12 Warning Signs of Bad Application Architecture

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At a #CIOChat this weekend we were asked about warning signs for bad architecture. Here was my quick response capturing just a tweet-sized summary of architecture that "smells bad" - Too slow making biz needs. Can’t be deployed to the cloud. cio cloud computing it management software development software qaToo difficult/complex to explain to new technologists. Lack of defined integration process (closed system). Performance or stability issues. #.

Agile Mindsets: Don't try to get a perfect architecture; Plan to get it wrong

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I still find teams that have adopted scrum and other agile practices, but still strive for perfection when trying to conceive architectures and implementation plans. agile planning agile software development cloud computing data management DevOps innovation it management software development software qa

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The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation


Friends at O’Reilly Media have just alerted me to a call for participation in the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, which will be held 17-19 March in Boston MA (see: [link] ). More info is below: The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation. It is one of the few events focusing on leadership and what it takes to be a software architect. New architectural styles. Cloud. Integration architecture.

Why We Need Cloud Integration Architecture

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Its strategic application decisions were heavily influenced by outsourced and SaaS offering, placing its CRM and several customer community sites in the cloud. This failing of the current state of cloud computing speaks to both adoption and hidden costs of fully embracing the cloud model.

Master The Cloud-Native Solution Ecosystem Of Container Software

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They have quickly become an important element of digital business transformation for EA pros because they promise faster software delivery, tremendous scale, higher resiliency, greater flexibility, and broader implementation options. Everything about enterprise app infrastructures, development styles, and architectures is changing, and containers play a key role in each area. cloud. Container DevOps Enterprise Architecture IaaS PaaS cloud

Anthos Ups Google’s Enterprise Efforts

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(With Dave Bartoletti and John Rymer) The biggest announcement out of the Google Cloud Next conference in early April was the general availability of its Cloud Services Platform but with a new brand name: Anthos.

How to deal with cloud complexity

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Cloud complexity is the number one reason enterprises experience failures with cloud. Cloud-based platforms become complex due to an excess of heterogeneity and fewer common services. The end result is negative cloud computing value. The modern way to develop software. |

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Software Delivery Depends on Infrastructure and Trust

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There's more to elite software delivery and operational performance than just tools and the right cloud architecture

What your cloud provider doesn’t want you to know

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Cloud architecture is practiced differently, depending on who you work for or with. Given that the cloud architect gig encompasses planning, design, technology selection, technology integration, and deployment planning, the overall cloud architecture itself is often somehow overlooked.

Five Ways to Advance your Career with Modern Data Architecture

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They are using a modern data architecture to select the highest-quality service providers from among thousands, and predict driver assistance needs based on a complex blend of traffic patterns, weather forecasts, and incident history.

The Cloud Is Disrupting Hadoop

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We estimate that firms will spend $800 billion in Hadoop software and related services in 2017. And the major force exerting pressure on Hadoop is the cloud. In a recent report, The Cloudy Future Of Hadoop , Mike Gualtieri and I examine the impact the cloud is having on Hadoop.

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7 essential elements of embedded analytics software

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Software vendors embed existing BI and reporting tools into their platforms. Analytic capabilities add another selling point to their software. It’s the biggest complaint we hear about enterprise software. The vendor charges a seat fee for every person that uses their software.

DARPA explores new computer architectures to fix security between systems

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However, many say air-gapping is no longer practical, as the cloud and internet takes a hold of massive swaths of data and communications. Solutions are needed to replace the archaic air-gapping of computers used to isolate and protect sensitive defense information, the U.S. Government has decided. Air-gapping, used often now, is the practice of physically isolating data-storing computers from other systems, computers, and networks.

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

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My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.  Maybe software-defined storage doesn’t solve an immediate, burning problem for you right now, but — over time — many IT organizations will hit an interesting wall.

How To Transform An IT Architecture

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In today’s modern times, IT departments are using artificial intelligence, machine learning , and cloud computing to accomplish all of this. Just exactly how does one go about transforming an IT architecture? machine learning, and clouds so difficult?

Software-Defined Availability: Redefining Uptime for the Cloud

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Where does the concept of software-defined architectures go next? Look to the cloud, writes Dave LeClair of Stratus Technologies. Industry Perspectives

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture

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Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture Dell EMC today announced with a tag line IT Unbound their new PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture slated for general availability September 21, 2018. Previewed earlier this year at Dell Technology World in Las Vegas, PowerEdge MX 7000 is a new family […] The post Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Need an excuse to fix bad software? Move it the cloud

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Moving applications to the cloud can be a huge pain, or it can be very easy. The reason for this range of effort is the architecture of the application -- that is, the complexity of the application. . An enterprise could save millions of dollars in a few short years by moving applications to the public cloud. Not only are they complex, they likely have wired-in dependencies that mean the application won’t run in the cloud without a lot of rework.

5 Approaches to Cloud Applications Integration


Cloud-based applications are proliferating as organizations adopt software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-native development to enable digital business. This puts cloud integration on the priority list of every solution architect. However, the vast capacity and computing power of the cloud comes at a price: Decentralization. Solution architects must decide on the best way to create integration between cloud-hosted, SaaS and on-premises applications.

Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

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My article “ Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud ” has gotten many people seeing red, and I can understand why. Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. The intellectual dishonesty of cloud-architecture purists.

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Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events

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Here is the updated Server StorageIO fall 2016 webinar and event activities covering software defined data center, data infrastructure, virtual, cloud, containers, converged, hyper-converged server, storage, I/O network, performance and data protection among other topics. The post Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Software-Defined Storage: An Alternate View

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In the early days of cloud, we were beset by competing (and confusing) definitions, often delivered with generous helpings of vitriol and rancor. When it comes to software-defined storage, things are surprisingly genteel: I yet to witness a good #twitpiss on the topic.

Private clouds are dead—but there’s an afterlife

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Traditional private clouds are on their way out. I’m talking about the open standards-based stuff that was huge a couple of years, but fell behind in features or functions compared to the public cloud providers. Learn all about the cloud at InfoWorld.

Introducing The Software-Defined Storage Series

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know my story:  I’m a storage geek at heart, I work for VMware, and I think the next big phase of this industry is software-defined storage. If it does, I’ve got a catchy title picked out: Software-Defined Storage For Smarties. --.

VMware Drives Software-Defined Data Center Vision Forward

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VMware unveiled its next generation architecture for further enabling the software-defined data center, including new innovations in network virtualization, VirtualSAN, vCloud, and vSphere with Operations Management 5.5, Cloud Computing Events Virtualization VMware

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What Changes With Software-Defined Storage

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As a part of this series, we’ve already taken a look at the rationale and motivations behind software-defined storage , offered up a working definition, and taken a tour of the key elements found in our software-defined storage model.??. IT Leadership software defined storage

Thinking about the security of IoT and the cloud

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Most of those who implement IoT linked with centralized cloud systems have little clue about security solutions for these architectures. You’re persisting data on the IoT device, let’s say within a drone, and you’re transmitting data to a centralized server, such as a database on a public cloud. You need to keep a few things in mind. First, this is all about data security.

Agile Estimation and Architecture Leads to Collaboration and.

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Agile Estimation and Architecture Leads to Collaboration and Innovation. Solutioning and Estimating is when team leaders will consider a prioritized feature, recognize multiple approaches and organize them into scenarios, break down each scenario into Story Stubs, consider architecture needs , and estimate them. Labels: agile planning , agile software development , cio , innovation , it management , organizational change , product management , project management.

Fix your data before you move it to the cloud

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Data seems to be a forgotten component of a good system architecture. In cloud migrations, I’m often taken back how the data that was bad on-premises is worse in the cloud. Indeed, too many enterprises have just kicked the data can down the road using cloud computing camouflage. InfoWorld explains: What is cloud-native? The modern way to develop software. | Get started: Azure cloud migration guide. Tutorial: Get started with Google Cloud.

Why You Should Care About Software-Defined Storage

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But if you''re in the enterprise IT space, here''s relatively new one to pay attention to: software-defined storage. Go read the NIST cloud definition as an example of a once-vociferous argument whose time has passed. While certain aspects of software-defined storage (e.g.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

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While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc.    And - of course - we’ll need storage software to make all of this truly useful.

Steps to Create a Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE)

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This is the next installment in a series of blogs on the subject of cloud transformation. With regard to a cloud CoE (CCoE), IT cloud related surveys invariably cite skills gaps and talent pool shortages as major challenges to cloud adoption.

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Cloud Ready Data Protection for Hybrid Data Centers Are In Your Future

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Cloud Ready Data Protection for Hybrid Data Centers Are In Your Future Join me for a free webinar Cloud Ready Data Protection for Hybrid Data Centers and Data Infrastructures 11AM PT Thursday July 11th produced by Redmond Magazine sponsored by Quest Software.

Software Defined Cloud Bulk Object Storage Trends News

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Cloud products and services among others, along with associated data infrastructures including object storage, file systems, repositories and access methods are at the center of bulk, big data, big bandwidth and little data initiatives on a public, private, hybrid and community basis. After all, not everything is the same in cloud, virtual and traditional data centers or information factories from active data to in-active deep digital archiving.

Enterprise Software Trends that CIOs Can’t Ignore in 2019

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Summary: Enterprise software is evolving faster than ever, and plays a critical role in all aspects of a business. So, where is enterprise software headed in the near future. photo credit: geralt via pixabay cc Back in 2011, Marc Andreessen pronounced, “Software is eating the world.”