Hyper-convergence + backup software = scale-out backup nodes

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Hyper-converged infrastructure with built-in backup software brings scale-out capabilities to provide data protection nodes via pre-configured appliances that can build into clusters

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Hot Backup Software


A hot backup, also called a dynamic backup, is a backup performed on data even though it is actively accessible to users and may currently be in a state of being updated. Here are some free and effective hot backup software that may be useful for your environment.

Is Data Backup Really That Important

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So, we have technology and access to affordable, yet best backup software, but should we really use it? s see if the following information can help you answer this question

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Commvault joins the hyper-converged backup wave with Hyperscale

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Hyperscale Software and Hyperscale Appliance bring Commvault backup software in a reference architecture/software product or as a pre-configured server/storage box

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AV-TEST reveals the best backup and data security software

Tech Republic Security

AV-TEST engineers don't think all data protection and backup software is quite ready for prime time. Find out which product received AV-TEST's Approved Backup & Data Security Software certificate

How automation and artificial intelligence could transform backup software

Tech Republic Data Center

HAL-like control of data backups may be science fiction, but some of the basic concepts are not so far removed from reality. The person in charge of strategy for Commvault is intrigued by these ideas

How to Choose a Data Backup Service


Information Technology Blog - - How to Choose a Data Backup Service - Information Technology Blog. In choosing the right data backup service to suit your business, there are a variety of things that come into play that you must consider. Backups Storage

News UK dumps tape for backup with Zadara cloud storage

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News publishing corporation saves up to 40% on hardware and software costs by switching in-house hardware for a cloud-first policy, using Zadara cloud storage as a backup target

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Backup To The Future?

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  It seems there''s never enough performance: no one wants to wait for a backup, let alone an urgent recovery.    The core technologies are changing: witness the emergence of PBBAs (purpose built backup appliances) as well as various forms of snaps and replication. 

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Comprehensive API Support for your Backup Software


There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind

Backup and Recovery Startup Rubrik Raises Funds at $1.3B Valuation

Data Center Knowledge

Newly minted unicorn hopes new-gen cloud-compatible backup/recovery software will replace legacy tech by Dell, Veritas Read More. Investing Storage

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Symantec Adds AWS Hybrid Storage Support to Backup Software

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Latest update includes support for AWS Storage Gateway, latest vSphere Read More. Storage

NHS trust gets Commvault to cut backup times and get set for GDPR

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North Derbyshire hospital trust cuts 70 physical servers to 11 Nutanix hyper-converged nodes, with Commvault replacing multiple backup software products in three-year project

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Gartner's 2016 backup software report: Commvault and Veeam are standouts

Tech Republic Data Center

Findings from a Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant report about backup software include Commvault is ranked on top, Veeam is gaining attention, and the market could be entirely different by 2020

Veeam Quietly Builds ‘$1B Unicorn’ in Backup and Recovery

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Attention continues to flood the software-defined storage space, where backup is a latecomer to data center modernization. Read More. Disaster Recovery Storage Virtualization

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World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery

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World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery. March 31 is the annual world backup day to spotlight awareness around the importance of protecting your data and test your data recovery. The focus of world backup and […]. The post World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery appeared first on StorageIOblog.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication Beta Release v7.4 Features


NAKIVO backup and replication v 7.4 I tried their production version of the software, and it was a pleasant experience to install and use for Hyper-V labs. More details – Video Walk Through of NAKIVO Hyper-V Backup. The post NAKIVO Backup & Replication Beta Release v7.4 HyperV backupbeta version released recently. All Beta program participants who fulfill the program requirements can receive an Amazon gift card. […].

Phoenix NAP Partners with Veeam for Cloud Backup Service

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Veeam Software and Phoenix NAP team up to release Phoenix NAP Cloud Backup for Veeam. Read More. Shared

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Data Migration Strategies: Retiring Non-Production Backup Platforms

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Many companies must maintain a legacy backup software instance in order to continue to access aged content on tape, writes Jim McGann of Index Engines. Using the right backup data migration strategy enables intelligent management and access to relevant data for legal and compliance needs. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder

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World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder It’s that time of year again, World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder. In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Saturday March 31 is World Backup (and recovery day). The annual day is a to remember to make sure you are protecting […] The post World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Azure Backup To Protect Your Data


Proper backup planning will ensure seamless access to in the case of a disaster. While many solutions are available (tape, off premise, etc), Azure Backup provides a solution enabling backups to securely be stored in the cloud. Configuring Azure Backup is quite easy.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Automatic DHCP Server Backup


Like any database, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server also at times may require actions such as backup and restore in the event of hardware failure, software failure, migration or in fault configuration change.

Software-Defined Storage -- Where Are We?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

If you''re involved with virtualization or any form of IT infrastructure, you''re probably paying attention to SDDC (software-defined data center) concepts, as well you should.    To date, we''ve heard much about software-defined storage from EMC, NetApp and HP. 

Asigra evolves backup/recovery to address security, compliance needs

Network World

As backup and recovery products and solutions evolve, they are beginning to intersect with security and compliance. Online backup and recovery software company Asigra has announced a new version of its software that addresses the risks posed by ransomware and non-compliance with Article 17 of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events

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Here is the updated Server StorageIO fall 2016 webinar and event activities covering software defined data center, data infrastructure, virtual, cloud, containers, converged, hyper-converged server, storage, I/O network, performance and data protection among other topics. The post Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Image Backups: Does Time Travel Really Exist?


While time travel has been the stuff of science fiction for just about as long as science fiction has been around, there is (more or less) a form of time travel that is very much science fact – image backups. This is the power that image backups have to offer.

Data Protection Fundamentals Recovery Points (Backup, Snapshots, Versions)

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Cisco patches a critical patch on its software-license manager

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Cisco this week said it patched a “ critical ” patch for its Prime License Manager (PLM) software that would let attackers execute random SQL queries. cop.sgn addressed the SQL vulnerability but caused backup, upgrade and restore problems, and should no longer be used Cisco said. The Cisco Prime License Manager offers enterprise-wide management of user-based licensing, including license fulfillment. RELATED: What IT admins love/hate about 8 top network monitoring tools.

Windows 7 Slipstream Software


An oldie but goodie, this great piece of software integrate updates, drivers, automate Windows and application setup, speedup Windows deployment process and have it all set for the next time. Windows 7 Slipstream Software. Software Tech Blogs Tips and Tricks

Towards A Unified View Of "Software-Defined"

Chuck's Blog - EMC

In one corner of our industry, we have a familiar  discussion regarding hypervisors , or — more precisely — software-defined compute.   In another corner, we have a vigorous debate around software-defined networking. Each team is embracing software-defined concepts. 

Next Generation Hybrid Software Defined Data Infrastructures Are In Your Future #blogtober

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Next Generation Hybrid Software Defined Data Infrastructures Are In Your Future #blogtober A few weeks ago I was invited to present a keynote at the 1st annual Minnesota VMware User Group (VMUG) Super VMUG mega event in Minneapolis titled Next Generation Hybrid Software Defined Data Infrastructures Are In Your Future (download PDF presentation here).

IDG Contributor Network: OwnBackup: Don't rely on SaaS vendors to do their own backup and recovery

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Back when Salesforce and its ilk invented software as a service (SaaS), there was much wailing and gnashing of the teeth about the security around these new, as-yet-unproven approaches to delivering software. Given this fact, you could be forgiven for assuming that there would be no opportunity for a vendor whose core mission is to help users backup their SaaS data.

VMware vSAN 6.6 hyper-converged (HCI) software defined data infrastructure

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hyper-converged (HCI) software defined data infrastructure In case you missed it, VMware announced vSAN v6.6 hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software defined data infrastructure solution. hyper-converged (HCI) software defined data infrastructure appeared first on StorageIOblog. VMware vSAN 6.6 This is the first of a five-part series about VMware vSAN V6.6.

Mick's IT Blogs: How to Backup Multiple Systems to a Single Online.

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How to Backup Multiple Systems to a Single Online Backup Service Account. You might have wondered how to backup multiple computers in your home with a single online backup service. You can setup one system that will act as a repository for your other computers backups. You will be using the Windows 7 Backup and Restore feature to backup to the other system. For instance, I named my folder backup and named the share backups.

Catching Up With Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements

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Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements Time for some catching up with summer 2018 IBM cloudy software defined storage announcements that were made earlier this week. Thus, it is no surprise that it is time for catching up with summer 2018 […] The post Catching Up With Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements appeared first on StorageIOblog.