Information Security Budgets: More Money and More Staff, But Growth Finally Slowing


For 2017, staffing and budget numbers will increase yet again, but spending on staff training is flat, headcount growth rates are declining, and current levels of budget growth may not be sustainable. Security Staffing and Budget Increases.

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Call to Action: Pounding the Table for Security Budgets

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Training has to be performed to help folks understand that keeping the most sophisticated hackers out may be impossible , so we need to assume they are in and act accordingly.

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Top 4 Tips to Spend Your Cybersecurity Budget in 2017


If you really want to make sure that you’re spending your cybersecurity budget wisely in 2017, you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind. Regular Network Scans and Your Cybersecurity Budget. Training, Training, Training.

CIOs Need To Change How Their Department Deals With Sexual Harassment

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This means that you are going to have to make sure that everyone in your department gets trained on sexual harassment correctly. It’s not like the companies where the sexual harassers are being discovered didn’t have sexual harassment training programs.

Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson: GovCloud Predicitons for 2011

Cloud Musings

Pressure to reduce budget, pressure to manage I resources better and the political pressure of the next presidential election will combine to accelerate adoption. Lack of a final 2011 Federal budget will make cloud computing one of the few viable options for executing new IT programs next year. Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson. Personal comments and insight on cloud computing related technologies and their use in the public sector to support net-centric operations. Pages.

Vivek Kundra - State of Public Sector Cloud Computing

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Last week Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra release his report on the “State of Public Sector Cloud Computing” The report not only details Federal budget guidance issued to agencies to foster the adoption of cloud computing, but it also describes 30 illustrative case studies at the Federal, state and local government level. Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson.

Tackling Total Cost of Ownership

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Training. Guest post by Sean Sell. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is intended to determine the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating, and changing something.

Big Data, People and the SMB

Eric D. Brown

The larger organizations have the money to address most of the big data requirements while small and midsized organizations haven’t found any budget to kick off big data initiatives.

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Europe: NCTA CloudMASTER® Hotspot

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Competition, cooperation, solidarity", covering economic, social and regional issues with a specific focus on the European budget, intra-EU solidarity, agriculture, cohesion policy, economic governance, and energy policy.

3 dumb mistakes that will kill your cloud initiative

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Consulting, training, cloud instances used for testing, and even money to fix screw-ups are absolute requirements -- so budget for them. You can find lots of studies that show the cloud is growing by leaps and bounds in the enterprise. That's not surprising. What is surprising are some of the dumb mistakes being made that are killing cloud progress. Let's look at a few of my top 10. Cloud mistake No. 1: Lack of funding. This is so high in my screw-up-o-meter!

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Information Risk: How APIs are Making Security Governance Easier


By standing-up APIs for common security services, such as authentication and encryption, firms help their developers to incorporate security functionality into their applications without additional security training. Some members buy a single API with Information Security’s budget.

- A Tech Thanksgiving

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billion measure to extend that line by 34 miles over the next 20 years. • A $167 million fire facility levy which, although strapped for cash in times of rising costs, has already seen us build a new state-of-the-high-tech-art emergency operations center and fire alarm center , a new fireboat and a joint training facility. budget government operations NATOA seattle channel Seattle City Light Seattle Fire Dept Seattle Public Library Technology Thanksgiving

Unconventional Metrics for IT Applications Portfolio Investment


And what separates the good from bad investment decisions in the applications budget is economic insight. The best teams identify and target training at influencers who will more likely share their lessons learned with their peers.

A VC’s Notes from SaaStr 2018

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Finding amazing people that can up-level your organization is key to hitting your budget, so now may be the time to crank up recruiting. As an early stage enterprise tech investor, I was excited to go back to SaaStr Annual this year.

Best Places by the numbers: Top 10 rankings and more

ComputerWorld IT Management

On the employer side, we list the top 10 organizations for benefits and other categories, as well as average IT bonuses, training budgets and more across all 100 employers. Computerworld 's annual Best Places to Work in IT list showcases the top 100 U.S. workplaces for technology professionals. Here we've gathered some highlights from the 2017 report.

Connect with Perficient at #Kscope18

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Perficient’s Oracle consultants are certified to deliver the official Oracle course curriculum to customers via onsite training classes. We will review details of the MDACC solution design that supports rolling forecast, target setting at higher levels, and bottoms-up annual operating budgets.

The Future Is Here: IT Education Is Important in the Digital Era and Here Are 5 Things You Should Know


Trello, Friday, Asana… ranging from free and paid solutions, there is something suitable for every budget size and preferences. IT training will help you recognize and avoid these common threats.

B2B IT Forum: How Cybersecurity is being handled today and a look ahead

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Security does need to have a bigger piece of the IT budget, however this is not a problem companies can spend their way out of, said Morrison who estimates that IT security represents about four to six percent of the overall IT budget at an average company.

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Open Web Application Security Project Releases CISO Survey Report


Security awareness and training is the biggest challenge and most important priority for CISOs going forward into 2014 (more critical than tools, testing or budget). As we hear from a number of CISOs about difficulties acquiring an adequate budget, it appears that having a 2-year security strategy improves your chances for getting or increasing your security budget/investments.

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IDG Contributor Network: Components of modern hacking operations

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Today’s hacking operations are well-organized and developed by well-funded teams of highly trained adversaries who have diverse experiences and backgrounds. In fact, attack planning is handled like a business operation and includes hiring plans, budgets and timelines. During my conversations with security executives, a topic that consistently comes up is what, exactly, constitutes a modern hacking operation.

Lord of the Metrics

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Provide technology consulting, training, and planning services. Employ, train, and deploy staff required to provide these services. Project budget – Approved estimated budget vs actual and % completion. Every organization is looking at understanding IT performance. As a department, IT should be vigilant at applying information processing capabilities that benefit the business.

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Measuring CIO Performance

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Training. Training and Development. As a part of the development plan, necessary training shall be identified. Measurement – Provide opportunities and encourage staff to participate in training to enhance their skill set. GOAL – Identify and provide the necessary resources and support for the training efforts. Measurement – Provide budget for staff technical training. Measurement – Budget and schedule. Technical training.

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Using the Internet to Get Your Business Back on Track


There are also plenty of handy apps available that can help manage daily productivity and keep track of finances and budget. Access valuable staff training. The final suggestion is to go online to access valuable staff training.

5 lessons that CIOs learned in 2017

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Lesson #1: Cybersecurity needs a larger portion of your IT budget (and focus). Dedicate more of your IT budget to cybersecurity. Going into 2018, it’s now a necessity to devote a larger portion of IT budgets to network security expenses,” explains Douglas. “At

5 enterprise web application development trends to watch in 2018

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In other cases, the developers lack the proper security training. As explained below, this will bring changes in priorities and training budgets. Summary: As digital technologies transform the business landscape, web development becomes increasingly important.

Get data-driven insights into the IT jobs market!

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Additionally, a sampling of Best Places to Work profiles gives an inside look at some of the top employers in the region, including details about key benefits such as paid time off and training budget per IT employee. Computerworld is pleased to offer six new regional IT jobs reports for purchase.

Low-Code Development 101: Understanding the Basics

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Business should care about low-code simply due to the business agility required in a fast shifting tech landscape where we do not have time to hire, train and retain developers to help manage emerging processes within the environment,” says Max Aulakh, CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform. “A

Business Process Automation 101: Understanding the Basics

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Manual Reporting and Budgeting This distributor relied on multiple systems–not all of which communicated with each other. This created a month-long budgeting process and a reporting process that required 8 hours per week (across multiple people).

US Navy CNO’s Navigation Plan 2014-2018: Warfighting first. Operate forward. Be ready.


More importantly, he ties this “to-do” list to his budget submission, giving his rational for how he is distributing his resources. By ChrisScott The Chief of Naval Operations recently released the Navy’s Navigation Plan for 2014-2018 (find it here ).

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Going 100% SaaS: Deploying and Operating


BAs work closely with the business function users to identify requirements, configure the system and provide training and support. PMs also manage the Budget. This is the second post in this series. For the first see: Going 100% SaaS. As I mentioned before, SAAS is not just a software product, but also a service. In addition, due to the fact that the product is constantly enhanced and upgraded, it requires more active management than a traditional COTS product.

The Digital Transformation Checklist (Part 1)

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If you can make room for it in the budget, bring in a consultant to help walk your team members through the process of undergoing a digital transformation. What can you do if you identify a talent gap, but don’t have the budget to bring in more talent or hire consultants?

Are electronic medical records worth it?

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On the government side, the Obama administration’s proposed fiscal 2017 budget seeks additional funding for the long overdue HIPAA compliance audit program and a variety of other health data privacy and security efforts.

What Should CIOs Do About Their Shadow IT Department?

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I mean, you control the budget for your department and everyone in the department works for you so it makes sense that if you don’t fund it, then it’s not going to happen. We also pay for a great deal of training of our staff on what they should and should not do.

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