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The Value of Business Architecture

Future of CIO

Business Architecture (BA) contains the organizational context and is strategic in that it gives direction to the business design and transformation. Digitalization has to permeate into business vision, strategy, culture, communication, processes, etc.

Five-Pillar Framework to Develop the Platform Business

Future of CIO

It can expand and amplify its influence with the ability to create new business models, run a platform business in a hyperconnected digital ecosystem - treat customers, suppliers, channel partners and industrial participants as active agents who can integrate the modular capabilities exposed in a powerful platform to create new experiences and expand its impact. Here are five essential pillars to build a solid framework for developing a powerful platform business.


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Order management at the heart of modern service operations

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– an OM that cannot expose data to an orchestrator in a standardized fashion isolates itself from the rest of a CSP’s service operations architecture and leads to breaks in process automation. CSPs have been shifting their focus to B2B lines of business.

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Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude of Design

Future of CIO

As our digitized world becomes hyper-connected, over-complex and interdependent, digital leaders should build a design framework with multiple system perspectives, and develop a set of practices to make design a strategic goal and show how your work contributes to defined business goals and KPIs.

What are Main Characteristics of Agile EA

Future of CIO

The aim of an EA must be to define, implement and refine the overall architecture on a continuous basis. While emerging technology trend such as SMAC (Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud) brings both unprecedented opportunities and potential risks in shaping business today, Agile business needs Agile Architecture, static enterprise architecture frameworks have to give way to continuous business transformation best practices.

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Being a CIO: One Year Later - Social, Agile, and Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Social, Agile, and Transformation. I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 and business transformation. Ive largely been quiet since then, unfortunately (from a blogging perspective), with my head down working with the Business and IT teams. business exchange. (11).

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Shaping an Effective IT Digitalization Agenda

Future of CIO

IT becomes so critically, many times, it is a determining success factor for the building long-term business competency. At the dawn of the digital organization, IT faces unprecedented opportunity to refine its reputation, also needs to take more responsibility as a true business partner. Technology should be seen by any business as a “digital game changer.” It is important to have IT resources, assets, and talent aligned with business strategies and objectives.

CIO’s D&B (Depth & Breadth) of Influence Matrix

Future of CIO

Act as a business executive or an IT manager., etc, command-control leading style is no longer effective to make business transformation at today’s 3D (physical, virtual, mental) working environment, and conventional IQ & EQ may also not be sufficient enough to deliver high impact leadership influence. The strategy is a set of choices, to leverage cohesive business capabilities, and follow a series of actions for the organization to compete for the future.