Google's Sodar tool uses mobile AR for social distancing


Sodar, which likely stands for social distancing radar, is a web app rather than a standalone application. As with other AR tools, it uses a phone’s camera to superimpose images onto your surroundings via the screen.

TikTok May Owe You a Chunk of Its $92 Million Data Breach Settlement

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How To Make Your Business Process Management (BPM) Mobile Friendly

The Accidental Successful CIO

In this mobile age, your business processes need to be mobile friendly Image Credit: Milica Sekulic. The arrival of everyday mobile devices has had a major impact on how firms perform their business processes. As the person with the CIO job, it’s going to be up to you to help map mobile apps into the company’s existing business processes. Four Things That IT Has To Do To Make Business Processes Mobile.

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Now Anyone Can Add Links to Instagram Stories

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But now, the social media platform will allow anyone to post links in their Stories. instagram social software mobile software software social media misinformation mobile applications qanon articles video software internet celebrity tiktok

Clubhouse Announces That Its App Will Be Available on Android Worldwide by Friday

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Leaked TikTok Doc Reveals Its Obvious Secret to an Addictive Feed

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Among the ongoing cavalcade of lawmakers and laypeople concerned about whether social media algorithms might be rotting their user’s brains, TikTok’s faced a fair amount of scrutiny, and for good reason.

How do Push Notifications Work in Web Applications?


Information Technology Blog - - How do Push Notifications Work in Web Applications? From emails, SMS, social media post to live chat, each of the mediums possesses some unique abilities that others lack. Mobile web push notifications – Triggered by a web app to the users on mobile web browsers. The opt-in box looks something like this in Desktop and Mobile web browsers: How do Push Notifications Work in Web Apps?

Five Takeaways from Mobile Enterprise Boston

Social, Agile and Transformation

Last week I attended M|Enterprise Boston, a conference that brought together technologists ahead of the curve in mobile application development, IT executives looking for best practices on mobile device management in large enterprises, and leaders looking to help their business gain a competitive edge by developing differentiating mobile capabilities.

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Here's How TikTok's Parent Company Reportedly Wants To Take On Amazon

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China’s ByteDance has already seen wild success with TikTok, its social media subsidiary that’s turned into a massive thorn in Facebook’s side. Now, it looks like the company is stepping into Amazon’s turf, too.

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Kippo 2.0 pivots gamer dating app to the metaverse

Venture Beast

Kippo is pivoting to turn its gamer dating and social app experience into a metaverse application with Kippo 2.0. Mobile gamingRead More.

Instagram Is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed

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China Has an Updated List of 100 Prohibited Topics for Short Videos

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software tiktok entertainment culture video hosting weibo mobile applications bytedance tencent kuaishou ben cavender cryptocurrency technology video software application software social networking servicesWorried about crossing the line while posting in China?

Instagram Just Throwing Cash at Reels Creators at This Point

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instagram mobile software entertainment culture tiktok video hosting facebook mobile applications maddy corbin computing operating systems technology internet mark zuckerberg software social media snapchat video software“Why would I ever use Instagram Reels ?”

Clubhouse Is Creating an Accelerator Program for Influencers

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Because what social media app can be without influencers? clubhouse software social media internet culture freeware mobile applications instagram internet celebrity tiktok video software social networking services

Facebook Messenger Is Coming After Your Money

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Facebook and Instagram Are Down for Some Users, Again

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This would be the second time in a week that the world’s biggest social network hasn’t been able to keep its s**t together. In what appears to be another major outage for Facebook, thousands of its users are reporting problems on Friday afternoon.

Netflix Is Testing a TikTok-Like Feed for Kids

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Good Job, Everyone! Facebook Turned a $9 Billion Profit in Q3

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Why the New Big Tech Anti-Algorithm Bill Is Doomed Even If It Succeeds

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On Tuesday morning, we got the latest update from key lawmakers’ ongoing tirade against Big Tech: a new bill that would force social media giants to offer versions of their platforms that are free from the obscure, black-boxy algorithms that curate content in a customized way.

A Priest Was Outed by His Phone's Location Data. Anyone Could Be Next.

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This week we got one of the most nightmarish tech privacy stories to rear its ugly head on the internet: an investigation into a trove of location data siphoned from a mobile device belonging to one of the Catholic Church’s top officials , Jeffrey Burrill.

Clubhouse Is Partnering With Stripe To Offer Direct Payments, and Creators Will Get 100% of the Profits

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Twitter Is Letting Some iOS Users Start to Sell Tickets to Their Live Audio Rooms

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TikTok Wants To Be Its Own Economy

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TikTok is apparently the latest platform to make the shift from social media site to a glorified digital mall.

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T-Mobile’s massive data breach leaked info for 5.3 million additional customers

The Verge

The news about T-Mobile’s latest data breach is only getting worse, as the company announced new details from its investigation. Now, T-Mobile has confirmed that for the 7.8 IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a number that’s assigned to every mobile device.

Reddit Wants to Be TikTok, as Long as That’s What You Guys Are Doing Now. That Could Change if You’re Not Into It. They’re Flexible.

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In the beginning, there was chaos, and out of that chaos came short-form video on social media.

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Twitter’s New Communities Feature Gives Laser-Eyed Bitcoin Bros and Dog Lovers a Space to Talk Among Themselves

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Yes, Mark Zuckerberg Sites Are Down

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TikTok Is Expanding Into Job Recruitment — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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TikTok — a social media platform best known for its sober, academic exploration of the heady subject matter frequently tackled by its user base — is currently rolling out plans to establish itself as a presence in the job recruitment space.

LinkedIn Also Has a Clubhouse Rival in the Works Now

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The latest platform dipping its toes into the tepid waters of the “social audio experience” is LinkedIn, which confirmed on Tuesday that it’s developing an audio networking integration for its app that will rival the existing voice-only chat app Clubhouse.

Instagram, Honey, Please Stop Copying TikTok

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software video software application software facebook applications mobile software video hosting instagram tiktok igtv social mediaEvery day, my best friend DMs me Instagram Reels of a bunch of things: cute puppies, bizarre skincare hacks, and random funny videos.

TikTok Will Soon Let You Batch Delete Annoying Comments

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China’s Version of TikTok Now Features 'Put Down Your Phone' PSAs Following Government Scrutiny

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You're Watching More TikTok Than YouTube, Which Is Why Every App Is Trying to Be TikTok

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Instagram Inches Toward Super App Status with New Messaging Upgrades

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instagram software private message instant messaging clients mobile applications adam mosseri computing operating systems instant messaging technology internet spotify tiktok social media video software cross platform softwareInstagram’s DM’s just got a major makeover.

Russia Partially Blocks Facebook After It ‘Censored’ State Media

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social media firm of “censoring” state media. Russia has announced it’s taking action to partially block access to Facebook within the country, accusing the U.S. The restrictions, announced on Friday, came as the sun set on the second day of Russia’s Ukraine invasion. Read more.

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When Clubhouse Runs Out of Money

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Clubhouse is prodigious. At just over a year old, the exclusive, invite-only app still doesn’t have a proper website or even an app on more than a single operating system.

The Best WhatsApp Extensions You Should Be Using

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Google 105

Clubhouse Is Losing Steam

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Five Amusing Mobile Things You Missed

CIO Musings

Mobile technology is one of my favorite topics. I just recently ran across five interesting mobile technology tidbits you probably missed. In the ever expanding quest to get noticed, T Mobile has announced that coming soon you will be able to enjoy unlimited data and text internationally without surcharges. T Mobile has a cool new series of ads and social approach to the launch of this:

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Moxie Marlinspike Stepping Down as CEO of Signal

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Moxie Marlinspike, creator and CEO of the popular encrypted chat application Signal , says that he will be stepping down as head of the company this year but plans to name a successor in the coming months.

What I Hear on Clubhouse: For Black People, Will Silicon Valley’s Hot New Thing Be More Terrordome Than Mecca?

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clubhouse software social media playstation home twitter freeware facebook mobile applications computing operating systems universal windows platform apps social issues social networking servicesWhat happens when everyone is an “expert?”

YouTube's TikTok Clone Has Arrived

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Clubhouse Launches Android Beta as iOS Downloads Nosedive

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Good news: The audio-based social network Clubhouse is finally bringing its app to Android after more than a year of iOS exclusivity, the company announced Sunday.