Artificial Intelligence Beyond Deep Neural Networks


Read Naga Rayapati list four reasons that AI community should think beyond deep learning on Forbes : Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominated by pattern recognition techniques. Artificial Intelligence NewsRecently, major advances have been made in the fields of image recognition, machine translation, audio processing and several others thanks to the development and refinement of deep learning. But […].

Generative Adversary Networks: A very exciting development in Artificial Intelligence


For years there has been a growing concern that many forms of machine learning are actually easier to deceive than they should be (and there is good reason to be concerned, for background on why see the paper recommended to me by my friend Lewis Shepherd: " Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled ").

TAP Accelerates Artificial Intelligence

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Photo credit: Shutterstock Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence has expanded more rapidly than many of us could have imagined.

CTOvision Assessment On The Megatrend of Artificial Intelligence


You can remember them all with the mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for C loud Computing , A rtificial Intelligence , M obility , B ig Data , R obotics , I nternet of Things , C yberSecurity. In this post we dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence. Bob Gourley.

The Impact of Cloud Robotics on Artificial Intelligence


Look at any science-fiction vision of our technological future and you’ll find a world dominated by artificial intelligence. All those struggles may be coming to a head soon as we may stand on the precipice of an explosion in robotics and artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence , despite its overall usefulness, has run into a number of significant roadblocks over the years.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future in Healthcare?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has already established a dominant disruption in transportation, marketing and financial services, among other divisions. Machines and computer networks are developing algorithms and adapting to the concept of self-learning from these systems. How will healthcare and artificial intelligence work together? Looking ahead, the future of artificial intelligence is promising.

Succeeding at Artificial Intelligence Requires a Commitment to Agile Experimentation

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I remember learning the math and computing of neural networks, the. I went to graduate school and got my Masters in Electrical Engineering, but that's not what I studied. The University of Arizona had a strong program in optical sciences, medical imaging, information theory, and something called "machine learning" and I opted to take classes and ultimately complete a thesis on these topics. about me agile data agile planning AI big data cloud computing data scientist

IDG Contributor Network: Artificial intelligence tool fixes password weakness

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Flaws in passwords can be eliminated with artificial intelligence (AI), say researchers. Also on Network World: Vendors approve of NIST password draft +. This includes identifying common words that hackers know, too. The mending is accomplished with AI-garnered analysis of existing insecure passwords, coupled with feedback to the user based on that. It makes password creation more reliable, say scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago.

The new rulers of the cybersecurity realm: Automation, Analytics Artificial Intelligence

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READ MORE ON NETWORK WORLD: 5 enterprise technologies that will shake things up in 2017 + Just take a look at some recent Gartner assessments of the security situation: By 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures, due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk. The new security AAA: Automation, analytics and artificial intelligence say proponents.

Cisco Live 2017: Artificial intelligence and machine learning will herald in the next era of networking

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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins delivered a keynote focusing on the company's intent-based networking solution and Cisco's two-year partnership with Apple. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, was a surprise guest

Government enlists startups to develop exporters’ network

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The Department for International Trade selects two startups to help it build an artificial intelligence, peer-to-peer knowledge network

AI World Gov: Come network with peers and share lessons learned in application of AI to real world challenges in government


Artificial Intelligence NewsAI World Gov is coming! Mark your calendars now for this 24-26 June 2019 conference and symposium at the Reagan Center in DC. OODA LLC and CTOvision are very proud to be sponsors and strong supporters of this virtuous forum.

7 tips for scaling your AI strategy


Read Clint Boulton list 7 tips for companies to scale up their AI strategy on CIO : Pilot projects of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies proliferated in 2018, as many enterprises tested machine learning (ML) algorithms and an array of automation tools to cement relationships with customers, improve network operations or augment their cybersecurity postures. Artificial Intelligence News

AI World Conference and Expo 23-25 Oct 2019 in Boston: The intersection of AI and Business


The AI World 3-day program delivers a comprehensive spectrum of content, networking, and business […]. Artificial Intelligence Events News

Intel details Nervana, a neural network chip for inference-based workloads


At a press event at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel announced the Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP-I), an AI chip for inference-based workloads that fits into a GPU-like form factor. Artificial Intelligence NewsIt wasn’t an unexpected reveal — Intel announced it was working on a new generation of inference chip way back in 2017 — but […].

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Nvidia announces its first AI platform for edge devices


is bringing artificial intelligence to the edge of the network with the launch early Monday of its new Nvidia EGX platform that can perceive, understand and act on data in real time without sending it to the cloud or a data center first. Artificial Intelligence NewsNvidia Corp.

Preventing AI From Going Wrong: A webinar for OODA Members


OODA Network Members are invited to participate in our webinar on mitigating risks due to AI on Thursday 20 June 2019 at 2pm. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

Intel details Nervana, a neural network chip for inference-based workloads


At a press event at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel announced the Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP-I), an AI chip for inference-based workloads that fits into a GPU-like form factor. Artificial Intelligence NewsIt wasn’t an unexpected reveal — Intel announced it was working on a new generation of inference chip way back in 2017 — but […].

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FingBox Gives You Network Superpowers: Network security that contributes to physical security


Features of the FingBox help you track the status of your network and the many devices connected to it. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Cyber War NewsFingBox is a fantastic device that I recommend everyone put in their home. It is also perfect for small businesses. It also enables you to set alerts and receive notifications when device status changes. You can […].

Long way before AI systems take over humans jobs: Study


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have a long way to go before they can take over tasks and jobs traditionally performed by people, say scientists who highlighted the severe limitations of deep learning computer networks. Artificial Intelligence News

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AI Can Recognize Images. But Can It Understand This Headline? Nah Probably Not, Yet.


IN 2012, artificial intelligence researchers revealed a big improvement in computers’ ability to recognize images by feeding neural network with millions of labeled images from a database called ImageNet. Artificial Intelligence CTO NewsIt ushered in an exciting phase for computer vision, as it became clear that a model trained using ImageNet could help tackle all sorts of image-recognition […].

Facebook’s chief AI scientist: Deep learning may need a new programming language


LeCun has worked with neural networks […]. Artificial Intelligence NewsDeep learning may need a new programming language that’s more flexible and easier to work with than Python, Facebook AI Research director Yann LeCun said today. It’s not yet clear if such a language is necessary, but the possibility runs against very entrenched desires from researchers and engineers, he said.

Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends


By 2020, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and business intelligence. By 2020, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and business intelligence as well as data science and machine learning platforms.

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Learn Things Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know at OODAloop


The membership network at provides actionable insights you can use to inform better decisions and to execute actions that will help you win in the modern marketplace. Learn more about OODA network resources […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO NewsMembers receive access to research and analysis, special reports and early insights into shifting trends the modern executive needs to track.

Extreme addresses networked-IoT security

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Extreme Networks has taken the wraps off a new security application it says will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help customers effectively monitor, detect and automatically remediate security issues with networked IoT devices.

Is AI Just a Buzzword? 4 Experts Weigh In on the Future of AI


Artificial Intelligence Data Natives Featured Machine Learning data science Data Scientist dcmn Deep learning ibm neural networks socialgistPerhaps even moreso than even big data or blockchain, AI is fast becoming the buzzword on everyone’s lips.

Finland’s grand AI experiment


Until a year ago, the 59-year-old dentist from the Finnish town of Mikkeli had no idea what to make of terms like “machine learning” or “neural networks.” ” Now, Partanen spends her evenings learning the basics of coding and she is thinking about how to apply artificial intelligence to […]. Artificial Intelligence NewsJaana Partanen is not your typical AI programming geek.

AI and Machine Learning for the Masses

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The difference here is this presentation is for the masses, for the IT guy, for the network engineer, and for the C-Level executives. Podcast Video AI Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning podcast

CIOs Want To Know: What’s Coming Next In Technology?

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This means that new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence will get worked into things that we are already used to. This is where the machine learning and artificial intelligence will live.

Deep Learning and Its Role in the Advancement of Video Analytics


This will likely come through the adoption of deep learning technologies, which represent the next great advancement in intelligent video analytics. It does this by creating neural networks that can in turn filter through massive amounts of data. Rick Delgado.

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Google Translate giving out garbled prophecies, Facebook’s new Pittsburgh AI facility, Huawei’s Project Da Vinci, Elon Musk and other sign pledge not to use AI for lethal weapons


Here's something for the Artificial Intelligence naysayers. Many experts say that it is because of the spooky nature of neural networks while others blame [.]. Artificial Intelligence CTO NewsWhy Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Prophecies? Google Translate tool which is used to translate from one language to another using AI, has been translating nonsensical messages into garbled religious prophecies.

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NVIDIA’s new AI turns videos of the real world into virtual landscapes


Neural networks — specifically generative models — will change […]. Artificial Intelligence NewsNew Nvidia AI research project uses objects and scenery from within existing videos to build new interactive environments in realistic city landscapes. With the help of some clever machine learning techniques and a handy supercomputer, NVIDIA has used AI to chew on existing videos and use the objects.

A critical look at Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends


Read Fredric Paul analyze Gartner’s predictions for the Internet of Things connected devices on Network World : At Gartner’s Symposium/ITExpo in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month, the research firm shared a report on 10 strategic trends affecting the Internet of Things (IoT) from 2019 to 2023. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News

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Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017


Trend #3—Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or AI has had more false starts than any technology in IT. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Companies Big Data Cloud Computing News AI Geospatial GIS Internet of Things IoT Machine learning Security

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Bob Gourley Interviews Cyber Tech Titan Richard Bejtlich On Enterprise Cybersecurity Lessons Learned


His career in network security started in the […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Cyber War Events NewsCarahsoft and Corelight are sponsoring a webinar 13 December 2018 which features an interview of Cybersecurity Pioneer Richard Bejtlich by CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley. For more and to register see: Lessons Learned from a Tech Titan. Few defenders have seen as much action in cyberspace as Richard Bejtlich.