How virtual IT labs help software developers' CRM systems

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Software development companies are turning to cloud-based applications to help them with sophisticated CRM activities that otherwise would consume mountains of vital time. They are seeking safe, secure, easily accessible cloud environments that can be used for customer support scenarios, regardless of how complex the customer’s environment is. For example, software companies

Red Hat Virtualization Revamp Takes On Hyperconvergence

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Cloud Computing Featured Virtualization data center virtualization hyperconvergence Open vSwitch red hat RHEV RHV Scott Herrod software defined infrastructure

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Fusion-io Accelerates Virtual Desktops with ioVDI Software

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At the VMworld 2013 event, Fusion-io announced Fusion ioVDI software for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) acceleration. Cloud Computing Enterprise Virtualization VMware fusion-io vdi VDI

Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O Network Software Defined Cloud and Virtual Recommended Reading List

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The following is an evolving recommended reading list of data infrastructure topics including, server, storage I/O, networking, cloud, virtual, container, data protection (backup, security, HA, BC, DR). The evolving list includes books, blogs, podcast?s, s, events and industry links among other resources and related data infrastructure topics, tools, techniques as well as trends

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WekaIO brings hybrid cloud NAS software-defined storage

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Startup offers virtual NAS, storage software deployed on commodity servers or in the cloud to give single storage pool of file access the can scale to trillions

Dog Food Conference 2014 Infrastructure & DevOps sessions feature Virtualization, Cloud, Automation & MORE!

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Cloud, Infrastructure and DevOps Sessions at DogFoodCon 2014. For IT Pros, the Infrastructure and DevOps sessions include topics on Modernization, Virtualization, Cloud, Automation, Configuration Management and MORE! Orchestrating the Cloud with Azure Automation by Keith Mayer.

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Optimize Your Virtual Environment with Software-Defined Storage Approach

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Enterprise organizations are continuing to look to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits available with virtual data center infrastructures, writes Hemant Gaidhani of SanDisk. And while this shift enables performance optimization, it isn''t free of challenges. Read More. Industry Perspectives

VMware Ships New Software-Defined Data Center Tech, and Private OpenStack Cloud is Front and Center

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Wants to enable all enterprise workloads to run on hybrid cloud infrastructure Read More. Cloud Computing Virtualization VMware

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CIOs Realize That Virtualization Is Not A Magic Cure

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs have had a great deal of success with virtualization, but… Image Credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi. Virtualization turned out to be a magic cure, but is it still the cure that the person with the CIO job needs today? The Magic Of Virtualization.

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


Cloud computing provides businesses with quality solutions for their IT needs, as well as substantial cost savings over purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. Modern cloud landscapes face inevitably more sophisticated attacks. Carol M. Evenson.

VMware Drives Software-Defined Data Center Vision Forward

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VMware unveiled its next generation architecture for further enabling the software-defined data center, including new innovations in network virtualization, VirtualSAN, vCloud, and vSphere with Operations Management 5.5, Cloud Computing Events Virtualization VMware

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VMware Makes Major Updates Across Data Center Software Portfolio

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Enhances hybrid cloud, virtual networking and storage, launched own OpenStack distro Read More. Cloud Computing Virtualization VMware

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Huawei’s Cloud Connect Seeks to Link Multiple Clouds, Integrate Physical and Virtual

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Launches switches and controller software for connecting to a variety of cloud architectures and for automatic network configuration. Cloud Computing Networking Technology Read More.

Tips for Easy Virtualization


Virtualization is popular these days for businesses for several reasons, but primarily to reduce hardware and infrastructure costs, performance, backups and redundancy, while being able to scale infrastructure and provide resources on demand. . What is Virtualization? Cloud

Step-by-Step: Running FREE Linux Virtual Machines in the Cloud.

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Build Your Private Cloud in a Month. Tommy Patterson - Virtually Cloud 9. Yung Chou - Hybrid Cloud. Thomas Maurer - Private Cloud. MVP Virtual Machine. James van den Berg, MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management. Building Clouds Blog - Cloud & Datacenter Solutions. Cloud Solutions Hub - Getting Started. Cloud. Private Cloud. Virtual. Virtualization. Creating a new Virtual Machine. Sign in.

Procurement in a Virtual Business World

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Taken together these activities start to describe the many details associated with acquisition and procurement in a virtual business world. Today, companies are undergoing a dramatic change in their environment and processes.

Cisco broadens Tetration security delivery with cloud, virtual buying options

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Cisco has added new cloud and virtual deployment options for customers looking to buy into its Tetration Analytics security system. Cisco’s Tetration system gathers information from hardware and software sensors and analyzes it using big-data analytics and machine learning to offer IT managers a deeper understanding of their data center resources. [

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.  Maybe software-defined storage doesn’t solve an immediate, burning problem for you right now, but — over time — many IT organizations will hit an interesting wall.

Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events

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Here is the updated Server StorageIO fall 2016 webinar and event activities covering software defined data center, data infrastructure, virtual, cloud, containers, converged, hyper-converged server, storage, I/O network, performance and data protection among other topics. The post Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Software-Defined Storage -- Where Are We?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

If you''re involved with virtualization or any form of IT infrastructure, you''re probably paying attention to SDDC (software-defined data center) concepts, as well you should.    To date, we''ve heard much about software-defined storage from EMC, NetApp and HP. 

Software Defined Storage: The Journey Is Yours

Chuck's Blog - EMC

I thought it fitting that I close out this series on software-defined storage with a bit of practical advice for those of you who are intrigued — and motivated — to move in this direction.    That’s to be expected: I remember the early days of cloud, big data, etc.

Software Defined vs. Virtualized Data Center – Tech Talk 39

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Simply virtualizing a data center doesn’t mean that it’s a software defined data center (SDDC). One of the principal goals of software defined is to support the cloud data center. Providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are examples of… Cloud Computing TechTalks Virtualization SDDC

Avere Systems Launches AWS-Compatible Virtual NAS

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Software-only version of vendor''s FTX Edge filer makes it easy to extend on-premise environment to the Amazon cloud Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Storage avere systems

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Software Defined Storage Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Algorithms + Data Structures

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or those who are into, or simply like to talk about software-defined storage (SDS), APIs, Windows, Virtual Hard Disks (VHD) or VHDX, or Hyper-V among other related themes, have you ever actually looked at the specification for VHDX? How about Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs, are you familiar with that?

Software-Defined Storage — Obstacles And Challenges

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As we continue our series on software-defined storage (or SDS), I think it’s time to turn a critical eye on the current state of affairs, and be completely transparent on many of the obstacles and challenges that inevitably lie ahead. SDDC software defined storage

Dell to Ship Servers With Scality’s Software Defined Storage

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Firms partner to enable cloud-style object storage in enterprise data centers Read More. Blades Dell Infrastructure Storage Virtualization

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What Changes With Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As a part of this series, we’ve already taken a look at the rationale and motivations behind software-defined storage , offered up a working definition, and taken a tour of the key elements found in our software-defined storage model.??. IT Leadership software defined storage

Avaya Launches Software-Defined Data Center Framework

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Leveraging OpenStack and its own Fabric Connect technology, Avaya launched its software-defined data center framework and roadmap. Avaya''s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) framework uses the OpenStack cloud computing platform. Networking Virtualization avaya SDDC

FREE Hands-on Training: Build Virtual Machines in the Cloud with.

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Build Your Private Cloud in a Month. Tommy Patterson - Virtually Cloud 9. Yung Chou - Hybrid Cloud. Thomas Maurer - Private Cloud. MVP Virtual Machine. James van den Berg, MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management. Building Clouds Blog - Cloud & Datacenter Solutions. Cloud Solutions Hub - Getting Started. Cloud. Private Cloud. Virtual. Virtualization. Sign in. IT Pros ROCK! at Microsoft.

Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event

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Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Microsoft will be hosting a free (no registration required) half day virtual (e.g. online) Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event June 26, 2018 starting at 9AM PT.

The Cloud Job Market Update: SDN and APIs Are Hot

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With that, the cloud job market and the demands being placed around today’s cloud architect or engineer must evolve as well. Cloud Computing Data Center Jobs Networking Virtualization API jobs LAN software-defined networking

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VMware announces vSphere V6 and associated virtualization technologies

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VMware has announced version 6 (V6) of its software defined data center (SDDC) server virtualization hypervisor called vSphere aka ESXi. In addition to a new version of its software defined server hypervisor along with companion software defined management and convergence tools.

CloudVolumes 2.0 Enables Software Defined Workload Management

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Virtualization company CloudVolumes introduced version 2.0 of its workload deployment and management software, empowering users to instantly provision workloads to cloud providers, while developers can easily test and deploy their application stacks Read More. Cloud Computing cloudvolumes

The Software Mainframe

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Moritz stated the goal of VMware was to create a software mainframe. Cloud Computing Virtualization SiliconANGLE.TV had IBM’s CTO Jeffrey Frey on theCube during IBM’s InterConnect2015 conference. Host John Furrier referenced a comment by former VMware CEO Paul Moritz from 2009.

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Hybrid Cloud: The killer App for SDN (Network Virtualization)

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I know we are just at the beginning of the network virtualization movement but, I have some pretty high hopes for the technology. I believe IaaS Cloud is one of the “killer” applications for network virtualization. This is the “Software” in Software Defined Networking (SDN).