Open Source Technologies Provide Cloud-Ready Big Data Control

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If you''re working with big data, it''s time to look at some powerful, cloud-ready, open-source technologies. Bill Kleyman looks at eight technology projects that can help make sense of the explosion of data. Big Data Cloud Computing Big data cloud open source

Using Open Source Solutions for Cloud-Ready Big Data Management

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Open source big data management can help rein in today''s massive and massively distributed volume of data. Big Data Cloud Computing Big data cloud open source Read More.

NGA Continues To Engage With Open Source Community Via GitHub


They are: geoevents: The GeoEvents project is a dynamic and customizable open source web presence that provides a common operational picture to consolidate activities, manage content, and provides a single point of discovery. By Bob Gourley.

NGA and DigitalGlobe Release Powerful Application To Community Under Open Source License


For those readers who may not be very familiar with how government works, let me assure you, this is a really big deal. -bg. From NGA''s Press Release: NGA, DigitalGlobe application a boon to raster data storage, processing. By Bob Gourley.

NSA Releases A New Technology to Open Source Community


On 25 November NSA announced the release of an new technology called Niagarafiles or NiFi that enterprises can use to automate data flows among multiple computer networks. Here is their press release : NSA Releases First in Series of Software Products to Open Source Community.

Pivotal Open Sources Entire Big Data Suite

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Big Data Featured Partners with Hortonworks, unveils industry group formed around enterprise Hadoop Read More.

Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf on the topic of Big Data


In the video below and at this link , Datameer's CEO Stefan Groschupf highlights the evolving nature of the Big Data landscape, drawing historical parallels and lessons worth thinking through. For more information and context on data in the enterprise read Stefan Groschupf's blog here.

Deck and resources: Open Source + Microsoft Azure

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Thank you to those who attended my webcast event on Open Source + Microsoft Azure last week. It was a great opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the broad support that's available on the Azure cloud platform for Open Source software solutions! In this article, I'm providing a copy of the deck we used for our session, as well as a set of additional resources that may be helpful in your continued learning and preparation around Open Source scenarios with Azure.

Big data and open-source cloud technology help Gulf Air pin down customer sentiment

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Big data engine that performs sentiment analysis on both Arabic and English textual data helps airline to understand and react rapidly to customer preferences

Linux Foundation and ODPi Promise Open Source Hadoop Big Data Standard

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Organizations developing open source standards platform for Hadoop and other big data applications, called ODPi Core Read More. Shared

PredictionIO Gets $2.5M for Open Source Machine Learning

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Startup by serial entrepreneurs brings open source machine learning server to the masses Read More. Big Data

(Part 4) Open Source + Microsoft Azure - Implementing Big Data Solutions with Hadoop on Microsoft Azure

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Keith Mayer and Tommy Patterson are back for part 4 of their series on " Open Source + Azure " and today they show us how to implement Big Data Solutions using Hadoop on Azure. [ 2:30 ] Let’s talk about Big Data solutions on Azure. Microsoft Azure Platform Azure Open Source Big Data Windows Azure Data

Security for Big Data Designs: Examining best practices with security architect Eddie Garcia


On Tuesday, January 27, 2015 CTOvision publisher and Cognitio Corp co-founder Bob Gourley hosted an event for federal big data professionals. The breakfast event focused on security for big data designs and featured the highly regarded security architect Eddie Garcia.

Open Source or Open Architecture? Big Data Needs Both

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Big Data platforms are growing more popular by the day. However, it is important to keep in mind that we're early in the lifecycle of this technology, and tomorrow's platforms could look dramatically different from what we have today. Read More. Industry Perspectives

RethinkDB’s Open Source NoSQL Now Production-Ready

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Massively popular on github with an active open source community, RethinkDB 2.0 Big Data Internet of Things is the first production-ready and commercially supported release. Read More.

Al-Qaeda Innovations Correlated To Unauthorized Disclosures By Snowden: Independent Verification Through Open Source Intelligence


Analysts can use Recorded Future to visualize information in multiple intuitive ways that can help draw out insights from an incredible array of sources. Analysis Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Al-Qaeda Edward Snowden National Security Agency snowden

Why is IoT Popular? Because of Open Source, Big Data, Security and SDN

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If you think the IoT is a new thing, think again. Read More. Internet of Things Shared

Learn Big Data Design Patterns in 11 Dec 2014 Webinar


The partnership between Intel Corporation and Cloudera announced in 2014 enabled a closer coordination of engineering and development activities between the two firms and has resulted in more capabilities being placed into the core open source Apache Hadoop framework plus improved capabilities being made available in technologies fielded by Intel and available to enterprises today.

Which Government, Non-Profit and NGO Have Big Data/CDH Lessons Learned To Share?


If you are in or know people in government, non-profits or NGO’s that have leveraged Hadoop in service to missions please nominate them for recognition as part of the 2014 Data Impact Awards presented by Cloudera. 2014 Data Impact Awards. By Bob Gourley.

The Radiant Group Acquires HumanGeo to Advance Data Analytics and Open Source Capabilities


a premier provider of technical solutions and services to the Federal Government, announced today that it has acquired The Human Geo Group, LLC, a data analytics and software development company, for cash and stock. This acquisition will enhance The Radiant Group's technology offerings by adding HumanGeo's state of the art technology in the area of mission focused data analytics, high-end technical services and unparalleled technical staff to strengthen our customer base offerings.

Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions.

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Big Data. Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Complementing our ongoing standards work, we are pleased to make NVMKV and the Linux Demand Paging Extension available to the open source community, as Fusion-io continues to add uncommon value to common standards.”. Fusion-io Sets the Stage for the All-Flash Data Center. Modular Data Centers.

How open source helps startups get a big data boost

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Ad startup Bidtellect is punching well above its weight thanks to open source big data tools

Alluxio: Open Source Tech Making Baidu’s Data Centers Faster

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Asia-Pacific Big Data Blades Cloud Computing Featured Silicon Valley StorageTechnology born at a UC Berkeley research lab is revolutionizing the way hyperscale storage works Read More.

Open Source NoSQL Database Firm Couchbase Raises $60M

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Big Data Investing Two new investors join the round, which brings total size of the anti-Oracle firm''s war chest to $115 million Read More.

Big Data = Dropping the Big One?


Eminent network scientist Laszlo Barabasi recently penned an op-ed calling on fellow scientists to spearhead the ethical use of big data. Frustrated Harvard Business Review blogger Andrew McAfee recently called on pundits to “stop sounding ignorant about big data.”

Intel Launches Hadoop-Powered Big Data Platform

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Expanding its investment in a growing a big data portfolio Intel (INTC) launched the Intel Data Platform, a software suite based on open source technologies designed to make it easier and faster for companies to move from big data to big discoveries.

Intel 225

Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case


The term “Big Data” has become synonymous with this evolution. But still, many of our customers continue to ask, “What is Big Data?”, “What are its use cases?”, What is Big Data? To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternative way to process it.”

A New Way To Search


News Apache Solr Big Data LucidWorks Open Source By Katie Kennedy. The visual below features the rapidly rising search platform Apache Solr. The graphic visualizes its growth, where it is used most and who is using it. Solr might just give Google a run for their money.

Alluxio: A virtual distributed storage system orders of magnitude faster than others


The world's first memory-centric distributed storage system bridges applications and underlying storage systems providing unified data access orders of magnitudes faster than existing solutions. Open source software is critical to the modern enterprise software landscape.

Ascent Index: Big Data

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Big data is a hot topic, especially here in Massachusetts – arguably the Big Data capital of the world with 12,000 people employed in big data jobs in more than 100 companies across the state, an unmatched talent pool from top universities, and home to EMC Corp.

Pivotal CEO Hints At Big Shift In Their Hadoop Offerings


VentureBeat and GigaOm are both reporting that Pivotal will be announcing some big shifts in their Hadoop and other related offerings (recall that Pivotal is the firm spun off from EMC and VMware and has GE as a major investor). Will MapR be the Next Big Data IPO?

MapR Adds Support for Drill, Open Source Version of Google’s Dremel

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Big Data Latest MapR 4.0.1 release supports Drill, updated Spark, HBase, Hadoop 2.4, YARN Read More.

Big Data in the Clouds with Hortonworks and Microsoft Azure

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Product Manager at Hortonworks joins Keith Mayer as they discuss how Hortonworks can help with your Big Data and Hadoop needs. Tune in as they provide us with an in-depth demo of their solutions and learn how you can get started on the Hortonworks Data Platform. [ Microsoft Azure Platform SQL Server Azure Open Source Big Data Business Intelligence SQL Apache Cordova BI Windows Azure Partners PartnerRohit Bakhshi, Sr.

NGA joins GitHub, offers code to help disaster response


If they can do open source, any agency can. We built GeoQ on all open-source frameworks to make it easily shareable with our mission and response partners. Analysis Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Government Open Source GitHub NGA Programming Source code

What Do CIOs Need To Know About Hadoop?

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In order to perform Big Data operations, you need the right type of database. Hadoop is an open source database for dealing with big data that CIOs are getting excited over.