7 enterprise mobile app trends to watch in 2018

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Summary: The demand for enterprise mobile apps is growing. In this article, we explore 7 enterprise mobile app trends you can’t ignore this year. While mobile usage is skyrocketing, enterprise mobile app development is lagging behind.

Mobile Application Security in 2016


Arxan recently did a 5th annual State of Application Security report, which takes an in-depth look into the security of some of the most popular mobile health and mobile finance applications available. 815 were consumers that use mobile health or mobile finance apps.

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5 Industries To Be Dramatically Impacted By 5G Technology


Development history of the mobile network is interesting and challenging, as just 30 years ago 1G network gave us an opportunity to make calls and now we are aware of a new generation of the network: 5G. 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network. Transport.

- Tech Lessons from the Seattle Snowstorm

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In that case we’d typically dispatch a transportation department tree-clearing crew. The Federal government is developing CMAS , which would automatically alert every cell phone / mobile device in a certain geographical area about an impending problem or disaster. .

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All You Wanted to Know About Digital Textbooks


With expenses like warehousing, transportation, printing and so on out of the picture, the costs involved in developing a digital textbook reduces drastically. An eBook creation platform is all you need to develop digital textbooks.

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- No More Car Collisions or Speeding Tickets

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A related development is the instrumentation of the highway. I had the privilege of working with the Seattle Transportation Department , which was at the forefront of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), when I was City CTO there.

What is 5G Technology: 5G Connectivity and Speed Explained


In 5G networks, applications can also be hosted in mobile edge computing nodes such as “cloudlets.” 5G stands for “Fifth generation” referring to the latest generation of mobile phone technologies. This use of spectra allows for an excellent mobility capacity.

How to Use Digital Textbooks in the Classroom


They are also more flexible and new apps and downloadable content is constantly being developed. Kitaboo is a cloud-based content platform to create-publish-distribute interactive mobile-ready content.

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All You Wanted to Know About Digital Textbooks


With expenses like warehousing, transportation, printing and so on out of the picture, the costs involved in developing a digital textbook reduces drastically. An eBook creation platform is all you need to develop digital textbooks. You can deliver mobile ready responsive content which can be accessed on all major operating devices and platforms. Surely by now every individual who has access to digital technology knows what a digital textbook is.

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Top 20 Tech Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2020


They get an option like a business, culture, science, ideas, security, transportation, and many others. Its main aim is to help businesses understand the importance of a mobile app development company, the latest technologies, media, and much more.

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Insider’s Guide to the New Holographic Computing


That miss was understandable in the developing world and yet indefensible in the United States, particularly at the federal level. Even today, government agencies are lagging well behind in deploying modern smartphones and tablets for their yearning-to-be-mobile workforce.

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Staying Ahead of Digital Commerce Trends: What You Need to Know

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This last perk combines the easy shopping experience of the mobile app with the technology to track your arrival and provide the ultimate convenience – no need to leave your car! Google Search Impacts Mobile Commerce.

iPhone or Android: What Does Your Smartphone Tell About You?


At work, in transport, during lunch – the gadgets are always with us. The authors of the research have developed a program able to guess which smartphone the person owns: “We created a statistical model by interviewing people about themselves. IT Gadgets Mobile Tech Gadget

How Can K-12 Publishers Adapt in the Digital Era


But with the onset of digital publishing, and with major educational publishers like Pearson developing digital textbooks and at the same time earning high profits, other K-12 publishers also had to follow suit to keep their businesses running.

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Top 8 Advantages of an Interactive STEM Curriculum


Right from healthcare, transportation to food production, everything has an underlying STEM philosophy. But now with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops being a part of school education, it is much easier to deliver STEM courses on these devices, making the courses more interactive, accessible and engaging. For example, they could develop smart clothes for the fashion industry, work on special effects in Hollywood, work for the protection of wildlife and environment, etc.

Fix your applications before migrating them to the cloud

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That means transporting the code and the data, recompiling it, doing a bit of testing, and moving on. Also on InfoWorld: " Mobile app development in the cloud." | Stay up on the cloud with InfoWorld's Cloud Computing newsletter. ]. These days, enterprises are moving massive numbers of applications to the cloud in a process called "lift and shift."

Cost-Cutting and Technology Investments in the Airline Industry

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Rolled out a new system-wide Customer Solutions Desk with a dedicated team to develop creative solutions that help customers reach their final destinations when their travel plans don’t go as expected. Continued improving the mobile tools that employees use, including the first release of the “in the moment” care app, and new functionality in flight attendant tools to better serve customers. Cutting unnecessary costs and investing in technology (e.g.,

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


And the agility of this model is helping innovators innovate and developers develop. AI and related disciplines like Machine Learning are enabling computers to assist humans in performance of their jobs now, and with AI being coupled with incredibly low cost cloud computing we see rapid development of capabilities continuing. Mobility : This is the greatest leap in humanity's ability to stay connected since the advent of spoken word.

MWC19: Where Telecommunications and Cloud Meet

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This curiosity is what drove my excitement when Ericsson invited me to work with them during Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. It delivers assurance of services and network slices end to end across core, radio, and transport networks.

How drones could build real-world networks to transform delivery of food, medicine, mail, and more

Trends in the Living Networks

Matternet , spawned from a Singularity University program, envisages creating a network of drones to address developing world problems. Over a billion people are geographically isolated and are often not able to access regular transport and the goods that can travel to them.

Northrop Grumman Creates Incredibly Capable, Fearless Killer Robot


7-10 at Fort Benning, Ga.Northrop Grumman’s CaMEL will participate in both parts of the center’s ‘robot rodeo:’ A ‘lighten-the-load’ CaMEL configuration will traverse the Squad-Multipurpose Equipment Transport, or S-MET, course Oct.

TechNet Augusta 2016: US Army Tactical Radios


As MUOS comes on line, Army expects it to be a useful asset for combat forces, SOF, mobile and disadvantaged users. ChrisScott. Tactical Radios.

American Airlines Adopts Public Cloud Computing

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Passengers were unable to use mobile boarding passes and check-in kiosks While these incidents can be scary, American Airlines has recently taken a major step towards avoiding such events by migrating a portion of its critical applications to the cloud.

Fed Tech Roundup January 19


Trends on Tuesday: Will Phablets Dominate the Mobile Market in 2017? UK Government to Develop a “Centralized” Blockchain Network - newsBTC. Pavia Systems' Founders Meet with Key Transportation Policymakers in. Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from FedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com ): Fed Tech Ticker. Platinum Equity to Acquire PAE, Deal Expected to Close in February.

Designing Self-Driving Cars is Like the New Space Race

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While there are already a few key players in the driverless and connected car market, as well as the mobility services space, it’s clear that we’re still in the beginning stages of this trend and that there’s plenty of room for startups and traditional car makers to get involved. For example, Toyota announced a five-year, $1 billion research and development effort to create technologies that make driving safer. Designing self-driving cars is like the new space race.

Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

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Less than 20 years later the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was organized and, with the development of a magical force called electricity, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded a short time later.

A new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprises have rushed to embrace the cloud, driven by mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), as a way of keeping the invasion of devices connected – spelling the end of ECM as we know it. In addition, how do enterprises support users and business partners for remote and mobile access on both the network and collaborative content? But, with the arrival of mobile, analytics, cloud and collaborative technologies, enterprises are starting to look at ECM in a very different light.

Information Logistics -- Revisited

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In most developed economies, you simply get used to having what you want readily available.  You might instead go the other direction -- fast transport.    But using jets is expensive as compared to other transportation modes, and there''s still some latency involved. 

IoT Shaking Up the Automotive Industry: 5 Real-World Examples

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Over the past few years, the evolution of connected cars has married consumer technology with our primary mode of transportation. Including this technology allows connected cars to interact with other devices – mobile phones, other cars, or even infrastructure elements. Connected cars send information to manufacturers with real-time data, sharing insights on developing more accurate predictive maintenance models – speed of data allows them to respond quickly to any issues found.

The Future of War is Cyber


To understand what a cyberwar is, let’s imagine that a foreign power decides to hit these fundamental services: without light, water, energy, fuels, transport, communications, an entire country can be reduced, in a few days or even a few hours, on the brink of anarchy.

Fed News Roundup 13 July 2015


Transportation Command upbeat in cyber progress report - FCW.com FCW (Today) - Transportation Command upbeat in cyber progress reportFCW.com“We know third-party contractors have been the path to numerous breaches in recent history,” he told FCW in an email. Transportation Command, like the. will provide engineering services for software development of commercial products and engineering under an $8.7

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Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics

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We have also added teams in the Nordics to help customers of all sizes as they move to AWS, including account managers, solutions architects, business developers, partner managers, professional services consultants, technology evangelists, start-up community developers, and more.

How Smart Technologies Up the Ante for Digital Transformation

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They are among the go-to resources in our lives, and never far out of reach on our mobile devices. Consider these examples: Manufacturing – developing connected products that inform the supply chain about predicted demand for aftermarket parts.

Head towards the Finest UX Web Design Templates for Your Use


Aware Mobile UX Kit. It is an awesome form of UX Kit, which features mobile kit in dark and light variants. Furthermore, it has a wireframe kit for the mobile projects. Richard includes some layouts for popular devices such as desktop computer and mobile phones.

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Cloud Computing- A Definitive Way to Amply your Business Productivity


Thumb drive and external drives enable some flexibility for people to transport essential files, however, there are limitations to storage space, as well as security, redundancy, reliability and can easily be lost or stolen.