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DevOps Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Migration


It’s now common for enterprises to move software to the cloud as part of their digital transformation. Upgrading from traditional, on-site solutions to the cloud offers many benefits, but it also adds risk. After all, migrating enterprise systems can be quite complex. In the cloud this includes using IaC.

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The impact of 5G and cloud on telco capex and opex

TM Forum

The rise in CSPs moving services to the cloud has exacerbated this trend as the spending they make with cloud service providers is on a usage basis in an as-a-service model. The same is true of some of the cloud-native software that CSPs now regard as essential for moving to a techco model. High capex costs.

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Nokia, Telenor invest to address new enterprise security threats

TM Forum

As 5G and B2B services for vertical industries start to take deeper root, Nokia and Telenor are among the companies launching new initiatives to protect enterprise systems from emerging security threats. a new security software joint venture. Nokia’s initiative is. an end-to-end 5G cybersecurity lab in the US.

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Unlocking Enterprise systems using voice

All Things Distributed

All of these benefits make voice a game changer for interacting with all kinds of digital systems. When we released Amazon Alexa, our intelligent, cloud-based voice service, we built its voice technology on the AWS Natural Language Processing platform powered by ML algorithms.

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Digital Agility Gets a Boost with Identity Management


(A version of this Blog originally published on Auth0 Blogs ) Apps are becoming componentized and API-based to facilitate reuse and agility; Identity management cloud services will help. "In However, the reality is that the logical topology surrounding your IAM system will always be dynamic and distributed — plan for it.

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What current service operation investment says about CSPs’ strategies

TM Forum

Let’s take the example of a service model that the telecoms industry doesn’t currently support: mobile cloud VR gaming (this is a mode of service model that I would have been skeptical about producing genuine revenues until fairly recently, but it has suddenly been thrown into the light because of the prospect of the Metaverse).

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Top 10 Transformational Impacts of the Cloud in 2013

Cloud Musings

Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Personal comments and insight on cloud computing related technologies and their use in the public sector to support net-centric operations. Cloud Musings on Forbes. NJVC Cloud Computing. Get "Cloud Musings" by RSS. Top 10 Transformational Impacts of the Cloud in 2013. CHANTILLY, Va.,

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