The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture


For today's enterprise architectur e (EA), this same pattern is inspiring architects and technology innovation leaders to design and deliver new operating models, with business outcomes now at center stage. New business models will bring together new customers, services and experiences, but this isn’t possible without business architecture to help design and shape the execution. The post The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture appeared first on Smarter With Gartner.

NVIDIA Launches GRID 2.0 Architecture for Virtual Server Platforms

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NVIDIA's new architecture lends support for Linux and doubles the number of users per GPU server that can be supported. Enterprise VirtualizationRead More.

Optimizing Cloud and Virtualization – With the End-User in Mind

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Today, find out how to optimize your cloud and virtualization architecture while still focusing on the end-user! Cloud Computing Virtualization cloudThere's clear growth within data center and cloud services. However, where does the end-user come in? Read More.

Free Tools to Help Manage your Virtualized Datacenter  


Virtual server deployments can get complex quickly. When you are studying for your certification exams, educators typically have virtual labs setup for you that allow you to quickly login to and plug away at your task. Once you begin using virtual servers in a live production environment, it can be easy to get unorganized. By Natalie Lehrer.

Why R2? Software Defined Networking with Hyper-V Network Virtualization

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Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) is part of our Software Defined Networking (SDN) portfolio that is included inbox with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) – Virtualizing the Network Layer.

Virtualization Security: The Goldilocks Zone

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Security is, at its core, an architectural issue, one that may be solvable through the technology at the very center of IT transformation: virtualization, writes Tom Korn of VMware. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Nutanix Granted Patent for Its Software-Defined Storage Architecture

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Nutanix is granted a patent for its storage architecture for virtualized data centers, Nimble Storage advances its Infosight analytics with new forensic capabilities, and Avere Systems launches the FXT 4800 edge filer for enterprise storage. Storage avere systems nimble storage nutanix

Cloud-Based Data Lakes: Healthcare Enterprise Architecture Zones

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This is why cloud-based data lakes have replaced the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) as the core of a modern healthcare data architecture. However, it’s no longer the centerpiece of an enterprise’s data architecture strategy. By Steven Vacca, Technical Analyst, Perficient.

Enterprise Architecture will increasingly take over from the IT function (ix)

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The evolution toward the virtual cloud Enterprise and the need to architect it upfront (viii). virtual-enterprise-and-the-cloud-merge-to-form-the-virtual-cloud-enterprise-vii-75551 continuing from. a href="././

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture

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Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture Dell EMC today announced with a tag line IT Unbound their new PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture slated for general availability September 21, 2018. Previewed earlier this year at Dell Technology World in Las Vegas, PowerEdge MX 7000 is a new family […] The post Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Forrester’s First-Ever Data Strategy & Insights Forum Don’t Miss It!

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advanced analytics architecture & technology strategy big data data integration data management data virtualization database management systems (DBMSes) enterprise architectureToday, business users need trusted data fast to make better business decisions, while BT wants to lower costs, minimize complexity, and improve efficiency. In addition, the proliferation of data, and explosion of new data sources such as social media, IoT and mobile further aggravates the issue.

Learning NVP, Part 1: High-Level Architecture

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This blog post kicks off a new series of posts describing my journey to become more knowledgeable about the Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). In this first post, I’ll start with a high-level description of the NVP architecture.

5 Architectural Principles to Consider before Choosing Your Infrastructure


When it comes to application and desktop virtualization projects, choosing the right infrastructure for your business is among the most important decisions you’ll need to make

Desktop Virtualization: Which Consumption Model is Best?


Though many organizations have struggled with this over the years, there is an emerging architecture within Nutanix that is helping customers achieve success. Nutanix supports all your application needs across your workflow—from virtual desktops, to asset management, to transcoding and analytics—on a single integrated platform Empowering your teams to work better, faster, and more flexibly is one of the keys to success in any organization. Especially in the digital era.

Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event

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Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Microsoft will be hosting a free (no registration required) half day virtual (e.g. online) Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event June 26, 2018 starting at 9AM PT.

Gigamon: Providing an intelligent Visibility Fabric architecture for enterprises


Their technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment. Gigamon provides intelligent traffic visibility solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe.

Network Virtualization as I understand it

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For some reason, I had a difficult time with the basic concept of Network Virtualization. VMware equates network virtualization to Server Virtualization. You can easily manage OS images, clone virtual machines, create entire test environments with almost a push of a button.

VMware announces vSphere V6 and associated virtualization technologies

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VMware has announced version 6 (V6) of its software defined data center (SDDC) server virtualization hypervisor called vSphere aka ESXi. announcement backup BC and DR big data Cloud Comment converged convergence Data protection DCIM I/O Networking IT Industry Activity IT Infrastructure Topics perspective post server ssd Storage and Storage Management Tools Storage Architecture and Access tools virtualization beta Data Center hypervisor Software Defined vmware vsphere v6 VVOL

Pluggable Databases Vs. Database Virtualization - Chuck's Blog

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Pluggable Databases Vs. Database Virtualization. Take virtualization -- as applied to servers.   A second camp decided to add server virtualization features to their existing operating systems. To see a comparison of database virtualization technologies check out.

Green and Virtual IT Data Center Primer

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Green IT is about enabling efficient, effective and productive information services delivery. There is a growing green gap between green hype messaging or green washing and IT pain point issues including limits on availability or rising costs of power, cooling, floor-space as well as e-waste and environmental health and safety (PCFE).

Green and Virtual Data Center Links

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Green and Virtual IT Data Center Links Moving beyond Green Hype and Green washing Green hype and green washing may be on the endangered species list and going away, however, green IT for servers, storage, networks, facilities as well as related software and management techniques that address energy efficiency including power and cooling along with […].

Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server 2012 #winserv.

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Tommy Patterson - Virtually Cloud 9. MVP Virtual Machine. Virtual. Virtualization. Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server 2012 #winserv #mssql #itpro #sqlpass. Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server 2012 #winserv #mssql #itpro #sqlpass. Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on Windows Server 2012 #winserv #mssql #itpro #sqlpass. Virtualizing SQL Server with Windows Server 2012 & Hyper-V. Sign in. IT Pros ROCK!

NJVC® and Virtual Global Announce Release of PaaS White Paper

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NJVC® and Virtual Global Announce Release of PaaS White Paper: Paper Clarifies the Confusion Surrounding PaaS for Federal IT Buyers—Why It Is Important and How It Can Cut Development Costs by 50 Percent. Department of Defense , and Virtual Global, a premier provider of software and cloud computing platform solutions for a variety of industry and federal customers, announce the release of a joint white paper, “Platform as a Service (Paas): What Is It?

On Network Virtualization and SDN

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Is there a difference between network virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)? So, in a similar fashion to my post on network overlays vs. network virtualization , I thought I’d weigh in with some thoughts. My purpose, as John put it when he invited me, was to “gently introduce” the community to the idea of network virtualization, which is where I now spend most of my time since joining VMware in early February. Or virtualized firewalls?

Astute Networks Announces Adaptive Networked Flash Solution For Both NFS And iSCSI Physical And Virtual Environments


The ViSX also offers an expanded range of capacity options to suit the growing demand for high application performance in both physical and virtual environments, including OpenStack support for cloud deployments. “We The patented DataPump Engine ™ in each ViSX appliance makes that performance possible by offloading and accelerating network (TCP) and storage (iSCSI, NFS) protocol processing, while leveraging ViSX’s Networked Flash architecture. Architecture Astute Networks

Huawei’s Cloud Connect Seeks to Link Multiple Clouds, Integrate Physical and Virtual

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Launches switches and controller software for connecting to a variety of cloud architectures and for automatic network configuration. Read More. Cloud Computing Networking Technology

Fountainhead: Egenera creates physical & virtual servers.


Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Egenera creates physical & virtual servers transparently. Egenera just announced that its embedding virtual machine provisioning within its PAN Manager software for free. The software has always had the ability to provision physical and/or virtual servers with mission-critical levels of availability, including networking, I/O and storage configurations. Virtualization. (31).

Green and Virtual Data Center: Productive Economical Efficient Effective Flexible

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Green hype and green washing may be on the endangered species list and going away, however, green IT for servers, storage, networks, facilities as well as related software and management techniques that address energy efficiency including power and cooling along with e-waste, environmental health and safety related issues are topics that wont be going away anytime soon.

2016 Going Dutch Cloud Virtualization Server Storage I/O Seminars

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announcement backup BC and DR big data Cloud Comment converged convergence Data protection database Education I/O Networking IT Industry Activity IT Infrastructure Topics little data object storage perspective post server sponsored ssd Storage and Storage Management Tools Storage Architecture and Access tools Travel virtualization ceph Dutch Fujitsu Holland NVM object reduxio sl solutions Software Defined storage workshop

Thinking About Intel Rack-Scale Architecture

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You may have heard of Intel Rack-Scale Architecture (RSA), a new approach to designing data center hardware. Why should they buy this architecture instead of just buying servers? The Intel folks will talk about right-sizing servers to the workload, but that’s not really a valid argument for the vast majority of workloads that are running virtualized on a hypervisor (or containerized using some form of container technologies). IDF 2013: Rack Scale Architecture for Cloud.

Intel 62

CIOs: Transform Your Teams If You Want To Deliver Winning IoT Products

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application architecture application development & delivery application development methodologies application virtualization internet of things (IoT) IoT software platforms IoTSadly, most companies don’t have the right operating and development practices to build and deliver great customer experiences for their IoT-enabled products and services.

Cloud, Virtual, Server, Storage I/O and other technology tiering

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Tiering technology and the right data center tool for a given task Depending on who or what is your sphere of influence, or your sources of information and insight are, there will be different views of tiering, particular when it comes to tiered storage and storage tiering for cloud, virtual and traditional environments.

Software Defined Storage Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Algorithms + Data Structures

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or those who are into, or simply like to talk about software-defined storage (SDS), APIs, Windows, Virtual Hard Disks (VHD) or VHDX, or Hyper-V among other related themes, have you ever actually looked at the specification for VHDX? How about Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs, are you familiar with that?

Platforms in the cloud take heavy lifting out of architecture tasks

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based global buyer and seller of pre-owned luxury watches, split the role of DevOps between application development and management of a virtual infrastructure environment. For six years, Watchfinder , a U.K.-based But the company's ambitious growth plans, which included expansion to the U.S. earlier this year and an expected doubling of monthly watch sales, required IT director Jonathan Gill to think differently.

Server virtualization nested and tiered hypervisors

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Server virtualization nested and tiered hypervisors A few years ago I did a piece (click here) about the then emerging trend of tiered hypervisors, particular using different products or technologies in the same environment. Tiered snow management tools and technologies Tiered hypervisors can be as simple as using different technologies such as VMware vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft […].