Taking enterprise databases to your cloud

David Linthicum

Many data sets are being relocated to the cloud, and now those charged with moving the workloads and data must consider their options. InfoWorld explains: What is cloud-native? Get started: Azure cloud migration guide. Tutorial: Get started with Google Cloud.

For cloud support, enterprises should consider DIY

David Linthicum

I’m not an ASE-certified mechanic, in case you were wondering. [ Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure? 11 ways Google Cloud beats AWS. • 11 ways AWS beats Azure and Google Cloud.

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Anthos Ups Google’s Enterprise Efforts

Forrester IT

(With Dave Bartoletti and John Rymer) The biggest announcement out of the Google Cloud Next conference in early April was the general availability of its Cloud Services Platform but with a new brand name: Anthos.

The Mission Critical Cloud: Designing an Enterprise Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

As more organizations adopt enterprise cloud, it's become even more important to support the critical apps sitting on top. Now, find out the key considerations when designing your mission-critical enterprise cloud. Cloud Computing Featured cloud enterprise cloudRead More.

3 emerging cloud technologies for enterprise

David Linthicum

Enterprises are paying a lot more attention to the cloud these days—particularly to Amazon Web Services, which still leads the thinking in the public cloud. AWS’s Re:Invent conference is next month, and I expect to see three new types of cloud offerings emerge that will be of strong interest to enterprise. Policy-based cloud resource governance.

Enterprise Architecture Enables Digital Innovation


In 2011, Gartner predicted that within 10 years, the majority of global enterprises would support enterprise architecture (EA) as a distinct discipline that is integral to business planning. “A traditional EA approach that focuses on technical and solution architecture is no longer enough to meet the needs of today’s enterprises,” says Saul Brand , Senior Director Analyst, Gartner. Traditionally, EA led strategy execution activities for the enterprise.

Public Cloud Drives Enterprise Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Knowledge

New breed of enterprise software and cloud capabilities force companies to rethink infrastructure strategy Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Consolidation Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured

Enterprise Cloud Security Startup Skyhigh Raises $40M

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Enterprise Investing SecurityShare price indicates a down round, but CEO begs to differ Read More.

Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing Comes Of Age As The Foundation For Enterprise Digital Transformation

Forrester IT

Last year, Forrester predicted that cloud computing would radically accelerate enterprise transformation everywhere. After a decade of powering small and medium business success — and giving disruptive companies the tools and technologies they needed to compete head on with the world’s largest firms — cloud was poised to drive significant enterprise change in the very firms being […]. cloud computing cloud storage predictions 2019 workload management promoted

Enterprises are still spending on data centers. What gives?

David Linthicum

Synergy Research Group’s review of enterprise IT spending during the last 10 years shows that “annual spending on cloud infrastructure services has gone from virtually zero to almost $100 billion.” However, “enterprise spending on data center hardware and software has been stagnant through much of the decade.” Also on InfoWorld: Tiny clouds taking on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud ].

Enterprises accelerate spending on cloud but don't cut costs for data centers. What gives?

David Linthicum

Synergy Research Group’s review of enterprise IT spending during the last 10 years shows that “annual spending on cloud infrastructure services has gone from virtually zero to almost $100 billion.” However, “enterprise spending on data center hardware and software has been stagnant through much of the decade.” Also on InfoWorld: How cloud-native technologies defeat cloud lock-in ].

Enterprise Guide to Multi-Cloud Adoption

Information Week

Here's a collection of information to help IT leaders and professionals learn more about multi-cloud adoption for their enterprise organizations

The 3 dumbest things enterprises do in the cloud

David Linthicum

I tell my enterprise clients that every week. Here are three of the dumbest mistakes I’m now seeing enterprises make in the cloud efforts. Working with data in the cloud requires new thinking. InfoWorld shows you the way: How Cosmos DB ensures data consistency in the global cloud. Stay up on the cloud with InfoWorld’s Cloud Computing Report newsletter. ]. 1: Keeping the data on premises but the compute in the cloud.

Enterprises Put More Data Infrastructure in the Cloud

Information Week

More enterprises are putting their data operations in the cloud, a trend that will continue as AI, machine learning, and other analytics efforts accelerate

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Is the Cloud Secure?


Cloud security breaches consistently make news headlines. The ambiguity that surrounds cloud computing can make securing the enterprise seem daunting. Concerns about security have led some CIOs to limit their organizational use of public cloud services. However, the challenge exists not in the security of the cloud itself, but in the policies and technologies for security and control of the technology. to “Am I using the cloud securely?”

IBM aims at hybrid cloud, enterprise security

Network World

IBM is taking aim at the challenging concept of securely locking-down company applications and data spread across multiple private and public clouds and on-premises locations.

IBM 84

The Top 10 Cloud Myths


Myths continue to plague cloud computing. These misconceptions can slow enterprises down, impede innovation and stoke fear. Although cloud computing has become much more mainstream in the last five years, some of the myths that circulated during its advent still persist today.

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Here’s Google’s Plan for Calming Enterprise Cloud Anxiety

Data Center Knowledge

Google’s cloud customers will have the option to submit themselves to the level of operational rigor Google submits itself to. Cloud Computing Downtime Enterprise GoogleRead More.

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The cloud could drive open source out of the enterprise

David Linthicum

For a decade, there’s a question that just won’t go away: Is the cloud killing open source? Open source software has been the backbone of enterprise platforms for a long time—remember the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl? But consuming open source software via the cloud could change open source’s enterprise footprint. [ Keep up with the latest developments in cloud computing with InfoWorld's Cloud Computing newsletter. ].

Creating Your Enterprise Cloud Connectivity Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

As you add public cloud services into your corporate IT toolbox, cloud providers offer direct private links from your data center to their clouds Read More. Cloud Computing Connectivity Enterprise Featured cloud data center

Cloud spending is outpacing cloud cost governance

David Linthicum

Enterprises across the globe dished out a record $107 billion for cloud computing infrastructure services in 2019. This is not surprising given that public cloud usage is up. However, at the same time enterprise IT has no idea how much the bills will be, nor how to place guardrails around public cloud spending. The solution is cloud cost governance, which most enterprises are not employing today.

It’s hangover time for enterprise cloud computing

David Linthicum

Now that enterprises have done serious work in the cloud, they’re a bit unhappy with their cloud technology providers. According to a recent report by 451 Research, three quarters of organizations are willing to pay a premium for enhanced services from their cloud technology providers. It turns out that migrations are not so easy, and service levels aren’t what they expect.

Why enterprises need a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-cloud – the latter requires careful network planning


Read why Kurt Marko says it is necessary to make a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-clouds on Diginomica : As commonly used, the term ‘multi-cloud’ doesn’t imply anything about a user’s application architecture.

Cloud misconfigurations are a new risk for the enterprise

Tech Republic Security

Cybersecurity is an imperfect science, similar to infectious disease control, according to McAfee CTO

Enterprises urged to embrace public cloud after latest technology innovations

Computer Weekly

Due to the latest technology innovations in public cloud by the major providers, IDC has underlined the importance of this infrastructure

Microsoft accuses public cloud rivals of overlooking enterprise

Computer Weekly

Software giant talks up its enterprise credentials and heritage, while taking a swipe at its public cloud competitors

Gartner highlights gap between enterprise cloud adoption expectations and reality

Computer Weekly

Market watcher claims enterprise aspirations around cloud adoption are not being met

Reports: VMware, AWS Join Forces in Battle for Enterprise Cloud Market

Data Center Knowledge

Given their respective dominance in enterprise data center software and cloud, the deal would give Microsoft and Google much to think about. Amazon Cloud Computing Deals Enterprise VMwareRead More.

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Uptime: Cloud Gives Many Enterprise Data Centers New Lease on Life

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing EnterpriseWhile they’re not building new data centers, many companies are upgrading existing ones Read More.

Survey: Enterprises Plan to Spend More on Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Despite worries that cloud will replace enterprise data centers, IT budgets are growing Read More. Cloud Computing colocation Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured

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The transformation to the virtual cloud enterprise, principles

IT Toolbox

The transformation to the virtual cloud enterprise, steps. The transformation to the virtual cloud enterprise, steps (i). continuing from.

Yes, the cloud is replacing enterprise hardware and software

David Linthicum

The trend is clear: The more public cloud services that are sold, the more traditional enterprise hardware and software vendors shrink. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Cloud computing I''ve been making this accretion prediction for years. However, until recently, it''s not been readily apparent. Now it is. read more.

Use The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2019 To Guide Your Health Cloud Selection

Forrester IT

Health systems are increasingly turning to cloud vendors to secure and analyze data, with the end goal of pushing novel insights back to the bedside. Just this year alone we’ve seen major healthcare organizations (HCOs) partner with public cloud vendors to bring AI to the point of care.

Key enterprise cloud trends for 2019


Read James Kobielus list the top enterprise cloud trends for 2019 on Infoworld : Cloud computing has become the principal paradigm for enterprise applications. As businesses modernize their computing and networking architectures, cloud-native architectures are the principal target environments. As 2019 approaches, it’s clear that the trend toward all-encompassing cloud computing is not slowing down.

Predictions 2019 Update: Cloud Computing Soars To New Heights

Forrester IT

At the end of 2018, Forrester’s cloud team made some bold predictions about how cloud computing would accelerate enterprise digital transformation everywhere, from the data center to the mobile device to the edge.

Cloud 192