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Folio Photonics innovates in optical data storage for enterprise data centers

Tech Republic Data Center

At CES 2023, Folio Photonics will reveal an enterprise-grade optical data storage solution. The post Folio Photonics innovates in optical data storage for enterprise data centers appeared first on TechRepublic. Here's what we know about it so far.

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Data centers in space

CIO Business Intelligence

Imagine a world in which data centers were deployed in space. Using a satellite networking system, data would be collected from Earth, then sent to space for processing and storage. The system would use photonics and optical technology, dramatically cutting down on power consumption and boosting data transmission speeds.


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Cloud storage startup Wasabi nabs $112M, plans new datacenters


Cloud data storage company Wasabi today announced that it raised $112 million in series C financing, bringing its total raised to $219 million.

Storage 304
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Storage Disaggregation in the Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

With the availability of fast interconnect technologies, disaggregation of storage from the compute servers considerably reduces the total cost of investment in the data center in various ways, improves the efficiency of the storage utilization, adds to the resiliency of the storage stacks, and.

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Lumen Orbit emerges from stealth and raises $2.4M to put data centers in space


“We started Lumen with the mission of launching a constellation of orbital data centers for in-space edge processing,” Oltean explained in an email. “Essentially, other satellites will send our constellation the raw data they collect.

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Data Center TCO Factors You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Information Week

(SPONSORED) As we adopt hybrid work environments for good, here's how storage leaders can improve data center success and longevity while lowering total cost of ownership.

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Data center investments simplify IT and cloud modernization

CIO Business Intelligence

We have invested in the areas of security and private 5G with two recent acquisitions that expand our edge-to-cloud portfolio to meet the needs of organizations as they increasingly migrate from traditional centralized data centers to distributed “centers of data.”