A Spike In Home Workers Raises MFA Resilience Questions

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Millions of employees who have been logging in from workstations on corporate networks are now logging in from home or elsewhere on public networks. Stronger authentication, and VPNs, that used to be required for a subset […].

Trusona Is Poised To Improve How We Securely Authenticate With Systems


Editor’s note: I first met Trusona via the Security Innovation Network (SINET) and later thanks to Evan Weisel of W2Comm I was treated to an in person demo and discussion with CEO Ori Eisen while at Blackhat.

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Using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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It also provides a handy browser plugin to fill in credentials for me, once I’ve authenticated to the plugin. Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Now, on to our second point for today: multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Everything You Know About eAuthentication is wrong!


On Labor Day, September 5 th 2016, NIST published their Digital Authentication Guideline: Public Preview. The base document SP 800-63-3 is the third iteration of this special publication, and has been renamed to: Digital Authentication Guideline. Nathaniel Crocker.

Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

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Specifically, astrophysicist and geek icon Neil deGrasse Tyson has been critical about the movie''s authenticity. To deGrasse Tyson, a lack of authenticity disrupts the movie-going experience. Two advisories this month deal with authenticity by focusing on certificates and cryptography.

IDG Contributor Network: SecureAuth introduces another take on multi-factor authentication

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An example of adaptive access control might be requiring a simple username and password for regular access, but requiring a higher level of authentication when the user (for example) logs in from another geography. Also on Network World: 5 trends shaking up multi-factor authentication +. SecureAuth is in the business of adaptive access control.

Continuous Authentication: The future of Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Although vendor-written, this contributed piece does not promote a product or service and has been edited and approved by Network World editors. Insert another authentication step on top of these credentials and this gateway becomes harder to infiltrate. But once access is gained, how can the device or Web application be certain that the authenticated user is, in fact, the same person throughout the entire session?

How to enable two-factor authentication on your LinkedIn account

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LinkedIn can be just as essential as Facebook if you need to network for business. Here's how to keep your account safe with two-factor authentication

IDG Contributor Network: IoT security: Intel EPID simplifies authentication of IoT devices

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How can the authentication and installation of new IoT devices be streamlined? Did you know that over 75 million tourists visit the United States every year? Or that the Transport Security Administration (TSA) screens over 2 million people daily? The TSA processes 150 passengers per security lane. Imagine the public outrage if it took 20 minutes to screen a passenger and the process publicly disclosed personal information.

Advances in multifactor authentication (MFA) technologies

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Enterprises authenticate users based on their knowledge, possession, or inherence of some evidence that they are the party with the given right of access. Some experts see the context of the user’s authentication such as the time, their network IP and device, and their location as the fourth factor of authentication. Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET says you can assure greater security with each additional factor of authentication that you add.

Cisco sets $2.3B deal for unified access, multi-factor authentication security firm Duo

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billion deal it made for network identity, authentication security company Duo. As more devices come onto the network remotely this issue takes on more importance. Cisco said today it had closed the $2.35 According to Cisco, Duo’s zero trust security model authorizes secure connections to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices.

IDG Contributor Network: Smarter authentication makes mobile experiences more secure, user friendly

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Today’s mobile and digital experiences need authentication strategies that keep up with the constantly changing digital ecosystem, and simple passwords are not enough. Authentication must be fast, easy to use. Multifactor authentication strategies are growing in popularity, but the tradeoff of usability and security is a constant balancing act. If authentication solutions are not simple, quick and easy, users will find ways around them.

Hollywood hack job: How cybersecurity consultant for hit TV show "Mr. Robot" brought authenticity to actor Rami Malek's character

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Robot" reveals how he helped make hacking a reality on the USA-Network drama series starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater James Plouffe, cybersecurity consultant for "Mr.

Bring Your Own Authentication is upending online security practices

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This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach. Seeing the success of the Bring Your Own Device movement, a cadre of leading companies are starting to explore if a similar approach can be used to address the authentication challenge.

3 Things You Need to Know About Two Factor Authentication


In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes. Two Factor Authentication is Absolutely Necessary. Traditional Authentication is Outdated.

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. Two-factor authentication offers many benefits to businesses and individual users alike. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication.

PCI Compliance and Network Segmentation


Information Technology Blog - - PCI Compliance and Network Segmentation - Information Technology Blog. The first step to determining the scope of your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is segmenting your data networks. Networking

Network News: CenturyLink, Cisco, Juniper

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CenturyLink and Cisco help power ultra-fast 100 Gbps networks, and Juniper and Thursby Software partner for Government secure authentication solution. Cisco Networking centurylink juniper russia

CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

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CIOs like to think of their antivirus software as providing them with a wall of defense between their corporate networks and the big scary outside world. companies that have at least 500 employees rely on some form of security products in order to protect their networks.

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. Two-factor authentication offers many benefits to businesses and individual users alike. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication.

Two Factor Authentication – What It Is and Why You Need It


In many ways, two factor authentication is designed to help you do exactly that. What is Two Factor Authentication? Without two factor authentication, a hacker with a username and a password has 100% of the information they need to log into a particular account.

7 safety rules in social networks


Now, in the era of the Internet, it’s hard to imagine a person who does not use at least one of the social networks. Social networks are used by everyone – both young and old. Try to never conduct important business and personal negotiations through social networks.

Social 114

Cisco issues critical security warnings its Data Center Network Manager

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Cisco this week issued software to address multiple critical authentication exposures in its Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) software for its Nexus data center switches. DCNM is a central management dashboard for data-center fabrics based on Cisco Nexus switches and handles a number of core duties such as automation, configuration control, flow policy management and real-time health details for fabric, devices, and network topology.

Current Malpractice Handicaps Social Selling’s Potential

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We first published research on social selling in 2016, and B2B sellers continue to flock to various networks to interact with their customers and prospects. Social provides the opportunity for authentic connections, mutually beneficial professional relationships, and positive business outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Social 316

Continuous authentication: Why it’s getting attention and what you need to know

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User authentication is one of the basic components of any cyber security program. Identifying an individual based on a username, password or other means helps companies ensure that the person is who he or she claims to be when accessing a system, application or network. But in some cases traditional authentication processes are not enough to provide strong security throughout a user work session. That’s where continuous authentication comes in.

Why Two Factor Authentication Should be a Requirement for SMBs in 2017


Two factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. In addition, two factor authentication is inexpensive and easy to use. What is Two Factor Authentication? When two factor authentication is required, employees must use something for their second factor.

Overview of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) Showcase 16 Innovators


We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network: SINET, the very virtuous organization focused on helping the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the security community. 2015 SINET 16 Innovators: Bayshore Networks, Inc. BehavioSec – Disruptive verification & authentication solutions that make consumers part of the security solution, rather than the problem. Vectra Networks, Inc. –

Building Identity Systems on the Sovrin Network

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Summary: An identity metasystem like the Sovrin Network provides the foundation for creating tens of millions of interoperable identity systems for every conceivable context and use. I've spoken about the Sovrin Network as an identity metasystem before. Certificate of authenticity (e.g.

Mobilized Employees Engage Buyers With A Trusted Voice

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Employees’ Advocacy Boosts Your Content And Customer Interactions While trust in brands has dwindled, B2B buyers hold those same brands’ employees in high regard as authentic and compelling sources of information.

Mobile 285

Augmented Reality and the Network

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The execution of VoIP , playing around with the idea of cognitive networks , the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), using enhanced features like A.I. The network is key. Voice biometrics may provide authentication and security.

How to check your vulnerability to credential dumping

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Use these techniques to see if attackers have harvested authentication credentials from your Windows network

Software-defined perimeter brings trusted access to multi-cloud applications, network resources

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Many companies today have a hybrid approach to their networking and IT infrastructure. As a result, the network perimeter is permeable and elastic. To reduce risk, some organizations are applying a zero-trust strategy of “verification before trust” by incorporating stronger, stateful user and device authentication; granular access control; and enhanced segmentation no matter where the applications and resources reside.

IDG Contributor Network: Passwords will be wirelessly transmitted through bodies

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Low-frequency transmissions created by off-the-shelf biometric devices, such as fingerprint sensors, can be diverted through the body and can securely transmit password-like authentication. The off-the-shelf biometric sensors, such as touchpads, are “re-purposed to send out information,” says Shyam Gollakota, University of Washington assistant professor of computer science and engineering and senior author on the research paper, in a University of Washington article.

When Networking Met Storage -- Again

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Of all the "software-defined" categories, software-defined networking is now garnering the lion''s share of industry attention.    It seems that everyone wanted to go learn about the new capabilities -- even though VMworld is not a network event.

Step-by-Step: Automate Building Outbound Network Security Groups Rules via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and PowerShell

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Lately, I’ve been working with several organizations that need to selectively restrict outbound Internet access from within their Azure Virtual Networks (VNETs) to conform to their own internal security policies. Network Security Groups to the rescue! See: Azure Networking Limits.

Unpatched vulnerability puts Ubiquiti networking products at risk

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An unpatched command injection vulnerability could allow hackers to take over enterprise networking products from Ubiquiti Networks. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers from SEC Consult and allows authenticated users to inject arbitrary commands into the web-based administration interface of affected devices.

Network management vulnerability exposes cable modems to hacking

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Hundreds of thousands of internet gateway devices around the world, primarily residential cable modems, are vulnerable to hacking because of a serious weakness in their Simple Network Management Protocol implementation. SNMP is used for automated network device identification, monitoring and remote configuration. It is supported and enabled by default in many devices, including servers, printers, networking hubs, switches and routers.

IDG Contributor Network: Americans want passwords, not biometrics, survey finds

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Most people aren’t interested in fingerprint authentication and other biometric logins, a study has found. Free email portal mail.com and Yougov surveyed over a thousand folks around the world in July and discovered over half (58 percent) prefer traditional passwords. A significant proportion of the respondents also said biometry was too hazardous, with “only 9 percent finding the use of biometric methods risk-free,” the mail provider said in its press release.

IDG Contributor Network: The retail EMV quagmire

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The party line is that the litigation is aimed not at stopping EMV but in making it more secure, by way of insisting on PIN authentication instead of the existing signature authentication. Retailers have this love-hate relationship with EMV, in that they love to hate EMV. It's slow, cumbersome, alienates customers and until a store fully deploys it, the liability shift is expensive.

IDG Contributor Network: Using brain signals instead of passwords to unlock computers

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System authentication could one day be widely achieved through brainwaves, scientists say. Also on Network World: 5 things you should know about two-factor authentication + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click hereSimply thinking of certain things, such as a person's face, or a rotating displayed cube would be enough to unlock a device. Electro-encephalography (EEC) sensors are behind the technique.

IDG Contributor Network: Industrial monolith sold hackable thermostats, says expert

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The Internet of Things-connected gadgets had been liable to provide burglar-friendly, private information because their authentication system was weak and they use hardcoded credentials, Trustwave claims in its SpiderLabs blog. Commonly installed Trane thermostats were vulnerable to hacking for a while, says a security firm.

Using network perspectives to visualize changing culture and meaning

Trends in the Living Networks

I’m a big fan of Tim Stock ‘s work, which weaves together a deep network perspective with a rich view of how culture is changing informed by semiotic analysis. The slides to his presentation at SXSW today on Culture Networks and the codes that drive them are available below.

Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


We’ve migrated to a userid-password society; as we’ve added layers of security, we password-protect each layer: PC (and now device), network, enclave, application, database, and storage (encryption). By George Romas. Why does security have to be so onerous?