Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

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While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc. Hardware Matters. I can think of a few by myself :)  Software Shapes Hardware.

Re-Tuning Your Big Data Application

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Big data applications are here to stay. Most large IT enterprises have implemented one or more large data stores, hybrid hardware/software solutions and high-speed business analytics packages. The promise of this technology is the ability to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data and derive from that analysis changes to customer-facing systems. Management believes that the analysis and

Grown-Up IT For Grown-Up Applications

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If you’re running critical applications — especially those built on Oracle’s database — Oracle's engineered systems deserve your consideration. And a VBLOCK has almost zero native application awareness. 1 — Optimized for Critical Applications.

Developing Quality Metrics for your Big Data Application

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Big data applications and their associated proprietary, high-performance data stores arrived on the scene a few years ago. With promises of incredibly fast queries, many IT shops implemented one or more of these combination hardware and software suites. Results have been generally good: many installations report incredible decreases in query elapsed times, sometimes by factors of 100 or more.

Why You Don’t Need a Hardware Refresh


Businesses are in a position where they need to be able to leverage the “latest and greatest” in terms of hardware and software to maintain a competitive advantage, but are also balking at the upfront investment normally required at the same time.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything - Chuck's Blog

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Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything.   While that's quite true, there's a much smaller group who sees something far more impactful -- a complete re-thinking of cloud-scale IT infrastructures: both software and hardware. Chucks Blog.

Gallery: 10 free backup applications to help you prevent disaster

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Hardware can fail and malware happens to the best of us. Don't be caught without the ability to restore a computer: Use one of these 10 free backup programs instead

More on OnLive: New Cloud Solution Delivers Secure Cross-Platform Deployment for Graphics Intensive Applications


NEW ONLIVE CLOUD SOLUTION DELIVERS SECURE CROSS-PLATFORM DEPLOYMENT FOR GRAPHICS INTENSIVE APPLICATIONS. OnLive CloudLift Enterprise PaaS provides the first seamless solution for businesses with Graphics Intensive Applications. By Bob Gourley.

Cheap Ways To Connect Data Centers

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As more and more of Facebook’s users are sharing online video and using games and other applications that require high-speed communications the need to interconnect their data centers has grown. Data centers are only valuable if they can share data Image Credit: Sean Ellis.

12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now

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It's not a stretch to say that most organizations have at least some old hardware and software still in use. An old computer that's still chugging along, running an old operating system and perhaps an application that is hard to replace, doesn't necessarily raise a red flag with IT staff. Why spend money on new equipment or software if what's already in-house is adequate and functioning?

Oracle Introduces Big Memory Machines and Enhanced In-memory Applications

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Oracle takes over San Francisco this week, as its OpenWorld conference sets the stage for blockbuster announcements on hardware, software and the cloud. On Monday, it announced new SPARC M6-32 servers and SuperCluster big memory machines, complemented by numerous applications now being enhanced. Oracle

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Improving the Performance and Security of Mission Applications with Enhanced Networking


Applications supporting national security missions must work and they must work fast. While this commoditization has led to countless new analytic capabilities, it has also shifted the focus away from the hardware components and onto the software stack which has, in turn, created inefficiencies in both the overall performance and security of deployed systems. Bob Gourley.

One Click and Voilà, Your Entire Data Center is Encrypted

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IBM says its new encryption engine will allow users to encrypt all data in their databases, applications, and cloud services with no performance hit. Design Featured Hardware IBM SecurityRead More.

IT Infrastructure is just as sexy as applications

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I’ve often commented that the application and app developer are kings of enterprise IT. After all, applications are the user’s interface into the world of information. Applications are basically the kitchen and bathrooms of technology.

Android gets patches for serious flaws in hardware drivers and media server

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The June batch of Android security patches addresses nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in system drivers for various hardware components from several chipset makers. Some of these privilege escalation vulnerabilities could allow malicious applications to execute malicious code in the kernel leading to a permanent device compromise. These vulnerabilities can give regular applications access to privileges or system settings that they shouldn't have.

Application Virtualization: Why Your Computer is the Next Smartphone


The popularity of smartphones stems largely from their ability to access a wide variety of functionalities and tools without the need for cumbersome hardware. When you use a smartphone, you aren’t usually accessing the smartphone’s own built-in hardware.

IT Infrastructure is just as sexy as applications

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I’ve often commented that the application and app developer are kings of enterprise IT. After all, applications are the user’s interface into the world of information. Applications are basically the kitchen and bathrooms of technology.

What Can CIOs Learn From The Evolution Of Smartphones?

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The growth of the market for smartphone has stalled because everyone already has a smartphone and there are no new hardware features that are compelling everyone to go out and get a new phone. Smartphones have matured and CIOs can learn from this Image Credit: Nokia Connect.

Pros and cons of low-code development platforms

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photo credit: iAmMrRob via pixabay cc According to Gartner, the demand for application development is growing 5x faster than IT’s ability to deliver. Business users are requesting more web applications than ever, and IT is struggling to keep up. Simple applications are done in minutes.

What CIOs Can Learn From Bank of America’s Trip Into The Cloud

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Yesterday’s client / server infrastructure is what most of your major applications were built to use. What this means for you is that a great number of your IT support staff are spending their time keeping both your hardware and your software versions up-to-date.

Everything You Need to Know About Hosted Applications


Hosted applications are the same basic concept. Hosted Applications vs. The Old Way. Hosted Applications. Hosted applications are the same basic idea , only they aren’t stored locally at all – they’re hosted in the cloud.

Using Accelerators to Close the Real-Time Intelligence Gap


An excerpt from the paper discusses how to combine Napatech accelerators, a messaging system like Apache Kafka, and a streams processing system like Apache Storm to accomplish this: Napatech accelerators use hardware, FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), to perform in-line event processing and line rate packet analysis at 1/10/40/100 Gbps speeds. All of this is accomplished within the hardware of the accelerator at line rate. By Charles Hall.

Important Things to Know About Android Smartphones and its New Launches


Using android mobiles you can able to install a varying number of applications for your convenience and at the same time, these mobiles provide multitasking capability for the end users. IT Gadgets Mobile New Gadgets & Hardware Tech Gadgets

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Top 10 Cheap Upgrades to Boost any Computer


In this case, we are referring to hardware slowdown which could be remedied through computer repair or upgrades. Sometimes you just need to replace one or two hardware parts to give new life to an old and slow PC. Hardware Misc Tech Blog - Featured Software Troubleshooting

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Start Caring About VR And 360-Degree Video

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At the International CES mega show in Las Vegas, virtual reality hardware makers moved the needle on both consumption and creation devices for formats like VR and 360-degree video. Application Development

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NRF 2017 highlights the need for operations to support customer experience

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Over three days in New York, I met with more than 30 vendors and had many wonderful discussions about the changes revolutionizing store operations, hardware and software developments, front-end and back-end integration, and retail analytics. Application DevelopmentThis is the first National Retail Federation Expo I've attended, and I must say it exceeded all of my expectations and reshaped my view of retail.

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Remembering Banyan VINES-Part 5

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Their closed architecture also made it difficult for hardware and application developers to run their code within the Banyan environment without getting Banyan directly involved in the code

The Dark Side Of Cloud Computing

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Software service providers have started to bundle together applications. In addition to this, software vendors are also starting to require that firms agree to sign a multiyear commitment in order to use the application and other services provided by the firm.

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TVOne deploys NetSuite ERP to utilise data analytics

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Audio visual hardware producer TVOne chooses NetSuite’s ERP application to help handle and interpret its new and historic data

8 Technology Trends of 2019 That You Need to Know to Live an Easier Life


With a gradual increase in the availability of more practical applications, it is possible for VR to become more accessible for the general public. Artificial Intelligence is getting better with each passing day and is getting incorporated into a wide range of applications.

Managing What Matters In the Cloud: The Apps » Data Center.

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Paul Speciale is Chief Marketing Officer at Appcara , which is a provider of a model-based cloud application platform. Cloud Application Management. It is implicitly driven by the enterprise shift of moving more and more application workloads to cloud style deployments.

Fountainhead: The End of the Laptop-Centric World?


Is this you: You own multiple laptops or desktop computers because you have different uses, jobs, clients or applications? To accomplish her work she needs access to each clients intranet as well as a number of their secure, internal applications. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

On-Premise Hadoop Just Got Easier With These 8 Hadoop-Optimized Systems

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Unlike generic hardware infrastructure, Hadoop-optimized systems are preconfigured and integrated hardware and software components to deliver optimal performance and support various big data workloads. bigdata Application Development big data hadoopEnterprises agree that speedy deployment of big data Hadoop platforms has been critical to their success, especially as use cases expand and proliferate.

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Looking at 2019 Software Trends with Pivotal

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Application re-platforming to the cloud is one of the areas where cloud-native application shifts are most prevalent. Re-platforming allows you to upgrade your legacy applications to better fit within your digital transformation strategies. ” Is your business looking to lower capital and operational expenses, while also increasing scalability, developer productivity, provider portability, hardware optimization, and the length of application life?

Going Serverless: Where to Start

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The Serverless Framework is an open-source project that replaces traditional platforms (hardware, operating systems) with a platform that can run in a cloud environment. It’s a cloud service model where server-side logic and state are hosted by a cloud service provider and can be used by client applications running in a web or mobile interface. Cloud serverless serverless framework serverless functions was serverless applicationWhat is serverless framework? Why use it?

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