Why Windows 10 Needs a Cloud-Ready Network


Read Nils Ullmann explain why any system running on Windows 10 needs a cloud-ready network on Computer Business Review : Digitalisation is a double-edged sword for many companies. On the […].

The CIO’s Guide to Distributed Cloud


Organizations that hesitate to commit to a total migration to the public cloud model use a combination — or hybrid — of private-cloud-inspired and public cloud styles of computing. Read more: 4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption in 2020. What is distributed cloud?

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Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


The problem I have with these statements is that every network engineer I know segments their network more than just at the subnet level and their segmentation is not limited to just north-south traffic. This is something you can’t do with static network ACLs at layer 2.

Blockchain can help enterprises improve multi-cloud network management


A study last year reported that 81 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy, and a majority have a hybrid of private and public clouds. That’s a significant number of companies struggling to manage complex existing networks and multiple clouds as well as the associated security strains. Blockchain technology may still be the new […]. CTO News

Why enterprises need a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-cloud – the latter requires careful network planning


Read why Kurt Marko says it is necessary to make a distinction between multiple clouds and multi-clouds on Diginomica : As commonly used, the term ‘multi-cloud’ doesn’t imply anything about a user’s application architecture.

Why CISOs Need Cloud to Secure the Network


Martha is not only exposing critical data to unknown networks while using WiFi services in public spaces, she is also exposing her company's network to possible threat exposures through external websites. In a modern cloud-centric digital business, the need to access information anywhere and everywhere is a top priority. Read more: 6 Steps for Planing a Cloud Strategy. Include network security services when building the IT architecture of the organization.

Cloud culture calls for flexible networks

Computer Weekly

Cloud-based workloads demand more flexibility, so how can businesses rethink their WAN strategies to accommodate this

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Improving Distributed Analytics and Private Cloud Through Enhanced Networking


This is particularly true with regard to network adapters, where little attention is paid beyond the advertised bandwidth (1/10/25/50/40/100 Gbps) and connection medium (Fiber, Copper, etc.). In contrast, the parallel (multi-core) and distributed (multi-server/multi-location) nature of today’s applications and datacenters puts tremendous importance on a server’s networking components. CTO network adapters performance private cloud ServersMarty Meehan.

How IBM Q Network taps partners to advance quantum computing

Venture Beast

As the IBM Q Network has attracted 106 members, one executive said it's time for executives to get involved in quantum computing. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science Google IBM IBM Q Network quantum computing

IBM 100

As the networks evolve enterprises need to rethink network security

Network World

Data and applications are at the hub of new business models, and data needs to travel across the extended network at increasingly high speeds without interruption. Networks are faster than ever before, more agile and software-driven. Digital innovation is disrupting businesses.

AI cybersecurity startup Elisity raises $7.5 million to protect networks from attack with AI

Venture Beast

million to further develop its tools that protect networks from AI-driven attacks. Cybersecurity startup Elisity emerged from stealth with $7.5 Read More.

Skyhigh Networks: CASB Security


Skyhigh is a leader in CASB, and are known for their focus on making cloud services safe for the enterprise while meeting security, compliance and government requirements. Skyhigh is now part of McAfee. Smart move there McAfee!

VMware Unveils Virtual Network Functions Delivered as Cloud Services

Data Center Knowledge

Rolls out 30 virtual network services for telcos on its vCloud platform Read More. Cloud Computing Networking VMware

Vmware 181

Cisco’s Tail-f Tech Automates Equinix’s Cloud Network

Data Center Knowledge

Takes manual network provisioning out of multi-cloud setup process Read More. Cisco Cloud Computing colocation Connectivity Equinix Networking

5 Hot network-automation startups to watch

Network World

With the combined challenges of tight IT budgets and scarcer technical talent, it’s becoming imperative for enterprise network pros to embrace automation of processes and the way infrastructure responds to changing network traffic.

NS1 raises $40 million to automate enterprise networking tasks

Venture Beast

NS1, a company developing a networking automation platform for enterprises, has raised $40 million to bolster growth amid the pandemic. Read More.

Cloud-Based UC Cost Factors - Network Operations

IT Toolbox

As this series continues, I’ll be taking things further in terms of breaking down specific areas where there will be cost implications when choosing cloud-based UC. Based on my ongoing research, this analysis is necessary given how easy it is for decision-makers to assume that the cloud will

Pros and cons of cloud storage


Read Neal Weinberg explain the pros and cons of cloud storage on Network World : Everything seems to be moving to the cloud these days, so what about storage? Is […].

How Enterprise Cloud and Virtual Networking are Changing the Telco Market

Data Center Knowledge

New technologies and growing cloud market present new opportunities and new problems for service providers Read More. Cloud Computing Connectivity Enterprise Featured Networking Technology

Cloud, AI and security driving network monitoring industry

Computer Weekly

We explore the latest developments and trends in enterprise network monitoring and management

Network Issues Cause Amazon Cloud Outage

Data Center Knowledge

There was another Amazon cloud outage this morning as the oldest AWS cloud computing region stuttered, reminding folks that if you heavily rely on that the US-EAST region, it''s good to have contingency plans. Cloud Computing

3 Actions for Cloud Providers to Support Customers Through COVID-19


Is the public cloud model scalable? D o public cloud providers maintain excess capacity to rapidly deploy new services? At the same time as COVID-19 has pushed cloud to the spotlight, it has put providers in a unique position to reassure customers of their strength and adaptability.

CyCognito raises $30 million for a bot network that probes potential attack vectors

Venture Beast

CyCognito, a company developing bot network technology to probe potential cyberattack vectors, has raised $30 in venture capital. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Security bots cyber cybersecurity CyCognito funding daily networking

TuSimple plans autonomous truck network backed by UPS

Venture Beast

TuSimple announced the launch of a nationwide -- and eventually global -- autonomous freight network that might someday transport goods in 48 U.S. states. Read More.

Neutron’s role evolves in OpenStack networks

Computer Weekly

We examine the progress of Neutron, OpenStack’s cloud networking module

Vodafone selects Mirantis for network virtualisation programme

Computer Weekly

Mobile network operator will use managed OpenStack based on Mirantis’ open cloud platform as part of its network virtualisation programme

Raspberry Pi is your new private cloud

David Linthicum

Although I wouldn’t pay $50 to $100 for a pie to eat, the idea is to provide a very capable computer, with a small footprint, with built-in networking, running open source software, at a price that hobbyists, as well as professionals, can afford.

Big Switch Unifies Physical and Virtual Networks for OpenStack

Data Center Knowledge

Big Cloud Fabric 3.0 provides single pane of glass for network management Read More. Cloud Computing Networking Technology Virtualization

Finally, the Cure for Finger Pointing: Cloud and Network Monitoring

Data Center Knowledge

Without a truly robust cloud and network monitoring solution, monitoring your environment is challenging. Register for this webinar and learn the key concepts behind creating a robust cloud and networking monitoring platform. Cloud Computing Networking White Papers cloud monitoring kaseya whitepaper

Hands-On with Eastwind Networks’ Active Breach Detection


Recently, at Cognitio Labs , we had the opportunity to test out some new technology from an innovative cyber security solution provider, Eastwind Networks. Eastwind Networks is one of a handful of companies pioneering enterprise ready, active breach detection capabilities. The assumption behind active breach detection is that it is no longer possible to keep every threat out of your network. Adam Gerhart.

Navigating the Data Center Networking Landscape

Data Center Knowledge

With so many new options to create a powerful network ecosystem; learn how to better navigate the entire data center networking landscape. Networking cloud data center networkingRead More.

Oracle Network Fabric Gets OpenStack Neutron Plugin

Data Center Knowledge

SDN fabric called Virtual Network now supports OpenStack Read More. Cloud Computing Networking Oracle openstack sdn

Oracle 160

UK helps dismantle Avalanche global cyber network

Computer Weekly

The UK's National Crime Agency has contributed to the takedown of a cloud-based cyber crime network in a collaborative law enforcement operation involving 30 countries

Network address-based security: How to implement better controls

Tech Republic Security

Traditional network address-based security controls aren't as effective for the cloud or internal networks. Here's what to do about these security issues

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OpenStack Network Startup PlumGrid Becomes Foundation Sponsor

Data Center Knowledge

After many contributions to open source project, virtual networking firm makes it official Read More. Cloud Computing Networking Virtualization

Bayshore Networks: Cloud- and on-premises-based IoT cybersecurity technology for industrial enterprises


With this post we are initiating coverage of Bayshore Networks in our IoT Companies category. Traditionally used for Operational Technology (OT), this industrial equipment is being increasingly managed by IT networks, introducing a new layer of complexity. Research Team.

Juniper Networks to Acquire Cloud Monitoring Firm AppFormix

Data Center Knowledge

Deals Ankur Singla AppFormix Contrail Intel RDT juniper networks Kubernetes NFV OpenContrail sdn Sumeet Singh workload orchestrationIf Juniper and AppFormix work as well as one unit as they did as a pair of partnered firms, the modernization of data center architectures may have just gotten a much-needed shot in the arm. Read More.

Creating Cloud Optimization with Network Intelligence

Data Center Knowledge

With more cloud computing and a lot more demand from the modern business - learn how to create direct cloud optimization through network intelligence. White Papers noction

Microsoft to offer cloud users private network connections to UK datacentres

Computer Weekly

Software giant Microsoft expands on UK datacentre launch to give users private network access to its facilities

Understanding Cloud Computing for Your Business


Over the last decade, cloud computing has gone from being a buzzword to an essential component of web technology. In fact, the market for cloud computing solutions grew a staggering 21% in 2015 and promises to continue growing at a similar pace over the next five years. Carol M.

Cloud 344

Cloud AI is like nuclear power

David Linthicum

In a recent speech, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai called for new regulations in the world of AI, with the obvious focus that AI has been commoditized by cloud computing. Pichai highlighted the dangers posed by technologies such as facial recognition and “deepfakes,” in which an existing image or video of a person is replaced with someone else’s likeness using artificial neural networks.

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IIX Unveils SaaS Platform for Data Center Network Interconnection

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Connectivity Networking SaaS TechnologyLaunches subsidiary Console as pure-play SaaS company for global interconnection Read More.

Enterprise Networking in a Cloud World

Cloud Musings

Enterprises must rethink network management in the cloud computing world. This new reality is driven by the rise of software defined networking , the virtualization of everything and a business imperative to create and deploy even newer information delivery models.