Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Network World

OVHcloud customers with data in the burned-out data cener who had their own disaster recovery measures in place or who purchased the off-site backup and disaster-recovery services offered by OVHcloud have been able to resume operations.

Backup 163

Secure an unlimited backup storage plan for under £30

Mashable VR

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the G Cloud Mobile Backup Unlimited Storage Plan is on sale for £28.59 Between all the photos, documents, videos, and everything else you keep on your device, your storage centre can fill up pretty quickly.


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Data backup company Acronis secures $250M to expand datacenter footprint

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Mobile Security VB Home Page Acronis category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Drives & Storage data data backup data backup and recovery funding daily recovery

Tape backup as a defense vs. ransomware

Network World

How to choose the best NVMe storage array. Tape is definitely not the best choice for primary recovery, but it does have features that make it a credible option for restoring systems and data that have fallen victim to ransomware without having to pay the ransom.

Backup 122

Object storage in the cloud: Is backup needed?


Curtis Preston explain why block storage in the cloud that is not properly backed up can result in lost data, and while object storage in the cloud is more resilient on Network World : The failure to back up data that is stored in a cloud block-storage service can be lost forever if […]. Read W.

Backup 151

News UK dumps tape for backup with Zadara cloud storage

Computer Weekly

News publishing corporation saves up to 40% on hardware and software costs by switching in-house hardware for a cloud-first policy, using Zadara cloud storage as a backup target

Backup 149

Grab an unlimited backup storage plan for under $40

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Get enough cloud storage for all your documents and photos with the G Cloud Mobile Backup Unlimited Storage Plan , on sale for $39.99 — a 44% discount — as of April 9. This backup plan provides you with — wait for it — unlimited storage.

Top 10 storage and backup stories of 2017

Computer Weekly

In Computer Weekly’s top 10 storage stories of 2017, we tracked key trends such as the continued rise of hyper-converged infrastructure, the emergence of NVMe flash and object storage

Backup 142

WhatsApp is adding encrypted backups

The Verge

WhatsApp will let its more than 2 billion users fully encrypt the backups of their messages, the Facebook-owned app announced Friday. WhatsApp users who opt into encrypted backups will be asked to save a 64-digit encryption key or create a password that is tied to the key.

Healthcare Data Storage and Other Innovations Head to the Cloud


But you don’t control your own healthcare data storage. Although still immature, cloud-based healthcare data storage is an emerging solution with potential to become a market disruptor, according to Gartner Emergence Cycle research. Cloud-based healthcare data storage.

How To Automatically Backup iPhone 11 To iCloud


How important the backup of the iPhone data is? How To Backup iPhone 11 To iCloud. If it is not your style or you are too busy to do such a thing, backup with iCloud instead. Here is the step by step method to backup iPhone 11 to iCloud.

Symantec Adds AWS Hybrid Storage Support to Backup Software

Data Center Knowledge

Latest update includes support for AWS Storage Gateway, latest vSphere Read More. Storage

WhatsApp will have end-to-end encrypted backups, Zuckerberg says

Mashable VR

WhatsApp users on iOS and Android will soon be able to secure their backups to iCloud and Google Drive with end-to-end encryption, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Friday. Assuming, of course, that WhatsApp's implementation of these encrypted backups is free of flaws.

How to Choose a Data Backup Service


Information Technology Blog - - How to Choose a Data Backup Service - Information Technology Blog. New clients, existing customers, employees, and other relevant public of the organization determine a huge chunk of data, some of which is invaluable, and that explains why data backup services are paramount for every company. In choosing the right data backup service to suit your business, there are a variety of things that come into play that you must consider.

Biggest pain in backup is lack of storage capacity, survey finds

Computer Weekly

Ever-growing need for more storage is the biggest problem for backup, followed by administration overheads, poor performance, scalability and multi-supplier complexity

Backup 112

Hot Backup Software


A hot backup, also called a dynamic backup, is a backup performed on data even though it is actively accessible to users and may currently be in a state of being updated. Hot backups can provide a convenient solution in multi-user systems, because they do not require downtime, as does a conventional cold backup. Here are some free and effective hot backup software that may be useful for your environment. EaseUS Todo Backup Free. Uranium Backup.

Dubai-based logistics company automates backup through cloud

Computer Weekly

Cloud backup and storage automation are key to supporting expansion at Middle East logistics company, CWT-SML

Backup 128

Backup and Recovery Startup Rubrik Raises Funds at $1.3B Valuation

Data Center Knowledge

Newly minted unicorn hopes new-gen cloud-compatible backup/recovery software will replace legacy tech by Dell, Veritas Read More. Investing Storage

Backup 159

How to reduce backup costs with energy-smart storage

Data Center Knowledge

With such a big boom in data and storage - learn some best practices around controlling the data, making it much more resilient, and deploying it on disks capable of good energy utilization and high-capacity. Read More. White Papers Imation

Backup 179

Veeam Quietly Builds ‘$1B Unicorn’ in Backup and Recovery

Data Center Knowledge

Attention continues to flood the software-defined storage space, where backup is a latecomer to data center modernization. Disaster Recovery Storage Virtualization Read More.

Backup 180

New Tools Are Simplifying Backup and Replication

Data Center Knowledge

Featured backup Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery replication Storage Virtualization Creating a truly distributed environment isn’t always easy. Fortunately, increased hardware performance and more bandwidth availability make creating such an environment a clear possibility. Bill Kleyman looks at the tools and strategies you''ll need to make it work.

Backup 171

The Hybrid Approach: Rewriting the Rules for Backup Storage

Data Center Knowledge

Learn how new data types drive requirements around every IT infrastructure, and the ability to support SAN & NAS in a single unified hybrid backup solution! Read More. White Papers Imation Nexsan

Backup 163

Commvault joins the hyper-converged backup wave with Hyperscale

Computer Weekly

Hyperscale Software and Hyperscale Appliance bring Commvault backup software in a reference architecture/software product or as a pre-configured server/storage box

Backup 122

Save 62% on an unlimited cloud storage plan from Polar Backup

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The Polar Backup Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage is on sale for £32.36 With the Polar Backup unlimited cloud backup storage, your files will be safe and organised. Save 62% on the Polar Backup Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage.

If You Love Backup, Don’t Hate Object Storage

Data Center Knowledge

Today, though, object storage gives enterprises the desired cost savings and scale-out architecture needed to add more capacity. It used to be that tape, disk, then deduplication solutions best fit your customers. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Backup 160

Snag a whopping 15TB of cloud storage for just $130

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Need more cloud storage? Opt for a lifetime subscription to the Degoo Premium mega backup plan , which is on sale for $129.99 But with the Degoo Premium mega backup plan , you'll have a backup of your most important files and videos.

NetApp Acquires Riverbed’s Backup Appliance Line for $80M

Data Center Knowledge

NetApp says appliance will help enterprises leverage cloud for backup and recovery Read More. Storage netapp riverbed

Backup 163

EMC and Iron Mountain Take Data Backup Underground

Data Center Knowledge

Joint solution will include off-site backup in a former Pennsylvania limestone mine Read More. Data Bunkers Disaster Recovery Iron Mountain Storage

Backup 167

Storage the favourite use case for public cloud customers

Computer Weekly

Despite lingering trust issues, storage and backup are key use cases in the public cloud, says Barracuda survey. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is Europe’s favourite cloud provider

HP Refreshes 3PAR Storage Line

Data Center Knowledge

Gives users ability to mix flash and hard disk drives in one array, improves management and backup software Read More. Hewlett-Packard Storage

HP 183

Law firm rolls out 54TB of NEC Hydrastor NAS as backup target

Computer Weekly

Quislex has cut backup windows by a third and will roll out 700TB of NEC Hydrastor to Hyderabad datacentre to provide a grid of deduplicated storage for backup and archive

Backup 133

Google Is Ending Free Unlimited Photo Storage—Here's What to Do

GizModo VR

If you’ve been taking advantage of Google’s free unlimited storage for pictures and videos in the cloud, that’s no longer going to be possible. Big changes are coming to the way Google Photos stores your photos, and how much the company charges for storing your photos.

Get 10TB of cloud storage for *life* for just $149

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Get enough space for all your files and never worry about losing them with the Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan for $149, a 95% savings as of Aug. In other words: you need a backup. A more convenient and practically mindless solution is cloud storage.

How to free up storage space on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+


When that happens, the phone slows down, and we may see the message saying there is not enough storage space way too often. If you’re wondering how to free up storage space on your Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+, keep reading. Steps to free up storage space on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+.

Cloud backup: Don't rely on your provider alone

David Linthicum

Stay up on best practices and news with InfoWorld's Storage newsletter. ]. You've moved data to the cloud. Now it's time to talk about disaster recovery -- how to build a resilient system that can recover from catastrophic failure. Amazon Web Services, for example, says its S3 service "is designed to deliver flexibility, agility, geo-redundancy, and robust data protection." To IT, that means the system is fault-tolerant, managing the resiliency needs for you. ("Geo-redundancy"

Backup 260

Disaster Recovery & Backup Are Part of Cloud Storage, Not Stand-alone Apps

Data Center Knowledge

It’s time to give up on incrementally improving a broken backup system, and instead move forward toward a new model for data protection. The cloud holds much more potential than a cheap dumping ground for backup and archive data, writes Andres Rodriguez of Nasuni. Industry Perspectives

Google One will backup iOS or Android devices for free

The Verge

Google One, the cloud storage service that Google launched back in 2018, will now backup your iOS or Android phone for free with your Google account. A new storage manager will make it easier to see which files are taking up space. a month for 100GB of storage.

World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery

Storage IO Blog

World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery. March 31 is the annual world backup day to spotlight awareness around the importance of protecting your data and test your data recovery. The focus of world backup and […]. The post World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Backup To The Future?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  It seems there''s never enough performance: no one wants to wait for a backup, let alone an urgent recovery.    The core technologies are changing: witness the emergence of PBBAs (purpose built backup appliances) as well as various forms of snaps and replication.  Today, EMC''s BRS (Backup and Recovery Systems) announced a slew of product enhancements -- quite an inventory.  How EMC Views The Evolving Storage Market. Storage

Backup 111

IT firm gets Scality object storage to boost S3-based offerings

Computer Weekly

Blue Chip deploys Scality Ring object storage on commodity hardware with S3 connectivity to enable new cloud, backup and archiving product offerings at “a few pence a gigabyte

Backup 139

Preparing For World Backup Day 2017 Are You Prepared

Storage IO Blog

Preparing For World Backup Day 2017 Are You Prepared In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Friday March 31 is World Backup (and recovery day). While the […] The post Preparing For World Backup Day 2017 Are You Prepared appeared first on StorageIOblog. The annual day is a to remember to make sure you are protecting your applications, data, information, configuration settings as well as data infrastructures.

World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder

Storage IO Blog

World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder It’s that time of year again, World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder. In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Saturday March 31 is World Backup (and recovery day). The annual day is a to remember to make sure you are protecting […] The post World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder appeared first on StorageIOblog.

What to do when there’s not enough storage space on Samsung Galaxy S20 5G


One of the issues that can pop up on any device, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ 5G included, is not enough storage space. Not enough storage space on Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – ways to fix it. Find the app, tap on it, tap Storage, and finally, tap Clear cache. Backup and delete.