VAST Data allies with Nvidia on reference storage architecture for AI

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VAST Data collaborates with Nvidia to create reference architecture for attaching its storage systems to GPU servers. AI Enterprise VB Home Page ai category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware GPUs NVidia storage Vast Data

How AI and ML innovations are driving the need for hardware transformation (VB Live)

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Learn how innovations in NLP, visual AI, recommendation models and scientific computing are pushing computer architecture to the cutting edge Read More.


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The Architecture of Identity Systems

Phil Windley

Summary: The architecture of an identity system has a profound impact on the nature of the relationships it supports. This blog post uses terminology and ideas from Sam's paper to classify and analyze three different identity system architectures. Identity Architectures.

Today’s AI productization challenges demand domain specific architectures

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AI Business Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Adaptive Computing ai AI inference AI productization AI training artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Components category-/Science/Computer Science product-ready AI application XilinxThe AI inference industry is expected to soon surpass training revenues -- moving from an AI model to a production-ready AI application. Read More.

Historical IBM Microcomputer Hardware/Software LAN Products

IT Toolbox

The concept of an overarching connectivity architecture such as SAA was one approach to managing these compromises. One clearly evident (if not explicitly stated) IBM strategy in managing outside competition was to coopt popular technology

LAN 122

Intel’s hardware chief is leaving the company

The Verge

The executive in charge of almost all of Intel’s hardware, chief engineering officer Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, is leaving the company on August 3rd, Intel announced on Monday. Image: Intel.

3D XPoint et al to force architecture and software changes

Computer Weekly

New solid state technologies such as 3D XPoint will be a second tier of memory, bringing change to hardware architectures and software to be rewritten, says SNIA solid state group chair

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Nvidia Is Making Graphics Cards Just for Cryptocurrency Miners

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nvidia cryptocurrency video cards geforce 20 series turing computer architecture graphics processing units geforce nvidia nvdec computing gpgpu graphics hardware

DARPA explores new computer architectures to fix security between systems

Network World

Keeping a system completely disconnected from all means of information transfer is an unrealistic security tactic,” says Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on its website , announcing an initiative to develop completely new hardware and software that will allow defense communications to take place securely among myriad existing systems, networks, and security protocols.

Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


Create a cross-platform native code software development kit (SDK), which you can use to build native applications across different hardware platforms. Architecture of Readium. The relationship between the parts of the architecture of Readium is illustrated in the diagram below: Readium-sdk. The post Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives appeared first on Kitaboo. What is Readium?

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 Is Fine, but Seriously, Just Splurge on the 3060 Ti

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nvidia geforce rtx geforce 30 series amd video cards geforce 20 series computer architecture samsung graphics processing units computing gpgpu graphics hardware nvidia rtx

Thinking About Intel Rack-Scale Architecture

Scott Lowe

You may have heard of Intel Rack-Scale Architecture (RSA), a new approach to designing data center hardware. Some software that combines disaggregated hardware capacity over a rack-scale fabric to create “pooled systems” When you look at Intel RSA this way—and this is the way that it is typically positioned and described—it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Why should they buy this architecture instead of just buying servers?

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Nvidia Is Rereleasing Outdated GPUs as Chip Shortages Squeeze PC Makers

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nvidia geforce 30 series geforce video cards geforce 10 series geforce 20 series computer architecture nvidia purevideo graphics processing units computing gpgpu graphics hardwareWhat’s old is new again.

Intel Launches Its First Desktop Graphics Cards in More Than 20 Years

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technology_internet computer architecture computing video cards fabless semiconductor companies intel graphics gpgpu graphics hardware intel xe graphics processing unit advanced micro devices ati technologies nvidia

Intel 91

AMD's Launching a New Graphics Card Next Week

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amd geforce 30 series video cards radeon rx 6000 series graphics hardware rdna advanced micro devices graphics processing units computer engineering radeon hd 6000 series radeon rx 5000 series computer architecture radeon

Fujitsu Launches All-Inclusive Hardware-Middleware IT Solutions

Data Center Knowledge

Integrated Systems portfolio includes eight principal use cases and specific architectures for specific workloads. Read More. Convergence

Architecture Matters in Big Data Modernization: See why in our examination of the Cloudera and Intel partnership


The paper captures design considerations for enterprise technologists that flow from the engineering work both Cloudera and Intel have been putting into both open source technologies and hardware design. Download “Examining New Mission-Enabling Design Patterns Made Possible By The Cloudera-Intel Partnership” EDH-Architecture-Implications-of-Cloudera-Intel-Partnership.pdf – Downloaded 83 times – 956 kB.

Intel and Nvidia Are Probably Not Colluding to Keep AMD Out of Gaming Laptops

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computer architecture computing computer engineering fabless semiconductor companies graphics hardware video cards graphics processing units gpgpu advanced micro devices ryzen zen geforce 20 series

Intel 84

AMD's RX 6700 XT Is Here, and There's Even More Good News for Radeon Owners

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radeon geforce video cards hp business desktops scott herkelman radeon rx 6000 series advanced micro devices graphics processing units computer architecture nvidia computing gpgpu graphics hardware rdna technology internet

HP 52

Cloud-Based Data Lakes: Healthcare Enterprise Architecture Zones

Perficient Financial Servies

This is why cloud-based data lakes have replaced the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) as the core of a modern healthcare data architecture. However, it’s no longer the centerpiece of an enterprise’s data architecture strategy. The EDW remains a mission-critical component in a company’s overall information technology architecture, but it should now be viewed as a “downstream application” — a destination, but not the center of your data universe.

The Monthly Summary: Information System and Architecture Feb. 2020

Future of CIO

Information System and Architecture Information System vs. Digital Ecosystem Information is permeating into every corner of the business and becomes the lifeblood of the digital organization. Software Architecture vs. Data Architecture The word software architecture intuitively denotes the high-level structures of a software system. It encapsulates hardware, software, data and communication technologies.

Sony confirms PS5 will have exclusive games playable only on next-gen hardware

The Verge

The PlayStation 5 will have one selling point Sony thinks might be important to fans who are on the fence about upgrading to a new generation of gaming console: exclusive titles, playable only on the new hardware. But it’s notable now because Sony and its primary competitor, Microsoft, have gone to great lengths over the last few years to create new system architectures that bridge current and future generations of gaming hardware. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

How To Transform An IT Architecture

The Accidental Successful CIO

Just exactly how does one go about transforming an IT architecture? The first of these questions is whether or not the new architecture is going to be flexible enough. Once you’ve made the switch, are you going to find yourself ending up with a rigid architecture? Or will you find yourself with an architecture that will be able to to grow and change with the business? Next you’ll have to determine just how secure the new architecture is going to be.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc.   The thinking around how we best assemble into architectures: servers, arrays, fabrics -- is also evolving at a blistering pace. And it''s hard to have a meaningful point-of-view on SDS unless you also have a clear point-of-view on the hardware it will inevitably use.

Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

Storage IO Blog

It turns out, serverless BS (SLBS) and hardware less are still trendy, and while some might view the cloud or software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualization, or IoT folks as the culprits, it is more widespread with plenty of bandwagon riders. To me what’s ironic is that many purveyors of of SLBS also like to talk about hardware. The post Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

IDF 2013: Rack Scale Architecture for Cloud

Scott Lowe

This is IDF 2013 session CLDS001, titled “Rack Scale Architecture for Cloud.” Kumar mentions that Krzanich mentions rack-scale architecture (RSA, not to be confused with a security company of the same name) as one of three pillars of accelerating the data center, and this session will be diving a bit deeper on rack-scale architecture. However, the current architectures aren’t sufficient. Reference architectures and orchestration software.

10 hardware breakthroughs that could revolutionize IT strategy

10 Things

Advances in technology are driving the need for hardware innovations--such as better VR gear, new chip architecture, and on-the-job wearables

Advancing AI with Neuromorphic Computing Platforms

Information Week

Within the universe of AI-optimized chip architectures, what sets neuromorphic approaches apart is their ability to use intricately connected hardware circuits

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything.   While that's quite true, there's a much smaller group who sees something far more impactful -- a complete re-thinking of cloud-scale IT infrastructures: both software and hardware.   But, in this new world, we start thinking about hardware differently as well -- especially at scale. The architectural focus quickly shifts to the network controller as the prime orchestrator of IT service delivery. 

Apple WWDC 2020: iOS 14, ARM Macs, hardware rumors, and what else to expect

The Verge

The company is still expected to unveil the first look at the future of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — the various suites of software that power all of Apple’s hardware. The perennial rumor for the Apple Watch — the addition of sleep tracking — has popped up again this year in rumors for watchOS 7 , although it’s not clear whether Apple will hold off on that announcement for when it releases a new Apple Watch this fall (given that sleep tracking may have additional hardware demands).

Various Hardware (SAS, SATA, NVM, M2) and Software (VHD) Defined Odd’s and Ends

Storage IO Blog

The following are a collection of odd’s and end’s devices and tools for hardware and software defining your environment. Comment converged Education I/O Networking IT Industry Activity IT Infrastructure Topics little data Performance and Capacity post server ssd Storage and Storage Management Tools Storage Architecture and Access tools virtualization GbE hyper-v M2 NVM NVMe P2V pcie SAS sata SSD vmware Windows

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Using Accelerators to Close the Real-Time Intelligence Gap


You can download a white paper showing how this can be accomplished, complete with reference architecture, here. An excerpt from the paper discusses how to combine Napatech accelerators, a messaging system like Apache Kafka, and a streams processing system like Apache Storm to accomplish this: Napatech accelerators use hardware, FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), to perform in-line event processing and line rate packet analysis at 1/10/40/100 Gbps speeds. By Charles Hall.

Seattle startup’s bright idea: High-tech crosswalk could signal a way to improve pedestrian safety


While pursuing her master’s degree in landscape architecture, Bube applied for and received a university grant and put together her first team. LEDs light up when a person steps onto the hardware and pressure sensors help create the radius of illumination as the person moves.

Remembering Banyan VINES-Part 5

IT Toolbox

Their closed architecture also made it difficult for hardware and application developers to run their code within the Banyan environment without getting Banyan directly involved in the code

Why Amazon’s hardware makes more sense than Google’s

The Verge

A tale of two hardware divisions. Hardware boss Rick Osterloh reportedly held a meeting where he tells everybody “he did not agree with some of the decisions made about the phone” — are these decisions not things he himself is in charge of ? The visionary who made the Pixel’s excellent camera what it is quietly leaves, while the man in charge of Pixel hardware overall is shuffled off to a strange job before leaving entirely. We know what Amazon hardware is for.

5 Facts about Datacenters Every Administrator Should Know


Although data centers themselves are getting greener , the newer datacenters utilize more powerful hardware which may outperform older hardware significantly while taking up more power resources. This may come as a surprise to datacenter veterans who are touching newer datacenter hardware for the first time. Architecture Big Data Cloud Computing Business Data center HVAC Ponemon Institute By Natalie Lehrer.

EMC Refreshes Data Protection Portfolio » Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

At a Backup to the Future event this week EMC announced a broad array of new hardware and software products that enable customers to deploy new Protection Storage Architectures. ” The three key tenets of the EMC Protection Storage Architecture are protection storage, data source integration and data management services. About DCK. Advertise. Subscribe. Events. Cloud Computing » Services » Storage. EMC Refreshes Data Protection Portfolio.

Consider This Defense Science Board Warning In Light of The OPM Hack


Yet, DoD’s networks are built on inherently insecure architectures that are composed of, and increasingly using, foreign parts. While DoD takes great care to secure the use and operation of the “hardware” of its weapon systems, the same level of resource and attention is not spent on the complex network of information technology (IT) systems that are used to support and operate those weapons or critical IT capabilities embedded within them.

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HPE increases ‘The Machine’ memory pool 20-fold

Computer Weekly

The Machine is HPE’s proof-of-concept next-generation hardware architecture that aims to overcome the limits of today’s IT by using large memory arrays

Panasas upgrades scale-out NAS to ASD-100 and ASH-100 nodes

Computer Weekly

New Panasas appliances upgrade CPU and RAM to double throughput while changing hardware architecture. Clustered NAS specialist says all-flash and tiers of flash are on the roadmap

Server Storage I/O Converged (CI) Hyper-converged (HCI) overview

Storage IO Blog

backup BC and DR big data Cloud Comment converged convergence Data archiving and preservation Data footprint and proliferation reduction Data protection database I/O Networking IT Industry Activity IT Infrastructure Topics Performance and Capacity perspective post server ssd Storage Architecture and Access tools virtualization CI CiB containers docker FLASH ha hardware HCI hyper-v hyperconvered IO microsoft NVMe OpenStack plex pod software SSD stamp storage VDI vmware

X15 Software Launches X15 Enterprise: A Hadoop-based machine data management solution


X15 Enterprise’s Hadoop-based architecture, scalability and openness enables organizations to easily access their machine data with a wide variety of analytics tools.”. X15 Enterprise offers an impressive array of features and capabilities, including: Modern, open and extensible architecture. X15 Enterprise’s modern and open architecture enables companies to avoid proprietary lock-in. Analysis Architecture Big Data Apache Hadoop bigdata By Bob Gourley.

Lenovo and VMware to Develop, Market Joint Infrastructure Solutions

Data Center Knowledge

Partnership expected to deliver end-to-end architectures for infrastructure consisting of Lenovo hardware and VMware software Read More. VMware

Vmware 163