How Agile Planning can Boost Digital Business Transformation

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The simple answer is, following scrum ceremonies and focusing on scaling rituals isn't going to achieve agile mindsets, culture, and transformation. agile planning agile software development DevOps digital transformation innovation leadership organizational change product management

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Driving an Agile and DevOps Culture that Delivers Business Transformation

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Thanks to the team at All Day DevOps for giving me the opportunity to speak about this critical topic on the intersection of agile, devops, culture and business transformation. about me agile planning agile software development cio DevOps digital transformation innovation leadership organizational change software qa

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How Powerful Force Multipliers can Accelerate Digital Business Transformation

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I use the word in digital transformation when the intersection of culture, process, and technology creates an accelerant for organizations pursuing their vision statements and digital strategies.

DevOps: From Unicorns to Mainstream

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As organizations transition, DevOps, formally the purview of unicorns, is now transitioning to mainstream. DevOps, which started as a grassroots approach by development organizations who were looking to extend their agile practices to support the faster deployment of code, has become business as usual across the whole organization. DevOps Moving Mainstream. DevOps.

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DevOps has reached critical mass, CIOs need to get on board

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DevOps is one of the most powerful weapons that CIOs have in their arsenal. DevOps unites the entire enterprise in delivering business transformation with superior customer experience. In order to unlock the promise of DevOps, CIOs must lead the call for cultural change. DevOps has become this imperative, and CIOs must act now. DevOps. Agile Automation CIO DevOps collaboration

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DevOps Has Reached “Escape Velocity”, CIO’s Need To Get Onboard!

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In an era where velocity and agility are driving technology management organizations over simple cost reduction, every business must constantly evolve to drive business differentiation. Leveraging practices such as Lean and Agile, smaller changes, automated pipelines and product centric teams, DevOps is transitioning from unicorns and small projects to company-wide initiatives. DevOps. business agility. Agile BizDevOps CIO DevOps DevOps2.0

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Velocity with quality mandates a model based approach to ARA tools and DevOps

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DevOps velocity mandates change velocity. Enterprises today are focusing on delivering applications faster to drive customer experiences and drive business transformation to meet rising expectations. The automation of the process known as Application Release Automation (ARA) is one of the critical impediments in the DevOps journey for I&O organizations today. DevOps.

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Master The Cloud-Native Solution Ecosystem Of Container Software

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They have quickly become an important element of digital business transformation for EA pros because they promise faster software delivery, tremendous scale, higher resiliency, greater flexibility, and broader implementation options. DevOps. Container DevOps Enterprise Architecture IaaS PaaS cloud

Driving Digital in the News!

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Long time readers of Social, Agile, and Transformation know that I've recommended going on vacations to help clear the mind and having fun as a key tenet of your organization's culture. So before I sign off for some end-of-summer time off, I'd like to update you on the latest news around my book, Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology. First, about me cio DevOps digital transformation in the news innovation media and publishing

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Driving Digital is now an Amazon Best Seller

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One year ago my book Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology published and I officially launched my business StarCIO. about me agile data agile planning AI big data cio citizen development data management data scientist DevOps digital transformation organizational change product managementTwo years ago I was just coming out of my last CIO role and started my new role as a consultant.

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Why YOU Should be Driving Digital!

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On August 24th, my book Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology will be available! The book covers some of the themes that I've covered here on Social, Agile, and Transformation including agile management, DevOps, architecture, portfolio management, data science, product management, and. You probably guessed that I would eventually author a book.

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Twelve Things I Learned from One Year After Publishing Driving Digital

Social, Agile and Transformation

I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology. Since then, it's been a wonderful year of speaking, writing, advising and consulting on everything tied to digital transformation from strategy to agile, devops, data governance, low code, AI, product development and other related topics. about me cio digital transformation it management leadership organizational change

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Playbook for stockpiling AI talent: Buy, borrow, build


Read Clint Boulton explain how you can go about building your artificial intelligence infrastructure on CIO : Many IT leaders will tell you hiring tech talent is right up there with culture change as a chief hurdle to business transformation. Finding enough software engineers, Scrum masters, DevOps leaders and other potential change agents remains a […].


Links for Feb 16 2014

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Three mathematical innovations to transform mobile data and analytics | IBM Mobile. Quote : Thus big data analytics in a mobile enterprise is not just about the marriage of efficient data processing and deep insights; it is about delivering the right business value at the right time for the business in motion. Data scientists are busy building smarter algorithms and machines toward this dream as we read this post. Cloud, DevOps and Herding Cats : CloudAve.

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