Amazon Web Services is creating its very own space force for cloud computing


Amazon Web Services today unveiled a new business unit devoted to developing data infrastructure and cloud services for the aerospace and satellite industry — and headed by someone who helped set up the U.S. Amazon Web Services started down the road to space-centric cloud computing a year and a half ago when it established AWS Ground Station , a cloud service designed for satellite owners and operators.

Seattle Seahawks’ deep dive into analytics starts with a ‘data lake’ built by Amazon Web Services


For the Seattle Seahawks, that dive starts with a “data lake” built with Amazon Web Services. Amazon expanded its partnership with the NFL when it secured a deal with the Seahawks last year to become the team’s official cloud services provider.


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Amazon Web Services AWS July 2018 Updates

Storage IO Blog

Amazon Web Services AWS July 2018 Updates Amazon Web Services AWS July 2018 Updates Amazon Web Services AWS July 2018 Updates continue to expand feature, functionality, service capabilities of the public cloud providers capabilities across various geographies.

Spearline and Amazon Web Services Partnership


Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform which offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow as required. A key factor of AWS’s popularity is its high availability and dramatically reduced downtime- Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), for example, is designed to deliver 99.999999999% availability.

Building Like Amazon

Speaker: Leo Zhadanovsky, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Amazon's journey to its current modern architecture and processes provides insights for all software development leaders. To get there, Amazon focused on decomposing for agility, making critical cultural and operational changes, and creating tools for software delivery. The result was enabling developers to rapidly release and iterate software while maintaining industry-leading standards on security, reliability, and performance. Whether you're developing for a small startup or a large corporation, learning the tools for CI/CD will make your good DevOps team great. We are excited to be joined by Leo Zhadanovsky, a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Services

All Things Distributed

Looking back over the past 10 years, there are hundreds of lessons that we’ve learned about building and operating services that need to be secure, reliable, scalable, with predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. Given that AWS is a pioneer in building and operating these services world-wide, these lessons have been of crucial importance to our business. Pretty quickly, we started to realize that the way customers would like to use our services was a work in progress.

How to Assess Your Technical Architecture

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I need to identify gaps in the current state architecture as well as think about future state technical capabilities. One minute I need to focus on the web services that need to be developed as part of the future state architecture. Is the Architecture Complete? ” I reflect on the web services I identified during the white boarding session and feel uneasy about the lack testing tools for the new SOAP based web services.

Some August 2015 Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Updates

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Cloud Services Providers continue to extend their feature, function and capabilities and the following are two examples. Being a customer of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Microsoft Azure (among others), I receive monthly news updates about service improvements along with new features.

Prep to become a certified AWS professional with this bundle

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TL;DR: Get acquainted with AWS with the 2021 Amazon Web Services Certification Training Bundle. In fact, in the third quarter of 2020 alone, about 57 percent of Amazon’s operating income came from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Web Service AWS September 2017 Software Defined Data Infrastructure Updates

Storage IO Blog

The post Amazon Web Service AWS September 2017 Software Defined Data Infrastructure Updates appeared first on StorageIOblog. September was a busy month pertaining to software defined data infrastructure including cloud and related AWS announcements.

Pentaho 5.3 Continues To Deliver On Big Data Analytics With Scale Including AWS Redshift and Impala


From their press release: Pentaho to Deliver On Demand Big Data Analytics at Scale on Amazon Web Services and Cloudera. We are pleased that customers can combine Amazon Redshift and Pentaho to power fresh business insights with the performance and reliability they have come to depend on in the cloud,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc. Big Data CTO Amazon Web Services Hitachi Data Systems Pentaho Quentin Gallivan

Workforce Productivity | Maximizing Business Value with AWS

Linux Academy

In the previous articles in this series, I’ve discussed the value proposition of cloud computing and how organizations leverage Amazon Web Services to improve their business agility and operational resilience. Also consider automated services for coding – the AWS microservices architecture. This is a suite of service-oriented, loosely-coupled, and independently updatable, self-contained AWS services, working seamlessly together via APIs.

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Update On The Megatrend of CloudComputing


Architectures are in place now that leverage tiers of clouds that can exist in multiple sizes and locations, including homes, businesses and datacenters. Agility in service to mission and business needs is far more important than cost savings. Cloud plus IoT = Fog Computing, an architecture of multiple collaborative end compute devices. Bob Gourley. There are seven key MegaTrends driving the future of enterprise IT.

Become an AWS expert with these online courses

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Tons of companies use Amazon Web Services , which means they need IT professionals who know the ins and outs of AWS to keep them afloat. You’ll be introduced to the concept behind clouds, like architecture design principles, AWS value proposition, and cloud economics aspects.

Free Cloud Courses at Linux Academy — July 2019

Linux Academy

We’ll provide a simple introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform, and it’s core services. Using the microservice application we created, we will work through the various components and features of Kubernetes- like service discovery and autoscaling. This course gives hands-on experience with the microservice architecture and shows why this method has become highly sought after.

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


Here is more on what we expect each will bring us in 2016: Cloud Computing : The efficiencies of this new architecture are driving compute costs down. In 2016 expect every user of a smart phone to have a growing respect for the utility of AI with capabilities delivering useful services on every smartphone device. Web applications based on AI, like x.ia, will grow slow but steady followings and move more into the mainstream. Welcome to December's Technology Trends report.

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Learner Spotlight: Jennifer Bergstrom

Linux Academy

I do Solutions Architecture, I do Big Data, I do security, I do all of that. Amazon Web Services Behind the ScenesAt re: Invent 2019, we sat down with Jennifer (Jenn) Bergstrom, Software Engineer, and Linux Academy learner. Jenn is a passionate and active member of the Linux Academy community. She is always helping to answer questions and mentor new learners along their journey.

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Lowering TCO | Maximizing Business Value with AWS

Linux Academy

In this blog series, I’ve covered how organizations that adopt Amazon Web Services empower themselves to drive measurable business success through cost savings , cost avoidance, and operational resilience , with dramatic reductions in downtime, improved resource efficiency at the task level, and greatly enhanced business agility. Moving to AWS abstracts away the majority of these costs, replacing them with services that can automate them while drastically reducing costs.

Learner Spotlight: Gabriel Koo

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In the most recent “State of Enterprise Cloud and Container Adoption and Security” survey, DivvyCloud found that 77% of respondents reported having 2 or more cloud services. For more of Gabriel, watch his feature on AWS’s “This is my architecture” or find him on LinkedIn to let him know how his story has impacted you. Amazon Web Services Behind the Scenes

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Forrester Predictions: Ten Key Developments In Cloud Computing Shape The Industry In 2017

Forrester IT

Cloud platforms from the global megacloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Salesforce, Oracle, Centurylink and SAP will set the pace, accelerating adoption of private cloud and hosted private cloud as well. China Container Enterprise Architecture cloud computingI'm pleased to announce that Forrester's cloud computing predictions for 2017 published this morning!

Lowering TCO | Maximizing Business Value with AWS

Linux Academy

In this blog series, I’ve covered how organizations that adopt Amazon Web Services empower themselves to drive measurable business success through cost savings , cost avoidance, and operational resilience , with dramatic reductions in downtime, improved resource efficiency at the task level, and greatly enhanced business agility. Moving to AWS abstracts away the majority of these costs, replacing them with services that can automate them while drastically reducing costs.

Lowering TCO | Maximizing Business Value with AWS

Linux Academy

In this blog series, I’ve covered how organizations that adopt Amazon Web Services empower themselves to drive measurable business success through cost savings , cost avoidance, and operational resilience , with dramatic reductions in downtime, improved resource efficiency at the task level, and greatly enhanced business agility. Moving to AWS abstracts away the majority of these costs, replacing them with services that can automate them while drastically reducing costs.

Cockcroft, the Man Behind Netflix’s Move to AWS, Joins AWS

Data Center Knowledge

Part of his role will be advising Amazon Web Services customers on their cloud architecture. Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Netflix

Choosing the Right AWS Certification For You

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The AWS CSA is often the starting point for many individuals (and organizations looking to have certified experts on staff) because it is supposed to prove that the individual has a strong grasp of a wide range of AWS services and best practices. As the name implies, it focuses on testing one’s ability to architect applications and infrastructures on Amazon Web Services, which is something many organizations are looking for. Understand AWS architectural best practices.

The Business Case Justification for PaaS

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Within the cloud delivery models Platform as a Service (PaaS), the model providing the facilities for full life cycle application development, has a smaller overall market share than IaaS or SaaS. PaaS service offerings have matured and many of the latest platform announcements by the large cloud vendors have shifted from IaaS to PaaS. Application scalability and availability – auto-scaling, elastic infrastructure, operational services.

Competition for the Cloud Heats Up :


For years cloud computing has been synonymous with Amazon whose Amazon Web Services really created and defined the space. Rackspace has always been about service as their competitive advantage. Also entering the field are many of the tech giants including HP , who has really invested in their cloud offering with their Instant On service. While not Cloud in the Amazon sense, Microsoft and Google are both providing cloud like services. Architecture.

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Netflix Closed Their Last Data Center – Should You Do The Same?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Every month Netflix attempts to both sign up additional customers for their DVD delivery and, more recently, their video streaming service. In their press release, Netflix was careful to point out that for their video streaming service, they have been 100% cloud based for their customer facing systems for quite some time. In the case of Netflix they have selected Amazon and their Amazon Web Services offering to host all of the Netflix applications.

Multicloud does not eliminate vendor lockin

David Linthicum

For example, if you have an application in the cloud, and you’re using a multicloud architecture, you’ll have two or three choices where to place that application workload and associated data: Amazon Web Services , Microsoft Azure , and/or Google Cloud Platform. Not to name names, but I’ve been reading in several publications that one of the main reasons to go to multicloud is to avoid vendor lockin.

Three Patterns to Avoid When Selecting Cloud Native Platforms

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Specifically the conversations have been focused on adopting cloud native application platforms (this encompasses a rapidly developing set of technologies including platform-as-a-service and container-as-a-service). To truly gain value from the platform rethinking the application framework and architecture must occur. Patterns resonate with me.

How Cloud Improves Disaster Recovery


Conventional DR architecture – the policies and procedures necessary to maintain vital infrastructure and systems following a natural or institutional calamity – invites numerous issues and concerns: High cost to build the DR sites. A cloud-based DR architecture, however, eliminates the need for physical on-site or co-located storage and provides for automated recovery along with on-demand capacity/scalability.

Automation with AWS for WordPress, Drupal & Magento Applications


The infrastructure as code (IaC) solution should follow architecture best practices such as setting up the database in a private segment, secure authentication, and provisioning. It should also have the system configuration optimization for web, database, and ready-to-go solutions. Provision web and DB instances (t2.small/t2.micro type) as per input (Preferred t2.small) and deploy them into the private and public subnets respectively. Architecture Map. Objective.

Developing a PaaS Migration Strategy

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Optimizing applications for PaaS often includes changes to improve horizontal scalability, a move from commercial to open-source software, and leveraging application services like database, caching and logging. Architecture alignment. At this point automated tools can be used to gather application run-time details, code analysis and supplemented with interviews to collect the following information: • Application profile – workload characteristics, application architecture. •

Expanding the Cloud - Introducing AWS OpsWorks, a Powerful.

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services launched AWS OpsWorks , a flexible application management solution with automation tools that enable you to model and control your applications and their supporting infrastructure. As with all the AWS Application Management services AWS OpsWorks is provided at no additional charge. OpsWorks is designed to support a wide variety of application architectures and can work with any software that has a scripted installation. All Things Distributed.

The Benefits of Containers for Businesses


This increases simplicity, security, and stability for all apps/services on the node. The container packaging model aligns well with modern, distributed application architectures that consist of different microservices. Deployment of an individual application or service is complete, easily repeatable, and fast. The following is the second blog in a series about software containers and Kubernetes, and their importance in modern application delivery.

Amazon Connect Streams API Changelog #1: Through May 2018

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PR #26 ( [link] ) addressed a pending web browser change that was going to block the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) from working properly. The general idea is that there is a service worker that relays events from the Streams application code to the CCP iframe and from the CCP iframe up to Amazon Connect’s back-end service. For a visual of this interaction see the Architecture diagram at [link].

The Best Line of Code is the One You Didn't Have to Write!

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This post isn''t about code reuse or developing web services. Surely, you and your development organization understand the benefits of developing modular code, packing it in libraries, developing APIs and web services, insuring that test cases are automated, and hopefully starting to enable continuous delivery. Hopefully you have the architectural practices that recognize build once, leverage.

Disaster Recovery – A Thing of the Past Once on the Cloud


In the new cloud based computing architectures it has become clear that this is one of the many new benefits from moving to the cloud. Many Cloud Providers have “built-in” redundancy for most, if not all, IaaS, PaaS services at no or minimal additional cost. This means that the first level of most common failures is already eliminated by simply utilizing these services without any redundancy in secondary data centers.

Potential Impacts Beyond Cloud Applications & Infrastructure


The offerings from these vendors can handle all types of solutions from complex business process’s to multi-page web sites that serve thousands of users. Some of the major players like Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services delivering these capabilities have struggled with the same questions any organization will need to address. The other 20% – 40% is the net difference in primarily training on new tool sets and architectural designs.

Amazon EC2 Cluster GPU Instances - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

Today Amazon Web Services takes another step on the continuous innovation path by announcing a new Amazon EC2 instance type: The Cluster GPU Instance. Building general purpose architectures has always been hard; there are often so many conflicting requirements that you cannot derive an architecture that will serve all, so we have often ended up focusing on one side of the requirements that allow you to serve that area really well. All Things Distributed.

Become a certified AWS professional with this training bundle

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TL;DR: The 2021 Amazon Web Services Certification Training Bundle is on sale for £43.12 In fact, in the third quarter of 2020 alone, about 57% of Amazon’s operating income came from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

9 Ways IoT Integration Will Influence Custom Software Development

IT Toolbox

The wide use of IoT will bring about changes in all areas of IT, and will definitely affect such areas of custom software development as software R&D, application of new tech and web services, software architecture, front end development and UI design. According to a 2016 Ericsson Mobility Report, there will be 28 billion connected devices by the year 2021.

Customer Conversations - How Intuit and Edmodo Innovate using.

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Empowering innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the services that is very successful in driving innovation at our customers in this context is Amazon RDS , the Relational Database Service. Amazon RDS removes the headaches of running a relational database service reliably at scale, allowing Amazon RDS customers to focus on innovation for their customers. Whats unique and innovative about your service?

Stop building the cloud backward

David Linthicum

If you are charged with creating cloud architecture, you need to start with the business. When I meet with enterprise IT folks, they want to talk about the joy of containers and Amazon Web Services, not the forces that drove the move to cloud in the first place. Because the business drives IT, not the other way around. Although we all know that fact, it’s too often ignored.

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