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Does your Disaster Recovery Plan Include the Cloud?

Eric D. Brown

In years past, companies have relied on multiple data center locations to act as their main disaster recovery (DR) systems and data in case of disaster. In recent years organizations have been looking for more robust solutions for disaster recovery than storing their data in separate data centers. While secondary sites still dominate the disaster recovery planning for organizations , cloud deployment of disaster recovery solutions continues to grow.

Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Network World

European’s largest cloud provider, OVHcloud, suffered a catastrophic fire last month that destroyed one of its data centers and smoke-damaged a neighboring one.

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Expanding the Cloud: Enabling Globally Distributed Applications and Disaster Recovery

All Things Distributed

In case of a regional disaster, you can simply promote your read replica in a different region to a master and point your application to it to resume operations. About 5 years ago, I introduced you to AWS Availability Zones, which are distinct locations within a Region that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same region.

In Disaster Recovery Planning, Don't Neglect Home Site Restoration.

Data Center Knowledge

In Disaster Recovery Planning, Don’t Neglect Home Site Restoration. In Disaster Recovery Planning, Don’t Neglect Home Site Restoration. Michelle Ziperstein is the Marketing Communications Specialist at Cervalis LLC , which provides data backup and disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical data. ” When it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), this is true in spades. Networking.

World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder

Storage IO Blog

World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder It’s that time of year again, World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder. In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Saturday March 31 is World Backup (and recovery day). The annual day is a to remember to make sure you are protecting […] The post World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Data Protection Fundamentals Recovery Points (Backup, Snapshots, Versions)

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Data Protection Diaries Fundamental Topics Tools Techniques Technologies Tips

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Data Protection Diaries Fundamental Topics Tools Techniques Technologies Tips

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Data Protection Diaries Fundamentals Who Is Doing What Toolbox Technology Tools

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Use Cases for the Cloud

Eric D. Brown

If you’ve spent any time within IT over the last few years, you’ve probably heard the term ‘cloud’ more than you really wanted to. The cloud has become something of a buzzword over the years. Buzzwords are created when a term is overused, and the cloud has been overused quite a bit in many organizations. It seems that any time a problem arises, the first solution is to use ‘the cloud’. Use Cases for the Cloud.

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Ransomware targets backups: 3 ways to protect your company’s data

IT Manager Daily

But if people think ransomware is simple to recover by just relying on strong backup systems, they should be more concerned. Security researchers predict that ransomware will keep evolving, and one day soon may start targeting backup systems. Targeting default recovery programs. Both will target and delete Windows’ built-in easy recovery files called “shadow copies.”. This provides some assurance that if ransomware spreads across your network, the backups are isolated.

When Using Cloud Computing to Replicate is the Right Idea

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing » Storage. Overview: When to Use Cloud Computing to Replicate. Overview: When to Use Cloud Computing to Replicate. In deploying a cloud computing model, organizations have many options. One cloud computing solution is to deploy the platform as a means for disaster recovery, business continuity, and extending the data center. With flexible “pay-as-you-grow” models, cloud computing can evolve with the needs of your business.

Cloud Computing- A Definitive Way to Amply your Business Productivity


Information Technology Blog - - Cloud Computing- A Definitive Way to Amply your Business Productivity - Information Technology Blog. VPN’s and remote desktop also enable a great form of accessibility, however can be limited or inaccessible if there are restrictions or ports blocked on your network connection. This article will highlight all the essentials you can get from cloud services. Types of Cloud Services. Types of Cloud Deployments. Public cloud.

Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS US East (Ohio) Region

All Things Distributed

As with all AWS AZs, the AZs in Ohio each have redundant power, networking, and connectivity, which are designed to be resilient to issues in another AZ. We hope this will be helpful for customers who want to implement backup or disaster recovery architectures and need to transfer large amounts of data between these regions. Today I am very happy to announce the opening of the new US East (Ohio) Region. The Ohio Region is the fifth AWS region in the US.

Why DRaaS is a better defense against ransomware

Network World

But, restoring these databases and apps from a traditional backup solution (appliance, cloud or tape) will take hours or even days which can cost a business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dean Nicolls, vice president of marketing at Infrascale , shares some tangible ways disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) can pay big dividends and quickly restore systems in the wake of a ransomware attack.

EMC Refreshes Data Protection Portfolio » Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing » Services » Storage. At a Backup to the Future event this week EMC announced a broad array of new hardware and software products that enable customers to deploy new Protection Storage Architectures. The new products cut across the company’s market leading Data Domain, Avamar, NetWorker and Mozy product lines. EMC NetWorker 8.1 Networking. Cloud Computing. Featured Cloud Articles. Disaster Recovery.

Data Tape: Dying a Slow Death or Already Dead? » Data Center.

Data Center Knowledge

Yet today, there are few backup administrators using this technique. Today, many customers are using tape as a duplicate backup. They run quicker to disk within their backup windows and can be duplicated or archived to tape for off-site storage. There have been many fault tolerant systems like replication, mirroring, snapshots, clustering, and backup to disk that have superseded tapes as the first line of defense against data loss. Networking. Cloud Computing.

Using Virtualization and Cloud as a DR strategy

Virtualized Greek

They talked about how end users shouldn’t use their premier VDI solution XenDesktop as a disaster recovery solution. This is debatable but the idea got me to thinking about using a Cloud based datacenter as a DR for traditional datacenter services and if the operations continuality concerns stretched to the datacenter. It’s actually my opinion that DR is a great place to start building your Cloud based datacenter strategy. Cloud Computing Virtualization

Continuous Monitoring – Part 2


Making sense” means a number of things here – understanding and remediating vulnerabilities, detecting and preventing threats, estimating risk to the business or mission, ensuring continuity of operations and disaster recovery, and enforcing compliance to policies and standards. The process of Managing Assets includes tracking all hardware and software products (PCs, servers, network devices, storage, applications, mobile devices, etc.) By George Romas.

Industry Verticals Tackle Unstructured Data

Cloud Musings

Many agencies are now using cloud computing services for delivering mission-critical information to officers in the field. Standard applications include digital video evidence storage, management, and cataloging; crime mapping and analytics; records management; and backup for disaster recovery. Data Backup - Continuous data backup protection that reduces the risk of data loss and can reduce data restoration time after a system failure.

Military Tips On Business Resiliency

Cloud Musings

The company was accessed through via its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud control panel. s network, including back-ups, then locked the IT team out, meaning the only way to get control was to ‘pull the plug’ at the datacenter By way of comparison, in 2015 the revenue per employee ratios for IBM and Panasonic were $244,447 and $275,839 respectively. Photo credit: Shutterstock A steel bar is resistant to stress and is capable of maintaining its form while bearing large loads.

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Fountainhead: A real-world cloud user shares his findings


Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. A real-world cloud user shares his findings. A few weeks ago, an alum "John" posted a request for recommendations for a cloud computing vendor for his small investment firm. This is an incredibly illustrative peek inside of the "real world" of cloud computing, and what prospective SMB users are looking for and concerned about. Labels: Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing. (55).

Teradata: Embrace the Power of PaaS

Cloud Musings

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has always been the unappreciated sibling of the cloud computing service model trio. This valuable Teradata differentiator can be delivered under a private, public or hybrid cloud deployment model. The company viewed the cloud as an opportunity to focus on its core competencies and maximize the delivery of critical healthcare services but wanted to also avoid reducing any of their healthcare focused resources.

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Why Your Small Business Needs IT Managed Services to Thrive


Ensure Your Network Security Is Always Up-to-Date. The businesses they transacted with lacked network security. If this happens, the virus or malware can then infect the entire company network. Unless your company’s IT network is always up-to-date with the latest security programs. In short, they only hire IT, specialists, when a computer breaks down or when the network is down. Do you need only specialized support for moving to the cloud?

Technology Short Take #44

Scott Lowe

Networking. To help resolve this issue, Cumulus Networks (and possibly Metacloud, I’m not sure of their involvement yet) has release an open source project called vxfld. As described in this Metacloud blog post , vxfld is designed to “handle VXLAN traffic from any operationg system or hardware platform that adheres to the IETF Internet-Draft for VXLAN” Nir Yechiel recently posted part 1 of a discussion on the need for network overlays.

'Catastrophic' Storage Failure Slows Oregon Jobless Checks » Data.

Data Center Knowledge

The delay caused backups in the Oregon Employment Department’s processing of unemployment insurance payments and claims, state officials said. A “catastrophic failure” typically refers to a total failure of a system, which leaves little or no option for recovery. Generator Failure Slows The Planet’s Recovery. Generator Failure Slows The Planet's Recovery. Networking. Cloud Computing. Featured Cloud Articles. About DCK.

5 Insights Into the Data Center Industry » Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

Are You Up in the Air with Cloud Computing Benefits? - It’s going to take some time for the entire IT world to get on board with cloud computing, but the benefits are well worth it. A mix of private and public cloud services is a great compromise for companies who are worried about security issues, writes Alan McMahon of Dell. Yet today, there are few backup administrators using this technique, writes Jeff Yaptengco of En Pointe Technologies. Networking.

Your Guide to Outsourcing Your Businesses IT Tasks This Year


Whether it is a biometric security solution that you are seeking or want carrier-neutral network access, you might want to visit , for instance, to get a better idea of what services you need could be outsourced. There are also plenty of other considerations such as disaster recovery and data backup measures and website management, all of which can be successfully outsourced.

Riverbed Releases Enterprise-Class Server Consolidation Solution.

Data Center Knowledge

also improves data protection with automated snapshots and simplified support for existing data-center class backup and recovery software. Riverbed and VMware Collaborate on Networks. Roundup: Riverbed, Force 10 Networks. Networking. Cloud Computing. Featured Cloud Articles. Planning for a Cloud-Ready Distributed Storage Infrastructure. Disaster Recovery. About DCK. Advertise. Subscribe. Events. Storage.

Linux Academy Monthly Update – October

Linux Academy

Here are some of the most recent quizzes you can use to check out the updates: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) AWS . Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer – Practice Exam. Configuring Azure Storage for Backups . Backup and Recovery Using RSync . Securing a Virtual Network with Azure Firewall . Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer. Hi, I’m Anna, COO of Linux Academy.

Choosing the Right AWS Certification For You

Linux Academy

These are the: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. There are also specialty AWS certifications: AWS Certified Advanced Networking. AWS Cloud Practitioner (if starting with no cloud knowledge or if not in engineering). If that certification seems daunting because you have no understanding of the cloud or you aren’t in an engineering-focused role, you could always consider the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner first.

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Scality Gets $22 Million for Scale-Out Storage » Data Center.

Data Center Knowledge

Customers deploy Scality’s software to provide large-scale storage for Cloud, Big Data, and Backup and Archive applications. The intersection of Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud Infrastructure is creating a disruption in technology innovation. Bringing Cloud Power to Hollywood Digital Effects. Cloud Storage Firm Zetta Gets $10 Million. Networking. Cloud Computing. Featured Cloud Articles. Disaster Recovery. About DCK.

7 challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2020

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

In short, it encrypts files on the infected computer(s) or network, making them inaccessible. We will see organizations taking advantage of highly-available solutions, such as hyperconvergence and edge computing, that allow them to not only keep up with changing consumer demands, but deploy the most effective cyber defences, disaster recovery, and backup. photo credit: geralt via pixabay cc Cloud computing is a funny trend.