Pivotal opens up Cloud Foundry to open source fights

David Linthicum

Pivotal spun out the Cloud Foundry Foundation last week, marking another instance where a commercial effort turns into an open source play. Cloud Computing Open Source Software The Industry Standard PaaS Open Source Software It''ll be interesting see how this move works, given that both OpenStack and Red Hat''s OpenShift PaaS platforms are aimed at the same users. There are three hurdles for the CFF to get past: read more.

Microsoft Joins Hot Open Source PaaS Project Cloud Foundry

Data Center Knowledge

The once notoriously anti-open source company has realized it's making tons of money in the cloud thanks to open source software. Cloud Design Microsoft Open SourceRead More.

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The cloud could drive open source out of the enterprise

David Linthicum

For a decade, there’s a question that just won’t go away: Is the cloud killing open source? Open source software has been the backbone of enterprise platforms for a long time—remember the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl? But consuming open source software via the cloud could change open source’s enterprise footprint. [ Free’ open source is not cheaper.

Deck and resources: Open Source + Microsoft Azure

IT Pros Rock!

Thank you to those who attended my webcast event on Open Source + Microsoft Azure last week. It was a great opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the broad support that's available on the Azure cloud platform for Open Source software solutions! Deck: Open Source + Microsoft Azure. Cloud-to-Cloud: Migrate Linux VMs from Amazon AWS to Microsoft Azure. VM Depot Open Source Linux Images for Azure.

Open source helps Schiphol fly to multi-clouds

Computer Weekly

Amsterdam airport Schiphol is utilising open source software to create and use a multi-cloud platform with an open API

Top Open Source Software Challenges for 2017

Data Center Knowledge

Open source software is thriving, but it faces challenges related to cloud computing, IoT, corporate control, software forks and more. Read More. Shared

NGA and DigitalGlobe Release Powerful Application To Community Under Open Source License


MapReduce Geo, or MrGeo , is a geospatial toolkit designed to provide raster-based geospatial capabilities performable at scale by leveraging the power and functionality of cloud-based architecture. The software use, modification, and distribution rights are stipulated within the Apache 2.0

Open-sourced Technology Levels the Playing Field Between Tech Giants and Startups


The contest between proprietary technology and open source has been ongoing for a decade.Today, some of the most premium technology is open-sourced and free. Even Google's highly prized Borg software is becoming open-sourced.

Linux Foundation: Open Source is Eating the Software World

Data Center Knowledge

OpenStack Summit: Competent management of open source software is a new must for modern enterprises Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise

Cloud-Native And Open Source Enterprise Transformation Stole The Show At SpringOne

Forrester IT

This wasn’t a show about open source disrupting a proprietary technology stack — it was a celebration of how open source and new ways of building software are helping large, global enterprises transform into [… The annual SpringOne event, held in D.C. a few weeks back, was full of exciting, detailed, and compelling stories of enterprise transformation.

Locked in by choice: why the city of Rome is championing open source software

Computer Weekly

The city of Rome is advocating a move from Microsoft to open source. Councillor Flavia Marzano explains why cloud computing has not ended the open source debate

Red Hat Buys Open Source Data Center Software Firm Ansible

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Deals InfrastructureStartup’s technology to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration through Red Hat’s CloudForms portal Read More.

Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions.

Data Center Knowledge

Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Atomic writes are used in the popular MySQL databases for streamlining the software stack by replacing the need to write twice to maintain atomicty, or database ACID compliance. Cloud Computing. Featured Cloud Articles. Planning for a Cloud-Ready Distributed Storage Infrastructure. About DCK. Advertise.

Anthos Ups Google’s Enterprise Efforts

Forrester IT

(With Dave Bartoletti and John Rymer) The biggest announcement out of the Google Cloud Next conference in early April was the general availability of its Cloud Services Platform but with a new brand name: Anthos.

Top 5 things to know about open source and the cloud

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloud software is impeding open source software companies from making a profit. Tom Merritt explains the five things you need to know about open source and the cloud

5 open source alternatives for routing/firewall

Network World

Economical and flexible Open source software offers an economical and flexible option for deploying basic home, SMB or even enterprise networking. These products can be downloaded and deployed on your own hardware, on a virtual platform, or in the cloud.

4 years on, OpenStack still can't get in the door

David Linthicum

Cloud Computing Open Source Software OpenStack With all the attention heaped on OpenStack , there''s a profound issue that can''t be ignored, as read more.

OpenStack flags edge computing as ‘surprise’ emerging use case for open source cloud tech

Computer Weekly

OpenStack Foundation executive director, Jonathan Bryce, admits to being caught on the back-foot by the growing number of enterprises using its software to build edge computing environments

SwiftStack Gets $16M to Make Open Source Software-Defined Storage Easy for Enterprises

Data Center Knowledge

Based on OpenStack Swift, the startup''s platform uses software to pool disparate storage resources across multiple data centers into a single centrally-managed object store Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise Featured Storage

Happy birthday, OpenStack -- but don't get too comfortable

David Linthicum

The open source cloud computing software project OpenStack turned three years old last week, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Cloud Computing Data Center Open Source Software OpenStack Amazon Web Services Open Source Software Cloud computing Data Center OpenStack has come a long way since its launch, with contributions from Rackspace, NASA, Intel, and other groups.

Nexenta Announces Availability of Open Source Software Defined Storage Platform NexentaEdge

Data Center Knowledge

At the Vancouver OpenStack summit software-defined storage company Nexenta announced the general availability of its NexentaEdge Block and Object Storage platform and a strategic alliance with Canonical and its Ubuntu OpenStack. Cloud Computing Enterprise Storage nexenta software defined storage

Bosch And SAP Agree A Strategic Internet Of Things (IoT) Partnership To Facilitate Data Orchestration

Forrester IT

I recently attended an event at which Bosch and SAP announced a major partnership to more closely align their respective cloud and software expertise around the industrial internet of things. Bosch Software Innovation. Open Source. open standards.

SAP 194

The Radiant Group Acquires HumanGeo to Advance Data Analytics and Open Source Capabilities


a premier provider of technical solutions and services to the Federal Government, announced today that it has acquired The Human Geo Group, LLC, a data analytics and software development company, for cash and stock. HumanGeo provides advanced data analytics and agile software development services to more than a dozen organizations across defense, intelligence, and commercial markets. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up.".

Review: 5 open source alternatives for routers/firewalls

Network World

Open source software offers an economical and flexible option for deploying basic home, SMB or even enterprise networking. These open source products deliver simple routing and networking features, like DHCP and DNS. These products can be downloaded and deployed on your own hardware, on a virtual platform, or in the cloud.

5 open source security tools too good to ignore

Network World

Open source is a wonderful thing. A significant chunk of today’s enterprise IT and personal technology depends on open source software. But even while open source software is widely used in networking, operating systems, and virtualization, enterprise security platforms still tend to be proprietary and vendor-locked.

IBM Acquires Red Hat, Gains a Competitive Edge

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software. With this price tag comes a clear indication of the importance cloud services play in digital transformation. It changes everything about the cloud market.

IBM 56

The Open Cloud

Eric D. Brown

One of the areas that is receiving a lot of interest from friends and clients is the idea of using the open cloud for projects. There are many misconceptions of the open cloud. Image Credit: Cloud passing by.

Pivotal CEO Hints At Big Shift In Their Hadoop Offerings


GigaOm reported that Pivotal will be open sourcing much of its proprietary offering. GigaOm concludes that: Whatever happens with Pivotal’s technology, it’s not shocking that the company would decide to take the open source path. By Michael Johnson.

Alluxio: A virtual distributed storage system orders of magnitude faster than others


Open source software is critical to the modern enterprise software landscape. Alluxio is open source under the Apache license, and we are committed to maintaining this model. Big Data Companies Apache Hadoop Cloud Computing Open Source

NGA joins GitHub, offers code to help disaster response


If they can do open source, any agency can. We built GeoQ on all open-source frameworks to make it easily shareable with our mission and response partners. This allows them to integrate the software into their own visual display systems,” said Bauer.

Four Attributes of Openness in Modern Communications


By Prayson Pate Openness is one of the most-cited advantages of cloud-based applications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). In this context, what does open really mean? A Beginning of Openness – Documented and Supported.

An Interview with Curt Beckmann of Brocade


Curt is extremely influential in the Open Networking Foundation and spends a lot of time working with groups creating new, more agile network standards. One value he sees in using hosted cloud services is gaining evolutionary steps in software and hardware, without having to pay for upgrades.

IDF 2014: Open Source Storage Optimizations

Scott Lowe

This is a liveblog of IDF 2014 session DATS009, titled “Ceph: Open Source Storage Software Optimizations on Intel Architecture for Cloud Workloads.” For “cloud workloads” (no additional context/information provided to qualify what a cloud workload is), distributed storage solutions may be a good fit. This brings Chagam to a discussion of where Intel is specifically contributing back to open source storage solutions with Ceph.

IBM Fills Gaps with Red Hat, Also Creates Internal Competition

Perficient - Digital Transformation

But what about the perspective of the software developer, architect, or IT leader who has to make decisions about which capabilities to leverage from these, now potentially competing, software offerings? That being said, I haven’t seen much focus on the overlap between the two software portfolios. This is a common problem with acquisitions and will not be anything new for enterprise software customers. Hybrid Cloud: IBM Cloud vs OpenShift.

IBM 53

Capital One CIO: We're a Software Company

Information Week

Capital One CIO Rob Alexander has transformed his organization from an IT shop into a software company with Agile development, public cloud, new talent, open source technology, and machine learning