CIOs Help Banks Prepare For The End Of The World

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CIOs at banks have a great deal to worry about. As though this wasn’t bad enough, every bank is connected to every other bank. What this means is that if something bad happened to a connected bank, then your bank could also suffer. banking and financial system.

PSD2 Security Requirements Are Restricting Fintech Innovation

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I have recently released a new report looking at the second phase of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and its security requirements along with my colleagues Jacob Morgan and Andras Cser. Banks need to comply with […].

Financial Conduct Authority concerned about cyber security of banks

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The FCA expresses concern about the cyber security of banks after 9,000 Tesco Bank customers lost £2.5m in fraudulent transactions

Lloyds Bank launches technologies to improve and secure customer services

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Lloyds Bank is investing in the latest technologies to provide customers with convenient and secure banking services

Lax perimeter security exposes bank to hacker extortion attempt

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Failure to follow standard network security best practice has exposed a Californian investment bank to cyber criminals’ demands

Consumers trust banks more than government for biometric security

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UK citizens think banks are the best organisations to provide biometric authentication for payments

Tesco Bank theft shows need to take cyber security more seriously

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Tesco Bank compromise should act as a wake up call to UK businesses to take cyber security more seriously, say security experts

Dutch banks and ISPs behind in domain security

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Dutch banks are falling behind organisations in other sectors when it comes to securing domains

Hackers Breach 400,000 UniCredit Bank Accounts for Data

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Cyberattacks on corporations and banks are accelerating. SecurityRead More.

Wells Fargo’s CIO Drops The Ball

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If you were the CIO of a major bank responsible for the importance of information technology, what do you think that your #1 job responsibility would be? Over at the major American bank, Wells Fargo, their CIO has just dropped the ball and their IT systems were down for two days.

Russian banks hit by IoT-enabled DDoS attacks

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DDoS attacks on Russian banks have been linked to IoT botnets, further confirming this worrying trend and highlighting the need for IoT suppliers to improve security capabilties

Barclays Bank stops offering Kaspersky software to new users

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Bank is no longer offering customers Kaspersky anti-virus software after UK security agency issues warning

What CIOs Can Learn From Bank of America’s Trip Into The Cloud

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Bank Of America is slowly moving into the cloud Image Credit: Mike Mozart. Just imagine if you were David Rilly, chief technology officer at Bank of America. Let’s face it, if you were the person with the CIO job at a major American bank, then you would have a lot going on.

Westpac bank launches Databank data protection service

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Australia's Westpac bank is offering organisations that share customer data a service that it says securely locks down personal information

Securing data provides Canadian online bank rapid path to new credit card business

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Explore how compliance, data security technology, and banking innovation come together to support a digital business success story

World Bank and GSA Discuss Data Center Optimization and Consolidation 9 June


Join Frank Butler of The World Bank and Dan Pomeroy of the GSA on 9 June at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner for a discussion of how they and their teams optimized and consolidated their data centers, resulting in increased efficiency and lower costs. Frank Butler will kick off the discussion by describing how the World Bank optimized and consolidated their data centers, resulting in significant savings for the organization. Charles Hall.

Barclays to use voice recognition for phone banking

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Retail bank says technology will provide secure verification by recognising the unique characteristics of each person’s voice

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Mobile banking: Is it worth the security risk?

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There are upsides and downsides to banking via text. Jack Wallen highlights the security-centric cost of text-based banking

Security Think Tank: Data integrity breaches – the challenge facing banks

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What type of organisation is likely to be targeted by data integrity breaches and how best can they detect and mitigate such attacks

Bank of America lowers security – removes one time passwords at payee add/change

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With the latest change to the BofA online banking bill pay service (which added all sorts of unnecessary and distracting icons and ugly fonts), the bank decided to remove the one time password two factor authentication (OTP 2FA) requirement to force the customer to perform a one time password based step-up authentication before allowing the […

Banks forced to be open about major security and operational incidents

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New FCA rules aim to give consumers more information about current accounts beyond interest rates and charges

Cyber security comes down to culture, say Dutch security experts

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IT security can no longer be seen as just a technical matter. People, education and management matter too, but culture is the overarching and binding element, says security executive at Dutch bank

How Should CIOs Handle More Cybersecurity Regulations?

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It turns out that regulators have been watching us and they now think that securing the company is important enough that they are starting to create regulations in this area. to require banks to formalize their cybersecurity program.

Why CIOs Should Care About Two Factor Authentication

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As everyone in the CIO position knows, keeping the company’s systems and applications secure is a top priority and has a lot to do with the importance of information technology. However, this security service is generally not activated by default.

Update On The Megatrend of Cybersecurity


Experienced professionals know how to mitigate risks in ways that reduce risks, but what is sometimes missing is support from the most senior executive and/or peers to the security leadership. If the executive team does not really care, the security program will be sub-optimized.

To beat Bloomberg, Symphony is letting banks’ bots talk with each other


Symphony, a secure messaging app for financial industry that also lets bots at different institutions talk to each other and settle trades looks to take on Bloomberg the behemoth of financial trading. Here is a messaging App which has specifically made for the financial industry. However, the CEO of Symphony explained that the company’s goal as […]. CTO News

How Blockchain Disruption Will Affect The Banking And Finance Sector


Information Technology Blog - - How Blockchain Disruption Will Affect The Banking And Finance Sector - Information Technology Blog. One of the industries where this technology has already proved to be useful is the banking and financial sector.

IBM deploys machine learning to bolster online banking security program

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The new feature looks for anomalies between legitimate users’ normal mouse gestures and those of the current user, and over time refines the accuracy of its analysis, says Brooke Satti Charles, Financial Crime Prevention Strategist for IBM Security. That analysis creates a risk score that banks can use to decide whether an ongoing transaction is fraudulent and trigger an alert.

Russian criminals use VoIP to crack bank and e-commerce accounts

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According to security consultancy Flashpoint, call-back safeguards commonly used by banks and other financial institutions are now being by-passed using private VoIP. Private VoIP services are becoming increasingly popular with cyber criminals, particularly those based in Russia. Flashpoint has identified three services that are already being abused to help criminals circumvent call-back

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Cloud banking apps offer both risks and rewards

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Banks are increasingly issuing warnings to users of banking aggregators such as Personal Capital and Intuit's under the guise of security risks, but that's not the whole story

Embrace a Passwordless Approach to Improve Security


Easy-to-guess and reused legacy passwords are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks and, by themselves, do not provide proper security for sensitive systems and confidential information. For organizations, there’s no longer a need to store passwords, leading to better security, fewer breaches and lower support costs. Security and identity and access management (IAM) leaders can implement a passwordless approach in two ways.

Security requires long haul planning

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It also complicates many aspects of data security for any enterprises doing business across the Atlantic Ocean. This recent ruling highlights the value of having a strong security partner shepherding your enterprise through these types of perturbations.

Information security key to digital era business models

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Security will become increasingly important as industries seek to collaborate and use each other’s capabilities to enable new business models, with the banking sector leading the way

A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety


Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed. The basis behind defense-in-depth is to deploy redundant layers of security products to defeat every part the cyber kill chain. Conceptually the new security stack is a hardware-based virtual enclave.

5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Increase Data Security


Most small businesses hold customer credit card information on file and maintain electronic employee records, as well as manage their banking online. Business data is more than propriety information. And a breach of this data disrupts basic operations and damages your reputation not to mention probably costing you thousands of dollars. Symantec, in fact, recently released […].