Banks Have A Variety Of Islamic Banking Platforms To Choose From

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The World Bank explains Islamic finance as "equity-based, asset-backed, ethical, sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible finance." In previous Forrester research, we have described many of the core principles of Islamic banking: limitations on interest, certain contractual considerations, and the prevention of gambling -- which limits many of the speculative aspects of financial services. Islamic banking. banking. banking platform transformation.

Mobile Banking Apps Take Center Stage As Australians Embrace Digital Banking

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How we bank has also changed dramatically. With social distancing rules and […]. It’s mid-July 2020, and the world is a very different place than it was six and a half months ago!


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Social Engineering and Phishing


Social engineering is one of the most problematic attack techniques to combat. User education is most effective at stopping a social engineer. Users who are aware of the potential for social engineering attacks and learn to recognize them can use simple methods to thwart these attacks successfully. Phishing is a type of social engineering that’s executed through unsolicited email messages. Notice that the email message looks as if it came from the user’s bank.

Research: The acceleration of Australian banks’ use of social media

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Financial services is one of the most industries in which the use of social media is the most relevant, not least because customer service is a critical differentiator between highly commoditized offerings. While financial services and banking were traditionally highly relationship-based, the shift to online has significantly eroded those relationships. CBA and NAB reply more often, but Westpac is using retweet more than any other bank.

COVID-19 in the Numbers: Transformation Leadership Needed in Banking, Travel, and Higher Ed

Social, Agile and Transformation

Every business in every industry needs to look at itself in the mirror and decide who they want to be when they emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown. That is if they come out of it. The world's changed.

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In 2021, Banks Must Sustain The Digital Momentum

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Each year, many consumers vow to change their behavior come January 1, resolving to cut down on social media, eat more healthily, sort out their finances, or — for those in lockdown — go for a […]. Banking Digital TransformationWe’re hitting the end of January.

CIOs And The Problem Of Social Engineering

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Social engineering is how the bad guys get employees to say too much Image Credit: Alexandre Formagio. These days they use a more sophisticated attack: social engineering. What Is Social Engineering? How Can A CIO Counter Social Engineering?

A new wave of cyber attacks targets the Middle East’s banks

Computer Weekly

Hot on the heels of the Qatar National Bank breach comes a campaign employing advanced social engineering techniques

China’s central bank bans cryptocurrency transactions to avoid ‘risks’

The Verge

The People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, said Friday that cryptocurrency transactions are illegal, saying such currencies “do not have legal tender status” and therefore “cannot be circulated as currency in the market.”. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Social Engineering Leads to Robinhood Breach

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The company says an unauthorized third party socially engineered a customer support employee while talking on the phone, obtaining access to some customer support systems. The popular trading app Robinhood has just been hit with a major data breach affecting millions of its users.

Cyren: 300% rise in phishing attacks on bank customers

Venture Beast

Phishers use both emails and text messages to collect credit card information, social security numbers, and home addresses. Read More. Data Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security phishing phishing attacks scam

3 Top Things to Know About Social Engineering

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On a recent SecureWorld Sessions podcast episode, Social Engineering: Hacking Humans , host Bruce Sussman spoke with Christopher Hadnagy, an entrepreneur and author of five books about social engineering and hacking the human. 1 How do you define social engineering?

5 Emotions Used in Social Engineering Attacks [with Examples]

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Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick learned early on to use emotion to manipulate and socially engineer his targets. At the time, his targets were typically sysadmins, and the social engineering started with a phone call.

How Can I Divest From Fossil Fuels?

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Welcome to Burning Questions, a series where Earther answers the most common asks we get on how to address climate change. Many people want to do something, anything to help address the climate crisis. We answer your questions about how to help change your life—and the systems that will save us.

7 safety rules in social networks


Now, in the era of the Internet, it’s hard to imagine a person who does not use at least one of the social networks. Social networks are used by everyone – both young and old. In addition to ordinary people who want to find friends or coworkers, in Internet there is a huge number of hackers, scammers and thieves, who wish to warm their hands on inattentiveness of social resource users. Treat social networks with the utmost care. Security Social Networkin

For Gen Z, bank accounts and cash are out, mobile wallets are in

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Even as the US government is moving cautiously to regulate and adopt cryptocurrency, new surveys are showing that the use of traditional financial services, such as bank accounts and cash, is already waning — especially among youngr customers. A survey released last week by global payment platform provider Thunes shed light on the shopping, social media, and money-handling habits of so-called “Zoomers" — the Genz generation born in the mid- to late-1990s.

Mastermind: Social Engineering, BEC Attacks, Millions in Cash and Crypto

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Then he led a wealthy bank customer scheme that involved the use of stolen Personally Identifiable Information (Pii) and in-person bank visits. Business email compromise scheme and social engineering. million USD) to a bank account controlled by Alaumary and his co-conspirators.

WhatsApp’s new payments system stalls in Brazil

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Brazil's central bank suspended a newly launched payments system allowing WhatsApp users to send money to friends and businesses via chats. Business Commerce Mobile Social category-/Finance/Banking Facebook Facebook Pay WhatsApp WhatsApp Pay

Facebook's Crypto Project Is Officially Dead

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On Monday, an outside investment firm, Silvergate Bank, confirmed it was buying $182 million worth of Diem assets from the tech giant, marking the end of a long-coming—and pretty tumultuous—exit. Facebook’s long-term stablecoin project, Diem, is finally shutting down.

Elodie Games raises $32.5M to build crossplay co-op games

Venture Beast

million to build cross-play social games that run across the PC, mobile devices, and consoles. GamesBeat Mobile PC Gaming category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Strategy Games Christina Norman David Banks DeanBeat mobile Elodie Riot Games

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Cybersecurity firm says social media bots hyped GameStop during trading frenzy

The Verge

A cybersecurity firm found that bots were promoting GameStop stock on social media before and after the stock’s frenzied rise last month, Reuters reported. Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge.

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When Ideas Mate: Plotting the Convergence of Social, Cloud and Mobile in the Healthcare Space


” While these three fast-paced technologies (social, cloud and mobile) are themselves children of many years of progress, they are here to stay, evolve and generate much needed changes in our healthcare system. While the above are just a few examples of the headway we have made as an industry, in general, healthcare has been slow to drive towards the eye of this storm, which is the intersection of mobile, social and cloud. You can not be anti-social anymore.

Microsoft reports investments in banks, funds and other programs supporting Black-owned companies


Microsoft reports that it has reached its goal of committing $100 million to mission-driven banks, which provide capital to diverse communities. Thousands of people take part in a Black Lives Matter protest march in Seattle in June 2020. GeekWire Photo / Monica Nickelsburg).

Wells Fargo’s CIO Drops The Ball

The Accidental Successful CIO

If you were the CIO of a major bank responsible for the importance of information technology, what do you think that your #1 job responsibility would be? If you are guessing “keep the bank’s systems secure” then good news, you’d be close, but you’d still be missing the point. It turns out that a bank’s CIO’s most important job is ensuring that the people who have trusted the bank with their money are able to both see and access it.

Target gig workers are getting their bank accounts drained by hackers

The Verge

Scammers are hacking into the accounts of Target gig workers and draining their bank accounts, Motherboard reports. According to Motherboard , the company has retaliated against workers who complained about app changes and pay on social media

Insights into effective social media policies

Trends in the Living Networks

Last week I was part of a panel on the SkyBusiness Technology Behind Business program discussing corporate social media policies, comprised of Peter Williams of Deloitte, Adrienne Unkovitch of Workplace Guardian, and myself. Example of Commonwealth Bank which introduced social media policies that impinged on staff’s personal rights, and quickly reversed them based on the response. Deloitte actively encourages staff to use social networks. Social media Web 2.0

El Salvador to Give Every Citizen $30 in Bitcoin for Downloading Govt Crypto App

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bitcoin el salvador payment systems draftbitcoin beach cryptography cryptocurrencies bitcoin law economics of bitcoin economy of el salvador dollar bank digital currencies social issues nayib bukele money laborEl Salvador will give every adult citizen $30 in bitcoin, provided they download and register the government’s cryptocurrency app, known as Chivo, according to President Nayib Bukele. Read more.

Rethinking Sustainability In The Middle Of A Pandemic

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Fires raged across Australia for almost 80 days; a locust plague has ravaged East Africa; the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our way of living; social unrest and racial discord erupted in the United States and spread to other countries. Some people would call 2020 “biblical.”

Integrating social media into cross-channel customer relationships

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NICE Systems’ history is in providing voice recording and analytics to companies with many customer interactions, such as banks and telcos, for customer services and security. The critical ‘single customer view’ becomes more difficult yet ever more important as new channels such as chat, mobile apps, and a variety of social media are added to existing customer communication channels. These challenges are far more difficult when social media becomes part of the mix.

Riveter CEO and husband dispute FBI’s seizure of their bank accounts in AWS kickback investigation


In a new court filing, lawyers for Seattle entrepreneur Amy Nelson and her husband contend that her salary and earnings are being unfairly held by the government as part of the FBI’s seizure last year of more than $892,000 from their bank accounts. BigStock Photo / DeepPixel.

60 Minutes shows Amazon’s virus-killing robot; says company uses AI to enforce social distancing


Amazon is developing a robot that would roll through grocery stores and distribution centers, using banks of ultraviolet light to kill viruses on surfaces. Amazon says it uses its vast camera system for contact tracing and to try to enforce social distancing.

Social 109

From cybersecurity to social justice, Rubica CEO Frances Dewing is an agent of unexpected change


I’ve always had a social justice kind of pull.”. I often say that I want Rubica to be a platform for social change,” Dewing said, as much as a business selling cybersecurity. Current location: I’m currently typing this while sitting on the bank of the Snoqualmie River.

People Who Work from Home Should Pay a New Tax, Economists Suggest

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On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced increased social distancing for my home state of New York as covid-19 infections explode all over the country. how about no work from home deutsche bank tax taxes ubi

The potential massive social impact of gamification for weight loss and savings

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As such, we certainly need to apply what is being learned in the field of gamification, particularly its social aspects, to see how it can help positively change behaviors. While promoting video games might sound like a way to grow couch potatoes, UnitedHealth and several other major insurers are using concepts behind popular video games to promote wellness, encourage exercise and boost social interactions between people — and ultimately improve health outcomes and lower costs.

CIOs Want To Know: How Do Phishing Attacks Happen?

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As the person with the CIO position, you need to understand that in order to attack your company’s network, the bad guys use a mix of technology, patience, and social engineering techniques. When the bad guys go after a bank, because of the importance of information technology it is the responsibility of the Bank’s CIO to keep the bank’s networks and electronic assets safe. To stop a phishing attack, you need to know how they work Image Credit: Pankaj Kaushal.

Cruise is using food bank deliveries as cover to run tests?that may violate stay-home orders, drivers say

The Verge

In late April, Cruise announced that it would be redeploying some of its autonomous vehicles to help make deliveries for a pair of food banks in San Francisco. But in accordance with social distancing guidelines, one AVTO now sits in the back passenger seat. (It’s

Business Today: Interview on how business can use social media

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Companies are networks working in a networked world - social networks are invaluable tools for them both internally and externally. Companies in different industries will use social media tools in different ways depending on their priorities e.g. banks and telecoms for customer service, professional firms for internal networking etc. * Social media Technology trends Web 2.0

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APAC Countries Look To Strengthen Sustainable Finance Regulations

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In APAC, vast political, economic, and social differences among countries pose an impact on sustainable finance regulations. Age of the Customer Asia Pacific Banking financial services Insurance Sustainability Sustainable finance Wealth Management

.Net 52

6 critical issues: Why the super injunction story represents a major social turning point

Trends in the Living Networks

This is one of those seemingly small incidents on which major social turning points hinge. Their excesses led to what were probably at the time reasonable laws to limit negative social impact from their activities. That is far clearer in the case of former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Sir Fred Goodwin, who used a super injunction to hide his affair with a senior colleague while one of the world’s largest banks slid towards bankruptcy.

Lloyds TSB pilots social media - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

» Lloyds TSB pilots social media Ross Dawson, February 26, 2008 7:30 PM US PT James Gardner, head of innovation at Lloyds TSB, writes consistently on his blog Bankervision , disclosing some of the key issues involved in innovating in a major bank. In a recent post New ways of collaborating at the bank , James writes about how Lloyds TSB is piloting social media such as blogs.

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IRS warns consumers and businesses of common scams during tax season

Tech Republic Security

In one type of phishing attack described by the IRS, scammers pose as IRS workers to try to coax employees into sharing social security numbers or bank account details.

Junior Geek of the Month: Mona Li empowered girls in high school and seeks similar path in college


Bank of America recognized that leadership this past summer by selecting Li as one of hundreds of Student Leaders for 2021, a program that helps prepare young people to enter the workforce through hands-on skill- building and leadership development.

Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Online Identity Theft

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The personal data that can be stolen includes passwords, credit card numbers, bank information, usernames, health ID, social security number and similar information