The Insights Beat: Quash The Groundhog Day Effect In Your Insights Journey

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You tirelessly toil to get value from your enterprise data and try to apply those insights at scale to impact business […]. It’s early February. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, and there is hope (and warmth) in the air.[i]

Where Is Artificial Intelligence In Forrester's Tech Market Numbers? It's Hiding

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I have gotten some inquiries about where spending on artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies occur in our tech market numbers (see, for example, " US Tech Market Outlook For 2017 And 2018: Mostly Sunny, With Clouds And Chance Of Rain "). The short answer is that we include them in our data on business intelligence and analytics, though so far spending on these technologies is still small -- probably than a billion dollars for 2017.

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Automation, AI, And Robotics Are Critical CIO Targets

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We’ve just released a major new report, The CIO’s Guide To Automation, AI, And Robotics.

Voice Of The Attendee: Data & Analytics Strategy, AI/ML, CX And Growth

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The Insights Beat: Light Up The Sky With Insights This July

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Orchestrate Your Customer Analytics Practice With The Next Best Experience

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Transform Your Organization From Data-Driven To Insights-Driven

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They all collect data from operational and transactional applications; process the data into data lakes, data hubs, data warehouses, and data marts; and build business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications to understand what the data is telling […]. advanced analytics analytics applications big data business intelligence IoT analytics AI artificial intelligence IoT

Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends


By 2020, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and business intelligence. Businesses are awash with data. Augmented analytics automates finding and surfacing the most important insights or changes in the business to optimize decision making.

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The $5 Billion Funding Frenzy: There’s Never Been A Better Time To Rethink Your HCM Investments

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Palantir: Augmenting Human Intelligence, Not Replacing It


Artificial Intelligence Companies Big Data Companies Business Intelligence Companies Company Hot Technologies Infrastructure CompaniesWith this post we are initiating coverage of Palantir Technologies.

5 Business Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

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You know that businesses have access to more data than ever before, and it’s only growing. The problem is, too many businesses can’t answer that question. Here’s an article that provides tips to maximize the value of your business data. Education Business Intelligence

Upcoming Seven Patterns of AI Webinar


Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Companies Big Data and Analytics Big Data Companies Business Intelligence Companies Events Government News Training and EducationCurious on what the Seven Patterns of AI is all about?

DataRobot Announces Expansion Into Federal Market With Erin Hawley as VP Public Sector


We track DataRobot in our Disruptive IT Finder (in sections on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence companies), and have always held their capable team in the highest of regards. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DataRobot , an industry leader in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced it is expanding into the federal market, beginning with the appointment of a Vice President of Public Sector. Bob Gourley.

Five Architects Of The Future From Tamr Provide Insightful Assessments on Data In 2016


Data quality will move from being a one-shot ETL exercise into a continuous process in the data production pipeline ─ informed by analytic and reporting tools and enforced in all levels at the business intelligence stack. 5) Michael Brodie ─ Research Scientist, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Meanwhile, there’s been almost-uniform failure in business practice due to the false promises of trivialized point-and-click, self-service tools.

The Self-Drive Dilemma: The Embryonic Issue of Self-Driving Cars


With our busy daily lives, we’re spending much more time inside our cars. Travel between destinations without human operational involvement is no longer illogical and, according to business intelligence, 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020 (Rouse, 2017).

Machine Instruction 3.0: Express Your Desire

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Arguably, even legacy artificial intelligence worked this way. Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences analytics Business Intelligence Collaboration digital transformation

The Monthly Connecting Dots: Intelligence Feb. 2020

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A digital workplace is all about people-centricity, empathy, innovation, agility, and high-level business maturity. Intelligence” Dot Connection Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence presented by computers or software.

How Smart Technologies Up the Ante for Digital Transformation

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Today’s organizations are transforming their entire business – from strategy to operations, technology to culture – to better deliver value to their customers. In this 10-week blog series, we’ll further explore each trend and address how you can continue to modernize your business for success.

Enterprise Analytics with Perficient, MicroStrategy & Microsoft

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Several of these offer new and exciting opportunities for enterprises to leverage business intelligence and analytics in truly transformative ways. The award recognizes our team’s deep, long-term expertise in delivering end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solutions. This Office 365 integration will enable sales teams and end users with a 360-degree view of your business and streamline workflows in tools they are already familiar with.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fits Into the Big Data Story

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Business intelligence, artificial intelligence, intelligent cloud, intelligent edge, big data…the buzzwords are all around. There is a fundamental shift in the way companies are doing business. They are leveraging their data to make critical business decisions, identify revenue growth opportunities and improve customer experiences. Intelligent data was a central theme during Microsoft Inspire 2018 last month.

Analysts Answer: What Technology Should CIOs Experiment With in 2020? 


Graph technologies and augmented intelligence. Secondly, augmented intelligence is quickly emerging as a design approach to get the most value from artificial intelligence (AI). They are taking a more realistic view, where augmented intelligence compensates for automation's limitations with people's creativity, flexibility and adaptability. See Svetlana at her IT Symposium/Xpo sessions: Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence (Orlando).

Three Digital Convergences

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It blurs the line between professional life and personal life, it also transforms the monolithic enterprise IT infrastructure into mosaic digital backbone, and catalyze the new business culture. Adding social interactions in the business processes will make them unstructured and unpredictable.

Analyst Answers: How IT Leaders Should Invest in Data and Analytics


Data and analytics continues to evolve as digital business takes off. Data and analytics has a much more expansive role in generating business value. Create a vision of a data-driven enterprise with business peers. Identify and prioritize information-based outcomes, such as internal and external monetization of data assets and improvements to business insights. Align strategy with business outcomes.

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Digital Shift: An Intelligent Enterprise

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Being a Smart Business goes beyond just Playing Analytics Tools Only! Analytics becomes a decision discipline and innovation engine to pursue high performance in high mature intelligent enterprises. The beauty of the digital landscape is the fresh insight of business.

What can you DO with Machine Learning?

Eric D. Brown

Everyone’s talking about machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days. It feels an awful lot like the early data of Big Data or Business Intelligence or the days when the “Intranet” was first making waves within organizations.

Techniques and Tools that Can Bring Intelligence to Your Company


Business Intelligence (BI) is a process that integrates the latest innovative technologies in the IT/Telecommunications/A.I./Cloud Open Source Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence. Business

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The Limitless Contact Center: Amazon Connect and the AWS Platform

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Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse that lets you use your existing business intelligence tools along with standard SQL to evaluate your data. Amazon Connect is my new fascination.

Mastering the Art of Data and Analytics to Transform Customer Experience

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Research firm Forrester has confirmed that more than 60 percent of executives identified delivering a superior customer experience and creating new sources of customer value as important factors to achieving success as a digital business. Today’s digital business leaders are like modern-day Leonardo Da Vincis. Add velocity to the overwhelming volume of data, with ever-changing technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. “Art is never finished.

The workplace of the future

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We already have an idea of how digitalization, and above all new technologies like machine learning, big-data analytics or IoT, will change companies' business models — and are already changing them on a wide scale. After the refrigerator was invented in the 1930s, many people who worked in businesses that sold ice feared for their jobs. Indeed, refrigerators made this business superfluous for the most part; but in its place, many new jobs were created.