Liveblog: Introduction to Managed Database Services on AWS

Scott Lowe

Challenges faced here led FanDuel to re-architect to the next-generation architecture. In 2011, FanDuel migrated entirely to AWS, but scaling issues due to application architecture persisted. In 2012, FanDuel moved the architecture toward SOA, introducing message queues to decouple services. In 2015, business volume soared another order of magnitude, the road to SOA continued, and FanDuel moved from a self-managed MySQL instance to a MySQL RDS instance.

SOA 43

Liveblog: Scaling to Your First 10 Million Users

Scott Lowe

The next step is to add an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and distributing the application across two availability zones—this means 2 web instances and 2 instances of RDS (one active and one standby). This sort of architecture gets you greater scale as well as greater redundancy and fault tolerance. Further, the recently-announced Application Load Balancer (ALB) can offer content-based routing, container-based applications, WebSockets, and HTTP/2 support.