About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company


This social intelligence company integrates content into new experiences for consumers and also provides enterprises with new ways to deliver value from social media. WayIn provides an ability to aggregate, curate, integrate and measure social content and data in real-time. From their website: Wayin is a social intelligence company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands.

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Court Tells Bolsonaro He Can't Force Social Media Companies to Leave Up His Posts

GizModo VR

Brazilian president and hiccuping body horror exhibit Jair Bolsonaro’s gamble to force social media companies not to delete his or his supporters’ awful posts has failed.

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Americans don't trust social media companies to handle misinformation

Mashable VR

Americans have trust issues, especially when it comes to information posted on social media. Without this independent entity, 55 percent of those polled would rather yield content control to the companies themselves instead of to the government.

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Rate Your Company's Social Strategy with the Social Maturity Index

IT Toolbox

Measure the social customer effectiveness of your business with Conversocial's Social Maturity Index (SMI

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Noice raises $5M for ‘playful’ social platform for gamers

Venture Beast

Noice has raised $5 million for what the startup is teasing as a “playful” social platform for gamers. GamesBeat PC Gaming Social category-/Business & Industrial DeanBeat News Jenni Wilson Jussi Laakkonen Noice

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Social media companies are already losing the vaccine misinformation fight


Social media companies like Facebook and YouTube have ramped up their policies against coronavirus misinformation and banned false claims about Covid-19 vaccines. Content that spreads doubt about vaccines is easy to find online. Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images.

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How Successful Chinese Companies Adapted to COVID-19


When the Hangzhou Intime department store in China realized customers would not be able to access its brick-and-mortar location during the COVID-19 quarantine, it partnered with Taobao of Alibaba Group to focus on a new channel — social marketing.

Social media and telco companies urged to preserve evidence from Capitol attack

The Verge

Mark Warner (D-Virginia), incoming chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is asking mobile carriers and social media platforms to preserve “content and associated metadata” that may be connected to the attack on the US Capitol.

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How companies (and you) can make social media accessible for everyone

Mashable VR

Even as social media companies improve their accessibility features , there's still a lot of work to be done before we get to universal access. More about Mashable Video , Social Media , Accessibility , Deaf , and Blind. Mashable Video Social Media Accessibility Deaf Blind

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CIOs And The Problem Of Social Engineering

The Accidental Successful CIO

Social engineering is how the bad guys get employees to say too much Image Credit: Alexandre Formagio. In the old days, you’d create a malicious piece of software and then try to smuggle it into the company so that it could do your dirty work for you. What Is Social Engineering?

I Hate That Conoco Is So Good at Social Media

GizModo VR

conoco jamie henn environment chevron kay county oklahoma fossil fuels conocophillips bartlesville oklahoma phillips 66 exxon neil degrasse tyson carmichael lynch economy of the united states shell bp oil companies adweek influencer marketing big oil companies

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At least one member of Congress thinks we need a government agency to regulate social media companies


Technology company executives at Thursday’s hearing had different reactions to Welch’s proposal. Peter Welch asked if they’d be open to a new federal agency focused on social media platforms. & - social media has perpetuated misinformation loops.

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How AI could block the massive economic and social opportunity to tap hidden talent

Trends in the Living Networks

‘Hidden workers’ – those unemployed or underemployed seeking work who are not visible because of companies’ hiring processes – are a massive lost opportunity to society as well as business.

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Stadia’s loss is Clubhouse’s gain: the social audio company has poached a longtime Google engineer

The Verge

He leaves Google after nearly 15 years at the company, where he was most recently the engineering lead for Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service and led the team that made the Stadia iOS web app. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

3 Top Things to Know About Social Engineering

SecureWorld News

On a recent SecureWorld Sessions podcast episode, Social Engineering: Hacking Humans , host Bruce Sussman spoke with Christopher Hadnagy, an entrepreneur and author of five books about social engineering and hacking the human. 1 How do you define social engineering?

Right-wing social network Parler is back on Apple's App Store, with slightly less 'hate'

Mashable VR

Parler, the "free speech" social network favoured by right-wing politicians and their supporters, returned to the Apple App Store on Monday. More about Apple , Parler , Tech , Big Tech Companies , and Social Media Companies.

Why your company needs a social media policy

Tech Republic Security

Half of employees say that their company does not have rules about using social media at work. Here's what you need to craft a social media policy to protect your data and avoid legal trouble

Getting Serious with Social Media

IT Toolbox

As social media becomes more common it is moving from an experiment to an integral part of companies' advertising and marketing efforts. Taking social media seriously and integrating it into your media plans requires evaluating your efforts carefully and getting feedback on its effectiveness. This means taking a slightly different approach to your social media efforts.

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Cops Want More of Our Social Media Data Than Ever Before

GizModo VR

Law enforcement doesn’t have much trouble getting access to data from social media companies. media social media software facebook instagram operating systems internet privacy technology internet apple inc apple id transparency report social information processing microsoft computing

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Liftoff and Vungle agree to merge into one mobile growth company

Venture Beast

Liftoff and Vungle have agreed to merge into one company focused on global mobile growth monetization and marketing platforms. GamesBeat Marketing Mobile Blackstone DeanBeat Mobile and Social Liftoff Vungle

Starbucks is the latest big company to halt advertising on social media

The Verge

Starbucks will join the growing list of corporate entities pausing advertising on social media platforms, the company said in a blog post Sunday. Multinational beverage company Diageo made a similar pledge. Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images.

Epic Games launches Fortnite’s Spy Within social game with Houseparty video chat

Venture Beast

Epic Games is launching a new social game called Fortnite's Spy Within, which is the company's version of betrayal titles like Among Us. Read More.

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WayIn: Delivering ability to capture, curate, analyze, distribute meaningful social content


Wayin is a social intelligence company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands. Wayin provides the ability to aggregate, curate, integrate and measure social content and data in real-time allowing companies of all sizes to extend and derive new value from their social marketing and communication efforts.

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Darknet Social Media Credentials

Doctor Chaos

If you do a search on the topic, things read a little differently than the official company stance. News sites recently reported the possibility of compromised Twitter accounts. Twitter denied the claim that they had been compromised or breached. Let me simply say it is not really rare or uncommon for malware to spread throughout […]. Cyber Data Breach DarkNet Deep Web Invisible Web TOR

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ERP Gets Social

IT Toolbox

Social Media Integration Boosts Productivity. An increasing number of global business venues are mining the power of social networks and integrating real-time consumer data from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. These social networks help companies connect with their customers and vendors, as well as enhance brand identity

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Civil rights groups urge companies to suspend Facebook advertising

Venture Beast

civil rights groups called on companies to pause advertising on Facebook, saying the social network is not doing enough to stop hate speech. Read More.

Best social media management apps for Android


Fewer and fewer companies are paying to advertise on traditional media these days. The industry is not what it used to be as more people migrate to the social media arena. Herein enters the social media management apps for Android. Best social media management apps for Android.

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Breakthrough Book: Digital, Data, and Social Networking Leaders

Social, Agile and Transformation

I rebranded this blog as Social, Agile, and Transformation over ten years ago, an instinctive change based on three fundamental changes I was sensing in the nature of business. .

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Does Your Company Need An Internal Social Network?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Having an internal social network sounds like a good idea, but is it? One idea that has been running through almost every CEO’s head as of late has been the concept of creating something like Facebook , but restricting it to only exist within the company. The Allure Of An Internal Social Network. As the person with the CIO job we work for a boss who is in charge of the whole company. This is where the idea of an internal social network comes into play.

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60 Minutes shows Amazon’s virus-killing robot; says company uses AI to enforce social distancing


Amazon says it uses its vast camera system for contact tracing and to try to enforce social distancing. It’s part of a technological show-of-force from the company, seeking to demonstrate its efforts to battle COVID-19 in the face of criticism from employees and others.

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Social media exposure can increase the cost of a data breach


Read why Ellen Tannam says that social media exposure can increase the cost of a data breach by many times on Silicon Republic : 2018 has been a year dominated by data breaches. Companies from Facebook to Google and Marriott all fell victim to data breaches in the past 12 months. The incidents exposed personal […]. Cyber Security News

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Mastermind: Social Engineering, BEC Attacks, Millions in Cash and Crypto

SecureWorld News

Business email compromise scheme and social engineering. The university, believing it was paying the construction company, wired $11.8 Social engineering—in person—was the next part of the scheme. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) makes him sound like a natural-born leader.

Social media companies, here are some free theme park ideas to comply with Florida’s deplatforming law

The Verge

The Verge is deeply invested in doing service journalism; we report on companies’ misdeeds, we review expensive products to tell you whether they’re worth your hard-earned money, and speak to industry leaders to get their insights on the issues affecting their companies and their customers.

Hackers break into far-right social network Gab, collect a slew of private data

Mashable VR

Remember when archivists collected every post on the conservative social media platform Parler earlier this year? A similar thing just happened to another right-wing online platform, Gab, as hackers claim to have broken into the social media site.

Don’t Succumb To Social Media Stockholm Syndrome

Forrester's Customer Insights

We are excited to launch the new vision report for our social marketing playbook. It might be controversial, but we are here to give companies permission to break up with social media. Social media is a quagmire, and marketers contributed to the mess.

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Netflix' 'The Social Dilemma' clip offers an unsettling look into how closely we're tracked online

Mashable VR

Stories about social media privacy breaches and user data being pinched during massive hacks are pretty much ten a penny these days. More about Privacy , Social Media , The Social Dilemma , Entertainment , and Big Tech Companies.

Here’s what you need to know about Clubhouse, the invite-only social app

Mashable VR

That's because the new social media platform has built its reputation, in part, on exclusivity. In short: Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. More about Clubhouse , Culture , and Social Media Companies. Clubhouse Culture Social Media Companies

12 people are behind most of the anti-vaxxer disinformation you see on social media

Mashable VR

More about Facebook , Misinformation , Anti Vaxxer , Tech , and Social Media Companies. Facebook Misinformation Anti Vaxxer Tech Social Media Companies

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How Hackers Talk Their Way Into Getting Company Secrets


Read Robert McMillan’s article about how hackers use social engineering to steal company secrets on Wall Street Journal: Often it begins with an innocuous-seeming email from an internet domain that closely resembles the victims. The message may appear to come from the company’s chief executive or another senior executive.

Facebook says it removed the internet's 12 most prominent anti-vaxxers. 10 are still on the social network.

Mashable VR

During a hearing at the time, CEOs of the Big Tech companies vowed to take on the falsehoods running rampant on their platforms and threatening public health. While the Big Tech CEOs didn't show up for Tuesday's Congressional hearing , the companies did send representatives.

100+ critical IT policies every company needs, ready for download

Tech Republic Security

From remote work and social media to ergonomics and encryption, TechRepublic has dozens of ready-made, downloadable IT policy templates

Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it)


Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it). The advance of digital media – social channels especially – has dramatically altered the ways prime prospects expect to be approached. Yet marketers can struggle to understand social. But with vast potential to reach unique consumers with more relevant messages, an understanding of how to use the range of social capabilities as part of their marketing arsenal is crucial.

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How Snapchat became the forgotten social platform


The company distributed up to $1 million a day to users with the most popular Spotlight videos. Snap is, in its own words , a camera company sustained on intimacy and existing social networks. One is futuristic, a vision embraced by the company itself.