Best Training Methods for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry today, is a goldmine of opportunities. The global pharmaceutical market was estimated at approximately $935 billion in 2017 and is bound to reach $1170 billion by 2021. This is why employee training in the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the major pillars of its success. This blog talks about training method for employees of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry employs millions of people.

Teva Pharmaceuticals turns to cloud HR as it weathers difficult trading conditions

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One of Israel’s largest manufacturing companies has invested more than $10m in cloud HR, and explains how the technology is helping it turns its fortunes around

Nvidia launches $100M supercomputer for U.K. health research

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AI Cloud Enterprise technology VB Home Page Arm AstraZeneca Cambridge Cambridge-1 category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Components category-/Science NHS Foundation Trust NVidia

Major pharma companies including Novartis and Merck build federated learning platform for drug discovery

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Pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Merck, and AstraZeneca have successfully deployed a federated learning platform for drug discovery. Read More.

TetraScience raises $80M to help life sciences companies analyze data

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TetraScience, a startup building cloud tools for managing and analyzing life sciences data, has raised $80 million. Read More.

Medisafe raises $30 million for predictive AI that reminds people to take their pills

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AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Health funding daily health care machine learning medication adherence medicine Medisafe pills prescription telemedicine

How to Build a Mobile-Ready Training Program for Pharmaceutical Industry


It is the result of well-designed training programs that employees working in the pharmaceutical industry have knowledge of all the products and we get medicines that fit our needs. Why Should Pharmaceutical Companies Leverage a Mobile-Based Training Model? On the other hand, creating a mobile-ready training program for pharmaceutical company and employees will give them access to training materials at any time, via any device and multiple number of times.

Immunai raises $60 million to analyze the immune system with AI

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AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence biomarkers category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Health/Health Foundations & Medical Research category-/Science funding daily Immunai immunology immunotherapy machine learning

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January AI raises $8.8 million for AI that helps people manage their diabetes

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January AI, which leverages machine learning algorithms to help patients manage diabetes, has raised $8.8 million. Read More.

BigHat raises $19 million for an AI-powered antibody design platform

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AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur VB Home Page ai antibody artificial intelligence BigHat category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech funding daily health care life sciences machine learning

Atomwise raises $123 million to accelerate drug discovery with AI

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Science drug drug discovery funding daily machine learning

Ukko raises $40 million to address food allergies with AI

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AI Big Data Cloud Dev VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Health/Health Conditions food allergies funding daily gluten machine learning Ukko

Cyclica raises $23 million to accelerate drug discovery with AI

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Cyclica drug discovery funding daily machine learning

Nvida claims Cambridge-1 is the U.K.’s fastest supercomputer

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev ai artificial intelligence Cambridge-1 category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Science Covid-19 health care healthcare machine learning Pandemic

Informatica deal with French health research agency highlights role of data in pandemic fight

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Komodo raises $44 million and acquires Mavens to bring data-driven insights to life sciences

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Enterprise Entrepreneur category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech funding daily ICONIQ Komodo Health Mavens

Truepill raises $75 million to expand its telehealth and pill delivery platform

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech category-/Health funding daily health care pharmacy telehealth telemedicine Truepill

Clear Labs raises $18 million to expand its automated food safety platform to COVID-19 testing

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AI Business Cloud Enterprise Mobile category-/Business & Industrial/Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Clear Labs Covid-19 funding daily GVClear Labs, which provides automated safety technologies to food manufacturers, has raised $18 million to expand its platform to COVID-19 testing.

DNAnexus raises $100 million to expand its genomics data analysis platform

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DNAnexus, which provides a suite of tools for cloud-based genomics analysis and storage, has raised a $100 million round. Read More.

Private Clouds eBook


Cloud computing has achieved mainstream acceptance as an IT service delivery platform. Within the cloud paradigm, private cloud is gaining momentum for reasons ranging from performance optimization and cost containment to privacy and security. In Bright Computing's most recent eBook , they take a brief look at private clouds and discuss: What a private cloud is. Challenges associated with a private cloud. Benefits of having a private cloud.

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Cloud-Hosted Terminology: Types Of Systems

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As we continue our series on maintaining regulatory-compliant cloud systems, let’s touch on a few key terms. Below are explanations of the primary cloud-hosted offerings available in the market. When you build custom applications on a software platform that is hosted in the cloud (e.g., A cloud-hosted software system that was not built or designed specifically for you is called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

How Merck works with Seeqc to cut through quantum computing hype

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Pharmaceutical giant Merck is partnering with startup Seeqc to monitor quantum developments while keeping an open mind. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Science Merck quantum computing Seeqc

Tips And Best Practices For Compliance In The Cloud

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As we’ve learned in the previous posts in this series, having a thoughtful, thorough cloud vendor qualification process and intelligent SLAs in your cloud vendor contracts will help you maximize the value of the cloud while maintaining regulatory compliance. Cloud Vendor Qualification Tools. When qualifying cloud vendors, there are several tools you can use including audits, questionnaires, investigating publicly available information, and checking references.

Maintaining Regulatory-Compliant Cloud Solutions

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The benefits of cloud hosting – including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – are very clear: less upfront capital, faster implementations, scalability and elasticity, and no need for individual companies to maintain physical space, hardware, and/or technical staff for support. The benefits of the cloud are so compelling that it is simply not practical to avoid it altogether.

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How To Qualify Cloud Vendors

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We recently completed a 21 CFR Part 11 gap analysis engagement for a client that was largely using SaaS applications, but had no cloud vendor qualification process in place. They had just been allowing each business unit to select the applications that met its user requirements, accept whatever validation documentation the cloud vendor supplied (if any), and trust that the cloud vendor had been thorough and compliant. How long has the cloud vendor existed?

Who Is Responsible For The Compliance Of Cloud Systems?

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Any time you take advantage of a cloud service – infrastructure, platform, or software – for a regulated purpose, you are ultimately responsible for its regulatory compliance, not the cloud vendor. There are two keys to doing so effectively: Qualify your cloud vendors before selecting them (and re-qualify them over time).

Key Takeaways About Compliant IT Systems In The Cloud

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This is the final post in our series on maintaining regulatory-compliant IT systems in the cloud. This reality, however, should not deter you from adopting cloud-hosted systems, as their benefits are undeniable. To make the most of the cloud, while maintaining regulatory compliance, you need a robust cloud vendor qualification procedure and a regulatory expert involved in your contract negotiations. How the cloud vendor qualifies the cloud vendors it uses (e.g.,

Tech Moves: Icertis hires new CMO; Expedia Group board member steps down; and more


JumpCloud is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to connect workers with various IT resources through JumpCloud’s directory. Gretchen Eischen. Icertis Photo). Icertis hired longtime SAP executive Gretchen Eischen as its new chief marketing officer.

How To Use Contracts For Regulatory Compliance Of Cloud Systems

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In the previous post in this series, we discussed how to qualify cloud vendors. Once that process is complete, the second step to maintaining compliance is to document your specific regulatory requirements in a contract with the cloud vendor, usually in the form of service-level agreements (SLAs). If the system fails, how quickly will the cloud vendor commit to getting the system back online? How often does the cloud vendor take backups?

Refresher: Which IT Systems Are Regulated

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This includes both IT systems you host on your own premises, as well as those available in the cloud. With this in mind, we’ll move on to the next post in this series on maintaining regulatory-compliant IT systems in the cloud. If your company makes drugs, medical devices, or biologics (vaccines, blood and blood components, allergenics, somatic cells, gene therapy, tissues, and recombinant therapeutic proteins), it is regulated.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

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Nowhere is this more evident than in the move to cloud computing, where momentum continues to build. Consider: • IT Cloud services spending is expected to reach $72.9 Spend on cloud computing is growing 6x faster than traditional IT spending. • More than half of all data workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2014. The Cloud means different things to different people, but it encompasses a number of exciting capabilities.

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Driving Innovation with Automation in the Cloud


The following is the third blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance. In our first blog in this series, we looked at the current state of cloud , while the second blog highlighted how cloud enables innovation. In this blog, we will showcase how cloud brings the innovation discussed in the last blog with a real-life example. Innovation through automation in the cloud.

5 Ways CRM Fuels Innovation in the Life Sciences/Pharma Industry

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Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are finding a home in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries as these industries seek better tools to manage operations and engagement during their product life cycles. Implementing a cloud-based CRM solution behind the scenes enables life sciences and pharma firms to focus on innovation.

Why State & Local Governments Should be Prepared for Cloud

Cloud Musings

You are invited to attend the Cloud Webinar Series: Why State & Local Governments Should be Prepared for Cloud. The webinar will present Moving to the Cloud: Expert Insights by Special Guest, GovCloud Network Founder (@GovCloud) Mr.Kevin Jackson. The best practices of cloud migrations will be explored. A panel discussion of the benefits of Cloud IaaS for State & Local Government will be presented.

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Deloitte’s cloud server emails hacked

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On top of those, many major companies were hit: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FIFA, four global banks, three airlines, two multinational car manufacturers, energy giants and big pharmaceutical companies had their stored emails compromised. The post Deloitte’s cloud server emails hacked appeared first on IT Manager Daily. In this week's e-newsletter IT Security Latest News & Views cloud leaks data breach Deloitte email hacks hacks

Amazon Web Services AWS – Accelerate Your Cloud Success


Amazon Web Services is an extensive, developing distributed Cloud computing stage gave by Web administrations are here and there called cloud administrations or remote figuring administrations. What Is Cloud Computing. Distributed computing is the on-request conveyance of process power, database stockpiling, applications, and other IT assets through a cloud administrations stage by means of the web with pay-as-you-go evaluating.

Expanding the Cloud - Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon EC2.

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Expanding the Cloud - Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon EC2. Today, Amazon Web Services took very an important step in unlocking the advantages of cloud computing for a very important application area. Other industries using Amazon EC2 for HPC-style workloads include pharmaceuticals, oil exploration, industrial and automotive design, media and entertainment, and more. Unlocking the benefits of the cloud for the HPC community. Expanding the Cloud â??

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Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson: IBM Debate Series - What's.

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Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Personal comments and insight on cloud computing related technologies and their use in the public sector to support net-centric operations. Cloud Musings on Forbes. NJVC Cloud Computing. Get "Cloud Musings" by RSS. The first What’s Next in IT debate will be a stimulating discussion on just when and why infrastructure really matters when it comes to building and managing clouds. Cloud Computing Presentations.

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Seattle healthcare data startup Truveta lands investment from Microsoft and forms partnership


Seattle-based Truveta will leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to analyze health data under a new partnership with the software giant announced Wednesday. Second, it’s going to enable pharmaceutical firms to develop better therapies for tomorrow,” said McGuinness.

5 Emerging Technologies Explained by Gartner Experts


So let's take a pharmaceutical, a drug that's manufactured in a plant. As soon as it's signed off by the QA process in the factory, that data is locked in, and now you have a record of that pharmaceutical drug provenance that you can track until the time someone takes the drug.

Kyndryl is IBM’s wacky new name for its dry IT spinoff

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Meet Kyndryl — which, despite the name, is not a new legendary pokémon or a futuristic fake pharmaceutical from Cyberpunk 2077.

What Nest Just Did for the Internet of Things

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Our interest in this area stems from our involvement with several sensor and instrumentation companies: Sensitech developed a temperature and humidity sensor and backbone network that monitored pharmaceutical products worldwide for cold-chain logistics; and Harvard Bioscience and Nova Analytics designed and sold instrumentation and sensors worldwide for life science research and water monitoring, respectively.

Why Data Now Makes Every Company a Tech Company


Because many of us come from tech backgrounds and are speaking to other tech leaders, it’s easy to think of digital transformation in terms like migrating from legacy, on-premises technology to modern, cloud-based technologies. The company’s general manager Hong Zhou Wong recently shared his experience in transforming to a data-driven organization at Domopalooza 2019 , the annual user conference for cloud-based data platform Domo.