thereby kicking off the installation again. That, in turn, would downgrade the application.

Dell 103

Ensuring Reliable Message Delivery in MuleSoft Applications

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Some types of MuleSoft applications have zero tolerance for message loss. An online order purchasing application is a good example. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure reliable message delivery when implementing a MuleSoft application. Example Source Code.

More on OnLive: New Cloud Solution Delivers Secure Cross-Platform Deployment for Graphics Intensive Applications


NEW ONLIVE CLOUD SOLUTION DELIVERS SECURE CROSS-PLATFORM DEPLOYMENT FOR GRAPHICS INTENSIVE APPLICATIONS. OnLive CloudLift Enterprise PaaS provides the first seamless solution for businesses with Graphics Intensive Applications. By Bob Gourley.

Cloud Migration Best Practice Part 3: Application Portfolio Analysis

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In part three of this series on cloud migration best practice , I will focus on migrating the application itself. All it takes is executing an application portfolio screening process that takes a look at: The most appropriate CSP target deployment environment.

Application Build Reporting for MDT and SCCM

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This new script I have written is designed to query the programs and features registry entries to verify if an application is installed and to write that verification to a.CSV file. It was going to grab the name of the application that was exactly how it was listed in programs and features.

Leverage Bot Management To Enforce Ethical Data Use

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For examples of good bots, consider search […]. application security data mining and collection privacy security & risk Security & Risk

Data 247

Cybersecurity: A vertical industry application?

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Generic security requirements will remain forever, but I see a burgeoning trend transforming cybersecurity from a set of horizontal technologies to a vertical industry application. bank demands language skills and business process and regulatory knowledge that isn’t applicable for attacking banks in France or Germany. This is the big Papi of change agents for cybersecurity, as industry IoT applications will radically alter business processes, technology elements and threats.

Make Your Application Serverless

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The title of the session is “Make Your Application Serverless,” and discusses Qinling, a project for serverless (Functions-as-a-Service, or FaaS) architectures/applications on OpenStack. He next provides an example of how a FaaS architecture may benefit applications, and contrasts solutions like AutoScaling Groups (or the equivalent in OpenStack) with FaaS. Run your code, not the whole application. Microservices-based applications.

Grown-Up IT For Grown-Up Applications

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If you’re running critical applications — especially those built on Oracle’s database — Oracle's engineered systems deserve your consideration. For example, VCE didn’t actually own (or engineer) the components — different teams at EMC, VMware and Cisco did that. And many more examples.

How Manufacturing Makes the Most of IoT: 7 Real-World Examples

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2 However, the scope of applications for IoT solutions is still in its infancy. Additional IoT examples in manufacturing include: Smart factories with sensors that collect data on performance of machines and systems for proactive maintenance and improving overall operational efficiency. Learn more by reading The Why, What, and How of IoT: 50+ Examples Across 11 Industries. Think back to the early days of the Internet.

Are You On An Agile+DevOps Journey? Don’t Miss Out On Continuous Testing Services!

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I will just recommend to you some reports we've published explaining how "Agile" and "DevOps" are two sides of the same coin (see, for example, "Faster Software Delivery Will Accelerate Digital Transformation"). Application Development.

Agile 315

Fountainhead: What Is Meant by a "Cloud-Ready" Application?


What Is Meant by a "Cloud-Ready" Application? They dont interact with the applications unique. solution if you really understand the specific application. Later on, Ill give a few examples of. OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA).