How to hide Google Meet on Gmail


Of the many Google apps and developments that show is Meet or Google Meet. Google Meet was (and still is) Google’s way of stepping into the world of video and web conferencing. Meet gives you the same experience (probably even better) than those platforms.

Meet The Digital Architects Of Your Technology Strategy

Forrester IT

When Jeffrey Hammond , Mark Grannan , and I dove into our most recent developer survey, we unearthed a fascinating group of developers we call "digital architects." One in 11 enterprise developers. Only 9% of the developers in North America and Europe are digital architects. Application Development


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Chili Piper raises $18 million to automatically schedule sales lead meetings

Venture Beast

Startup Chili Piper has raised $18 million to further develop its suite of tools that help automate meeting times for sales prospects. Read More.

The state of container-based cloud development

David Linthicum

Also on InfoWorld: Kubernetes meets the real world: 3 success stories ]. Most applications are stateful. Stateful is when streaming services remember where you left off in a movie even if you switch devices, or mobile applications store users’ preferences or recently opened files.

Fastly's new developer hub specializes in meeting your edge computing needs

Tech Republic Cloud

The new edge developer portal is designed to be easy to search, is packed with documentation and snippets, and is available now

6 Best Practices for Remote Work by Agile Software Development Teams


In 2020, the sudden shift to remote work created concern among software engineering and apps leaders that development velocity would suffer. Shift to remote work: How are development teams adapting? People management helps with motivation development and alignment.

Agile 256

Making Theory Meet Practice

Eric D. Brown

” While my dissertation is very academic, I made sure to spend time on real-world application of the theory and developed Trade The Sentiment. Making sure theory meets practice is a difficult thing to do for some but easy for others. What tips do you have to make theory meet practice?

The Roblox Boom Is About to Meet Reality

GizModo VR

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Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mike Porter

Perficient Data & Analytics

Mike Porter , CRM and Data Chief Strategist, has more than 21 years of experience helping clients define data strategies and build CRM solutions that meet their present and future needs. Then, we assist with developing CRM solutions that achieve their specific needs. How do you help clients develop a strategy for digital transformation? Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Bill Busch

Perficient Data & Analytics

He has more than 25 years of experience with advising and leading the development of clients’ data strategies, formulating actionable roadmaps, and delivering high-impact solutions. Bill Busch: Since joining Perficient six years ago, I have acted as an evangelist for big data, machine analytics, resource management, and the business development of those functions. A recent example of our collaboration involved developing a unified data view using APIs.

Meet Andrew Cornwall, Forrester’s Newest Mobile/AD&D Analyst

Forrester's Customer Insights

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the most-recently-hired analyst on Forrester’s application development research team. I’m sure this is a huge relief to previous newest analyst David Mooter, who’s no longer required to bring the (virtual, COVID-safe) coffee and donuts to team meetings.

Meet Andy Jassy, Amazon’s next CEO

The Verge

Jassy went on to become Bezos’ first “shadow” adviser, something like a corporate chief of staff who followed the CEO every day and sat in on all of his meetings, according to a profile of Jassy published late last month by Insider.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Arvind Murali

Perficient Data & Analytics

By 2025 worldwide data volumes are projected to grow to 175ZB , creating more opportunities for business leaders to develop informed strategies and make decisions based on their data. By focusing on the business outcomes, we can build and implement data solutions that are broad enough to meet clients’ current needs and nimble enough to scale for future iterations. What questions do you ask a client when developing a data strategy?

Embrace DBaaS to Speed Up Mobile App Development


As enterprises work to rapidly embrace the mobile revolution, both for their workforce and to engage more deeply with their customers, the pressure is on for IT to support the tools needed by their application developers. Mobile application developers are working with a massive variety of technologies and platforms, but one trend that stands out is the rapid adoption of NoSQL database engines and the use of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platforms and services to run them.

Meeting notes for your agile and scrum meetings? Here's why they are important and some options to implement

Social, Agile and Transformation

My question for the agile scrum masters, coaches, and team leads today is whether or not you are documenting meeting notes after planning sessions, standups, and other common scrum meetings? You might be tempted to do away with meeting notes as a relic of the past. offshore development organizational change software development


Product Development Must Evolve for the Internet of Things

Forrester IT

The process of building connected products is complex, requiring new software development skill sets, accelerated product release cadences, and innovative software tools and proccesses that meet the needs of IoT product organizations. Adapt agile development and planning processes to physical product development.

Elon Musk says Apple refused a meeting to acquire Tesla

The Verge

Elon Musk said Tuesday that he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple during the “darkest days” of the Model 3 rollout but that CEO Tim Cook “refused” to take the meeting. He refused to take the meeting. Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge.

5 Reasons to Estimate Agile Development with Story Points

Social, Agile and Transformation

Here's one on why estimating is important, another one on how to do one-week agile planning sprint, and a more detailed one on how to conduct an agile sizing meeting. agile planning agile software development product management software developmentI have a few posts on agile estimation. Does agile poker help? If that's how the team wants to self organize and come to consensus on an estimate. I am often confronted with the question on whether to estimate in hours or.

Agile 174

Storage systems evolve to meet need for speed

Computer Weekly

The race is on to develop revolutionary storage-class memory products to meet rocketing data processing requirements

7 web application development trends to watch in 2021

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: With the move towards a remote work environment, web application development became increasingly important. How will web application development evolve and what areas should you focus on? How will web application development evolve and what areas should you focus on?

Workhorse meeting with USPS about lost mail truck bid

The Verge

Asked about the meeting, USPS spokesperson Kim Frum said she has “no information I am able to share at this time.”. The Oshkosh-designed mail truck. The new fleet will only be 10 percent electric, though the vehicles can supposedly be converted. Image: USPS.

Meet the Seattle-area startups that just graduated — remotely — from Y Combinator


The tech: Kalm helps software developers manage clusters of containers, including routing traffic, providing webhooks and configuring access. You can probably pack a lot more stuff into it because you don’t have to go do these meetings in person.

GeekWire Awards 2021: Meet the remarkable STEM educators who are inspiring next-gen geeks


We invite you to meet our STEM Educators of the Year for 2021, presented by DreamBox Learning , as part of our 2021 GeekWire Awards celebration: Lauren Bricker, Paul G. STEM Educators of the Year for 2021, from left to right: Lauren Bricker, Cathi Rodgveller, and Kim Williams.

Meet the M1, the First Apple-Designed Chip for Macs

GizModo VR

Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June that it planned to transition Macs away from Intel to an Apple-designed chip based on ARM, but we had few details on what that chip would entail—until now.

Meet Mark Mueller, Chief Engineer at Defense Intelligence Agency


Mark Mueller, the chief engineer for the Directorate for Science and Technology’s Office of Development and Engineering, talks about his involvement with the Experimental Aircraft Association as a source of personal and professional inspiration. By Bob Gourley The Defense Intelligence Agency issued a press release highlighting Mark Mueller, the chief engineer for the Directorate of Science and Technology at DIA. The release is below.

Meet the latest Techstars Seattle cohort: 10 startups on how they’ve adapted to the pandemic


Our unique perspectives from early-stage startups and at Apple allow us to immediately consider our customers’ workflows in our product development process. No one is solving developer onboarding right now, and it’s the key to true developer productivity.

Zoom Escaper makes it easy to sabotage that unbearable Zoom meeting

Mashable VR

We know the feeling: the Zoom meeting that was supposed to be just a quick project update has been going on for 50 minutes, and it doesn't feel like it's ending soon.

Cyberpunk 2077 full development reportedly didn’t start until 2016

The Verge

A new report looking into what went amiss with the rollout of Cyberpunk 2077 points to overconfidence from management at CD Projekt Red as a key problem, and reveals that “full development” of the game — announced in 2012— didn’t begin until 2016. Image: CD Projekt Red.

Microsoft’s Mesh aims for mixed-reality meetings of the future

Computerworld Vertical IT

The vision is based on the potential of Microsoft Mesh, a new Azure-based developer SDK that enables the creation of collaborative mixed-reality apps that can be used across multiple devices.

Integris co-founder reveals new startup that uses software to help companies meet diversity goals


The startup’s founding team includes Chandan Golla , the former VP of product at Integris, and Laura Close , a DEI and workforce development expert who serves as VP of diversity. Given the plan, you can then use one of our solutions to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

Corporate Training & Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


What employees require is growth and development opportunities; the lack of which compels them to leave the organization. Leveraging the latest trends in learning and development is therefore, the need of the hour. The last few years have witnessed a tremendous change in training and development techniques. Here are some of the top trends in training and development that enterprises can implement to upskill their workforce: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Second Wave: Meet the 11 startups picked for Washington state’s maritime accelerator


Puget Buoy (Seattle, Wash.) — A startup developing and testing new designs for fishing gear to reduce lost gear and its environmental impacts including whale entanglements.

Analysis: Video game spending is setting records, but can the industry meet increasing demand?


Work-from-home measures in 2020 had a significant impact on game development worldwide, primarily due to the logistics involved. Now, the question is whether the industry, between the semiconductor shortage and the slowdowns in game development, can continue to meet that demand.

SAP Cybersecurity Notice: These Products 'Do Not Meet' Standards

SecureWorld News

Enterprise software giant SAP admits that many of its products do not meet accepted cybersecurity standards—or the security it promised to customers. SAP identifies the following products are currently on the "do not meet" IT security standards list.

SAP 59

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mark Polly


What advice or tips do you have for developing a strategy? Seeing the “big picture” for your company is important when developing a strategy. When developing your strategy, create a focused, practical roadmap. Customer Experience Digital Experience Strategy Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chief Strategist customer experience customer experience platform CX platform CX strategy digital transformation Meet Our Chief Strategists Organizational Change Management roadmap strategy

IT Applications: How to Hire a ‘Digital-Ready’ Developer


For IT applications teams that develop software in-house for large companies, this proportion is likely to rise in the next few years. Apps teams need developers with softer skills, like business acumen and the ability to collaborate with a range of colleagues, which are less tangible and harder to assess than the technical skills they are use to probing for in candidates.

How to Choose a Magento Development Agency: Practical Tips


Information Technology Blog - - How to Choose a Magento Development Agency: Practical Tips - Information Technology Blog. In this article, we’ll show you what you need to know before turning to a Magento development agency. How many certified Magento developers do you have?

CRM developers race over Big Data in auto sales

IT Toolbox

In fact, much of the current growth in CRM use has been driven by developers meeting the needs of car dealerships across the country. The American automotive industry has been among the most proactive adopters of CRM technology in recent years, recognizing the advantages to be had. But now, the big manufacturers are getting in on the act. And they are moving fast to make their considerable

Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development?


Information Technology Blog - - Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development? Each business owner thinks about custom software development. Whichever point you are at, you are probably wondering whether customs software development is the right way to invest your money. In this article, we’ll help you figure out whether you need custom software development today or can allow yourself some thinking time. This will never occur with the custom software developer.

Meet Us at Boomi World 2018

Perficient - Digital Transformation

We bring a depth of solution expertise in cloud, application integration, API management, data integration, B2B/EDI management, master data management, app development, and workflow automation. We’re less than one week away from Boomi World 2018 , and according to Dell, the conference will be bigger and better than ever! Perficient is proud to sponsor and will be exhibiting in booth 107 at the Encore at Wynn in Las Vegas.

Young and visionary: Meet the finalists for Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the GeekWire Awards


Michael Petrochuk is co-founder and CTO of WellSaid Labs , a startup developing more realistic AI-powered voices. Taking the entrepreneurial leap at any age can be daunting. Starting and operating a startup in your 20s, or even teen years, takes gumption and vision.

Google’s Fundo lets creators get paid by hosting virtual meet-and-greets

The Verge

Google’s Fundo — a service that allows creators to host paid, ticketed virtual meet-and-greet events — is expanding from a limited test into a full-fledged product that anyone can use starting today. Virtual meetings are a much bigger deal in 2020.

How culture and leadership helped ventilator maker Ventec meet huge demand in COVID-19 response


He reached out to General Motors in mid-March to see how the two might partner to meet escalating demand. At the end of the day we had developed the partnership between Ventec Life Systems and GM to rapidly produce critical care ventilators within weeks. 34 scheduled meetings.